You Are What You Eat - Part 1 - Can I Trust The Bible?


I will welcome everybody so happy to see so many of you here today we are starting a new series today called you are what you eat and I'm gonna tell you right out front that I'm very excited for this series because this is one of the topics that I find myself very very passionate about in life and I hope by the end of this series that'll have convinced you that you should be passionate about what I'm gonna speak about as well because what we're gonna talk about here in this series is based on a very very simple verse which comes from Scripture which our Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew chapter 4 verse 4 one of the first things that he said when he started his public ministry in the scripture it says in Matthew 4:4 that man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God recently I found myself doing something strange I find myself spending a lot of time inside the fridge staring examining hoping praying but always going back feeling unsatisfied part of the reason is because now we're in Lent okay and when we're in Lent we abstain you know from certain types of food we go vegan we don't eat meat we don't eat chicken hot dogs like all the beautiful things that God has given to us in creation we abstain from all these things and you know I tried my best also to cut back like on the sweets you know as much as I can it's like a healthy thing and you know I figure try to do it a little bit every now and then but my problem is is those are the two like bookends of my meal I usually start every meal including breakfast anything starts with some kind of meat okay egg chicken like I will start with the meat then I always wrap up with the sweet right now I'm trying to go without this without this so many times I find myself and it's not that I didn't eat by the way it's not that I look in don't find anything and I'm hungry is that I ate but just you know you ate but you're just not feeling it so you go back in and then you stare then there's nothing and then you have this idea that maybe somehow the food fairy my wife somehow filled the fridge in the last hour with some all kinds of new goodies that will satisfy me and you spend all day staring and you end up finding nothing to satisfy you I think that picture that I just described is how a lot of us if our souls could speak that's what they would say if our souls could draw a picture that's what our souls would say because what we do is we spend all day doing a bunch of stuff and then our soul is like but I'm hungry and you say no no we're gonna go to work right now okay but I'm so hungry you didn't give me something good to eat they say no no don't worry we're gonna watch this show on the TV we're gonna spend some time on Facebook and your soul screaming okay but I'm hungry and I don't feel satisfied and you didn't give me any meat they didn't get me any sweet and a lot of us if you asked our soul to describe the state that it's in nourishment wise it would say we're malnourished this is why we're confused this is why we struggle to make decisions this is why we find ourselves at all times unsure of what we should do or where we should go or this feeling that something is just missing in life is because our souls are telling us we're not satisfied jesus said this in John chapter 6 verse 27 Jesus gave a comparison of the food for your body and then the food for your spirit he said do not labor for the food which perishes that's your hotdogs that's your chicken nuggets that's your sandwiches nose of food which perishes but for the food which endures to everlasting life you see I believe this that for those who are members of the church and going through this Lenten period or even if you're not a member of the church but you're just in this time of Lent you're trying to to give up stuff and trying to not feed your body as much look here if all we do during this time is starve our bodies then we truly are the most pathetic people on the planet truly if all that we do is we starve our bodies we think yeah I did something good I start my body then truly we are the most pathetic and pitiable people on this planet the goal is never to starve of the body the goal is to feed the soul and during this time of Lent yes we should be we should be fasting I'm not saying that we I'm not telling you not to do that stuff but what I'm saying is that's not the goal that's a means to an end while we are fasting in the body who should be feasting in the spirit and that's where it comes to the Word of God which we should live by and that's the point of this series we want to get to the point we're gonna get this is our theme verse right here Jeremiah 15:16 read this with me we're gonna memorize what's eight every week and y'all gonna memorize this first by the end of the series read it with me it says your words were found and I ate them and your word was to me the joy and rejoicing in my heart I did not hear everybody what do y'all sleepy this morning I'm in a good mood today you're in a good mood we got another snowstorm coming tomorrow at the end of the world all right let's enjoy today's fifty degrees today is gonna be as no pocalypse tomorrow let's live up and enjoy say this like you mean it Jeremiah 15:16 says your words were found and I ate them and your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart it is our goal that by the end of this series in six weeks that we can internalize this and we can say this that we get to the end of our day and we say the sweetest part of my day was when I had your word and the best thing that I ate that satisfied me was your word and the day that I didn't eat your word I feel empty and I know why I'm not trying to tell you believe me I struggle just as much as every single person here underneath this black you see the same flesh same skin same problems we all got the same problems one of the things I've realized is the most important time of my day is my time in the Word of God and I'm not saying there isn't the day that I miss it I'm not saying like that I wish but what I'm saying is there are very very very few days that I get to the end of it and I did not find some way to insert the Word of God in my life not because I'm a saint not because I'm the greatest person in the world but because I realize that this is the real food and my soul is hungry when I'm not eating this just like everyone it's very rare that you get to the end of the day and you didn't feed your body in some way it's very rare that you just were so busy that you forgot to eat you may have postponed eating you may have eaten quickly but there's never a day that you get to the end of it that you didn't find some way to feed your body well I come in the realization of the most important