You Are What You Eat - Part 6 - The Guardian of Biblical Truth


today you must be in a good mood today you're not allowed to be in a bad mood today because today for those who weren't here we just celebrated four new members of the church were baptized this morning to whom we're just up on stage right now and I was telling them after everyone's gonna see their shining faces like that I expect the music team everyone wants to join the music team now okay because you see the fruit of the music team right here today is a great day today is really really a great day and there's beautiful songs and we just sang and it's also a great day because we are wrapping up our series on you are what you eat and today is the series finale part six as you're gonna see we're gonna talk about is the guardian of biblical truth now let's take a step back hopefully over the past few weeks all right past five weeks we learned a lot about what the role of the Bible was meant to be in our lives alright and I hope that over the past few weeks that even if you haven't gotten there fully at least you have realized that you need to invest more in the Word of God and the Word of God that often times those times of confusion our lives can be traced back to no investment in the Word of God and those times of weakness in our lives trace back to no investment in the Word of God and those times where our souls are malnourished traced back to not enough investment in the Word of God and I hope that by now you've seen the importance of the Word of God in your life and you've realized that you need to make a concerted effort to integrate the Word of God into your life but there's one kind of underlying assumption I have made from the beginning of this series which we haven't really addressed and really this question I'm about to ask you right now the entire series hinges on this one question and that question is this I said the importance of reading the Bible and that's the importance of investing in the Bible and we wanted to memorize the Bible we wanted to read and we wanted to study the Bible we wanted to get more into our buy more into our Bible well the question is what if I'm not reading the Bible in the right way there's a right way to read the Bible the wrong way right it's like last week I made the statement that there's only one way to interpret a verse correctly right remember I said that last week so what happens if I'm reading and I'm investing in the Bible but I'm reading it the wrong way like for example someone in jail and he's in jail for whatever crime he committed and he comes across John chapter 8 verse 31 and 32a verse that we memorized I'll remember John 8 john 8:32 says what remembers when I memory verse John 8:32 says that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free or make you free so what happens if I read that verse now I'm in jail and I say look Jesus promised I want to be free from jail is that the correct interpretation of that verse that is not the correct interpretation that verse you may want it to be the correct interpretation that verse but it is not someone who reads someone who has diabetes or another kind of disease and reads first John chapter 1 verse 9 if we confess our sins he's faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness so I says look I have diabetes I confess my sin the diabetes should go away is that a correct interpretation that verse no not at all not even close it isn't enough to just read the Bible we have to read it the right way and if you read and read and read and read and read the wrong way you're actually not doing any good for yourself you're actually doing yourself a lot of harm that guy who's convinced that God even though I ran a bazillion red lights and I Drive a hundred miles an hour in school zones honking at cops while I'm driving by and littering on their cars as I Drive by and I got all these tickets and one who says no I believe that all things are possible to him who believes and he goes to courts believing he's gonna get off that one should not read the Bible any more if that's how he's gonna read it because all he's doing is a disservice to himself with anyone else around him it's not enough to read the Bible we have to make sure we read the Bible the right way scripture says it this way I showed you this verse last week 2nd Peter 1 verse 20 and 21 knowing this first that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation for prophecy never came by the will of man by holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the holy spirit I told you all last week that every passage in scripture has one correct meaning now you say hey wait a minute doesn't the Bible mean something different to everyone no one meaning many applications one meaning many applications the meaning is based on the speaker as I am speaking I am saying a sentence I mean one thing by it you may apply it differently okay if your whatever your circumstances in life you may apply the truth differently but I have one meaning because the meaning is based on the speaker the application is based on the hearer so every verse of scripture has a correct meaning and we must make sure that we read the Bible properly or not if not it's all not worth it so how do I know if I'm reading it properly hold that thought for one second let me ask you a different question here we live in the United States of America and everything we do in United States of America all of our laws all of our rules everything we do here is based on a document what's that document Constitution United States of America we the people there whatever it says okay we the people and it goes on and this one document spells out everything that we do in this country and any time someone wants to introduce a new rule can you add new rules yes but it must pass a certain criteria what's that criteria it must be constitutional and then you have to someone says I want to do this law the first thing is say is it constitutional not constitutional and it's very rarely black and