The Great Hunt - Part 3 - My Will or Thy Will?


all right well good morning everybody and welcome to the well at-sts a we're so happy that you're here with us today you're just joining us you're coming and a fantastic week you could not have picked a better week to come because today we are wrapping up the three week series we've been talking about the great hunt where we are going on a quest to discover God's will and we've been answering this question of how do we know what's God's will and can we even really know what's God's will and for many of us the video that we just saw up there on the screen is a perfect analogy of what it seems like God's will is which is some kind of mysterious Holy Grail that only like the elite of the elite can actually find and the rest of us just kind of struggle and we don't actually ever actually discover what it is but we just kind of chasing it our whole lives can we really know what God's will is and can we really discover it well as I've been saying for the past several weeks that I believe and I hope you believe as well is that God wants you to know his will more than even you want to know his will all right and as a father it is God's greatest desire to give you his will and what we've seen over the past few weeks is that what God does is he just kind of reveals his will in certain ways and we if we are keen and our antenna is up we can discover a lot more of God's will then we may realize take a step back we talked about God's will we talked about how 90% of God's will doesn't need that much figuring out maybe there's plainly labeled in front of us remember we talked about the first part of God's will is the sovereign will of God and that's what God is doing in the world as a whole and then we talked about the moral will of God which is God giving us His commandments and we agreed that 90% of the will of God is right there of what God is doing in the universe and yes there's that 10% that customizable that God's will for you in terms of your job of God's will for you in terms of this relationship or God's will for each one of us in specific areas but you'll never know God's specific will outside of his sovereign will and outside of his moral will that's why with his sovereign will we need to understand what God is doing in the universe and we need to see that sometimes you know what God just wants to teach me a lesson God wants to teach me a lesson to become friends with him and to build my relationship with him so no matter how hard I try he's gonna take away certain friendships around me because God's trying to teach me how to relate to him and that's a sovereign will of God there's nothing that you can pray about that there's nothing that you obey that's God's sovereign will is trying to tell you I need you one-on-one more than I need you to rely on your friends sovereign will of God and the moral will of God is given to us in the scriptures all right where he gives us his commandments of what his will is for our lives and then last week what we talked about is now this personal will of God how do we know it we said that God gives it to us kind of in phases and we said that about how it's not necessarily a formula of a plus B plus C plus D but what it is is you usually pass through this phase and then you pass through this phase and then you discover God's will and those four phases if y'all remember God starts with inspiration and then as soon as we find that inspiration that calling from God we respond with hesitation I don't know if I can do this and then we say okay and I'm gonna take a step of faith and I can do this and then we are faced with temptation where the evil one and the enemy is gonna try to get us to quit and say I tried my best but I can't do it and then if we fight through that we will get to the last stage which is relaxation or celebration or that's the part where if you remember I talked about last week that's the goal where I am right here here's the will of God and I'm right there in the middle I know what I'm doing today is right 100% where God wants me to be and there's no greater feeling in the universe this is why we do everything we do to have that confidence and that that strength and that power of knowing that I am right where God wants me to be today today's message I have been doing my best over the past several weeks that probably said it 10 times every week to tell you that God's will is not a formula have I made that clear enough God's will is not a formula because I'm sure many people say okay good we're gonna go to this series where we know God's will he can tell say this prayer to do this stand on her head like here fast on this and boom God's will she's gonna be laid out for us and for as like a map right in front of us God's will is not a formula and God's will never be a formula but if it was a formula which it's not a formula but if it was but it's not but if it was a formula the formula would be this but it's not but if it was here's your formula I have to want God's will more than my will I have to want God's will more than my will you don't have to convince me that you want God's will you don't got to convince your neighbor that she wants God's will you don't have to convince even yourself that you want God's will I have to genuinely sincerely want God's will more than my own will sound simple simple enough maybe the hardest thing to do in life let's take a step back let's understand this break down the statement everything one of us as human beings was born with one of the greatest gifts that God gave to us is