part of my day is when I feed my soul and that's my time in the Bible because like the series title says you are what you eat you feed your body junk you are junk you feed your spirit junk you're just equally as junk but that's eternal junk but when you feed your spirit their good stuff the real stuff you find your spirit healthy you find that joy you find that rejoicing and that's the purpose of this series you are what you eat but first things first we need to get something out of the way today so we can continue the rest of this series and benefit from it the question that we need to answer here today is the most important question when it comes to the Bible which is can i really trust the Bible a lot of people will tell you not to trust the Bible and will tell you to question a lot of things about the Bible and the truth of the matter is you see me you come here every week and I stand up here and I say all these great things but all they were based on the Bible all them are verses coming from the I said jesus said this and the Bible says this so if the Bible isn't accurate and the Bible isn't reliable then everything that I you hear me say all that falls apart all of Christianity falls apart if the Bible itself is not accurate and reliable as the Word of God and as who what it claims to be that's a lot of people say like come on man you're an intelligent person you really believe you really believe like Noah and the flood like come on man you really believe that stuff come on Jonah a fish swallowed a man came out three days later at the front end not out the back end come on look this is stuff we tell the kids these are fairytales this is like like the The Tortoise and the hare or like a little engine that could he's a nice thing do we tell kids a teach good lesson come on no intelligent person would believe this stuff I got news for anyone who says that today I'm be careful okay because I could okay explode at some point in time today Betty who says that the first thing that you respond and you say Jesus who was a pretty smart guy but all the stories that the people doubt most in the Bible the three top stories people doubt Noah Jonah Sodom and Gomorrah right there's the three the people say no way that could happen all three of those Jesus made a point to speak about every single one of those so Jesus believed very strongly in those and he didn't believe in them as as tails but he believed them specifically he said just like it was for on the flood it's gonna be for you and he said just like it was thought him no more he's gonna be for these people and he said just like Jonah was is gonna be for the Son of Man so anyone who questions those stories go talk with Jesus because Jesus did not question those stories at all but anyway I'll try to calm myself down all right let's go through this systematically but that's we're gonna try to get to 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verse 16 and 17 says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine reproof correction instruction righteousness the man of God may be complete thoroughly equipped for every good work scripture is given that we might be complete that we might be nourished inside our spirits and inside our souls and the reason why it is nourishment for the soul is because what it says in the beginning there says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God that word inspiration of God the Greek word for it is you see it on your handout is fail noose tous say that with me say it after me fail noose tous fail means God knew Straus means breath very good whoever said breast because other translations will translate that literally like literally inspiration of God literally means God breathed or breathed by God because when you read the scripture when you read the Bible you are not reading normal words you are hearing the breath of God Here I am I'm speaking you are hearing something in your ear what you are hearing is the breath of father Anthony you're hearing my breath because what's my voice my voice okay is my breath from somewhere in there comes up shakes my vocal cords and sound comes out so the vocal cords aren't or just the breath is what's coming when breath is coming through it makes us out so when you're hearing me right now you were hearing father Anthony breathed words you're hearing my breath come out of me and come through my vocal cords and make a sound that you can comprehend when you read the scripture it is the breath of God coming through vocal cords which are the writers of the scripture Matthew Mark Luke John Paul the Jeremiah Isaiah the writers of Scripture are the vocal cords where God breathes and his word comes out and comprehendible understandable words that mean you can read the Bible is not good stories good ideas the Bible is god-breathed stories God breathed ideas and we have to make sure that we understand them now as soon as I say that I want to stop you from going off the cliff there's we never want to go off like two extremes one extreme is that the Bible is man-made okay the other extreme which is equally as dangerous is this idea okay so how did God inspire and how is the Bible written is it that God like came down to Isaiah and he says write an a here I'm gonna be here and then I see here and God gave him letter by letter word for word ruts right no we don't believe that Christianity does not believe that some people think we do but we do not that's called letter inspiration we do not believe in letter inspiration that's what like the core on that's what Quran is okay other religions say that which is God came down grabbed you and said right exactly this that's not what we believe we don't believe that the text we don't believe that the the paper and the ink is inspired by God what is inspired by God the person God inspires people God took Moses took him up on top of a mountain Moses up there for 40 days Moses came back down after that time and wrote down what he saw and wrote down what he experienced and God told him some things write this down that's true some things God did say that exactly like that write this down there's a lot of other things God didn't tell him to write down but he's writing down his experience with God we don't believe in letter inspiration we believe in people inspiration we believe that people experience God and they reach a point where God is working and they are experiencing and then they come down and they write it down for us so that we can then reach the same experience that they reached why it's important to say that because if you believe in the letter inspiration you can get yourself into some trouble because there's some things in the Bible and what I'm about to say now is sound like it's gonna contradict what I'm gonna say later but it's not if