2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 ( Lazarus Saturday)




Just want to give you guys a little bit of a breakdown of your standing for awhile there. So just just share something here together before we jump into the Liturgy together. So, you know that today is Lazar Saturday. We just read the gospels how Lazarus was raised from the dead. And really Holy Week officially begins tomorrow, but really Holy Week begins today because today Begins the series of events. That's like chronological. So like holy week we go day-by-day with Christ the really begins today. So today is Lazar Saturday if they were Christ raised Lazarus from the dead and then the rest of the events proceed on tomorrow. You ever wonder why the Lord Jesus Christ did this miracle today before Palm Sunday in the day before Holy Week. Do you ever wonder why he decided to do this specifically on this day, but sometimes it kind of bothers your mind would how the Lord has a weird way of kind of working things together why you decided that this would be the right time to do this kind of Miracle not the right time. Sorry the necessary time to do this kind of Miracle like why today why not maybe last week maybe what why specifically this miracle had to be done like this. Before Holy Week. The answer was given to us actually in the rest of the readings. If you were paying attention for those good Souls were here bright and early in the morning and heard the prophecies in the morning gave us the clue on it. Also the Pauline epistle gave us a clue as to the reason why. The theme of today, okay, and the theme of like Holy Week like what what the church wants to do with Christ wanted to do today before we start. Holy be holy because of special week special week in the whole year. Great things happened during Holy Week last year was a great year. Holy we can so many people change and all this kind of good stuff. And so many people have all these Today our Lord Jesus Christ reminds us that be careful of one thing. You know what the number one enemy to spiritual growth is that I feel these days in my own life and the lives of people that I'm with the number one enemy. Don't say the devil cuz we love to say the devil has power over authority to trample on serpents and scorpions. You know, what the number one enemy your spiritual growth. My spiritual growth is it's in there. It's in here because what we do is we set limits on God. I didn't hear what we do is we have our own way of thinking that God should work. I just recently within a group of her sitting here discussing. I was talking about how we talked about this beautiful Ikon right here because number one it's big and it makes like I don't know when your dog makes. Big in a small. I like that number one. Number two, I like about it and his hand a little kids out their favorite song. We were kids. He's got the whole world. That's the world. Do I love reminding myself of two things? Is that the whole world in his hand that he's big and everyone else is small and have no matter what we go through you take care of it all kind of stuff and then someone like someone always someone always said how about the kids that are dying in the streets in what you called about the kids were being killed over there. And yes God has Us in the control. Yeah, it's under his control. There's nothing is controlled. There's not one thing. There's a person who is he who speaks one? Eyelash Falls from your eye as God said, okay. I couldn't stop a terrorist running into building stuff like that. There's nothing that happened outside of God's control. Our problem is we think we know if God was loving and if God was this and God should work this way and we put these kind of ideas right now God worth. It's a very dangerous thing the Lazarus Saturday. They're all trying to get you to take this and throw it away because this is what comes in and said holy week is going to be great. I'm going to benefit this way. Or holy week is going to be great on the focus on this thing because this is how my schedule is going to be a lot of times we take this and throw it away because this is the worst thing for your spiritual life right here cuz it sets limits on God got so much willing to serve him day and night never give her bad time this and that but the fact that she was willing to serve him day and night if she loved him but she came to me and said Lord with all due respect. I love you. You love me. I know this love I know all that kind of stuff. I know that you're good. But what she was questioned was his wisdom, right? If you had been here this wouldn't happen question his wisdom. I know you're the best and folks if you don't put all that kind of stuff, but do you know if you've done this things would have been better? On the lot of us have the Lord, you know, what's my spiritual if my life is like this if you better but my job is like this and my family was like this or my Temptations. Who is he who speaks it comes to pass unless the Lord commanded the prophecy from Isaiah chapter 40. And he said some beautiful things basically God is speaking and he said he's basically the people who would say this like God why you know, if you really love North can stop and listen to what he said who is measure the waters in the hollow of his hand. He's not asking you questions to ask a rhetorical thing. Like have you been able to measure the water's in your hands because I can go as measured out to heaven with the span who has been able to measure to heaven in the span. I don't know. What is I think in Arabic is the word ship. You know that where is the exact scientific measurement that use in Egypt? Right? Just how you measure things need you almost say this is three Shiva Bazaar. Okay. This is heaven. Have you been able to do that you can you measure the heaven like by measure can measure the dust of the earth if he wanted to weigh the mountain scales the hills and bound who has directed The Spirit of the Lord. I get scared a lot of time. I try to be his counselor and I said God, let me tell you how it should be done. Sing who is the Arrogant person who's going to come here to throne of almighty God, who is the little guy who's going to come up here to big God and said, let me tell you how it should be done Lord. All the readings focus on that goes on and on and on and on so what's our message very simple the met the word that is repeated over and over in the gospel begins with a B. On the best verse in the Bible was read today John 11:40. Remember, I think I mentioned a couple years ago when I get to start on this day. Did I not say if you would believe you would see the glory of God is where Christ says the Martha cuz she's hassling him is Maddie says look here did not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God that to me is like the message of holding. Is it look here throw this away away take this and throw it out. Just believe believe what I believe it. Number one when the church said be here every single day from the beginning to the end believe that's what's best for you. Don't tell me about your other commitments. That's everyone believe that when we say things like yesterday that there's healing when there's repentance believe that and just how I don't throw that away don't matter how just believe explain to me how Lazarus was raised someone explains those who are wiser counsels of the Lord explain to me what the what scientific methodology used what medicine to use if you can explain that, please If did I tell you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God the end of that Isaiah passage the one of my favorite verses in the Bible. When God is saying that to him who Waits on the Lord he who Waits on the Lord shall renew his strength. They shall Mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint. God is saying very very clearly. There's something special special special. I don't know I can't tell you but I can't tell you something. But if you would believe you would see the glory of God our goal today is take this throw it away for a week Believe Me Back River Neck all the mess that comes with it and all the problem is not. But for one week, please just take it and throw it away for one week and just believe if this thing says repent repent if this thing says worship worship this thing said believed believed whatever it says and then what are we from today will stand together and I'll stand up here. I'll say you're not believe amen.