Most Viewed Sermons

TItle Date Speaker Series Description
1 Lent Road Map - Part 3 - Prodigal Son - Coming To Yourself Fr. Paul Girguis Lent Road Map Series

"Prodigal Son - Coming To Yourself"

2 SIMPLE LIVING: Living a Life of Excessive Giving Part 1 Tasony Mora Sorial

 With all the clutter and chaos around us, it is important to simplify, so we can make room for more of Christ in our lives.

3 What can we learn from St. Mary? Fr. Guirguis Tadros
4 Prepare for the exam Fr. Yacob Soliman
5 The Prodigal Son - Lost & Found Fr. Pishoy Salama
6 What is fasting? Fr. Yacob Soliman
7 Jesus for President - Part 5 Fr. Anthony Messeh Jesus for President Series

"Jesus on Citizenship"

8 7 Steps to Overcoming Temptation [THE LIFE OF CHRIST - PART 2] Fr. Michael Sorial The Life of Christ The Life of Christ - from start to finish - was lived and offered for humanity.
9 Nehemiah His Grace Bishop Youssef

Nehemiah was a great leader and hero, who reformed Jerusalem. He had a strong personality and put his trust in God, despite the many difficulties he faced along the way.

10 Temptation Deacon Raouf Ibrahim

A sermon given on February 29, 2004 on Matthew 4:1-11.

11 The Mindset of Christ During Lent Fr. Paul Girguis
12 Repentance Fr. Yacob Soliman
13 Instructions for a New Priest His Grace Bishop Youssef

Sermon given for the ordination of Fr. Timothy for St. Timothy and St. Athansius Coptic Church on March 15,  2019

14 Where is Your Treasure? Fr. Bishoy El Antony
15 Real Dating - Part 2 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the Two"

16 Happily Ever After - Part 3 - Abraham and Sarah Fr. Anthony Messeh Happily Ever After Series

"Abraham and Sarah"

17 Parting with Partiality - Part 2 Fr. Benjamin Abouelkheir Parting with Partiality Series
18 Heaven Fr. Pishoy Salama

"What is heaven like? How many heavens are there? Will I see Christ when I am in Heaven?

19 2 Timothy - Chapter 3 His Grace Bishop Youssef 2 Timothy Series
20 Preparing for Marriage Fr. Gawargious Kolta



21 The Prodigal Son Deacon Raouf Ibrahim

A sermon given on March 7, 2004 on Luke 15:11-32.

22 The God of Peace Fr. Anthony Messeh

The sermon of the Feast of Nativity from Matthew 2:1-12.

23 Real Dating - Part 1 Fr. Anthony Messeh Real Dating Series

"Finding the One"

24 First in Faith - Part 1 - The Life of Abraham Fr. Anthony Messeh First in Faith
25 Growth In Suffering Fr. Paul Girguis