2006 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 6 (Eve of Friday)


 "A Troubled Savior"


In the name of the father son. Holy Spirit one God Amen. It's hard to believe it. But once again Holy Week is almost over once we get the Thursday night somehow just 24 hours ago. It seemed like a long long long time ago happened today and what happened throughout this entire weekend. If you've been with us, you know, we can talk about this idea of a changed life and how to make like a real lasting change. And as we've been talking about that, I seen some different responses from people. Some people don't say it in so many words are convinced that it's not as big a deal as her making of it. Like it may have been worth like one sermon maybe like one and a half but it definitely wasn't worth a whole week O'Leary sermon has changed his life. Just making a big deal out of nothing. Nothing else to talk about or something like that. Other people are seeing or taking this message really really seriously and doing everything that they can to try to accomplish this change. And if you fall into that second category, let me warn you about something very important something that I discovered in the past 24 hours. I noticed something about myself last night and this morning and that was that I was very distracted. I don't know if it was just me really really strong like on Sunday and then on Monday on Tuesday and Wednesday morning somehow last night and this morning it was a real like War for me to keep my mind focused while we were singing and is real focused while reading the reading especially while there's like a million readings and gospel not once not twice more time, and I noticed myself. Like I said that my focus has started. Tripped and then looking out at you right now. I see that I'm clearly not the only one. Who's going to that state for me to make excuses myself? Which but I did it first and I blamed it on now. It's been a long week. Everyone just a little bit. I could have blamed it all you know, I just got a phone call email outside this morning. I start to feel like you know, my voice was starting to go and start making excuses. Maybe I shouldn't go go a little bit I shouldn't go with the city Golden State myself for Easter Good Friday these kind of things easier to blame anything on the outside. But the truth was it was my mistake. Alright, the truth was I made a big mistake and it's one that I'm concerned that some of us in this room are making is well. I thought I lose my focus know when you're driving. Okay, you're looking straight ahead. You're going straight ahead. Then all of a sudden you see a nice something rather. Look at what was that? What happened to call pretty soon we're going to end up going in that direction or what I've been doing for the past. today's was I have been focusing all my thoughts all my prayers all my everything on changing my life. Everything they've been focused on getting this new life getting a real lasting Inside by faith change. Everything I've been focusing on. We so maybe you're sitting there and saying what's the big deal is not what we're talking about is not we're supposed to be doing it. Now. We're supposed to do it everyday just cried to God and God give me this new life and God give me this new life. Here is the problem with that. Okay. The problem is that is me focused. All right, and this week is not about me. All right, we're single day of the entire here every single week or throughout the years about me but one week happy about me all the weeks in the entire year. I spent the entire spend my entire life bookstore on me and my best my. This week has nothing to do with me. This is the week. This is the passion week of our good Savior and the problem was that I had my entire focus on me or me being a better person or me having too hard on me having a new way of thinking don't let this change stuff lead to like a self-improvement Seminole. That's Holy Week is Holy Week. Self-improvement that you can make like New Year's resolutions are holy resolutions at all. These kinds of great stuff at all of the new life that we're going to have. There's so much more in the Holy Week and there's so much more even this idea of change. The focus of this week's not myself is not my habit is not my fault and not my heart. The focus of this week is the Lamb of God who carried the sins of the world and up by his stripes. We were healed and the Salvation which he came to accomplish forest and the iniquity which he carried on his back for us during this week to sometimes and focusing on ourselves. We look right past the Messiah. So tonight we're not going to do that. tonight not going to give you a sermon about changing your thoughts or without changing your habits and I can tell you to repent and I don't tell you confess. I never tell you nothing already tonight is going to focus on the Lord. I invite you to follow come with me. Okay, we want to go tonight if you want to follow him and see where he is. We want to go deeper than the surface level. This is one where I'm going to ask you to have some faith and I'm going to ask that you pray the right now inside your heart that the Holy Spirit kind of guides us and opens