something called free will you were given the gift of free will I was given the gift of free will and because we were given this gift of free will separate than all of other creation all of other creation wasn't given this gift that we were given a free will the ability to make choices the ability to say I want this alright you have the ability to say I can say I want a turkey sandwich and you say I want a chicken sandwich and someone say I want to go to this movie and someone say I want this job so don't say I want to marry a doctor someone say I want to my kids to marry a doctor okay whatever it may be you have ability to have a will an ability to make decisions and say this is what I want to do and we have that ability because we were made in the image and likeness of God all of creation was not made in the image of God we were that's why we have this ability so because we are in the image of God we have the ability to say I want this well if we got this free will where did it come from it came we have the ability to say I want because the one who created us is the one who says I want so in the same way that we have a will because we're made His image he has a will and he has things where he says I want and I want this and I may want that so we here's a will and we have a will another miss oftentimes these two wills don't match one another sometimes they do match one another and sometimes there's things like I think we can all agree like murder is bad everybody agree we all say our will no murder in this world everyone agree with that we can get rid of stealing we don't like stealing either get rid of hatred racism prejudice we get rid of all those things God agrees we agree on that stuff but there's a lot of areas where we don't agree necessarily with God because God's will goes beyond do not murder God's will go so do not be angry and God's will goes beyond do not hate God's will so don't even talk about a person and God's will says to be holy as I am holy and God's will says to carry your cross and God's will says to turn the other cheek and God's will says don't just love your neighbor but love your enemy God's will goes the extra mile and that's sometimes where are Will and his will is different and if you wanted to summarize the main difference between God's will and man's will I'd break it down this way man's will is to be happy God's will is to be holy everything we do in life my will is what makes me happy what makes me comfortable what makes my life easy God as much as he wants us to be happy which he does want he's our Father he wants even more than that he wants us to be holy God cares not just so for our comfort God cares for our character we care for pursuit of happiness God cares for our pursuit of holiness and in the same way there are times where we will do whatever it takes to achieve happiness God will do whatever it takes for us to achieve holiness see the past two weeks I've been talking about how do we know God's will and how do we know God's will how do we know God's will but I've been making an assumption throughout this time and the assumption has been that you want God's will even if it's not necessarily your own we'll see I kind of made that assumption that you desire this will because it's what you want and the two wheels are lining up but today what I'm trying to address is well what if I'm not diligently seeking God's will what if I just want what if I'm not trying to match my will to God's will what if I'm trying to get God to change his will to match my we'll let me give you two examples okay because there's two clear-cut examples as far extreme I'm gonna give you the far extreme right in the far extreme left and we all fall somewhere in between there hopefully closer to one than the other the first example who is the furthest furthest furthest away of someone who rejected the will of God who said god this is your will I want nothing to do with it I would say Lucifer okay Satan it doesn't get much worse than the devil okay it's hard to be below him on the good scale Lucifer as we know the scripture teaches us and we know that Lucifer was created as an angel of light actually his name Lucifer means light he was created as an angel of light just like all the other angels to serve God to serve God's will and God said I create you here's my will for you and Lucifer rejected that will we read about in Isaiah chapter 14 it says how you are fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning how you are cut down to the ground you who weaken the nation's why was Lucifer weakened and cut down and why he fell for you have said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the Mount of the congregation and farther sides of the earth I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the Most High what is the key phrase that Lucifer repeated five times in these two verses Lucifer said I will I will it's not about what you will God it's about what I will and this is the way I want it and you made me to do a certain thing well I don't will for that I will for this and I'm sure Lucifer convinced himself in his little angel devil mind he convinced himself that God doesn't know what he's doing and God doesn't love me and God doesn't care about me and God isn't fair and he likes Archangel Michael better than he likes me and he's discriminating against me all this kind of stuff all the nonsense that we say when we don't want to obey God's will and we just say I want this and this is what I want that's who Lucifer was in the end Lucifer's I will made him go