white right like it's very rarely black and white it's very rarely that this is constitutional or this isn't usually it is you'll have two people defending their points like for example I'm not talking politics so I'm not making a statement look at the issue of abortion you have two people look at the same Constitution and one tell you gives the right for abortion for women to do what they want another look at on the other side say this document gives the right to protect those who cannot protect themselves both argue differing points same document marriage everyone will use the same document of marriage one to say one man one woman one to say people can do as they please I'm not making any statements I'm just telling you how it works so what happens in that situation what happened in that situation you got two people I'll be arguing the exact opposite point of view and each one saying it's constitutional what do they do how do we solve this problem Supreme Court there's a branch of the government called the Supreme Court and it's their job to answer the question is it constitutional or not constitutional not every man for himself not every man say I think abortion is constitutional so i'ma do whatever I want it didn't work that way son if the government itíd states of america if the Supreme Court says it's not constitutional then you can't do it and one who says that I want to do this no no it's whatever the Supreme Court says we abide by that because we live in a civilization with rules and order if you didn't have the Supreme Court in the United States of America to interpret the Constitution what would you have you'd have anarchy if every man for himself doing whatever it is that they want to do y'all agree with me y'all agree we need the Supreme Court we need a body of people and the body of people's job is not to give their opinion what's their job their job is to go back as much as they can into the mindset of those who wrote the document and understand the original meaning because those who wrote it had one meaning when they wrote it and to understand that meaning and to apply that into whatever circumstance is in today agree anybody disagree with you so far I passed civics class okay okay Christianity has the constitution to the Constitution Christianity is called the Bible there's a lot of parallels to what the Constitution is to America what the Bible is to Christianity why because you hear you have two documents Constitution and Bible each of them written many many many years ago each of them containing the principles by the founding fathers either of the country or the or the faith the founding fathers wrote down the principles that should govern life inside the country or inside the faith the Constitution is written about 300 years ago 3 400 years ago and you see how much debate is there around that why because it was written a long time ago in a different like culture and a different time in a different era so how do we take this and apply it in 2014 the Bible was not written 300 years ago how long ago was the Bible written the newest book of the Bible the newest was it in two thousand years ago not in a same country just a few hundred years ago different country across the world completely different culture and on top of that written in a different language actually written in three different languages then none of them is English so what happens if you have two christians who read the same constitution I mean the same Bible and have a different interpretation on a passage you wonder what happens the world Christian Encyclopedia says that today there are over thirty eight thousand Christian denominations do y'all know at thirty eight thousand means thirty eight thousand thirty-eight thousand people who all say we have the same Constitution not only that they say we have the same president and the exact same Constitution but we have thirty eight thousand different interpretations of that constitution why how how can that be like let's be logic how can that be how can it be that one king and one constitution which nobody disagrees on none of those thirty eight thousand disagree I'm not talking about faiths that don't believe in the Bible I'm not talking about any of those talking about those Christian denominations that say we believe that Jesus is the king and we believe that the Bible is the is the work of the Holy Spirit we believe it how can it be that you have thirty eight thousand different interpretations of it what are you missing in Christianity that you have in America missing the Supreme Court there's someone to play the role of the Supreme Court that's why I see the church fathers they were smart that's why they said that's why the Apostles said what st. Peter said that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation because they knew that if you leave it to everyone to determine the meaning on their own then you're gonna end up with chaos and anarchy all around we need a body outside of ourselves where we can take these discussions to if you look in the Bible Acts chapter 8 is a good passage of one time where someone who was reading the Bible all right and he ran into was an Ethiopian eunuch and he was reading the scripture and he had this dialogue with Philip look what it says says so Philip ran to him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah and said to him do you understand what you were reading and the Ethiopian said read why statement said how can i unless someone guides me a very wise statement how am I supposed understand unless someone guides me look let's be honest a lot of us like I told y'all before long stuff we don't understand what it means and we like to say and a lot of times what we do is we make up a meaning because we don't want to say I don't know what it means but let's be honest there's a lot of things that we read that make sense to us like Christianity is not the most simplest and straightforward thing when you read in the Old Testament and a New Testament trying to connect it all together