you listen to me all the way through there's some things in the Bible which are inaccurate and I know I say that some people gonna be you know there's some things there there's some things they're not wrong but they're not 100% accurate for example I'll give you an easy example okay nobody jump there's a piece in the scripture where it talks about Luke okay he's giving the gospel narrative and he says about a certain king who lived at a certain time and he dated a certain event as the third year of the reign of so-and-so and historians later figured out that it was actually the fifth year does that mean that the Bible is not is we throw the Bible away and say look the Bible is inaccurate no that just means that actually to me actually proved its accuracy more improves the reliability more because it shows that is a human being I had an experience with God who came down and wrote his experience but you know what he was never meant to write a history book or write a science book what he was meaning to do is write about his experience with God so as far as the experience with God it is 100 percent accurate but is the Bible 100 percent accurate in terms of the history in the name stuff like I know sometimes people make mistakes I'll give you another example I stand up here and I give a sermon she I just did this recently like a few months ago I stood up here and gave a sermon about I don't remember what it was about but I used an example of like a medical thing I talked about jaundice y'all remember that one okay several people came to me afterwards and said the example you gave about jaundice was 100 percent incorrect medically 100 percent and everyone who was a doctor at the time was laughing at me because I'm up here talking about jaundice and this is thing I'm telling all this stuff and I gave some analogy okay apparently was wrong does that negate everything that I wrote everything that I said no I never claimed to be a doctor I was speaking about let's say was let's say was about faith I'm thinking about faith and what I said about faith is right and I used this example it was a bad example I used a rocking example that doesn't get what I wrote about faith or what I said about faith there's the same thing the Bible is not given to be so we're not gonna trip up on this stuff the Bible has this one thing right here that is okay that's okay it was never given to be a history book or science book now with that said I'm a talk later about the relationship in a little bit during Bible and science alright and you're gonna see how I complete this pictures or just hold on with me there until we get there well my point is what is scripture scripture is the breath of God coming through men it is God breathing shaking vocal cords which are people and then them writing it down for us about their experience that's why for us I say this the Bible again when I say the Bible not talk about the paper okay or the ink talking about the Bible for us we don't say the Bible we say as you see it right there it's actually written the Holy Bible and we kissed the Bible we honor the Bible we don't use it as a coaster okay one of my pet peeves when I come in someone's house and I see something we don't put stuff I I'm not saying it's like I'm not being legalistic I don't like to put stuff on top of my Bible I don't like it I put my Bible on top of everything okay I like it that way because this I honor what's in here is the Word of God I'm not and again I'm not trying to be like I make like an idol but if I had a letter which is precious to me let's say a letter than my wife wrote and tell me like you know like nice stuff okay a little ring there's something valuable to me this is a letter from God this is god-breathed know we honor it we kiss it we call it the Holy Bible we raised it up during our church services and there's times that we lift up the gospel sometimes you see that silver gospel if you're here we lift it up to let everyone know that right now is a sacred time when we reading the scripture the breath of God God is speaking to us through his word but the problem is everything that I just said it's really nice but the problem is if you don't believe that the Bible is the Word of God that it is accurate that it is reliable none of the stuff that it says has any value to you we're gonna talk about right now is we want to be able to answer the question can I trust the Bible is the Bible really accurate is it all that it claims to be in that and that you're saying father Anthony you claim that the Bible okay is really the Bible accurate the way it is or is or is it just like fables it's just for simple-minded people for ignorant people for foolish people or can we really trust it as the Word of God I'll tell you this first Peter chapter 1 verse 24 says this has all flesh is as grass and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass the grass withers and his flower falls away but the word of the Lord endures forever there has never been a book in the history of all mankind that has been attacked more than the Bible that has been dissected that has been ridiculed that has been persecuted and many people have given their lives trying to protect this book and many people have been killed trying to protect it and many people have walked the face of this earth said I'm wiping this book off the face of the earth and despite all those attempts do you know what the number one best-selling book in history is you know what the number one most translated book is you know the number one book that you can find anywhere in the universe even in places where it's not allowed you didn't even go to a hotel you open thing up and you find it right there is the Bible why because things come and go lies come and go but the word of the Lord endures forever there was a guy named Voltaire y'all are heard of this guy there's a French philosopher guy or whatever he was and he said he died back in like the 17 he died in 1778 he had a famous statement before he died y'all know what he said he said within 100 years the Bible will be a forgotten book excuse me who's the one who's forgotten now because his Voltaire guy died a couple hundred years ago and nobody even knows his name you know irony of ironies when this Voltaire guy when he died they auctioned off his estate and his house was auctioned off and you know when they're buying his house you know what his house is to this day it is the headquarters of the French Bible Society God has his way things come and go but the word of the Lord and Jewish forever if the Bible was not the Word of God if it was not God breathed it would not be alive today and the only thing that has kept it alive is the fact that it is true and it is accurate and it is God breathed every single page of Scripture I want