our eyes to see some things you may never seen before because there's so much depth to everything that goes on here, but we really need God to open up the eyes of our heart also won't be able to see it. All the days of Holy Week in my opinion today is the most difficult. All right, not just because physically it's difficult as you come in the morning for a really long time and you come back at night for a really long time no time. You're planning to go home and sleep for a few hours and come for a really really long time tomorrow. Not just for that reason, but it's also difficult because of the event that happened our Lord Jesus Christ life. You study the events of today. I am as I said come with me and look and see let's try to go deeper. I promise you you will see a side to your savings should have never seen before you will see something in the Son of God that you would have never seen before in the history of his life and you will never ever ever see again the stuff that you can see on today of all days. But let me warn you before we go. It isn't going to be a pretty sight. It's not going to be something that's easy to handle and that'll be something that's pretty and cute and fluffy in this and that it's going to be a difficult sight to see you are going to see the strong Jesus who you all know who does Miracles cast out demons and who can throw down the temple and rebuild it in 3 days. If you want it you can see that same Jesus and a lot of weakness. And so much weakness that angel comes to strengthen him. You're going to see the light of the world that where he went people cheered up. Okay, where he went he brought happiness where he went. He brought Joy you will see that same a light of the world saying my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death. You'll see the king of Peace who can calm every ocean and every storm. With so much stress and so much anxiety and so much anguish that he sweat blood. He sweat blood blood came from his head because he was under so much stress that blood came not just a little drop of blood with the way. It says in Luke chapter 22 verse 44 and being an Agony. He played more earnestly. Then his sweat became ready for this like grape drops of blood boiling down to the ground. I'm not just talkin about a little drop of blood think about it. Have you ever sweat? Even the smallest amount of blood imagine that you somehow tomorrow sweat one. Just very tiny little drop a little blood right there. You call 911 right you go to doctor as fast as you could call the ambulance something is going on. He didn't sweat one. He didn't sweat to you sweat many of them and they were great drops. Travel to the ground a little thing a sweat doesn't fall to the ground. It's got to be a heavy thing. Anyone who thinks that the suffering began on Friday doesn't know what they're talking about because tonight suffering tonight is the night of suffering when I think about the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ tonight is what comes to my mind is on Holy Thursday. Like I said, it's not going to be a pretty picture. Why did the question I want to ask? Why is our Lord so troubled why so much stress why so much anxiety? What's causing this? What's your problem? Okay, like I said any problem in life he dealt with no problem. What's so big about the problem tonight? Let's try to guess you. Maybe it's pain maybe is in a lot of pain baby is physically hurting. I can't forget. Our Lord Jesus Christ never once complained from Pain never had a place to lay his head fasted 40 days and 40 nights without a drop of water. No chance. He's complaining from pain right now, or I will maybe the problem was he was you know disappointed because his disciples at falling asleep, or I took them at the last hour and he said stay watch and pray and then I fell asleep and woke him up to watch and pray. So maybe that's what's going on. I was just disappointed with Peter James and John and watching him not make much sense either because if you look up from start to finish the disciples never got it. I didn't get it till after he rose from the dead. He had been used to them disappointing him over and over that wouldn't causes anguish. Maybe it was Sammy's maybe he was Judas and that betrayal in the barge were going to come and the devil was fighting him. I was kind of stuff. Cam. Either his whole life has been persecuted is a lighted been called that he is and he is casting out demons by demons and the devil tempted and 40 days and 40 nights in the desert that can't be it. Well, maybe what it is is it's fear of death for the kind of death. He's going to die is a really painful once or maybe he's stressed out thinking about that. Well, I don't think that's the case either because I roll from the day you was born today. I never once showed any bit of fear and never showed that he was a coward so it wouldn't start right now and if the borders okay could stand in the face of severe torture with a smile on their face and who are we to say that there Master couldn't do the same thing. That wasn't either. So what? What's wrong? That's what I want to scream out as I'm going back in time. I'm going in this picture. What's wrong? What happened? What