the Apostles themselves made mistakes one time in the New Testament Peter Peter like Peter was up there they said those Gentiles want to join and he said no no no Gentiles can't become Christians after we come circumsized Peter how you say that Peter like you were the closest one to Christ Peter what happened to you how could you say such a mistake and they made a mistake but luckily Peter and all the Apostles he wasn't the only one who made a mistake luckily all of them they didn't go off on their own and Peter say no I'm gonna start my own thing than you over there Paul and I'm over here I didn't do like that that wasn't the way the time was at the time what Peter did and Paul and Silas and Barnabas and John and Marv they came together to the body of Christ to the church and they said we have an issue you interpret scripture this way we interpret scripture this way we're not leaving this room till we figure out the correct interpretation of what Jesus meant what Jesus said not what you think not what I think now what you want not what I want what was meant by the founding fathers by Jesus himself when this verse was written or given to us we're gonna talk about a word today the guardian of our faith the Supreme Court of our faith and I'm gonna hesitate to say it okay because it's kind of a bad word and a lot of churches okay so I'm gonna say it and then I'll wash my mouth out with soap afterwards okay we're going to talk about today is something called tradition Holy Tradition sacred tradition we okay so far no one threw the shoe at me okay good tradition is a bad word in a lot of places and let me start off by saying I understand why and the reason why tradition a lot of people as soon as they hear the word tradition a you know as fault it is that people don't like the word tradition whose fault is it it's my fault and it's your fault as US Christians fault because we abuse it and many Christians and many churches have abused the word tradition so that's caused many people to have a negative reaction to tradition so I understand I don't want anyone to think they're being judged here today I understand I say tradition and all these images of Pharisees and and and indulgences okay and then all these like pharisaical hypocritical things come to mind I totally understand but what we want to do today is want to take a biblical honest unbiased look at this concept of tradition and what I'm going to show you today if you're coming in with the Nara I'm against this tradition thing I want to show you that sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater and tradition is a good example you let's say someone has bad childhood memories all right and every time they drive by their home they think of they remember all the bad stuff in there and whatever happened to him is child it's not the home that was bad like it's not the wood and the walls and the carpet and the ceiling it's the people I was inside there that made it bad so we're not gonna tear down the house just because the people I was in there caused harm to us and it's the same concept with tradition well we want to see today is how does tradition fit into this whole biblical interpretation thing because like I said you got thirty eight thousand people today with the same Constitution and people and again I'm not making any statements I'm just putting different sides you can look at that Constitution and someone say women women this Constitution says keep silent in churches another group say this say there should be pastors in churches same Constitution some look at it and say baptism is the most important thing in the whole wide world and it's a real death and new life one said no no no that's I'm just given as a symbol we're referring to the same passage some look at it and say we should worship on Sunday some would say worship on Saturday same passage in Scripture there has to be a Supreme Court an unbiased party who can look back and see what did the original writers mean when they wrote these sentences and that's one look at here today some people say I don't believe in tradition I believe in the Bible I don't believe in tradition I believe in the Bible I'm approved to you today that you're not allowed to make that statement because it's a contradictory statement it's like saying I don't believe in the United States I believe in Virginia okay what you're gonna see is that who makes Virginia Virginia the United States so you cannot believe in Virginia without believing the United States and we're gonna see today's you cannot believe in the Bible without tradition because the two are linked together and it's the tradition which I'll show you by the end that makes the Bible that gives the Bible its authority and its weight stick with me till the end on that one let's start with let's look at what the Bible has to say about tradition and I'm gonna help you I'm gonna take the role of the devil's advocate here and I'm gonna start with the negative on tradition i'ma start you off so i'ma let you get the first opening statement in in our court here today no one was tougher on traditions in a negative way than Jesus himself mark chapter 7 verse 8 and 13 jesus said you for laying aside the commandment of God you hold the tradition of men anyone who was against tradition you and use this passage you hold the tradition of men the washing of pitchers and cups and many others such things you do making the Word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down and many such things you do clear-cut Jesus says I hate tradition especially you make the Word of God of no effect so jesus now is separating tradition from the Word of God right so it seems another one I'll give you another negative I'm helping you out I'm making your case for you here if you're on the negative side Colossians 2:8 beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit according to the tradition of men according to the basic principles of the world and not according to Christ so there you go father Anthony open-and-shut case I got