to break it down into three areas okay and we could spend we could spend weeks on spell I'm just try to get this as concise as I can three ways that you can know that you can trust the Bible as the Word of God number one is the Bible is textually reliable the Bible is textually reliable meaning what it's set it says this was written by a guy named Matthew how do I know it was written by Matthew this was says written by a guy named Paul how do I know it my poll the Bible is textually reliable and that it is written by who it says it is written by and we are going to take the Bible through the same standards here's the key if you apply the same standards that you applied to every other book that's ever written the Bible surpasses and exceeds the reliability test far and away far away the problem is people want to hold the Bible to a higher standard there's always two standards of proof in life there's a scientific proof and then a legal proof what's the difference if you're a scientist what's the only way to prove something is accurate to recreate it okay the only way that you can prove this is true is to go into a lab put it together and recreate it can you recreate can you prove scientifically that Matthews pen is the one who wrote this no but there's many things in life that you can't prove that way the legal proof if I go to a court and I need to prove something I don't need to recreate it I just need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this is what happened and now you'll never be able to get everything 100% because if somebody has an agenda and they want to say no could have been this and Matthew could have been brainwashed by aliens and then someone could take it over his body and ripped up you could say whatever you want no one can recreate it but what I'm saying is let's look at our other books in history are deemed reliable and deemed a cure you'll see the Bible blows them away for example how was the Bible copied now I'm talk about the Old Testament we'll get to the New Testament little bit the Old Testament the Old Testament a guy named Jeremiah sat down he wrote some stuff ok obviously we don't have his original writing right now but we have someone copied it and then someone copied that and someone copied that and copy copy copy copy the Old Testament was copied by people called scribes scribes were better than a Xerox machine better and more accurate than a Xerox machine you know why because a scribe the word scribe literally means like to count scribes were not transcribing books they weren't they weren't copying books they weren't even copying paragraphs they weren't even copying sentences they weren't even copying words you know what scribes are doing letter by letter if you look at the list of rules that the scribes had to do to copy one page of Scripture they didn't write words they wrote letters and what I mean by that is the scribe piece of paper actually got a picture of right here a scribes piece of paper was not written as you see it's not written in words the columns were had to be precise exact same length same number across every page and it had to be exactly 30 letters wide and what the scribes would do is copy one letter at a time a and then B and then C not like a man and then girl and then not letter not word but letter at a time and the scribes because they did it this way they could easily the way they would check it they would say go to you know the page or what it was called escapes me right now at the page okay page 77 column 4 letter 6 they would check it and if it wasn't what it was supposed to be what would they do what would they do throw the whole thing away this scribes knew okay every letter in the Greek alphabets say I'm saying English but whatever the the a the a letter this book should have 1374 A's and it should have you know 718 bees and if they found I said 718 bees if they found 717 bees they wouldn't go see where it's missing you know they do so the whole thing away and start over describes to the point they knew the middle letter the middle letter of every book in the Bible you could ask them and they would say in the middle of the book of Genesis is a D in the middle of the book of Exodus is an F or whatever it may be and they would do is they would go to that middle letter and then they would count in both directions and if they exact it wasn't the exact number of letters through the whole thing away that's a pretty high standard of accuracy and that accuracy was put to the test in the year 1947 y'all know what happened 1947 a big thing you may have heard of may not understand something called the Dead Sea Scrolls I don't want to get into all that is but basically what it is is some dumb shepherd guy in Palestine walking down the street or walking down the thing and he's out of mountain and he goes in the cave and somehow he unlocks one of the greatest mysteries of all time he finds writings he finds I think it was over 900 I don't have the number in front of me however many was texts from the Old Testament Scriptures he found every single book of the Old Testament except one book of Esther written and then when they found that text they dated it and it dated back to 900 BC and why that's very important that's important because the earliest manuscript before that this is 100 BC the earliest before was 900 AD so the earliest account they had of Genesis was written in the year 900 okay in Exodus whatever 900 was the earliest he found stuff written from 100 BC why is that important because now we could test let's test the accuracy of these scribes here you have a 1000 year gap that's huge let's see what deviation took place from 100 BC to 900 AD it's a 1,000 year gap I mean if we're playing the game of telephone and I say like you know you know Jill likes cheese okay and I'm talking about playing that game for 1,000 years what is it gonna look like at the end and not look at anything like it but I'm saying they played this game for 1,000 years how much discrepancy was there you want to guess a percentage five percent discrepancy and you say wait a minute first of all five percent that blows everything else out of the water but you say hey wait a mime I'm still kind of concerned about that five percent that could be a big five percent do you want to know 98% of the five percent what was what spelling of names and places when you take out the spelling like you know could be you know James with the G versus a J I don't know they spelled names and places you take out those you want to know the discrepancy from 1,000 years was less than half a percent less than 1/2 a percent over 1,000 years people scribes were better a Xerox machine would have a higher rate of error than these scribes had in this 1000 years why because that's the Word of God as God