The Samaritan Woman

the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit drug for the Samaritan woman story just a few minutes. I'm going to tell you two points. Samaritan people were rejected they were rejected by the American people. rejected the Samaritan and the Samaritan people adjust to the Samaritan woman. She was not. according to the standard good enough I've been with so many men and the one she's living with is not even her husband. rejected people Can a retracted woman? This is our human tendency to reject. I'm going to accept the rejected woman from rejected. Who is able to love somebody? Who is that wrong? because sometimes with people and when we think about God usually with think as if God is one of us. Who sings that's what we're dressed he is going to a drug. And what we do not accept. supporter person who is rejected by poor people If you feel that your parents don't like you you definitely are going to feel that God doesn't like you if you look yourself and you don't love yourself. You definitely going to think if I cannot love myself. Because when people love something in return until they love you, they want to proceed if you keep feeling the love is going to be starting. You have to study and I have to work. Amanda would love one another but the oldest book waiting for something in return, but when it comes to God Go to school with giving and you have nothing to give a return and he's always going to give. I will tell you today that you were interested in any way if you don't kill yourself and you don't love yourself. You look yourself and the people around you anything that they don't. Love you. If you think that the people at school or people that well, don't love you. Please don't think that God doesn't. Love you. This woman was so lonely. But even went in the middle of the day at noontime when it's too hot and the Thunders just be with anyone else because everybody was going to look to her is going to tell her I don't accept you. What everybody rejected the woman who was there to accepted Christ? Reciprocal understand you they cannot understand you. Can understand you. Nothing and you can be accessed to take him except you. He accepted the woman and she became his Ambassador because of the woman. Who was that woman? Who was the woman that everyone? Don't ever think less of yourself and don't allow anybody to make you feel less of yourself. Never. because best girls abilities to take the loonie to take the one who saw down a reason about that's the greatness of God and that's the greatness of his love. You think you deserve you look to yourself and say I cannot take myself anymore. I'm too. Yes, I agree that you're so bad. But you know what God's love is much greater than you. greater than your weakness you could have sent somebody God can send him. Don't ever think that you refused or rejected. The other thing as Christians should we loved one another? daddy of God himself when he wanted to go to this city to choose the least among the city to be his ambassador. one another How do we measure one another if you want to become a friend to somebody? Who would you go to be a friend to the one who's there or the one who's there? If you want to give love, love the one who is that? Everybody love me or you're going to love the one who needs the love. If you go to be a friend to somebody you're going to be a friend to somebody that everybody is a friend to or going to find the one that everybody doesn't want to be a friend to and he's going to be your friend. He says to love one another as I have loved you. This is my commandment to love one another as I love you. Oh, how did he loved? It isn't love the rich It Isn't Love the famous. It didn't go to the club. He went to the sender. He went to the food. He went to the Loo Li. number one again don't ever feel lonely don't ever feel rejected them ever definitely is looking at you in a different way and when you feel the worst about yourself, This is time to be with him. He's going to raise you up. He's going to put you beside him and he's going to tell you I want to drink. Telling me God. I have nothing to give you. I want to I don't want anything from you. I just want you. I know that you have nothing to give me I'm going to give you but I want you. The second thing after you take from him how we're going to go back and look your people. If they going to do the same mistake even do that. Love you as much as you are weak and his love with increased more and more with your wishes and his friendship with increased more and more with a lawyer. Let's not do the same mistake the Samaritan people lived in the same mistake the Jewish people did with the Samaritan. Energy System what we as Christians are supposed to love them about people who are different from us as if they are rejected. Isn't that what to do with the Samaritan? Repeat the same mistake again. It's me and me only who's right. God has different different and give them even more and give them even more support don't ever think that you are higher than anyone else because God has a different way of measuring people the more you need him is the more he's going to be there. Shooting today in the church and you feel you're better than someone else. I want to tell you if price is going to come and sit in the truck is not going to sit beside you. Are you going to say? If you want to be closer to God the week more than the strong. He loves The Sinner more than what you think is right. You become a friend to the Lonely Boys on the popular. Would be with you old and glory be to God forever.