words of Jesus I have words of Saint Paul both of them saying that word of God in traditions opposite and here tradition of men not according to Christ right there's two kinds of tradition there's a good kind of a bad kind what's the bad kind what word is repeated in both of these pastors look here back to Jesus's verse you hold the tradition of men and in st. Paul's according to the tradition of men the bad kind of tradition is the tradition of man what's the tradition of man what did Jesus mean what does st. Paul mean to understand this you got to go back and understand again see like here this is a perfect example sorry let me just stop right this is a perfect example of I can say traditions of men I think it means this and you can run off with your own concept of what does it mean but until you understand the context in which it was written you don't have any clue what it means when Jesus spoke about the traditions of men no one had any doubt exactly what he was speaking about same with st. Paul because they knew exactly what it meant you know a tradition amendment back up now to the Old Testament Moses God gave Moses Ten Commandments and he gave many many many rules keep holy the Sabbath the day don't eat this this is how you wash many many many many rules and the Pharisees in order to safeguard these rules as sacred created other rules to stop you from even getting to breaking these rules they put speed bumps along the way like for example Jesus God said keep the holy the Sabbath holy keep holy the Sabbath day Sabbath keep it holy the Pharisee said because we don't want you to come close to breaking that then they created something called a Sabbath day's journey you heard this rule before and they created a limit you're only allowed to walk and it was a distance how far was let's say a half a mile and they created a rule that said you're all allowed to walk half a mile on the Sabbath the rule from God the command of God was keep it holy the tradition of man was only 0.5 miles and they kept it to a T point four nine nine nine nine miles they would walk it no problem take that last step and they'd kill you out kick you out same thing God made rules about what was clean and unclean what the Pharisees do they added on many more rules to make sure that you never got to even breaking these rules God said eat this don't eat this this is how you eat this Pharisees are actually before you even get there you wash this and then you do this and they had all these rules and traditions which they made up but they taught it as the tradition of God so we can't just say tradition is bad it's not understanding what Jesus meant when he said traditions of men and as soon as Jesus said traditions of men traditions about everyone knew yea these Pharisees God gave us 10 rules Pharisees added 50 rules to those 10 God gave us these ceremonial rules Pharisees added 500 rules on top of that because that's who the Pharisees were and they taught their rules as the same rank as God's rules it's kind of like someone was saying how like there's bad words you're not allowed to say so like you know the word darn okay darn is not a bad word but it's replacing a bad word so his parents told him you're not allowed to say darn he said why because if you say darn you're one step closer to saying the next one okay of mixing the R with an M okay so this became a bad word for him but darn is not a bad word darn is not a bad word or he wouldn't love to say jeez because geez is one step close to Jesus but geez is not a bad word so if you teach G's is bad that's the tradition as men do you see where I'm going with this is that we teach these rules as the same rank as God's rules but that's that's what these Pharisees were and that's the kind of tradition that Jesus said is bad tradition so if tradition of man is bad what's the good kind is the traditions of God or said another way is holy tradition holy tradition what's Holy Tradition holy tradition is the laws of God the teachings of God that were passed down orally not necessarily written some were written but the majority were passed down orally not necessarily in writing in the scriptures Christianity this is so important to understand Christianity is not a philosophy Christianity is not a rulebook Christianity is life I cannot pass on life in a document how do I pass my life from me to you I live with you and I pass it on to everything that we do we live together Christianity is the life of Christ given to us and much of it was documented but much more of it was not documented and that's what I want to show you today let's look in the Bible and see what the Bible has to say st. Paul who spoke about bad tradition earlier speaks about good tradition here 2nd Thessalonians 2:15 therefore brethren stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught whether by word or epistle so right off the bat you can't say tradition is all bad because here st. Paul says it's good so you see what I'm saying you can't just take that verse say traditions and men bad well the same writer wrote hold the traditions so you see there's a context involved right here he says hold on of these traditions that I wrote or that I taught my word later on second Thessalonians 3:6 but we command you brethren in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly not according to the tradition which he received from us could it be that there are things that God wants to teach to us that are not written in the Bible could it be is that possible let's say hypothetically you say no let's make I'm gonna make the argument that no everything that we need to know is written in Scripture and if it's not written in Scripture let me make that argument okay so then what happened before there was scripture when was the first when was the Bible first compiled as we know it today like the Bible was compiled when they said these are the books of the Bible you all know when the first Bibles was compiled fourth century 4th century 4th century is 400 years so what the Christians do for