breathed and these people took such great care how about the New Testament the New Testament is the one that's usually attacked more than the Old Testament because the New Testament people say this is a very common thing that you're here I love Jesus Jesus was the best jesus had the best teachings but the church changed what he said right what you say people like you people don't people like you change what Jesus said when his Paul character he changed the original Gospels okay let's let's examine it how do you examine the accuracy let's compare the New Testament other historical documents the key here is examining the New Testament manuscripts versus other documents in their manuscript what's a manuscript when I say manuscript when is when people talk about manuscript they talk about writings from the same era in the original language so I find a the New Testament written in Greek so I don't find a English version or a Russian version because no I find a Greek version written from the same time period same era if you look at other works of history all right like you have right up there I just a few for example Plato the time gap between the earliest found manuscript and when the actual writing was 1,300 years and they found seven manuscripts I don't know one person who questions Plato's writings homer's iliad 400 years 600 right there in front of me no one has more than six Homer's Iliad is the highest with 643 original manuscripts and they're four hundred years and nobody says anything that's if you got 643 from that type you say that's accurate how about the New Testament how many anybody wanna guess you find original manuscripts of the New Testament every single book written within 50 years and how many not one not two not 100 now 500 not a thousand mr. homn where it got to 643 nobody says nothing about his writings the Bible got to 5700 do you know what it means to say that the Bible is not accurate do you know what it means to say that this book here is not accurate it means to say that the entire world has no brain as what it means because I'm telling you you got fifty seven hundred of these copies from that time period and you're saying that Christians the church and realized that for the first para many years of Christianity Christianity had no power it wasn't like I had political influence not like they were rulers you're saying the people had no political power had no ability to do anything got all five thousand seven hundred of these copies together and change them all uniformly change them all to say the exact same thing and in a way that nobody all the Christians the Jews just just had their eyes closed nobody noticed and especially when make it even worse I said fifty seven hundred original language manuscripts as soon as Jesus ascended up to heaven and then the disciple started going to different Lane lands the first thing they did they started to translate a lot of the stuff so you had it in different languages so when you add in all those other languages you have more than twenty thousand copies of in the New Testament floating around and you tell me that the church got all these copies together and change them all in the exact same way the only way I can believe that is that I have to believe that every other piece of writing in all of history is inaccurate as well and no one with a brain would say that the Bible is historically textually reliable only person who would say opposite is a person who has an agenda to prove otherwise but someone who's rational would never say okay number two now and is the part that I'm a good some of you some of you're not gonna be tough one the Bible listen to this is scientifically advanced now you say hold your horse hold yours hold yours everyone knows everyone knows what dumb people sake everyone knows that the Bible has lots of inaccuracies the Bible scientifically doesn't match science the Bible and science don't match do you know anyone who would say this as one of two things number one they never read the Bible or number two they don't know lick about science you will never find an honest person who's read the scripture know it knows what science is to say that because it's the most ignorant statement that you can make because the truth of the matter is God created science okay because all science is is the study of God's laws God creates gravity and then sign says here we discovered gravity and God says hey good for you that's really good you're really smart hey we found a star Hey that was great a famous mathematician named is Kepler y'all may heard him Kepler Johannes Kepler said science is simply thinking God's thoughts after him I love that science is simply thinking God God's thoughts after him because truth of the matter is God knows the truth and then God reveals it and science eventually figures a lot of stuff out but what you'll find is that God was revealing stuff to people and this like I said this inspiration time when people were inspired God was revealing stuff that science was years and years and years away from figuring out I'll give you a few examples and I got lots of examples I'll try to keep it to a few here but really Matt you go on all day about this I'll give you one example back in the day people didn't understand how the earth like was stood they thought the earth was on top of something cuz logic says if I'm standing here there has to be something underneath me logic says that and every culture of the world had a different belief if you were Greek how was the world held up on top of a great God you know the name of the god atlas okay if you were Greek you knew it was a fact all the scientists told you there was a guy named Atlas he was big and strong he held up the world on his back if you were Egyptian you know how the earth was held up they believe it was held up on five pillars okay and they had names for these pillars they had a whole all the Sun of the smartest people who are over the Egyptians they had this science which said that world was on pillars and if someone would come and say I don't think the earth is on pillars they'd say you're so simple-minded you're so foolish you're so bible-believing don't you know the earth is on pillars India the Hindus those people their ancestors they had the most creative of how the world was hung I'm not making this stuff up you can look it up on Wikipedia the earth the earth stood on the back of a giant elephant I'm not making it up and then and then when the elephant moved that was what earthquakes were and thunders and stuff like that okay what did the elephant stand on easy the elephant still on the back of a giant sea turtle I'm not making this up okay what the sea turtle stand on easy on top of a giant sea serpent who swam through the cosmic sea so you had us top of an elephant