from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows who's the other extreme of Lucifer Jesus okay anytime you wanna know okay Lucifer devil and Jesus those are the two extremes okay you never go wrong saying Lucifer and Jesus okay same in contrast I will here to what we saw in our Lord Jesus Christ on his final hours on this earth when he faced one of the toughest times in his life and he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and he said father if it is possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not I will but you will not as I will but as you will you see the two extremes you see how they operated one said I reject your will it's my will and the other one said I really will this but I deny my own will to have thy will instead life this is life this is life life is a battle between these two forces every day of your life every hour of your life is a battle between two forces between let's go on the right side let's go Jesus on this side sorry over here okay left is always on the bad side okay left this is the my will side and this is the gotten to thy will side my will thy will my will God's will every day is a battle between these two forces and my will is trying to pull me over here but God's will is trying to pull me over here and every single day everything that goes on this battle takes place and this is the toughest battle and like and this battle just as we saw with Lucifer has taken down many many many uh people who desired to be righteous and desire to be good but they lost the battle of my will versus thy will and they ended up losing for eternity but the flip side is we know many people who have won this battle and the stories of the people who have won this battle are the most inspirational and I want to say the sweetest like it's backwards the people who deny what I want end up telling you and nothing could be sweeter in life the ones who learned how to trade in my will for thy will and that's what we want to talk about here today is moving from my will to thy will and like I said I drew you the two extremes and there's no one who's on that extreme and no one was on that extreme we're all somewhere along the way well we want to see here today is how to move and again kind of like last week I believe it happens in state I don't believe in the light switch theology okay if you're in research say it's on so many things I don't believe in come listen to sermon flip a switch life is fixed no more my welts although I don't believe in that that's not the life that I live life that I live is you understand something and you struggle and then you fall and then you struggle and it's too far one back so what we want to see is how this process takes place and how to move from phase 1 to phase 2 to phase 3 from a my will to as I will kind of life and we all go through these phases number one phase number one we all start with an I want what I want right now we all start there we start there physically okay as children and we start there spiritually as well I want what I want right now I told y'all before that after sin entered into the world through Adam and Eve in their sin the number one characteristic that differentiates life before sin and life after sin is selfishness before sin there was no selfishness before that everything was selfless once sin entered the world the number one characteristic that defines everything that we do as human beings is selfish is I want this right now I want to be comfortable I want to be happy I want to be I have an easy life I want to solve whatever problem there is now the problem with being selfish is that we are not just selfish but we also because we're created in the image of God like I said we have the ability to make decisions and to think and we have the ability to have like like we're different than the animals like we're a higher level of thinking so we have the ability when Adam and Eve sinned they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and they said in that day then we will know what's good what's evil we have the ability unfortunately to think that we know what's good for us this is the most dangerous thing in the world we have the ability that we know just enough to be dangerous to think that no this is what's good and that's bad and actually I should forgive this person this time but if I forgave them this time that would be bad so I determined that I should not forgive them I've determined that I should be in a relationship right now I've determined that I should not be in this relationship anymore I did we have the ability to think that we know what's right for ourselves and what's wrong and this is why we all start off right here this is the if I just okay this is this kind of speaking if I just had this job life would be perfect if I just got into this relationship life would be perfect if I just saw this financial life would be perfect if God would just do this if God would just get on the ball and do what he's supposed to do life would be easy life would be perfect this isn't just bad people who do this there's some very righteous people who live this way when I go back in the Old Testament story Genesis chapter 16 of a very righteous person named Abraham and is even and his equally righteous wife named Sarah and God had put Abraham and Sarah in a tough situation where they could not have children pick up the story here in Genesis 16 so Sarah Abraham's wife had borne him no children and she had an Egyptian maidservant whose name was Hagar so she Sarah said to Abram see now the Lord has restrained me from bearing