You Are What You Eat - Part 2 - Why I Need The Bible


good morning everybody y'all awake everyone enjoyed the one hour less asleep is this mic hung good ya hear me good y'all hear me in the back okay everyone enjoyed the one hour less asleep today good I'm glad to see that the church is still full and there's not many empty seats right there because as I was saying during earlier this morning as you know the historically one of the least attended days of Church in the United States of America is the daylight savings day where we lose one hours sleep but I'm glad to see that's not affecting us because we have a very important subject to talk about and that's why you came today because you know that this topic that we're talking about here it's so critical for every one of our lives if you're just joining us today we're in the middle of a series called you are what you eat we're talking about the spiritual food that we all need for our souls and what we agreed last week is that while so many people out there are so worried about what their bodies eat and what their bodies are hungry we said if you look and took this spiritual the condition the state of our souls that sometimes our souls are screaming out to us but we don't hear our souls are screaming out feed me I'm hungry and the way that we feed our souls we feed our spirits is through the Word of God because as we saw last week Matthew 4:4 is that man shall not live by bread alone but by man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Matthew 4:4 and last week we saw that the Bible is not an ordinary book and we saw why we can trust the Bible it is a god-breathed book and it is the Word of God itself now what we're gonna do this week is we're gonna get a little more practical and now that we understand what the Bible is we want to see what the Bible does and I want to talk about the role of the Bible in our lives before I do that before I do that I'll tell you a story and it's a story about Manny and Annie Manny was a nice young man who lived somewhere overseas like he was from here but then he had to at some point in time travel and he lived over in Europe somewhere and Manny reached to the point where he got his degree he made himself successful and he realized now it was time for him to meet a nice young lady and you know take that next step in life so Manny did what every good Christian boy and girl would do he went to retreats and conferences and conventions and did his best okay these are the purpose of these events and he did all those things but he wasn't able to find anyone that he felt would be a suitable partner for him for life so Manny had some friends back in DC and Manny's friends in DC you know how we do it here in DC we take care of our own and Manny had some very good friends who said don't worry we'll take care of you we know this great girl and her name is Annie I'm a set Manny up with Annie the two hadn't met but they told Manny everything he needed to know about Annie where she's from what she does what she looks like like everything you need to know about Annie he gave they gave him all the information he said that's the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with but there's a problem Annie didn't know Manny so this is back in the day all right when people used to use a thing called a telephone okay and they used to have these rear telephones it used to be attached to walls this is back before emails and and and texting and all that stuff so used to pick up this thing connect to the wall with a wire called a telephone and he would call her and they would talk on the phone but the problem is especially back in the day International rates were so high that you couldn't talk every day on the phone so what Manny did is Manny would write letters again before email but every day he would write a letter Manny loved Annie and he would write a letter every single day and and long letters telling her about his like dreams his like plans his emotions like everything you needed to know about Manny he was writing in these letters and they were long letters but they were so full of emotion and so full of his very nature like his very spirit was poured inside these things and of course Annie like any engaged girl would get that letter in the mail and you know and she would look at it and she would make like a little love hearts on the thing and she would just read every single one if she loved it so much but eventually with time like I said man he was right in every single day and some days they were short some days long but every single day he wrote every day he should get one in the mail eventually started to get a little busy so she would take the letter every day but she wouldn't have a chance to read it so she put it in her backpack and say you know what I'll read it when I get home and then eventually busy after busy it became she wasn't able to read it every day but she would just put them all together and then when she was like on the Metro she would like try to read two or three of them together when she was on the Metro and then eventually she didn't have time even on the Metro cuz she was busy so she would just you know whenever she could compile as many of them together just kind of skim through the highlights and you know just kind of get the main message of the letter but she wasn't reading every single one on a day-to-day basis then one day Annie's sitting there at home watching TV and she hears a knock at the door she opens the door and it's a very handsome gentleman and he's got like a suitcase with him and she