the first 300 years if there's no Bible where they hide in the cave just waiting God send miss the Bible and the seitan is sitting in a cave and they say we don't know what to do because we don't have any faith because the faith is in the Bible and until we able to have a Bible so we just sitting in caves and then all the sudden gods through a Bible down from heaven say ok now we can begin to practice Christianity is that what happened if that was the case then Christianity would be a pretty pathetic weak religion but we know that in fact those first 300 years where it's strong is time when as the scripture says that during that time the Apostles turn the world upside down and Christianity spread like wildfire how could it spread like wildfire if it didn't have the Bible if you say that everything is in the Bible and nothing is outside the Bible how could it be that the faith spread if everything was in the Bible the answer is simple how could it have spread because the life was given from person to person to generation to generation the life of Christ is not a document the life of Christ is life to be lived and it was given from father's to sons from sons to their sons from neighbors to their neighbors from co-workers to co-workers the life was given through this concept of tradition even though it wasn't necessarily in writing look here in Acts chapter 2 it says the early church when the church was strongest continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine not in the words of Scripture but in the Apostles doctrine we today when we have questions we turn to the Bible which is good I'm not saying don't do that that's good what did the church do before they could turn to the Bible where do they turn for answers they turn to the church they turn to the Supreme Court when they couldn't understand what to do or where to go or which direction they didn't have a document they referred to they had a body they refer to and that body is the church if you try to restrict Christianity to only what is written in the Bible you're gonna find yourself in a heap of trouble you know why again logic with me here the Bible is evidence of oral tradition how some of the most famous passages some of the most important passages of Scripture were written by people who received it orally and not eyewitnesses they don't believe me every one of the four Gospels speaks about the crucifixion of Christ Matthew wrote about it mark wrote about it Luke wrote about it John wrote about it how did Matthew write about it was Matthew at the cross of Christ was Matthew at the cross of Christ no how'd he write about it somebody told and someone told him and the church someone who was there told us how it happened and this was the teaching of the church and he's got passed out and they ain't got written by Matthew other example tomb of Lazarus okay that's one that's written very very clearly I'm trying out the tomb of Lazarus the the escapes me one of the miracles when the miracle of several of the miracles okay we're written about escape from me which one right now I had it in my head that's okay not the one Lazarus Lazarus John was actually there all right but many of the miracles themselves oh here the resurrection that's the one is the I know it's thinking tomb would I would I that's got a refer to there's never the resurrection itself okay Matthew Mark Luke and John all wrote about the resurrection who was the one who saw the empty tomb the master see it then mark see it how they write about it how they say there's an angel here and an angel here how do they say the stone was over here none of them was there that's tradition much of the Bible is given to us is tradition all of them wrote about the birth of Christ how was Luke there when the angels was there and the Shepherd's none of those people were there the Bible itself is a testimony to the importance of tradition and I'm just gonna go through some Bible verses I'm gonna go through them quickly I can find you a hundred first bunch and go through quickly alright talk about the Bible says you must believe in tradition Philippians 3:17 hold fast the pattern of sound words which you heard from me st. Paul saying what I wrote to you but also what I said to you second Timothy 2:2 and the and the things which you have heard from me among many witnesses commit these to faithful men will also be able to teach others didn't say write them down because Christianity is not delivered in the document Christianity is delivered in life commit them to people and let the people live it and then let them teach others acts 20:35 okay here's a good verse remember the words of the Lord Jesus that he said it is more blessed to give them to receive if you don't believe in tradition you cannot believe in this verse you know why st. Paul is giving a speech here in Acts chapter 20 saying remember the words of the Lord Jesus it is more blessed to give than to receive what did Jesus say that and will find me the biblical reference of where Jesus said it it's not in the Bible there's nowhere recorded in scripture that Jesus ever said it is more blessed to give them to receive so how could it be recorded in acts that Paul says that's what Jesus said Paul never even met Jesus so it's not like even he heard it from Jesus's mouth Paul did never met Jesus okay and 11f met in the body at least okay spiritually but he never met him so we can't even say well I heard it firsthand no you didn't someone told you Luke told you or mark told you someone else told you but it's never documented anywhere in Scripture that Jesus wrote down jesus said it is more blessed to give them to receive I'm gonna give you two verses that if you don't believe in tradition explain to me these verses okay you can't believe in these verses John 21:25 this is the last verse of the the Gospel according to Saint John after John wrote about miracle after miracle after miracle after miracle he wrote 21 chapters of anything he could remember about Christ and finally his arms outside he said I