children pause the story right there pause the story right there she look what she said she said God's will is that I don't have a child right now that's God's will but look what the next sentence says so please go into my made perhaps I shall obtain children by her and Abram equally as guilty hated the voice of his wife Abraham what happened to Sarah what happened to you but God spoke to you and said no children right now so you said okay that's very nice but I want children right now so I'm gonna have children right now there's I'm saying this isn't bad people these are righteous people these are faith people these are great people but this is human nature as I want what I want I want it right now and God says no I say okay thank you I'll go another door let's see what's behind door number beak door number two this isn't just Abraham is it I want a new car can you afford a new car nope are you financially responsible nope do you are you like honoring your obligation tithing giving you generous person no but I want a new karma buy a new car are you in a job situation that you say you know what my boss treated me this way I'm gonna treat him back this way is that an honorable thing does God want you to see him that way no but I want to treat Miss Rama cheating this week I'm gonna do what I want to do I think I should be married right now and I'm not married so you know what I decided I'm getting married this year the calendar already one month in next guy who walks that door I'm taking out what we do is we draw a target and we say right here here's a target this is good and I'm going to get there one way or the other whether it's financial whether it's relational whether it's spiritual you may say you know what III come to church when I come to church don't no one tell me to get up and come when I come to church I sleep in on Sundays don't no one tell me otherwise this is what's good and this is what I'm going to aim for and I'm not expecting accepting anything other than that if we were to open up a church and I were to say this church our mission statement is everyone should be happy-happy happy-happy happy-happy we teach a theology of happiness that God exists to make you happy is to be the most crowded place in the world and Sundays I don't believe that and you don't believe that because if you did believe that you wouldn't be here you go somewhere else cuz I'm telling you the exact opposite but this is who we are as human beings I want to be happy and life liberty and the pursuit of happiness has taken down many people this phase again as a child is characterized don't take it personally by immaturity a child who says a parent says and now is that time for sweets now it's time for dinner child who cannot accept that as an immature child and same thing spiritually the one who cannot accept that God's will says no not now not maybe not ever but the one who cannot accept that I want what I want right now that's immaturity hopefully even though we start off there we hopefully can take a step in maturity and get to phase two and phase two is I want what God wants but I want what God wants I want you know how this goes don't you this is where you have the prerequisite for God's will you have the requirements that God has to meet in order for you to accept his will the fine print a god I will do whatever it is that you want I'll tell you what ah you know what God I will serve you I will pray how fast I will be the nice person I'll never cheat I never talk about my dirty Bostic like I'd never do any that stuff again but I expect to be married by the end of this year if you do that I'm your servant for life so I want what you want but no I'm me giving I'm very generous I have no problem as long as God gives me the salary no problem no problem I want what God wants but I'm not going to apologize for this person no prob once they come apologize to me I want what God wants but what this is what I call this this is a hybrid okay of my will and I will this is a mix of the two this is wanting God's will but still being pulled by my will so just trying to hold on to both as long as you can and just trying to basically ease my conscience say no I want what God wants but I'm not really letting go of what I want so you know what I'm gonna hold on to this but I'll just do a bunch of stuff God wants and I'll just okay he wants prayer I'll give him prayer he wants this I give him this and I try to hold on to both but I'm never really letting go of my own will that works for a little bit but in the end the two boats don't go together very very long story in mark chapter 10 at one time when our Lord Jesus Christ was having a very lovely conversation spirit-filled conversation with a nice young man known as the rich young ruler very spiritual man holy man church-going man honorable man and he was having a conversation about eternal matters about inheriting the kingdom of God but then while they were having this discussion Jesus saw straight through him and saw that he was very nice but he was holding on as something then Jesus looking at him mark 10 21 then Jesus looking at him loved him and said to him one thing you lack go your way sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come take up the cross and follow me but he was sad at this word and went away sorrowful for he had great possessions let me ask you a question think think before you answer this one why he left sad today why did he leave sack the boy came to Jesus happy and in fact as we see here in the verse I'm gonna go backwards not to the start of the verse