says can I help you and he's clearly annoyed he's clearly annoyed and he says what do you mean can you help me where were you she says excuse me sir she says where were you how come you weren't at the airport I know what you're talking about sir he's like you don't recognize me and she said I had no idea and then he said it's Manny and he said to her he said how come you weren't waiting for me at the airport I told you in the letter they haven't be there at this time on this day on this flight and I told you exactly what I would be wearing I told you exactly what I would look like and you weren't there so all of a sudden she realized she made a big boo-boo here so she tried to calm down it's okay come in come in won't you have something to drink what would you like to drink she said I told you in the letters exactly what I'd like to drink exactly what I don't like to drink I told you everything you needed to know about me and she started crying because she realized the big mistake she had made and she said no no no don't be upset I'm really really sorry it's not that I didn't appreciate your letters look and she pulled open the drawer let's look here is every single letter that you ever sent I didn't throw one away I didn't even allow one to hit the Fleur I kept each one very very safe until you came and he said but did you read it I think it's gonna work out between Manny and Annie do you think his marriage got a shot to work Manny is short for Emmanuel who is God and Annie is every single one of us the Bible says this first John chapter 2 verse 3 through 5 it says by this we know that we know him if we keep his Commandments he who says I know him and does not keep his Commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him but whoever keeps his word truly the love of God is perfected in him and by this we know that we are in him for Manny to marry Annie she has to know him he cannot marry somebody who does not know him he wants to marry her he knows everything about her but in order for this marriage to work she needs to know him and the only way that she can know him is by reading the letters that he sent and if she chooses not to read those letters it's gonna be very difficult for those two to have a relationship in the same way our goal is not to read the Bible we talked about this last week the Bible is a book it is not we do not worship the book we don't worship the paper and the ink we don't worship the actual book but what we do is we worship God who is written about in the book and we worship God who actually breathed the book into existence so because we worship God and we want a relationship with God we have to have a relationship with the letters that he wrote us that tell us about himself and tell us what he likes and doesn't like and when he's coming and when he's not coming what he's gonna look like when he comes and if we ignore the letters and we have no relationship with the letters then we can't have a relationship with the fiance who wrote the letters that's why this is what I say to you the Bible why do we need the Bible because the Bible is the primary source by which we can know God the goal is not to know the Bible the goal is to know God but the means by which we know God is through the Bible is the Bible the only way we know God is the Bible the only way God speaks to us no I don't want to say that it is God can speak however he wants I can't limit God but it is without a doubt the primary way yes God can speak through dreams absolutely God can speak through Thunder God can speak through a donkey if he wants to God can speak do anything he wants but the primary way 99.9 percent of the time in today's era that we live in 99% of the time when God speaks it's through the scriptures again he can speak through dreams he cans me through other things but that's not the common way which he chooses to speak that's why for us our goal is we must as an e with the letters because we love the fiance we must love the letters because we want to have a relationship with the fiance we must have a relationship with the letters because we care very much to have deep intimacy with the fiance then we must have deep intimacy with the letter that he has written to us which tell us all about him and who he is last week if you remember we talked about how the Bible is not an ordinary book the Bible is breathed by God remember the Greek word sail useless which means God sail new stris breathe the bible is the breath of god coming through the vocal cords of the writers of Matthew Mark Luke John Isaiah Jeremiah etcetera etcetera etcetera there's the vocal cords which God breathed through them and brought the Bible but there is no value to anything in the scriptures when it's sitting on a shelf there's no value to God's breath like it's not like osmosis like look the breath of God look there it is and I'm knowing God more why because I'm putting the words of God and I'm rubbing my head on it it's not by osmosis it's not by blessing it's not by it's not baby pictures the only way that the breath of God leads to a relationship with God is if I open it and I read it jesus said it this way in Luke chapter 11 verse eight one-time elate is someone was passing by and they said to Jesus talking about his mother saying man you're a miracle blessed is your mother blessed it is the lady who bore you bless they're all the breasts which nursed you you must be a blessed lady he said to her this he said more than that blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it and I want you to know that word keep doesn't mean