can't write no more I'm an old man I'm a hundred years old I need to just die in peace I'm done writing so he kind of gave the summary at the very end last verse he said and there are also many other things that Jesus did which if they were written one by one I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written amen you know what he's saying right there he's saying look my arm is tired I'm done writing take my word for you you want to learn more go ask your kids or glascott parents let them tell you I'm done writing you're telling me that Jesus did this this this this this this this in the Gospels and he did nothing else of any value in the entire world do you know Jesus he died at age 33 years old alright so his first 30 years he was kind of working as a carpenter so forget about the first 30 years even though he was the son of God for sure a lot of cool stuff happens first 30 years for sure forget about those 30 years his last three years before his death that's like his public ministry so I erased the first 30 years I'm talking about three three years that is approximately or not a prize exactly 1095 days three years 365 times three okay 10 1:09 five maybe nine six if there's one leap year okay how many of those days of those three years are written about in Scripture well one guess like we read about Good Friday we read about Palm Sunday read about what Jesus the day he healed Lazarus the he did the five loaves and two fish how many separate days are written about in Scripture of the 1095 days that Jesus did about his public ministry how many of those 1095 answer eighteen eighteen eighty so Jesus was around for three years and these Gospels record less than three weeks of his life and you tell me that the other told you the math here for me 1095 minus eighteen one zero seven seven one zero seven seven but the other one zero seven seven days of his life was just uh nothing too much happened on those days yeah we're gonna take about a year and a half off okay we did the walk on water yesterday yesterday was a busy day so we're gonna take this day off you know every day with Jesus like I'm sure I'm sure the other verse okay Matthew 4:23 every day with Jesus look what this this is one night one of those eighteen days says Jesus went about all Galilee teaching in their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of these among the people this is one day what happened on this one day says the Jesus went to all the synagogue's imagine imagine let's make this modern Jesus went about all of Arlington all of ours Andrea all of Fairfax County and he went to all the churches and he went about teaching and healing okay What did he say I don't know it's not written nothing important if it was important would be written down you taught me nothing important happened on these days tell me nothing of value Jesus taught okay well if it's taught where's it written it has to be written somewhere where is it written you know what's written in the life of his followers it is written down on the life of his followers when Jesus did the Great Commission before he ascended to heaven what did he say he said go into all the nations and do what make disciples he didn't say write documents didn't make disciples you know what a disciple is is I don't write down I give you my life that's what Jesus did Jesus made disciples and inside the life of his disciples he embedded these teachings so that's why for us that's my argument okay but I'm gonna go my rebut myself don't worry okay that's my argument of why we need tradition and why tradition for us is the safeguard because there's many things for us when I say tradition well I say we read something in the scripture and we say okay I think it means this and then the church guides us how the church the life of the church the prayers of the church the rituals of the church like the life of the church the seasons like all these things that the church has the interpretation of church guides us so that we don't be led astray and we don't end up making up our own mind or what do what this means and when we don't have the church to guide us we're gonna find ourselves in trouble now you should ask me the question you should ask me the question can i really trust the church and like I said if you're thinking this I don't judge you for one second I know where you're coming from you've been burned you've had a guy looking like me stand up here like this and abuse the authority that we're given and stand up here and say I'm the priest and therefore it means you do this and I tell you I want you to do this and I say yeah but cuz I'm the priest the church says you have to do it and I apologize on behalf of any priest has ever done that to you you don't trust because people like me have made you not trust and for that like I said it's not your fault but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater don't throw the baby out with the bathwater I always say if you're driving down the road alright and you see you're gonna fall into a ditch on the Left you say oh I don't want to fall in that ditch so you overcompensate you fall on the right you know no benefit so what happened is some people started to abuse this Authority and the church started to abuse its power and whatever generation wherever that wasn't we need to get into that church started abused and abused and abused some people said alright church can have that much power get rid of the church altogether I'm saying whether you fall off the right side or the left side either way you're in a ditch man don't throw the baby out with the bathwater how can I trust things which aren't written clearly in the Bible two things that I'll tell you should trust number one is we don't trust in man we trust in God I'm not saying take my word for it and believe me I'm saying we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead the church into all truth we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead the church we mean Holy Spirit lead the church look here this one I don't