can I do to help can let me help you you love me so much. I want to help you is Judas apple juice the show horse or fight them right now, but I'm iced or anyting. What is it Lord? You tell me what it is. You say what it is and I will help you. Where is your pain coming from? Matthew chapter 26 verse 39 Says he went a little farther and fell on his face and prayed saying oh my father if it is possible, let this cup pass from me nevertheless. Not as I will but as you will where is the pain coming from? Is the pain coming from Judas? Is the pain coming from the disciples? Is the pain coming from Caiaphas or Pilot or any one of those guys? Where is the pain coming from if you look at this verse, this is a horrific verse. Do you understand what this verse is saying there? Where is this cup coming from? Where is it? It's coming from the father. His own father is giving him this cup. This isn't a cup of Judas is in a cup of the the soldiers or anything like that. The father is the one who feel this cup himself. Look what it says, Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 and 6 and first temperature reading a little bit at the beginning probably no one was here the 11th Hour of Thursday and wash it and read it tomorrow. He was wounded for our transgressions know this part. He was bruised for our iniquities. No problem. The chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes. We are healed bone straight. We have turned everyone to his own way and the lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all it has pleased the Lord to bruise him. He has put him to grief. Oh my goodness. Do you know why our Lord is suffering so much today? Because the pain isn't coming from a friend. The pain isn't coming from the outside. The pain is coming from his father his own father his old father has laid on him the iniquity of us all his own father was pleased to bruise him. How can this be all day one all day long? And my father are one if you seen me you seen the father. How can it be that the father is giving him this great big pup to try to drink from? If someone in the street called me a bad name that hurts a little bit. It was brand new calls me a bad name that hurts more if my own father called me that same bad name that really really hurts. And that's what's going on right here. The one who is punishing the son the one who's bruising in the one who's laying iniquity on his back is none other than his beloved father. Who said this is my beloved Son Well that leads to the question. Why why? Why why why is your father doing this to you? Did you do something all I get punished by do something bad? What did you do bad to do anyting? Oh, no, you're the sinless one never committed to sit in your life. You never once had a thought that was bad. You never once when you're walking down the street with some place. You shouldn't have looked you never once told a little tiny little itsy-bitsy exaggeration or why you never once made any mistakes. Will then why why is the father putting all the stealing and why is the father punishing you in this way? It is an in comprehensible fact. That's what I'm saying. We can't understand it. Let may God open our eyes that we can understand a little bit more is incomprehensible. But it's a fact that on this night our Lord the reason he broke down the way he was busy was in such anguish is because on him was laid every sin that was ever committed. Let's think about what that means right now. Let's forget about everything that was ever committed. Let's just focus on me. Let's down the only one that ever lived. Every one of my lies was on him. every one of my X I said something that I shouldn't have said that kind of hurt that other guy. Every time I looked at something I shouldn't have looked at every time I thought something I shouldn't have thought every time. I was jealous every time I was envious all I got on him. Have you ever felt the shame of your sin? I'm sure you have. All right, you will ride would be sitting here today unless there's a point time in your life where you did something and you just felt a shame of that sin. I always end up together of your entire life put them on him right now and then I'll have everyone else's and then out of everyone else is in the history of all mankind that has ever lived every murder and robbery. He was now feeling the shame of it every Act of homosexuality. He was feeling the shame of it. I'm always being punished for those kinds of send every pornography addiction every alcoholic every drug addiction every terrorist and and Osama Bin Laden the guy who ran to the church in Egypt and kill the guy he is now feeling the effects of that. at the same time And the worst part about it is he had done nothing wrong. Actually, that's not the worst part about it is if you to ask the Lord this day, what's the worst part? You know, they say that sin is separation from God literally separation. The worst part is for the first time in the history of existence the Sun. how to feel alone You know what? It's like to feel alone, right? You know what it's like to feel like you don't have a friend in the world. At least you can turn to God. Didn't do nothing wrong. You don't have any scent on