have like that word keep doesn't mean just keep in my possession keep means keep close to me means protected it means take it and guard it and safeguard it and make it something important in my life and and we just like there's a expression that you would say like from the Bible and also in the church we'd say to someone like a priest we'd say may God keep you for us can may God keep you may he protect you may he hold you and may we keep the Word of God well we want to talk about today is I want to talk about three benefits or three reasons why we need to have a relationship with the good word of God and as I wrote in your handout not just to read it but to consistently read it that's why what I'm gonna say right now is when we have a relationship a consistent relationship with God's Word what are the benefits you will see in your life but let me preface it by saying consistent is the key word I'm not saying you're gonna open the Bible one day and you're gonna read for an hour and then all the good stuff of heaven earth is gonna open to you that's not how it works the way it works is that we have a relationship it's a consistent I'm talking about the person who is investing 10 minutes a day 20 minutes a day 30 minutes a day 40 minutes a day the one who was investing in the relationship with the Word of God what that person can expect the Word of God to do in his life not the person who just kind of dips and dips out that person no benefit to that person now the version just comes and reads it once a year a person no benefit from about the person who has a consistent relationship with the word of God three things that I believe will target three of the most common problems that the people around looking in this room here today three of the most common problems that we have today and I'm going to show you how the Bible consistent Bible reading is the answer to those three problems first one the Bible cleanses my thoughts the Bible cleanses or purifies or sanctifies my thoughts and my mind the Bible helped me to think properly as I mentioned earlier I was doing a little bit of traveling this week and any time I travel anywhere without fail without fail anytime I'm traveling and I go like I was invited while I was there to you know meet some some of the people from the church and like do a little meeting and stuff like that and people coming whatever without fail there's always one person pulls me aside says I need to talk to you they could talk about all kinds of different problems always I get to this one problem someone who comes to me and says I feel so much shame I feel so much guilt I feel like God can't love me without failed I don't know what it is about me that attracts people who hate themselves okay Oh is someone who feels that big in God's eyes now no one else will know that because no one portrays that but when they find a priest who's from another place that probably won't judge me because he doesn't know me and he's leaving the next day they come and they say you know what I act like this but I feel like this big understand me that's a sad state that's one of my favorite parts of every church understand me not because I want to see a person like that especially because usually it's a younger person and and majority of time setting five percent of time it's usually a female person as sad as it is to see why that's one of my favorite parts of every trip because that's sad but there's nothing more joyful than seeing the light go on in that person's head and I love to see that person and I got it ready once that person comes to me like that have a seat we're gonna get through this all right and I start to go and I have my little spiel that I go through and I start just first I start you off and Psalm 103 and I'll show you how as the heavens are high above the earth so great is his mercy towards those who fear Him and as far as the East is from the as far as he's moved our transgressions from us and it says that he knows our frame he remembers that we are dust so lady girl whoever it is you are sit in front of me I'm telling you that God feels more bad than you feel right now because God's greatest desire to take that sin and put it from the east to the west but how does he do that and we go first John chapter 1 verse 9 and we go that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness he wants to forgive us he wants to remove the guilt but lady what we need to do is we need to confess it we need to bring it before him and we need to repent then you know what happens if we repent and we bring it before him he forgives us he washes us and then I go Romans 8:1 that if we are in Christ there's therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and there's nothing better than seeing that person the light go off and say you know what yes I don't need to let my past dictate my future I can live free and yes I've made mistakes but I see that I have a Savior who loves me and cares for me let me ask you a question the person the light went off where'd the light go off from is it because I told them nice stories or because I told them no no trust me trust me even though your entire life and everyone around you says you worthless no trust me you're a good lady what gave the power to cleanse the thoughts and think in the right way the Word of God I didn't say anything I just found three or four verses and I present it in front of you and these three or four verses speak powerfully into people's lives and if you don't have a consistent relationship with the Word of God you don't have the powerful words to cleanse