need to apologize for I'm not making this promise Jesus made this promise this is not my word say no trust the church because it's a good I'm not saying like that at all I'm saying doesn matter what you think about the church jesus said this he said when the Spirit of Truth has come he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak on his own authority but whatever he hears he will speak and he will tell you things to come he will glorify me for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you it is not my word Jesus himself promised whether you believe that the Holy Spirit is leading the church that's up to you I can't do anything about it but I can tell you that jesus promised and whether or not man is able to fulfill it the Holy Spirit is able to fulfill it this promise okay when Jesus said he will guide you who's you again in context you can't just take a verse and go free Willie on your own here and take it all by yourself what's he will guide you who's you who's you he's speaking to was he's being - Peter Paul John Mark who's speaking - by that time he was speaking to the group his apostles he gathered the twelve okay and Judas had pieced out by this time okay so he got it is 11:00 and he said you guys I'm telling you that the Spirit will lead you you guys are the church I've embedded my life into you guys earlier today actually for those who hear during the liturgy who read a passage from Matthew 23 where Jesus said that call no man on our Father you know remember that passage if I had known it was in the reading I put it up here Jesus said call no man on earth your father for one in heaven is your father and someone look at that without the proper understanding and say but then you say call me father Anthony what's wrong with you don't you read the Bible no you have to understand the context of it when Jesus was saying that Jesus took his apostle said you guys don't you call anyone father I'm giving it to you were the fathers and he was telling them don't listen to those guys he said don't call anyone rabbi don't play anyone father because those guys will come the Pharisees and they'll say we're your fathers where your teachers said no no no I've given you all the truth you don't talk to them like that but then later on st. Paul talked about how he is a father to many so we can't take a verse and interpret it just however we want to have to interpret it the right way Jesus made this promise not to an individual because for me to say that jesus promised this to an individual he will guide you into all truth is from Issa falling to the heresy to say that there's some individual out there that is infallible do you believe in that do you believe in infallibility of any individual well that if you take this in an individual way not in the body of Christ kind of way then you're saying there's an individual out there who knows all truth we don't believe that we believe God knows all truth and God reveals that truth to the body that's like I said in the early church they said we need to circumcise people are not circumcised Paul said we ready to circumcise Peter said no we should circumcise so what they do they split each and form their own church no they got together each one made their argument and they didn't leave that room until the Holy Spirit made it unanimous and Holy Spirit said no circumcision you do not need to be Jewish in order to be Christian and they all left unanimous that's the concept of the body of Christ that's the concept of a council all right well people come together and let the Spirit of God guide them Matthew 16:18 when the church comes together like that you know what happens says even the gates of Hades shall not prevail against not against an individual the gates of Hades can prevail against an individual but when the church comes together he will guide you into all truth and even the gates of Hades cannot prevail that's number one I trust in the spirit will lead the church even if I don't trust every member of that church I trust the body will be led by the Spirit of God number two we trust that the Holy Spirit watch me on this one who inspired the writing of the Bible as well as the compiling of it does that mean I say to you this book was written by inspiration of the spirit you all say Amen like I said 38,000 denominations everyone say written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit no one disagrees with that ok another question for you who put this book together the Holy Spirit wrote it and then who put it together I believe the Holy Spirit put it together because you know we believe take the New Testament books ok there's 27 books in the New Testament gospel 4 Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John is that the only four Gospels that were written there are many Gospels raised and they surface all the time and there are many books of prophecy that were written and they surface all the time so how do we know which ones are legit and which ones are not hiren which was written by the Holy Spirit and which was written not by the Holy Spirit like it wasn't like the Holy Spirit came and said okay Isaiah Jeremiah okay you read a book about this we can't go 66 chapters Jeremiah you're right it wasn't like that it wasn't like assignments at the beginning Matthew right focus it wasn't like that what it was is that all this stuff happened and people started to write stuff down and write stuff down and write stuff down and it wasn't like I said for hundreds of years that they didn't have the Bible compiled but people just wrote and then all of a sudden the church the teachings understand this the teachings were always given orally but then as the church spread there became a need to document it more officially because I can teach you and then teach you then teach you but as it spreads things can become like contaminated so the church said okay let's compile all the different sources which we believe are inspired by God they said okay bring the gospel Matthew Mark Luke and John how about this