the verse started with the boy coming to Jesus not just walking to Jesus but look says now as he was going out on the road one came running knelt before him it has good teacher what can I do that made hair eternal life so the boy didn't walk up to Jesus a excuse me sir I have a question the boy came running Jesus Jesus Jesus I love you you're the best good teacher I have a great question to ask you what should i do in heret eternal life the boy came like this but it says that he left sad why did he leave sad he loved his possessions but did Jesus take any of his possessions like did the guy lose his possessions this day did he know so why do you leave sad cuz you know what he lost he lost the ability to be on both boats at the same time is that Jesus made him choose and Jesus said you can no longer have my will and thy will you have to choose and he was sad because he came to the realization he was fooling himself and as much as he convinced himself that my identity is no I want God's will no I want God's will no I want god's will but secretly I'm hiding I don't really want God's will but all of a sudden he got exposed and he had to make a choice and his choice was for the possessions not Jesus that's why I want about to say i'ma say it with all love with all love all respect all kindness add whatever nice words you want to what I'm about to say whether you realize it or not there are many people in this room today who have a big butt someone needs to tell you some of us have a little butt and it's kind of hidden some of us have a very big butt and our big fat butt is getting in the way of our relationship with God and as much as we try to convince yourself that our butt is not a big deal as much and try to give it yourself that you know what it's just kind of over there the truth of the matter is is that if you don't do something about your big butt you are going to end up losing God's will look here back to this verse show you what your big butt can do to you okay go back to this verse right here and see what this man was asked to do yes he was asked to do but look when he was offered to have says do this and you will have treasure in heaven now if I told you right now I am Jesus the richest King I am the king of heaven and earth and I'm saying I'm the richest and I'm offering you treasure and eternity in heaven and you let that go how foolish are you see we always look at it as Jesus asked his man for so much but I always look at the opposite Jesus didn't ask him for a lot Jesus offered him a lot and Jesus offered him the same thing he offers us which his eye has not seen ear has not heard nor as come upon the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him and the riches and the glory of his inheritance which God has prepared for all of us but your big butt is going to stop you from inheriting it unless you do something about it and that's why we need to hopefully move to the third phase of discovering God's will which is I want what God wants period no buts I want what God wants period no buts I'm telling you if you want to know what does it mean to be a follower of Christ what does it mean to be a Christian it means this that I want what God wants period and if you don't believe me listen to our master himself Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 16 verse 24 then jesus said to his disciples if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it what does it mean when Jesus says to deny yourself what does deny yourself mean it means to deny your will and deny means like disassociate from like I deny you like Peter denied Christ means I don't know who he is I denied him like like if I'm if I'm a citizen of Canada all right and then I want to move to United States I have to deny my Canadian citizen to accept citizens United States of America I deny it well Jesus is saying right here anyone who wants to be what anyone who wants to be elite in the kingdom of heaven is that always talking to anyone who wants to be elite what is he saying anyone who wants to be a what do you said this to who to the disciples jesus said to his disciples he's not saying if you want to be elite you think if you want what does disciple mean I mean someone who follows me you wanna be someone who follows me you have to deny yourself you have to look at my will right in the eyes and you have to say I don't know you the biggest discrepancy if we're honest like let's be honest if we're honest the biggest discrepancy that exists today our understanding of being a disciple of Christ today versus when Jesus said it and when the church first started is this exact point that if I want to be a follower of Jesus I must deny my self I must deny my will too often today we try like I said we try to make Christianity into my will plus his will kind of joined together so we do is say you know what I believe you know I pray I go to church I do all these nice spiritual things on Sunday maybe throw a little something in on Monday with something like that but you know what by Tuesday it's gone I have my will I have my life I do exactly what I want and then I just sprinkled a little spirituality a few verses here and there I do what I want on Friday night hanging out with the people we drink what we want we joke what we want we do whatever we want and I say know what I'm struggling with this sin I just throw a few spiritual words on and say look at me I'm a great follower of Christ that is a very different picture than the one who we follow painting the one who we say we follow that if you want to follow me then you deny