your thoughts and your mind you're subject to all the lies of the devil is putting inside their Bible says it this way if he didn't chapter 5 verse 25 speaking about marriage but speaking about something grander than marriage says husband's love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for her that he might sanctify and cleanse her with the washing of water by the word the word of God sanctifies us it cleanses us it takes the bad thoughts that are in there that the devil is lying to us telling us that we're no good telling us that we can never amount to anything telling us that we've gone too far or the opposite telling us that we're okay we're fine and don't worry and you're in a good state whatever those thoughts the devil puts in there the Word of God cleanses us I promise you behind every negative behavior that someone has there is a negative thought a lie behind every sin is a lie but the devil puts in there and what we need to do is we need to fight those lies with the truth of God how if my mind is full of lies of devil does the Bible remove those lies let me give an example an example I give many times let's say I got up here a big bucket a huge bucket like a big bucket like a hot tub worth of water and it's full to the brim and I want to remove the water from that hot tub so I try to pick it up and dump it yeah can I do it no let's say I bring fatty up here and say fatty come help me up here me and fatty gonna be able to do it no sorry I've already up here maybe mr. Egan's maybe maybe the four of us together we can get it like this high off the ground and knock out like a splash maybe and through that process we will be absolutely exhausted we'll have no energy will be very frustrated what's a smarter way how can I get the water out without any of their help if I take a rock a rock and I throw it in that hot tub what's gonna happen the water's gonna splash out well if I get another Rock get a rock and rock and rock and rock maybe a brick and I'm not saying tonight I'm not saying tomorrow and I'm not saying the next day but I promise you if you aren't committed to every day throw in a brick inside that hot tub is in come a point in time we're gonna be no water left inside that hot tub agree the bible replaces lies with truth the Bible the verse is in the Bible the words of Scripture are those rocks that fight the water which is the lies the devil has put inside us there's no hope for you you've gone too far you're bad you can't do it or you can't forgive that person after what they did to you resentment and bitterness all those lies that the devil puts inside our heads the Word of God is the antidote because it removes them let me tell you a nice quote here from Saint Augustine he said the following he said the Word of God is your adversary if you are a friend to ungodliness so if you want to live an ungodly not life the Word of God is against you but if you are an adversary to ungodliness the Word of God is your friend as well as the adversary of your ungodliness the Word of God when you look hopeless depressed low self-esteem when you look sin in the eye the lies of the devil you look it in the eye and you fighting on your own you got to take this with you because this is your weapon because this is the weapon that tells you who you are in Christ and this is the weapon that tells you who he is and where he is going all right we know where we are where we are going we know where he is and where he's going so we don't listen to his lies but tell us that we can't win when we have the Bible with us there's a famous story in the tradition of the of the the Desert Fathers like the monks and all that kind of stuff about a monk who came to his like his father monk is like teacher monk like he was a disciple he came his father and he was telling him about some spiritual practice or discipline that he was struggling with and he was struggling to do it be it prayer Bible whatever it may be and then the monk told him like the elder monk told him take this bucket okay there's a wooden bucket and go all the way into the city fill it up with water and then bring it back so the monk goes he fills it up and he comes back now what happens as he's coming back to all the water all the water goes through so he brings it back but he's just being obedient so the elder says okay go do it again okay yeah do it again you gotta be obedient to the old guy okay she does it again he comes back and again no value although is gone so he says okay this is a fun little game but can you answer my question about the spiritual practices she's gonna do one more time does one more time this time is a total waste of time is the exact same as the three times just wasn't what was the benefit of that that was a total waste of time I didn't capture any of the water and the elder monks said yeah you know what but look at your bucket certainly is clean isn't it the Word of God which you don't see necessarily having an impact on your life is cleansing your mind every time it goes in and goes out what shouldn't go out but you know I'm saying runs through every time the Word of God comes in and swirls around in there even if you don't remember a thing that you read I promise you it is cleansing I'm promising you not based on my word I'm promising you based on the word of Jesus himself when he said John 15:3 you are already clean because of the word which I've spoken to you you are clean because of the word which I've spoken to you the Word of God cleanses us and this lot of us are in need of massive cleansing in our minds when you get