him. Yet somehow he didn't have a friend in the world and then add on top of that that he felt the separation from the father because of all the sin and the weight of sin that was upon him. I cannot imagine to live my entire life as a faithful servant and as a faithful son to never once disobey to never once do anything wrong and never once make one mistake and then maybe toll You will now take the punishment of every cinnamon tires to the world. She sometimes we have this wrong idea of forgiveness. All right, the wrong idea is forgiveness is like like a whiteboard. So you said you have a nice whiteboard. Your sin is little black boy, you confess repent and it erases it away and Hocus Pocus just goes into thin air that isn't truth. The truth of the matter is that's it is more like a weight. All right, but every time you seen you weigh yourself down and then you want to plant and you can trust and you're forgiving the weight as you move from you, but it doesn't vanish Into Thin Air it goes on top of him and don't ever think that you were seeing your son has to be punished or else that would be unjust. Asim must be punched. So when you send it doesn't just go magically into the air with the elves or something like that. It goes on top of his back and that's what we see tonight. I'll tell you another way that the fathers talked about this idea of sin and forgiveness. Think about. Some kind of like evil son. All right with every Ray of sun being likes in. Jailbreak Tampa like tomorrow to go outside to Sunny Day. The sun's rays are spread over the entire entire world. Okay, so you feel hot this and that because they're scattered. It's not that big a deal, but I don't know action that all of those raised I got some Super duper turbo magnifying lens that took all of the Rays of the Sun and two 1 laser beam and shot it right down on top of your head. That's exactly what happened to steak with our Lord. He felt the effect of every single sin matter how disgusting no matter how vile matter how horrible it was. The effective it the shame of it and the punishment of it all at the exact same time. So you can imagine that weight you can imagine that boring. And that's why you see our war tonight almost like crumbling. You see him like falling apart. You see him week you see him anguish. You see him sweating blood. You see him screaming. My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death father save me from this hour, please let this cup pass that's not the Lord that we know that's not the same Jesus that we that we talked about all throughout the rest of the year. But that's what we see tonight as I'm watching that scene and as I'm thinking about that and I'm going back in time. There's nothing I want to do more than jump in and help with nothing to do more and pick them up. What about the sweat? They let me help you. Let me do anything that I can to help you. What can I do with old you name it? I'll do it name it anything I can do to help with this say it's nothing you can do. This is not your cup the Cubs from the father. And even though like I said, we was a hundred percent stainless had to be hat at this moment in time be the center of God's Wrath and God's Vengeance and God's hatred and disgust with sin. Earlier this week. We looked at a verse from 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 21. I don't side with him. Look at that earlier, but it's a verse that explains what made him who knew no sin to be sin for us. I understand what that means. That's what I'm talking about right now. He made him who knew no sin to be sin at this moment in time when the father look from heaven and look down at the Earth. He saw his beloved Son. He saw a scene sin and all its disgusting these that's why Lawrence racing tonight. Like I asked earlier this me at the bottom of the Sun and there's a few minutes with a father didn't love the Sun and they weren't United know. It doesn't mean that it doesn't you can't even think that for one half a second. So what does this mean then what is this mean if the father's rat seems to be on his son and the son Dagny is a cup given by his father. It doesn't mean that he doesn't love his son what it means is and I wish I could come up with the fancy way of saying this but I really can't find any theological terms. I can explain this. So well, they means you really loves you a lot has nothing to do with his lack of love for the sun. Don't question that for a second or what it says is is how much he loves me and how much he loves you and how much you love every single sinful person who has ever lived in the beginning of time to the end of time you cannot imagine how much he loves you if I describe it with words. All I can say is you really really really really loves you a lot. So much that you can't imagine that's what I'm saying. I hope it might be kind of said the other night that you take what I'm talkin about you go home to your room tonight. You said Lord, please let me understand your love ballad love is like an ocean and sometimes we just walking up to our ankles as we say. Wow. This feels great. I'm telling you. There's so much more to God's love the whole point is and hopefully to take another step inside of