top of a what I say turtle a top of a serpent logic and someone says you know I think the earth was just kind of hung by God and they say what is that you simple-minded you foolish person job chapter 26 verse 7 you know job is the oldest book in the Bible joke like Genesis speaks about the earliest time sing about creation but Genesis was written by Moses okay job predates so the oldest writing in the world the oldest writing in the world is job and liquid job says in job 26 he says to our God God stretches out the north over empty space he hangs the earth on nothing job you're so simple-minded you don't understand science science says the the turtle and then the the the the serpent thing you're so foolish how did Jobe know this easy he was inspired by God because the Bible is scientifically advanced now there were pieces of scripture Isaiah 40 verse 22 thousands and thousands and thousands of years before mr. Christopher Columbus and all the people who discovered that the earth was round everyone thought the earth was flat and they used to do what tell you what's his name Galileo right or Copernicus both of those guys used to say that the earth is round and everybody including the church said you're crazy the earth is round what do you mean it's round clearly it's flat and Isaiah said this thousands years before that he said it's he who sits above the circle of the earth and he had happened is it like grasshoppers who stretched out the heavens like a curtain spreads him like a tent to dwell in how he knew this I love the Bible is for simple people how do the Bible's for foolish people 1 know the truth right now one know the truth and this one if you are a science person if you're an honest person you agree with 100 on what I say but if you've got an agenda you're gonna hate what I'm about to say if you have an agenda and hate what I'm about to say but this is the truth truth of the matter is truth never changes but science changes every year truth never changes science is constantly changing because I could find you ton of scientists who however many thousands years ago said the earth is flat and they would have sworn their life on it how can I say science changes isn't something true when science proves it look this is the biggest misconception about science science is a bunch of theories which is good I'm all for it I believe I'm not saying I'm not saying in a bad way we have to understand there's a lot of things that science contradicts itself for example I'll give you three examples for my own person like number one is when we had a child okay thing they all told us is you have to breastfeed the child you have to breastfeed the child you have to breastfeed the child it's the most important thing in the nutrients healthy all this kind of stuff parents who have kids my age when you when when you had children did you breastfeed you children no you know why cuz you were told it's bad for them and science you say no the worst thing you do is brush Li the child now came to for me on the formula formula and then science said uh change your mind let's go to breastfeed the rest of you the rest week and the same thing that was good for you not bad for you another example we were kids you got hit in the face with a ball something like that you know started to believe how do you solve it you pinched and you laid back because that's what science said now what design say don't leave back lean forward my boy leaning back and they said no a lot of brain damages and stuff like that and then as it is but science but sites worst one of all this one I'm still bitter to this dank I have something called reflux okay that's the in me and I'm saying the stuff that comes up and then it goes back down when we were kids they can call reflux you know what they told me they tell me I was allergic to something know what they said I was allergic to chocolate and my mom just said it yeah she should feel guilty because my my whole life that I have learned to talk I'm just joking well I spent my whole life thinking I was allergic to chocolate and it wasn't until that my kid there's a few years ago went to the doctor and he said he's got reflux I was like what's that and he said you have it and I'm like nah know what that is and he said I bet you when you were young did they tell you what largest chocolate yes they did I've been bitter about my whole life I didn't know bad I've been eating chocolate the whole time but I'm saying because they didn't understand so they said the problem of the reason is because you can't eat chocolate and science said don't eat chocolate but it's now science saying eat all the chocolate you want to make a difference because science changes I guarantee you that there I can find you ten things today you go online I can find you ten things today that people are that people used to say is good for you but now they tell you causes cancer right you find 10 things today was said sometime someone said this is the way to go and now they tell you it causes cancer at Killian bottom line is anyone who says science knows everything is garbage sad true scientists would never say that a true scientist says this is what we've discovered but we know that we're science is constantly evolving constantly changing and what we thought was true a thousand years ago 500 years ago we disproved and then 200 years ago we disproved that and then a hundred years ago we found something new and then we know that God's honest is constantly evolving anyone who says otherwise is not a true scientist we're not a person who is neutral as a person who has an agenda true facts in the Louvre you know the Louvre like that big Museum in France okay they have a section of obsolete science books how big is that section they say if you stacked up all the books in the Louvre that are obsolete science books you could stretch a line three and a half miles long three and a half miles long of stuff that at some point in time someone said this is fact and then later on someone comes said no son the truth is this cuz science is constantly changing the truth of God abides forever give you another example give you a funny example here for the longest time scientists thought that the stars in the heavens they thought there was a finite number of stars and they thought you know you see this mani and there's a few over there there come but there's a number of stars and you could count them so one guy his name is Hipparchus here 150 BC decided get his pen and paper it and count the number stars and he came to the conclusion that there are 1200 I'm sorry 1022 stars in the sky 1 0 2 2 and that was published and a famous dissertation and everyone said here is science as discovered there are 1022 stars and anybody says anything otherwise is an idiot and should be