down you don't need a coffee break you need a word of God break when you feel frustrated you don't need to turn on the TV you need to run to the ice-cream shop do you need any break in that kind of sense you need to go to your word of God and you need to find time every day and especially I'm strongly encourage you that like in your work day and you find yourself look man you take coffee breaks to take water bridge take snack breaks take a 10-minute word break take a 10-minute word break in the middle of your day after lunch okay or before lunch or whatever it is or you want to go crazy on someone take a 5-10 minute I just read something in the Word of God and I promise you you are that word of God will cleanse your mind in ways that you may not see 9 out of 10 times 9 out of 10 times a person who is feeling down 9 out of 10 times as a person who is not regular in their Bible reading it cleanses my thoughts number two the Bible increases my faith the Bible increases my faith anybody here got perfect faith anybody here moving any mountains walking on water or five loves to fish anybody nobody we all need more faith cuz you know what I discovered there's two ways you make decisions in life every decision comes down to one or two things you either make a decision based on fear or based on faith and the majority of us are making decisions on a day-to-day basis based on fear not on faith how do we increase faith the Bible says in Romans chapter 10 verse 17 faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God how do we increase faith do we just hope for it and and please give me more faith and please give me more faith and please give me more faith no no faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God I guarantee you think back to your most faith filled moments the moments were you ready to run through a brick wall were you ready to jump off a mountain moments where you worked so confident and God's love and God's provision and God's care for you and I guarantee you it was centered around the Word of God in some way shape or form it was a verse you read it was a sermon that you heard about the Word of God it was a verse that somebody sent you in the email at the right time or whatever it is is the Word of God that gets in there and it activates our faith and that word of God comes inside all of a sudden yeah I can do this that can be me that verse can apply to me the difference between faith and faith coming through the Word of God verses like self-help books the Bible doesn't just tell you what to do it gives you the power to do it I can find you a self-help book that says stop all your bad habits okay thank you I can find you one says don't be stressed out in life okay that's very great I don't know how to do that but when the Bible says it it comes with power and the Bible doesn't say just don't be stressed it says don't be stressed and I will give you the power to reach that state it doesn't tell us just to believe it says to believe and I'll show you why you should believe it I'll give you the power to believe because the Bible is different than any other book because the Bible is not a book the Bible is a living word Bible says Hebrews 4:12 says the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart the Bible is not a dead book self-help is a dead book it's just words on paper the Bible is not a dead book the Bible is a sword and when you take the Bible and you put it inside you take a weapon inside you because the Bible is alive it gives you power to do the very thing which it is telling you to do that's why the Bible doesn't just give us advice the Bible doesn't give us guidance what the Bible does is it replaces fear with faith it replaces fear with faith when it goes in there fear gets pushed out faith gets pushed in this is why I'm a big big proponent of memorizing Scripture because you need power and you don't always have access to the Internet to download a sermon or you don't know how is access to the Bible to look up that verse that's why King David in one of the Psalms said I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you that I have a power with me throughout the day that's what I'm saying why when we when we have those verses our faith gets activated I'll tell you a story okay I'll share a little bit for me one of the verses that will always be near and dear to my heart and it should be near and dear to your heart as well if you're a member of this church is from Luke chapter 14 verse 26 and the verse says this now I'll explain why he says if anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother wife and children brothers and sisters yes his own life he cannot be my disciple this verse came to me I just certain point in time back in the year 2011 at that point in time God had been putting on my heart at that time for those who don't know I'd been serving at st. Mark's Church I've been a priest for about 10 years and I had invested my entire life into that church called st. Mark's my entire life was invested into I was a member of it from when I was one year old parents remembers like I was a member for longest time then she got ordained and I gave everything my house is right next to it they had a school okay and I was the headmaster the school like my kids were like we were all in my entire life was invested in this building and then I felt God telling me I want you to do something else and that for me wasn't easy and I struggled with that for a long time like the church God want I we don't know God when God told me to start at the church where as the one it actually