yourself and you say it's not what I want it's what you want and that is the hardest decision in the world and don't I'm not trying to make light of it not trying to say that it's easy that's the hardest thing in the world but that didn't stop him from telling it to the people because he knew that's what it meant to be a disciple of Christ to many of us today today look at this verse this is a verse that condemns as Titus 1:16 we profess to know God but in works we deny him we profess we love you on Sunday we sing the songs but on Monday our behavior denies him being abominable disobedient disqualified for every good work why did Jesus tell think to think to me here Jesus is trying to start his his following right here do you try to tell people join me follow me why did he tell them to follow me you have to deny yourself you have to be willing to lose your own will and all from my will you know what he told that why did he tell them it because that's the truth see we got spoiled right now you know for the first 300 years of Christianity and for many Christians all over the world today we're spoiled here but for many Christians all over the world today and for the first 300 years being a Christian meant really losing your life like today we joined the church at celebrations very happy is very easy what did it mean people join the church back then you know what I met I met you know what you're probably in lose your job because people hated Christians you actually there's a good chance you lose your life you're gonna lose your family Fama's gonna disown you you're basically making a decision to say you know what everything that I wanted a good job a good career a good relationship all these good things that I wanted it's like to be like happy and easy and comfortable life I'm giving up all that to join Christianity we made it easy right now and we live it easy and we say you know what like I said I just do what you want to say this prayer and Sunday do what you what big deal we just we baptize our own willed here's my will we baptize it we put some verses sprit to hang a verse around it and we think that we are following what God's will is this easy what I'm saying it's not easy if you're saying it's easy you don't understand or you have no intention of doing it but since when was Christianity about being easy and since when was our faith and all the rewards that God gives us promised on an easy path the Christianity I read about which we talked about a couple series ago says there's two roads in life there's an easy one in a hard way there's an easy one and many people like it it's comfortable it's nice wide many lanes but that ain't the road to be on the road to be on kind of difficult right now the man it pays off in the end earlier I showed you those two examples I showed you Lucifer and I showed you Christ let's go back to the Christ's example what was the context of when Jesus said not my will but as you will what's the context you don't understand the context you missed the power of the verse came from Matthew 26 like I said Jesus is final hours final hours he got less than 24 hours left on this earth and it's most excruciating ly difficult painful time we read about here Matthew 26 verse 36 then Jesus came with them with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane and he said to the disciples sit here while I go and pray over there and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee watch what it says now about Jesus and he began to be sorrowful and deeply distressed then he said to them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death stay here and watch with me look we cannot skim over and gloss over these verses because who is saying them this is not a weak person this is the person that humanity has never seen a person more strong in will and courageous and powerful inside he didn't always show it on the outside but inside no one was stronger and no one survived and put up with more than our Lord Jesus Christ did no one went through more and no one complained less and no one Eric said I don't care about myself more than him but even him the strongest one who ever walked the face of this earth says this is hard this isn't easy I'm struggling with this I am sorrowful I am distressed and I am exceedingly sorrowful so much so that the scripture teaches us that what happened to Jesus physically during this time as he sang his prayer it says they started to sweat blood and if you actually look at the exact word says I think it's in Luke 23 it says that great drops of blood fell from his head not a drop here and a drop there great drops of blood fell from his head and if we're not getting into the science of it someone who would do it in the world would sweat blood someone who's under extreme anxiety extreme stress to the point where even his blood vessels some of them start to rupture and that's what leads this Soto's under so much pressure and stress but he's about to explode that's where Jesus is under at this time don't think Jesus walking around in a garden put on an ice teeth and insane not as I will but as you will God hold are you missing the picture that's what you see you see a person who says I can't do this this is so hard look yet nevertheless not as I will but as you will you see what Jesus did here he said father Jesus okay even though Jesus was never in face - but just for our purposes phase - father this is hard I don't know if I can do this I think not as I will as you will see the interesting phase 2 and phase 3 phase 1 we got rid of phase 1 phase 2 so