cast to the outer darkness because he doesn't know that science says this 300 years later a guy named Ptolemy came along and Ptolemy said Hipparchus is a nut he said there's not a thousand 22 stars he said there's a thousand and twenty six stars he found four more in the corner and he says anybody who subscribes to the heresy of Hipparchus and a thousand 22 stars is nothing and is denying the facts of science and logic and reason and what do we know today today we don't discover a star here and there we discovered galaxies we discover solar systems and it'd have been nice if someone had just told us that a long time ago it'd have been nice if someone just came around long time ago and just said there's a lot of stars Oh Jeremiah 33 22 all the hosts of the heaven cannot be numbered nor the sand of the sea measured so I multiplied to send this David to worry about the rest Jeremiah said there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years before so you cannot count the number of stars another example this one personal recently I was reading the story I was reading I'm reading the Old Testament and I'm reading in the Book of Leviticus so I'm reading about a lot of like the laws and the law I was reading about that particular days earlier this week was about when they used to quarantine people who are sick and God says this person has the sickness you put him far away and the reason why I think it was a god thing okay so I'm say you have to read the scripture every day I just I have I've strep throat okay but I'm okay now I'm not contagious but at the time I was contagious okay and then I was trying to decide whether to go to this thing like we had this family night playing with the kids and stuff like that and with other kids I was trying to decide and the Bible said you're sick seven days away so I told Maryann I'm off tonight for the next seven days but didn't really seven days because now there's medicine but anyway the point is the point is is it wouldn't it be nice if this the scripture right here Leviticus 13 4 says if a shiny spot on the skin is white but does not appear to be more than skin-deep and their hair in it has not turned white the priest is to isolate the affected person for seven days basically think if this person has this sickness and they got this stuff tell the person to go hang out for seven days by himself and then they came back after seven days and on the seventh day the priest examines them and if you see is that the swords unchanged does not spread isolate them another seven days you know back in like the 14 and 1500s y'all ever heard of something called the bubonic plague bubonic plague go look it up online it's the saddest period in the history of the world do you know that in Europe force of the population of Europe was killed by the bubonic plague and you know it is 100% preventable you know the problem science didn't understand this they didn't understand germs and contagious and infectious things and they just thought people were just dropping dead and they would put him in the hospital they put a healthy person and a sick person right here and they say oh no this person drop dead too and they were just putting people together people were dropping like flies cuz science didn't understand what God wrote thousands and thousands and thousands thousands years aboard before that again I'm not saying that the Bible is a science book I'm not saying it like that because we don't go to the Bible for science it's a spiritual book but what I am saying is is that we know it is accurate it is god-breathed because people knew thousands and thousands of years stuff way before science and the only person who would disagree is someone who has an agenda to prove Psalm 12 verse 6 says that the words of the Lord are flawless like silver refined in a furnace of clay purified seven times so we know that it is texturally reliable it is what it says it is we know that it's scientifically advanced not only scientifically accurate scientifically advanced way ahead of its time and the number three the one that puts it over the top cannot be denied that it is prophetically divine it is prophetically divine you go in the Old Testament and you see prophecy after prophecy fulfilled to an exact detail no book no human can know that information unless it was inspired breathed by God for example once upon a time there was a guy his name was Peter stoner and professor Peter stoner who was a believer wanted to do some statistical analysis on the prophecies of the Old Testament relating to the person of Christ okay the old testement as many prophecies about many things he said I want to get about Christ okay and there's so many prophecies about where he'd be born and when he'd be born and what kind of place he'd be born in and how he would die and all these kinds of things about the person of Christ himself and he accumulated the 48 major prophecies forty-eight major prophecies there's hundreds of them but the 48 big ones like born in Bethlehem born of a virgin whatever whatever whatever and he wanted to know the odds statistically that someone could fulfill just eight of these 48:48 that Christ fulfilled how about just eight these selection of eight what are the chances that somebody would just randomly fulfill this born in Bethlehem and of this tribe just eight of these and want to know the statistics let's do some math to fulfill eight out of the 48 prophecies the statistical number is one and one hundred million billion you got that that's a 1 with 17 zeros after it 1 in 100 I'm sorry 1 in 1 million billion is the likelihood that anyone would just randomly fulfill eight of these prophecies so what does that mean but that means I'll put that in perspective for you this is my business card okay I'm gonna take this business card I'm a fold in half that's roughly a square roughly 1.5 by 1.5 inches okay let's say I take a business card like this and I take many business cards like this I make a big old stack oh one guard I put a little gold sticker and then I start to spread out these business cards all over this room and I cover every inch of this room one of them has a gold sticker but all over this room I cover it with this and in fact not just this room all of this school and in fact not just all this school all of our lling ttan all of Fairfax County all of Virginia all the United States America all in North America every dry piece of land on this earth I fill it with business cards this size and one of them has a little gold sticker on the bonder side and you walk the earth for as long as you want you've been one time you pick up one card what is the chance that you will pick up the Goldstar business card one in a hundred million billion those are pretty good odds okay but that's nothing he went