happened was a long time there's a lot of struggle because I said but I can't is my house is my family like nobody has been in there longer than me like I've invested everything I got into this building there's no way God there's no way I can't do it this is my spiritual family as my spiritual father my spiritual brothers and everything my life is invested in there but God is a persistent dog God doesn't just drop it okay you're right you convinced me doesn't how God works this verse came here three times in one week three times in one week three times in one week came in my quiet time reading which is totally random and then it came as the Gospel reading on a Sunday and then on top of it on the same Sunday it was a verse that I prepared for the the meeting was called lighten life was a meaning that I was giving and as a talk I was giving and I prepared based on his verse three times in a five-day period this verse came and you know what I still wasn't smart enough to figure it out even after that I read it on Wednesday saw it on Sunday and I saw him I've been paying for for Sunday afternoons someone came to me the following week it was like Tuesday Wednesday the following week and someone God had put the same thing without even talking there was no talking someone came to me and said I feel that God wants you to do this basically told me the vision of this and I had never spoken this person no one ever spoke but God put on this person's heart and I said to this person the same thing I've been saying to God for months saying I can't how could I how could I leave my family and then that's when God you know that okay that's God gave me like that and she's told to me said the you the way you get to a priest or any preacher as you say but didn't you say that's where you get to us you don't give us Bible verses we know more Bible verses okay we can get back to you the Bible verses but you say I don't know anything but I know that you told me this and she said that she said you just preach his past Sunday but if anyone does not hate his father mother wife children brothers sisters yes his own life cannot be my disciple and that verse hit me like a ton of bricks and I told her no get out of my office but God had already done the work inside me and I held this one verse and every time I would think to myself how am I gonna leave my spiritual father okay father Bishoy he was the senior priest there he's my father how am I gonna leave him how am I gonna leave all my friends how am I leave all this stuff and this verse kept coming to me and God was saying it I know it sounds like a negative but God is saying to me in a positive God was saying you can do it boy you're my disciple you can do it and then when I couple that verses a verse in Mark chapter 10 where Jesus said almost these exact same words but in a positive way he said anyone who has left houses or brothers or father's sister mothers or lands for the Gospels sake and for mine shall receive a hundredfold and eternal life when a couple those two together I promise you if it wasn't for those two verses we wouldn't be sitting here today I promise you those verses what got me through those verses were my rock and those verses when I I can't and I don't know how those verses no yes you can you're my disciple yes you can and those verses are what got me through you give me a pep talk you give me a speech you give me a self-help you give me all those books that wouldn't have done anything but the Word of God is powerful is living and is sharper than any two-edged sword when that word of God comes inside and the Word of God says you're going this way then it gives you not just the direction but it gives you the power to fight your way through whatever obstacle it is when we're consistent what the Word of God so number one thing the Word of God helps us to fight against the guilt and the shame and the lies gives us truth number two the Word of God helps us to fight the fear and gives us faith know three greatest problem that we have in the world today the Word of God lights my path the greatest problem we have in the world today I believe is a problem of confusion we don't have bad people in the world we have great people there there's not a bad person who's sitting here today you know what there is is confused people who don't know which way to go it's not that anybody wants to disobey God we all want to obey God but we just simply we don't know which way to go the Bible is there to light our path psalm 119 verse 30 if you want a good passage about the Bible psalm 119 you see me refer to it many times because psalm 119 is all about the power of the scripture in the Word of God King David says this he says the entrance of your words gives a light it gives understanding to the simple God wants to use his word to bring light to our lives to guide us and to show us which direction to go in what decisions to make let me ask you a question then we say this all the time the God's Word like helps us make good decisions we say that let's be honest how does it do that how I'm trying to decide Mary boy a or Mary boy B how am I open it up here he's gonna say yes Jeffrey is the boy you should that was gonna happen I'm trying to decide what to major in and this is gonna tell me what to major in I'm trying to decide which city to move to which shop to accept like come on like enough with the baby talk I got big decisions to make does the Bible help me make those decisions absolutely positively 100% but you just gotta understand how it works man problem is not that the Bible doesn't work