Thomas Gospel nerim everyone knows that's not legit throw that out okay bring these epistles of st. Paul to Titus to Philemon and say what about this epistle to the no no no that that's clearly not from st. Paul that one's jump get rid of that stuff and they compiled it together that way so how can we accept that the Holy Spirit was writing it if we can't accept and the Holy Spirit was also the one compiling it as well because if it wasn't compiled by the Spirit if I don't believe this was compiled by the spirit then why do I trust what's in it why do I trust what's in it how can I say I believe what this says is the Word of God okay but who put it in there has to be God or else why you trust it you understand what I'm saying bottom line is this this is my closing argument okay I've always wanted to be a lawyer case you can't tell I decided people told me too many medical references and they're all off base so I'm going legal today I want to be wise my closing argument okay I hope that I've shown you that you cannot say Bible or traditional you cannot you cannot say I believe the Bible don't believe in tradition you can't say it because the truth of the matter is this tradition is not against the Bible tradition is the father of the Bible tradition is who gave us the Bible when the Christians wanted to document the scripture they didn't have to look far to say do we believe in this book of Isaiah do we believe in that Book of Jeremiah yes why because it had been passed down from generation to generation the word tradition like the literal word tradition has a beautiful meaning it literally means to pass on like a baton you know in a relay race okay as you pass on a baton that's what the word tradition literally means and when we talk about tradition we don't talk about ideas or opinions or what I think or what you think or let's come up with we don't come up with any of that stuff we like it's like the Supreme Court the job of the church and the tradition is to go back to the original writers figure out what they meant and then once we have figured out what they meant it is given to me and my job is to take this baton not to add or subtract to it but just do my best to keep it and then give it to the next guy to carry on and that's what tradition is all about and if you don't believe in tradition it's hard for me to understand how you can believe in the Bible at all Christianity is not a belief it is a life and it is a life that Jesus embedded inside his church which is his body on earth first Timothy chapter 3 verse 15 says I write so that you may know how you ought to conduct yourself in the house of God the church which is the Church of the Living God the pillar and ground of the truth Jesus never wrote anything while he was on this earth he never wrote a document he never sent a text message or an email but what he did you know what Jesus did He healed people's hearts he comforted people's spirits he put himself inside the hearts of his believers and then he sent His Spirit to dwell amongst them and to dwell inside them and to live with them forever so where am I looking to as the source of my teachings about the life in Christ I'm looking to the lives and the hearts of those believers who were there and have it embedded inside them I hope when we like I wanted our takeaway from this series we realize that we need to invest more into this Word of God well we talked about in the beginning this is the word for our spirits but we never take it in a vacuum by itself and think that the Bible like that we worship remember I said we don't worship the Bible we worship who the Bible writes about we don't worship the paper and the ink we revere the paper and the ink and we honor it because it's like a love letter to me of someone who's very far away the letter is nothing once I see the person I don't need the letter I haven't hugged the person but until I have the person I hug those letters but it's not the letters it's not the letters the Bible is what gives us everything we need to know about God I shouldn't say everything the Bible is what gives us our connection to God but we need to put it in a proper context so we can have a complete life in Christ you cannot have that complete life in Christ away from the body of Christ which is the Church of God okay let's stand up and say a prayer together in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen nor do we thank you for everything that you've given to us thank you for your word which is given to us and we thank you for your house your body which you have invited us to be part of Lord we don't fully understand what it means that that the church is your body on earth but we know Lord that like the honor that's been given to us to be part of your body is something that we're not worthy of that you would have like Peter and Paul and Matthew and Mark and then you insert us into the same lineup and have us stand in the same place and be part of that same body we understand what it means Lord but we pray that you'd help us to like really appreciate and to make the most of your house your body which is which is the church and you'd help us to to invest more in our relationship with the church to understand the life that you have meant for us I pray for every single person who's here that you deepen our relationship with you during these coming weeks as we approach Holy Week in Eastern and you'd help us to deepen our relationship with you in a new way during this time we pray this in the name of your son with the intercessions and the prayers of all your saints here's as we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil 1 through christ jesus our lord for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen just a quick reminder remember there's the well will be canceled the next two weeks because we got Palm Sunday and Easter all right but then if we'll be back the week after that okay so hopefully we'll see you all throughout the coming weeks but well we'll be canceled the next two weeks have a great week you