this is hard I can't do this not as I will as you will we are all going to come to points in our life we are face face to face with God's will and we're gonna say I can't do this it's too hard I can't and this is where we look to our Lord Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane he who paved the path for us and we saw how he faced it and he took it head-on and he looked up and he said not as I will but as you will and that's why this date if you read the rest of the scriptures what it talks about that Jesus who humbled himself to this point denied himself to this point made himself of no reputation he is one who was exalted and his name is above every name and for all of eternity all every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth will bow and confess that he is Lord why because he submitted himself he said not as I will as you will this decision is the most important decision you make for the rest of your life that's why I told some people earlier today and I puts out on Twitter this the most important message I ever preached my life like if I died tomorrow this is what I want to leave y'all with is that to be a follower of Christ means to say not as I will but as you will and if you don't say that it's hard for me to say that you're truly a follower of Christ let me finish up beetle look cuz I'm honestly I'm not trying to make you feel bad I'm trying to tell you we're all in this together but we got to do this together how are we gonna do this I want to leave you with a verse and a picture a verse and a picture the verse is one of my favorite verses from Psalm 37 verse 4 says delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart delight yourself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart now listen I am NOT saying that God has a magic Genie three wishes give you whatever you want y'all know I'm not saying that nothing God is a vending machine but you just do whatever and he gives you whatever it is you want that's not what I'm saying but what I'm saying is as God as a father loves to give his children the desires of their heart loves to but in order for him to do that he needs us to do what to delight ourselves in him what does it mean delight yourself in the Lord because if we can figure out delight yourself in the Lord he's going to give us the desires of our heart what does it mean to light yourself in the Lord I mean give me what the word delight comes the Hebrew word delight that King David used right here when you wrote this song it means the following it means to become soft or pliable delicate with enjoyment again to become soft or pliable delicate with enjoyment some of you look at me like I don't understand it even more now after that definition okay all right let me draw your picture I'm sorry my picture what does it mean to delight myself in the Lord to become soft in the Lord to become pliable delicate and enjoyment in the Lord what does that mean I have two kids when my second child was born Elizabeth is her name Lizzie it was clear from the very beginning she came out the womb she was strong-willed okay strong-willed like you know like her mother Township it's you stronger okay it was very clear and it was never more clear than when her mother would try to feed her when she got to the highchair phase of life all right and I remember like I remember this very vividly I would come home Lizzy be there in a highchair Maryann ready to pull her hair up okay all the wall is decorated in food there's spaghetti literally all across the room on the floor on the walls everywhere it's not everywhere except in her mouth because Lizzy would make up her mind and it would always be this budding of heads and then I would come home and again the house is on fire and I'm home and I what's going on everything every bad so I come home I see what's going on what's going on and I come and this is crying and little sad Lizzy's this Marianne's frustrated or was it calm down and what do I do and then I was do the same thing I had a trick that worked every time that trick to work every time I would do this this picture taking when she was about two years old something like that but this happened a lot Lizzy ah my will spaghetti on the wall but moms will spaghetti in mouth on the wall my mother walk on the wall my will on the wall the wall screaming fussing I crazy Lizzy stay sorry lot I say Lizzy come here big hug big hug big big big big big hug who does daddy love you know all this stuff okay daddy loves you and the daddy did you know how all that stuff goes she's a little daddy's girl and I'm might be making it worse them she's you know I'm saying like little daddy's little girl I give a little is young and I'm like this like this and she's in my arms arms kind of stuff Lizzy go say sorry okay in my arms say sorry Lizzy okay why because he's in my arms and she delights herself to be in my arms and nothing is better to be in my arms dad and in my arms Lizzy just forget it okay Lizzy sorry mom okay let's stop throwing someone's silly okay in my arms her my will disappeared and it became thy will in my arms her my will disappeared and she became very easy to say that I will back to the verse delight yourself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart when Lizzy's in my arms right there at that moment you you you name it you what you name it you I hug you you say sorry you put spaghetti in them and you name it the world is yours you name it whatever it is that you want you do you you say daddy I'll do what you want you name it and usually this discussion