the problems you understand how it works key verse is this verse again same chapter psalm 119 verse 105 says your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path let me ask you a question how does a lamp light your path back in the day okay this is before flashlights right and is it before like electricity people had lamps and I'm walking down the road and it's pitch dark and I got a lamp and the lamp how would the lamp light my path would I hold a lamp and it would show me the golden path is that what the lamp would do what does the lamp do how much does it show me what's that just shows me right here doesn't show me right there just to me right here the lamp only shows one step okay what I want to know how do what that step is gonna be okay how do you find out the next step take a stack and then a new one opened up okay I wanna know with that one okay take a step our problem is we stand here and we say the Bible should tell me what to do there you know the Bible told you the Bible told you love your enemy that's the next step and do it and if you don't do it you're not to see you next time okay the next step said watch and pray lest you enter into temptation that's what the Bible said another Bible said the lamb for the body is the eye and whoever's eye as good as whole body's full of light why is bad whole body full of darkness the Bible just gives us one step at a time and if we want to know the next step the next step is there but you got to take the step and if you don't take the step you're never gonna know and then you know what's gonna happen if you take the step you know what's gonna happen you here you are with so many choices there's so many different places you know what to do you start reading the Bible the Bible tells you this step stopping the Bible says do this sharpening the Bible and then God doing this the Bible is gonna lead you to a place to a corner here's gonna pin that corner you could say which boy to marry well there's only one here which job to take there's only one choice the Word of God for those who are consistent with the Word of God decision making becomes easy because the Word of God leads us in the path where he wants us to be and the people like I said the Bible replaces confusion with the next step the people who struggle with confusion and don't know I'm telling you I tell this to people all the time I don't believe me read your Bible are you saying how you know I ain't he doesn't read your Bible because it's your Bible that puts you on the path and the people who don't struggle with decision making I promise you those are people who are close to their Bible and have a relationship with the Word of God and God leads them to the place where decision-making becomes easy I don't want to say easy I mean let me take back that does it word easy not that decision-making comes easy but decision making becomes clear that what I want to say because the steps are hard I'm not saying the steps are easy but it becomes clear God will never there's no lamp find me a flashlight app okay we got apps these days find me an app that can light the next 20 miles there's no app that can do that you find a flashlight to light here there and there that's it that's how flashlights work and then if you want the next step you take a step this is why like I said last week and I hope you believe me that the most important time of your day is your time in the Word of God I'm not just saying that I promise you it doesn't seem like it it seems like it doesn't have an effect but I promise you it has an effect next verse here psalm 119 verse 99 says I have more insight than all my teachers for I meditate on your statutes again not I read your statutes but I do what with them I meditate on them your word is not just five minutes in the morning and that's it until the next day now your word is always on my tongue your word is always in my head that's what I'm saying right now God is putting it in front of us he's saying I'm giving you faith I'm sorry I'm giving you the truth don't think properly I'm giving you faith to take big steps and I'm giving you discernment to tell you to show you the direction you should go in and now it's up to you you want a little bit of discernment read a little bit of the Bible you want a little bit of truth read a little bit of the Bible you want a little bit of clarity in your life a little bit of faith in your life read just a little bit of the Bible it's up to each one of us but God has given to us everything that we need to have faith and have truth and have discernment and wisdom to know his path that's why I say this I say the Bible is the only book that's the power to unlock my full potential in Christ everything that God wants me to be this book will leave me there it won't give it to me I'm not saying I read it and then I are cheating no no no but it will lead me to it watching TV and can unlock your full potential in Christ check in Facebook a thousand times a day ain't gonna fulfill your full potential in Christ taking selfies with people on the street ain't gonna unlock a full potential in Christ we do those things and then we wonder why we live subpar lives lies in our head fear in our hearts and confusion all around us you know why because we spend very little time invested in God's Word last verse this is our memory verse for this week all right John 8:31 and 30 to read it with me if you don't mind says if you abide in my word you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free John 8:31 32 always memorize the reference with it as well makes you