tonight. He loves you so much more than you can realize and all of this anguish and all of this pain and all that is suffering. Is cuz God loves you. He loves me so much that he died for me. I'm not talking about that. I'm not talking about the love of the sun. I'll talk about the love of the father. I tried about the father loves you so much the sunrise you so much that he died for you. The father loves you so much that he gave his son to be killed for you, which is worse father's I hit you or hit your kid. Would you rather like slap you on the face or you wanted me slap your kid on the face hesitation do what you want to meet my kid? what I'm telling you is The Father loves us so much that he sent his son to die actually. No that's not accurate. What I said is not accurate if either the father loves you so much that he sent his son to die. Listen to this The Father loves you so much that he killed his son. Can you believe what I'm saying? Don't let anyone tell you that Judas killed our Lord our Pilots are part of the soldiers. You cannot kill the almighty. No one can kill the almighty. All right. It was the cup that was given to him by the father. It was exactly why we read the story of Abraham and Isaac today. God came to Abraham and you didn't say Abraham let your son be killed by Savage wolves. That's hard. He said I want you to take it up to a mountain. I want you to take a knife in your hand and I want you to kill him yourself. What is more painful what can be more difficult? Well, that's exactly what happened here tonight. I read you the person Isaiah. It said that he was pleased to bruise him and he has laid the iniquity on him look at it from this perspective on this day. Like I said our Lord Jesus Christ was sinless didn't do anything. So how good are these send on his sword on his head the father took every single one and carefully one by one place them on top of the sun. Like I said like a weight. Alright took every single weight from on top of my head and all the same as not randomly. I accidentally carefully cuz I bought it as do anything except orderly one by one place them on the sun and the whole time watching him disintegrate and crumble under his very own loving hand. Do you get this? Do you understand what I'm talking about? Right now? I'm talking about the son didn't die for random reason. I'm telling you the father put all these things on top of the sun. This isn't a fairytale. This isn't something that we just kind of invent here cuz it makes a nice story. This is reality. Look at the rest of this verse I said at the top he made him who knew no sin to be sin for that's the worst part. Look at the second half. Why do you do that that we might become the righteousness of God in him? The Father loves you so much that he killed his only begotten son for your sake you can imagine that he allowed him to suffer he gave him this cup. I think there's two kinds of people sitting here right now. You have one or two responses right now one. You're touched your mood. You don't know what in the world to do. That's you. Hold on a second. I don't talk to the other ones here were sitting there arrogantly and pompously. And shamefully saying no big deal. What did you do to deserve any of this? What in the world what good did you do that anyone first and foremost the Pew on the Holy One owes you any favors. Please tell me what did you do that? You deserve something like this? Cuz if you're sitting there thinking that all that's really really nice whatever. This is not know you did nothing to deserve this and if you can sit there and your mind and justify the fact this is no big deal, but you probably had this coming to you. Anyway, this is just bad job in life than shame on you. You should be ashamed of yourself cuz that isn't true even for a second. You deserve the pure one sweating blood you deserve a sinless one being made. You deserve all this anguish on someone who never committed a wrong in his life who were Romans chapter 5 verse 7 & 8 says scarcely for a righteous man will one dime yet Perhaps for a good man. Someone would even dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love towards us in that while we Still sinners Christ died for us. A person saying is that if there's a righteous person maybe someone would die for him. Probably not if there's someone who is just kind of a good guy. Maybe we think about it, but a sinner A sinner and addict a lawyer a gossiper so I would die for him. That's what's going on right here tonight. We have the greatest show of Love ever in the history of all mankind. All right, and in my opinion in my humble opinion even greater than the love show on Good Friday. I don't even know where to start. How can talk about God's love today because it wasn't even just in the Garden of Gethsemane from the very beginning of the disciples feet and talk to them about love that he gave his own body in his own blood is very self to be eaten and drank. And then he comes in this Garden starts sweating blood all of my sins are laying on top of him. Now my last question I asked you. Is what you going to do about it? Now what all we can talk about change all your talk about changing your life. I'll be going to talk about