further to how about all 48 that was 100 million billion was just 8 how about all 48 he gave us a number already that's one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion thirteen trillions one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trailer trailer trailer trillion that all 48 of these prophecies will be fulfilled that's a 1 in case you're doing the math at home that's a 1 with a hundred and fifty seven zeroes after it and Christ fulfilled every single one of those okay put that in perspective if the million billion was this now we're not take a business card now I want to take something called an atom no no an atom is an atom I can take a million atoms that's what it takes to go the length of a hair okay a hair has millions of atoms one atom in this entire galaxy that we live in and I put on one of those atoms I spray paint it red and it don't tell anybody and you get in your little mr. Jetson spaceship and you float around the universe to every square inch of this galaxy and you stick your hand out to grab one atom at one point in time what is the likelihood you'll pull the red no Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer atom one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion 13 times and Jesus fulfilled every single one of those imagine I got a business deal for you and I say you know what I got a secret deal for you if this works you'd be the richest man in the world if it doesn't work you lose everything and I hand you a document a document and I say if this is true you'd be the richest person in the world now it's not true you lose everything okay what are the odds that this isn't true the odds are one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion mm-hmm anybody think twice about that option I got a business deal that the one in the trillions of 13 that's the likelihood that it fails anybody don't like those odds anyone who knows anything about math when you get to this level of ridiculousness statistics you don't even speak about odds you say it is certifiably impossible to maintain your belief that the Bible is not the Word of God it is statistically impossible that's why I believe me I always say it takes more faith to not believe in the Bible and it takes to believe in it you have to have a lot of faith do not believe in the Bible big as the fet the history science and the prophecies all say that this is the God breathed Word of God but doesn't make a difference if you don't believe it I'm a challenge every single person that you do not anymore approach this book as a book this book is the authority of my life this book like I said has the map to the most successful plan in the world this is not a book is the Word of God here's the problem some people don't believe it's the Word of God and they seem to be doing fine they seem to say you know doesn't make a difference in my life let me give you this example let's say somebody doesn't believe in gravity let's say I don't believe in gravity I say you know what I don't believe in gravity I go straight to the top of the Empire State Building and say watch I don't believe in gravity and I jump off straight off the top and then somehow I'm let's say I got in his mic on and I'm miked up and I'm floating down to my death and I'm falling through the sky and somebody sticks their head out the window and says hey how's it going father Anthony and I say so far so dick enjoylife told you didn't believe in gravity everything is fine everything is peachy keen that's that many people live their lives today I don't believe in the Bible I don't believe what it says I don't believe that everything it says gonna come true I'm fine you gonna Bank on the fact that you not hit the ground at some point in time your bank on the fact that you're gonna be floating through skies through grant through space forever does that say you the likelihood have you floating through space forever not hitting the ground how's about one in a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trailing trailing trailing trailing trailing trillion trillion trillion but good luck st. Augustine once said this said if you believe in the Bible what you like and you don't believe what you don't like it's not the Bible you trust but yourself the goal of this series will be to learn how to understand the Bible how to study the Bible how do you apply the Bible but none of that stuff matters if you are not 100% convinced that the Bible is the Word of God it is breathed by God when you read its words you are not reading words you are listening to the breath of God coming through the vocal cords of writers from the 1st century BC all the way or yeah from the earliest time BC to the earliest time or to the Year 100 AD you were listening to the voice of God coming through Shepherds and through fishermen and through Kings and through prophets and you are hearing God's breath right in front of you in a way that you can comprehend God likes to work in tangible ways that's why he took flesh and became a man well that's why also he gave us his word so that we could have him in a comprehendible way what we're gonna do every week in this series I'm gonna challenge you to memorize a verse from the Bible all right and our theme verse is the verse that we want to get to but I want to start actually with not the theme verse I want to start with Matthew 4:4 because it's easier and we get some momentum going so everyone is going to matter Rhys Matthew 4:4 it's real simple it's real easy says man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God I want to challenge you to memorize it to remind yourself of it and to every single day make sure that you do not let one day pass that you've not feed your soul with the inspired Word of God which is the Bible let's stand together and pray the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen Lord we thank you for your word which you gave to us to lead us closer to you to reveal to us how to relate to you to be art like the authority of our lives thank you that you don't leave us alone and confuse but you gave us your word to guide us through life to sift through the confusion and the chaos I pray Lord that you would help us to read your word to understand your word to apply your word and most of all to obey your word as the ultimate authority of our lives help every single person who's here Lord to understand your word a little bit more clearly and to find you inside it everytime they open it we pray this in the name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ and with the intercessions and the prayers of all your saints here says we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one through Christ Jesus our Lord thought is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen have a great week guys