sound more intelligent okay everyone has heard John 8:32 you shall know the truth the truth shall make you free is a verse that I knew before I even knew it was a verse a lot of people don't even know that it's a verse people you go to I go to universities they don't don't even mention the word God anywhere and I see this up on a plaque you shall know the truth and truth shall make you free and they quoted as if it's some random statement you cannot take verse 32 without taking verse 31 and verse 31 says that if you abide in my word you're my disciples and then you'll know the truth and truth shall make you free if you abide in my word but if you do not abide in my word it's not this there's this intangible truth that's out there that'll make you free where's the truth the truth is found in the Word of God and when you abide in the Word of God again not visit the Word of God but abide in it and meditate on it and stay inside the Word of God then you will know the truth and that truth shall set you free and that truth will allow you to unlock your full potential in Christ last thing I'll say imagine you are a child of Warren Buffett Warren Buffett rich guy got a lot of money and because you're a child of Warren Buffett he writes a will before he dies and he leaves you a lot of money and you have those will in front of you and it's his big thick document which says your inheritance and you take that big thick document you open up your drawer you put it in there and you lock it away you are now officially the dumbest person in the world because you are living as a poor person trying to make ends meet and you have a piece of paper inside that tells you hey buddy you're a rich person just open this up go to this lawyer show me a piece of paper and you got gazillions of dollars waiting for you Brazilians waiting for you that this document tells us but you have it locked up your dumb person I promise you Warren Buffett is not as rich as God Warren Buffett has got nothing on our father now we have a Rich Dad we have a Rich Dad and our Rich Dad has a rich inheritance for us and every time that you open up his word and you read and you read about that inheritance you know what it is I always think of it like like land that you are like inheriting land like like I read this and I'm like I didn't know I have that I now have a new piece of land and next I open up that new piece of land and every time we read God's Word every time we open the scriptures we are claiming more stuff in my pocket why didn't I get more stuff in there discernment let me get some of that discernment guidance faith power healing truth every time we read God's Word we're accumulating more and more stuff and we're gonna walk back to our homes we'll all this inheritance stuff and our wives gonna say where you put on every day don't worry I'll put in the garage I built something this stuff it's too good this is obvious too good look what my father keeps giving me but then many of us cuz we don't go to his word we live as poor people we beggars our whole life please somebody give me some faith please somebody give me some light please somebody you clean my thoughts help me Danny answers right there this week we're gonna stick with John 8:31 and 32 we're gonna memorize this and the way you memorize a verse is you say it throughout your day you memorize a verse you repeat it throughout your day and we're gonna memorize this this is not gonna happen I'm starting you with easy verses we're gonna get a little bit more challenging but we want to keep that Word of God inside us all right last weeks you gotta remember last week's verse you'll remember it say it with me if you remember last week's verse first reference we say reference verse and then reference last week's verse was Matthew 4:4 man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God Matthew 4:4 that's an easy one this one wanna go John 8:31 32 says say it with me if you abide in my word you are my disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free John 8:31 32 it's time for us to live a rich life all right we don't want to see any poor people amongst our brethren right here and this is the way we become rich let's stand together for a prayer please in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen oh we thank you for being a rich father and for calling us poor kids to be your children Lord we want to take the riches that you have for us want to understand them want to claim them as our own give us Lord to have the discipline that we need to read your word to understand that your word isn't just there to to check off a list say we did it reward is there to cleanse us reward is there to increase our faith and your word Lord is there to guide and light our paths I pray for every person who's here that you would help each one of us Lord to get into your word and relate to your word understand your word and to hide your word in our heart even memorizing a verse like this though we need your help to be able to do it but we pray Lord that through this series that we're strengthening our relationship with you through our relationship with your word you pray this in the name of your only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ and with the intercessions and the prayers of all your saints here's as we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass again and lead us not into temptation but deliver us an evil one through Christ Jesus our Lord Flyte is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen thank you all very much have a great week see y'all next week you