how God wants you to change it. I want somebody to change life and how God hates hates hates hates. That's Tad routine. Same year after year pathetic life. God hates that God wants things to be new. You weren't meant by our by our messages is past week fine. You don't care about logic and I was in your best interest to change. No problem. You don't care with reason you don't care. What any of these things Vine. But can you honestly tell me that you can look at the picture of tonight that you can see our board suffering like this in the Garden of Gethsemane that you can see his anguish. That you can see the blood pouring down his face that you can see his separation from the father that you can hear him crying and saying my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death. To the point where an angel a created being Thomas down and strengthen. Can you honestly look at that picture? Can you honestly look at that picture hearing his voice seeing his eyes. And I'm not be convinced. I didn't say know what I'm not convinced me to change my life. I'm content as it is. Thank you very much. What I really appreciate it to handshake go on as our way. Can you honestly do that, but you can you're stronger man than me. I give you credit your tough-guy. All right, you are much tougher than me. You are much stronger than me because I can't do that because I have blood inside me. anyone has blood inside and would feel the same thing. in the end I want you to understand is I don't want you to be convinced about a life of change because of something I said, I want you to be convinced about a life of change because something that he did and if you look This is the verse be still early in the week 2nd Corinthians 5:15. We talked about this earlier in the week. We said that there was no longer live for themselves, but for him who died for them and rose again in my mind. This was what I was thinking about for this week. This was my verse and then today I opened it up and looked at it again, and I couldn't believe the first that came right before verse 14. For the Love of Christ compels us because we judged us that if one died for all then all died I don't want you to be driven by my words. I don't want you to be driven by a reading. I want you to be compelled and driven by the love that God shows and the way up to his son and my son takes I want that to be The Driver. I want that to be my focus. Would I come here tomorrow morning after the second that I walk in here tomorrow morning. That's my focus what God has done for me. And if he has done this for me, he's done all this so that I could live a new life that I would no longer live for myself and live for him who died for me and rose again, and I just wanted to go through all this with a what am I willing to go through? What am I willing to give up? What am I willing to change my life? He did this but you would not suffer for eternity, but you can have this change life now again are using to smile and Nod say thank you. Is that what your responses? What should I do? Lasting all I can tell you what to do. There's a homily that was red earlier today. In the end that we did our the water liturgy by Saint Shenouda the arch manage, right? And I think it says it best, read it when you do what you want. Brethren we ought to be humbled in front of you who suffered on our behalf, please. I know sometimes you read these, we can just get a tune out please. This is if I could use I would have said these words myself but think she has much better weather and we ought to be humbled in front of him or from he who suffered on our behalf. We ought to feed her again who poured the water in a bowl and washed the feet of his disciples with his impeccable meaning perfect and let us present him with Good Deed that deserve this great modesty, which he carried out for RC. Let us wear pants for our sins that we committed because if we do not repent we will be cold in heaven as lovers of sin. What will be our hope of we are cast out of Heaven forced to face judgment and are rejected for our sins and we will be judged twice not because we are sitting without knowledge or because of what we did with knowledge was worse than what we did without. College you're still with that same person you've been better off. If you didn't come here tonight and you just stayed in your sin, but you have to be judged twice if you know, what's right and you still commit the same thing, you know, it was sacrifice that was paid for you know, the blood that was shed and you still choose to let him stay in your only judge two times. Will be charged twice not because we have seen without knowledge. But because of what we did with knowledge was worse than what we did without knowledge and not because we have sinned but because we did not repent why can't the Sheep know the voice of the real Shepherd? Why can't the Sheep know the voice of the real Shepherd the life-giver and take refuge in him he who purchased it with his blood took care of it and gave himself up for it. He who gave us his his body to eat and his blood to drink Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior the Son of God dwells in the highest forever. You all glory now and forever. Amen.