would end in dessert okay when mom wasn't looking okay you name it you want dessert I'll give you dessert you wanted me to twirl you around you wanna play the Superman game like you name it when you delight yourself in my arms desires of your heart this is what we're missing this is why we struggle with God's will we're sitting on the high chair and saying no spaghetti on the wall and we are having an intellectual conversation with God trying to convince him of why it is more appropriate for spaghetti to be on the wall that in my mouth and we look dumb doing it because that's not how it goes but in our mind spaghetti on the wall what's the solution is let Daddy hug you and say daddy I just want to be in your arms I just wanted to light myself and you and I'm telling you it is hard to surrender these things it is hard to say not my will die well it is hard it is so so so hard I'm not trying to make it easy and try to make it water down but trust me trust me trust me trust me as what I tell my daughter tell all the same thing trust me it is in your best interest Abraham tried to go outside of these arms do his own wake and Abraham messed up his family actually Abraham mess up the whole wide world okay you look at what Abraham did okay Lucifer you had it all you tried to go outside those arms you messed it up rich young ruler treasure in heaven come follow me you lost it all because you could not stay inside those arms and see that the greatest reward is for those inside the arms and that you delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart can we say that verse together say that verse with me delight yourself in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart every single one of us who is outside the arms of God will never find our desires will never will never ever ever find our desires but inside the arms of God it all works what I want to do now is I want us to practice what I just preached okay instead of just concluding just with a prayer I'm gonna invite our wonderful fantastic music team who is somewhere around here okay come on up here and we're gonna spend sing a nice song together it's been just five ten minutes in prayer a little bit because like I said like honestly like let me just be honest now this the most important message that I've ever preached in my life and I'm not saying your salvation you're gonna lose yourself I'm not saying it like that but what I'm saying is the rest of your life let me say this not your salvation but your satisfaction for the rest of your life depends on you getting this because it is way too easy to live a life of my will and like I said dress it up with some verses and put some sprinkles and pray around and we don't want that we want to do want to stand together we want to say God not my will but thy will let's stand together maybe we can dim some of those lights in the back there please let's take a minute just close our eyes I know that we're standing in front of our Father just like the picture was earlier standing in front of our father with arms open wide inviting us to come into his bosom and delight ourselves in him I see the King of glory coming on the clouds where fire the whole sheiks whole earth shakes people see the people's how's it I see a generation rising up to take them yourself with selfless faith I see and the Oh show me everything I am for your kingdoms Oh thank you all of our heart for opening your arms for us and inviting us to come in and be like a little child in your arms and delight ourselves in you Lord we repent for all the times that we really we said we wanted your will but you know and we know that we were lying to ourselves and we were holding on to our own way Lord we repent of that now Lord and we pray that you would help us to change and as you and the garden Lord found like supernatural strength I pray Lord you would give us the same strength to be able to surrender the things that we've been holding on for years and and and and we convinced ourselves that they're from you but they're not from you they're all from me I pray Lord that you would like we just sang together that you would raise up a generation that you would revive us Lord a generation of people to really go back to the beginning of what it means to follow you and not just it to wear a cross and just to say Christian things and and do Christian things but to really follow you and deny ourselves and to say where you lead me I follow and not my will but as you will help us Lord to really delight ourselves in you trusting 100% that you as a father loved to give us the desires of our heart when we do that and we delight ourselves in you we love you so much Lord we thank you and we pray Lord you never let us to be like this rich fool that thinking that we know better than you and thinking that we know what's best for ourselves and and and and giving up what you want for the sake of what we want knowing and only just leave us empty raise up a generation Lord raise up a generation of people who really wants to follow you more than anything else we praise you and we love you so much Lord we thank you for this time and thank you for every person who's here and I prayed you give them special special special strength and courage to make that decision not as I will but as you will Lord we pray all these things in the name of our Lord and our God and our Savior Jesus Christ with the prayers of all your saints here says we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil 1 in Christ Jesus our Lord for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen