God's Ethics - Part 4 - Watch Your Mouth!


good morning everybody welcome to the well here at STS a it's great to see so many people who are joining us for the first time I see a lot of new faces and it's also great to see so many people who were joining us for the first time throughout this series and coming back for more that makes me really really happy to see and my hope and my prayer is that we're not just coming back for a good time and just kind of enjoy ourselves but really the message of this series is really sinking in and what is the message of this series for those who are or just joining us we're in part 4 of a five-part series called God's ethics and just a little recap of what it is that we're talking about to catch you up to speed there's a verse that comes to us from a book it's called the decay alright and the book of the decay is one of the earliest earliest earliest earliest earliest writings in all of Christianity predating even most of the scriptures of the New Testament and in it is written was written by the guys the Twelve Apostles those who knew Christ the best and in it the very very very beginning sentence the very first thing they said when they said we need to document some of the things about our time with Jesus we spent three years with him we ate with dinner with him we saw him do miracles we heard teachings he saw so many different things from him let's write down some of the things that we learned they put together a small little booklet first sentence which summarizes the entire ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in one sentence is this there are two ways one of life and one of death and a great difference between those two ways they said very very simply I'm not judging you and you're not judging me no one is judging anybody but in this world there are two roads and one road leads to life and one road leads today and there's a great difference between those two ways and for those who are here the first week I told the story about how one time several years ago I was on my way to visit someone in a city called West / Maryland and as I was driving or I should say as I was sleeping while my driver that my friend was driving the car I fell asleep in the car and we were supposed to stay on 50 the whole way 50 East 50 East 50 East 50s to get a city called West over Maryland I fell asleep my driver apparently fell asleep too on the directions and he ended up on his own not on 50 301 north and I'm thinking that we're going east he's going north and we're sitting there driving around we're singing songs and we're having a good time and we start asking directions where's west over Maryland say what's west over Maryland and then we stopped at another gas station where's west over Marin what's West over Maryland we say we're not close to west over Maryland they said son you ain't even close to Maryland itself you're in Delaware right now and we realized at that moment in time that even though don't miss this pier that even though we thought in our minds that we were on the right Road in our minds everything was fine everything and as far as we knew I'm sure there were signs that said you're not on 50 but we weren't paying attention I'm sure if we had checked a map would have told you not on the right Road but we were just kind of enjoying life and live in life and every single minute that we were driving we were getting further and further and further from the destination that trip cost me okay I'm supposed to be a three-hour trip ended up being closer to six hours because I ended up losing an hour and change each direction getting lost frustrated me severely why Lord Jesus Christ told us that at the end of this life some people will be frustrated as well because they'll find the same thing happened to them now was this verse here from Matthew chapter 7 verse 21 through 23 what I say is always the scariest verse in all the scriptures when Jesus says not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father in heaven not everyone who says to me Lord will enter but he who lives out the life that my father desires and then it says many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name cast out demons new name done many wonders in your name that I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness simply put many people will come to say we're supposed to get into this place called Westover Maryland and they say actually you're on the wrong road say no no it was we were happy and we were content and we didn't freak out or we didn't think we're on the wrong road is to say sorry I'm the gas station attendant guy there's nothing I can do you ain't in Westover man you ain't on route 50 as much as I desire to put you on route 50 you ain't on route 50 and there's nothing that I can do at this point time to put you on route 50 because you missed and Saintes gonna happen at the end of this world and it's why it says the scary part that word many the many people's gonna show up on the kingdom's door and knock knock say okay let me in say excuse me you not here say no no no no no I'm here I said no you lived your whole life on this road like this the bad road you lived your whole life on this road and an entrance to heaven is that road I'm not judging you I'm telling you on the wrong road you say never know I went to church every Sunday I went to church listen to sermons read a cross around my neck at a cross tattooed and crosses all over the place I made the sign of the Cross every time I say God bless you to people whose knees I have a good heart I have a good heart that's everyone has a good heart right I have a good heart say sorry it's not a choice I'm not telling you I don't want you in here I'm telling you you are on the wrong road that's why what this series is is a stop the car rolled out in the window and asked the man at the gas station ask the man at the gas station okay you have a gas station intended in front of you okay and we're rolling down the window and we're saying wait a minute mind the right Road or not on the right Road we're supposed to be doing here I know I think I'm on the right Road but Jesus the road that you set the path that you laid not what we have watered it down to be today that's what we're looking is how we have watered down his road to our own standards we looked at the last two weeks about sexuality like our view of sex and sexuality and how we took Jesus's command all right and we watered it down so much and he says not only committing adultery but he looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery in his heart we talked about that the last week talking about anger he says it's not just people who murder if anyone who's angry with his brother whether there is a cause or without a cause anyone who holds anger and grudges and bitterest and resentment that one has already committed murder with that person in his heart and we saw Jesus's standard was completely different than ours completely different well we're looking at in his series there's a statement that I read I said at the very first week says if a person is wrong about being right with God then ultimately it doesn't matter what else he's right about agreed if a person is wrong about being right with God then it really doesn't matter what else he may be right about because if you're wrong about that that's all that matters the number one thing that distinguishes the road of death from the road of life like if we had to boil it down told you all in the first week the number one thing that distinguishes the road of death from the road of life I boil it down it's not an action it's a mindset it's your view towards sin and for those who hear that first week I'm sorry I'm doing a little review here but that's gonna make sure this is fresh in our minds the way the road of death the path of death says that sin remember I talked about ethics versus obedience okay remember that ethics is the way of the world the way of death if ethics says that sin is a line that's somebody your ethics professor drew a line in the sand and said this is wrong and this is right your parents drew a line in the sand said this is wrong this is right Oprah doctor field whatever Superstar says this is wrong and this is right anyone determines whatever they want to be right and whatever they want to be wrong some people say no kissing no touching no smelling each other before my marriage that's the line of ethics and some people say actually the line is kiss and stuff but not too much stuff and some people say no even the stuff any stuff outside of sex is okay before marriage some people say you know what even if it is sex just make sure you have sex with only one person before marriage then you're okay whose line is right if it's ethics whose line when we were kids the ethical line I Love Lucy was what you could show on TV was nothing and now you see where the line is today what they could show on TV I can't watch a commercial with my family without turn in the channel get commercials everyone has a different line that's the ethical viewpoint we don't believe in ethics we believe in obedience and the obedience doesn't say that sin is a line don't cross it obedience says that sin is a slope and it's a dangerous slope and every step down that slope is a slippery one and you never know where you gonna hit slip you're gonna fall all the way down that mountain so we say obedience doesn't say sex or no sex drink one drink or two drinks or ten drinks or 15 drinks or just drink we don't drive obedience doesn't say any of that what obedience says is is if there's something dangerous man stayed the heck away remember the example that I gave if my son wants to ride his bike on the mountain all right and he says it's fun to ride your bike on Mountain how close can I get to the edge can I get 10 feet ain't get 5 feet can I get 3 feet no son I love you too much you ain't allowed to ride on the mountain because every time you ride on that mountain could be the last time that you ever ride again so because I love him I'm gonna tell him stays far away from that mountain because God loves us he says stay away from lust even the lust in here cuz that could be the last one stay away from anger even in here because that could be the last one traveling the road of life is not about what you do it's about a mindset that you approach life and approach sin and today our topic for today is the epitome the epitome of what I just said about a mindset versus an action because today what we're gonna talk about we're going to talk about as you see the title of our talk today is watch your mouth we're talking about sins of the tongue and the epitome of something that Jesus says is wrong don't do it but in our minds it really isn't that big a deal it's today's topic and I'm gonna test you today on what your true viewpoint on sin is and are you willing to say something is it when something is a big deal to God therefore it's a big deal to me even if I don't get it we'll look at two passages from the Gospel according to st. Matthew Matthew 5 and Matthew 12 first from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5 Jesus says again you have heard that it was said to those of old you shall not swear falsely but you shall perform your oaths to the Lord but I say to you do not swear at all neither by heaven for it is God's throne nor by earth nor his might for it is his footstool nor by Jerusalem for it is the city of the great king nor shall you swear by your head because you cannot make one hair white or black let your yes be yes no no for whatever is more than these is from the evil one Jesus starts to hit on what you say don't just say this be careful what you say and then he fans on a little bit more than Matthew 12 I'm gonna put both passages together verse 36 what I say to you for every idle word men may speak they will give a count of it in the day of judgment those are big words I read that one again that for every idle word not for every bad word for every one word idle what does idle mean nothing it means idle it means worthless it means wasted for every idle word men will give a count of it in the day of judgment and that watch now for by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned what is Jesus saying here again I'm not saying do this or I'm gonna judge you that's not what he's saying he's not saying do this or I'm gonna judge you we talked about all the topics we talked about is not criteria for the kingdom but its conditions for the kingdom and the difference to me is this I'm not saying do this and let me see you do it okay you let in I'm telling you that what does it mean to walk on this road versus walk on this road just like I say if you jump off the Empire State Building I'm not saying I will kill you I'm saying you will die not because I'm choosing to kill you anyone jumps off the Empire State Building I'm gonna kill you you ain't gonna have to you have killed yourself because the law of gravity isn't God isn't judging us God has created the laws and he is warning us of how this world works and he's saying the same thing right here is that your words will determine I can look at you this with this verse saying I can look I not look at you I can listen to you and tell by your words if you're on this path on this path big deal or not big deal big deal a big deal is not a big deal what's the big deal I said a dirty joke what's the big deal it's a little lie I mean I Gosford about so all we're gossiping we were prayer requesting stuff big deal there you don't talk about someone behind his back what's the big deal is it a big deal the way we live our lives according to ethics is a big deal a big deal doesn't matter what you say if you look in the book of Proverbs just the book of Proverbs alone proverbs 60 references to sins over the mouth and sins of the tongue just in the book of Proverbs alone New Testament there's an entire chapter of Scripture which is dedicated to the sins of the tongue and the inability of man to control his tongue James chapter 3 which are those for here for the Divine Liturgy early this morning we read that chapter actually just happen to be that the passage was read today there's passages that talk about like I said idle words by your words to be justified be condemned it has to talk about coarse jesting foolish speaking being a busybody in other people's lives with the stories all these verses you put them all together you put them all together and you see that you know what this is a big deal to God and it may not be to me but you know what Jesus connected whether you like it or don't like it Jesus connected my words with the road of death and with the road of life so I need to pay attention to that today now as I'm said I said my guess is that if I told you we're going to talk about the sins that make a big difference in your Judgment Day this sins to make a big difference whether you're on the path of life or the path of death no one would say this because let's be honest doesn't God got bigger things to worry about than what I'm saying I think I got bigger things to worry about than Who spreading rumor news gossip like got got bigger things like there's like like serial killers talk about them there's like like a rapists bullies in school is terrorists there's people who do 17 items and the 12 items are less late like there's real bad people out there let's talk about those people and let's condemn those people who cares if somebody said a little lie or said a little curse word who cares about a curse word sticks and stones I've got no sticks and stone is it a big deal by ethics no but by god yes we're gonna see why today just a random sampling just so we're on the same page what what falls under this category because this is not just one thing that Jesus said this is a category sins of the tongue I'm talking about gossiping lying slandered coarse jokes meaning like dirty jokes okay there's a whole list of things here's a verse about gossiping it says none of you first Peter 4:15 none of you suffer as a murderer a thief an evildoer or as a busybody in other people's matters look what Peter did here he said I don't want this to happen to any of you I don't want you to be murderers I don't want you to be thieves I don't want you many evil doers I don't want you to be nosy busybody gossip people okay that should be like 16 verses later on the spectrum it should be like all the really bad sins and then like gossipy sins he put him on the same level and put him in the same verse gossip just so we're on the same page of what is gossip because it's very easy very few people would say that I'm a busybody in other people's matters I heard a very nice definition of gossip one time gossip is anytime you are speaking about a matter even if it's true okay so don't say well it's true no it still gossip even if it's true anytime you're speaking about a matter unfavorably towards another person when you are neither part of the problem or part of the solution that's that's the equation that we use it me and you were talking about something if I got a problem with you I can talk to you got a problem may we talk to each other if I got a problem with so-and-so I don't have any reason to talk to you about it cuz you ain't part of the problem are you ain't part of the solution it's gossip lying falls under this category lying we all know the big lies but there's the little lies which fall under the same category the stretching of the truth you know how you fill out that expense sheet that time sheet you know when you know when your wife asks you where were you and why you're late you say was traffic there's five minutes of traffic you're a half hour late so you say was traffic that made me late it wasn't that you just laid on your own the little things that we stretch here neg sins of the tongue slandered is a sin of the tongue what slander we think of slander as what the politicians do on the commercials and we say we don't slander anybody no you slander you know you slander you slander when you assume you remember what your mama taught you about assuming when you assume the motivations and intentions of other people that's slander oh you know why she did this not tell you why she did this was she oh yeah he may have said if I tell you he really meant this and you see how yeah but this is what they meant that's slander you're slandering something you are making an assumption about somebody's motivation or intentions you don't have the faintest idea about you're slandering that person also will falls under this category is when we take somebody's sin because we all have sin and the Bible says that we are to cover one another sin but we don't cover one another sin what do we do with it we expand one another's sin we cover our own and we expand one another's that Bible says we should do the opposite okay we should make a big deal out of our own and little deal out of others we do the opposite swearing all right swearing kind of has two categories there's like the cursing okay the bad words all right and then there's like the swearing like swearing like saying I swear all right and James addressed that just he quoted our Lord Jesus Christ he says this in James 5:12 says but above all my brethren do not swear so anyone and I know a lot of us we don't do these things intentionally but it bothers me I don't say bothers me but I don't like when people say I swear this and even if you have not the bad intentions but the Bible says clearly don't swear it so don't swear okay do not swear either by heaven about earth or with any other oath but let your yes be yes and your no no lest you fall into judgment again it connected it with the two paths you know why we swear it you know what if they no I swear I swear I swear you know why we say it because of what I said earlier because we lied and because our yes is not yes and our no is not no and our word has lost its value so we have to say bad things like I swear and we say these things but if we stuck with the standard of my yeses yes I'm I know we don't have to do these things here's the one that all of us okay I mean it makes it as clear as possible Ephesians five three fornication all on cleanliness and covenants let it not be named among key okay that I'm findeth we talked about that fornication but he says always in addition to that neither filthiness nor foolish talking nor coarse jesting which are not fitting clearly God standard for our words are far cry from ours why why why is it a big deal to God like why does he make such a big deal out of what we say well the answer is this why does it matter to God because the truth is whether you admit it or don't admit it our words are a reflection of our hearts our words are a reflection of our hearts and this is not my opinion this is what Jesus said himself remember the verse I showed you in the beginning about how by your words you'll be justified by your words will be condemned when to go back to verses to get the context of that verse because you didn't see the context of it started in verse 34 when Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things and that's what he said for every idle word you will pay account for because by your words be justified and by your words you'll be condemned sometimes a girl will come to me I met the greatest guy in the world the greatest boy whole wide world he's smart and he's funny and he's so handsome he reminds me a lot of you of course you know he's got it like everything going for him I say that's great you know I'm happy for you is he close to God does he love God let's just say well you know I don't really know we've only been out like four or five times you know my answer is oh you know you don't know no you know you don't know I know lady sister because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and if he was close to God you would know it because a heart that is on fire for God comes out the mouth what we talked about reveals what we care about you talk about again let's say you just met someone new oh he talks about his career all I talks about is his job his boss his coworker that person value success value career value money value all those things you meet somebody who all they talk about is like what they can do on the weekend or they how they skip out of work that person values comfort you meet a guy then talk about anything you know how you he values being a guy okay that's a very enjoyable to the heart the mouth speaks and a heart that is on fire for God you will know it cannot be contained I know this is myself I see it sometimes be frustrated I'll be frustrated with one of my children and I'm frustrated but I'm not gonna let him show it I'm not gonna show it I'm gonna hold it in and you think oh it comes out doesn't it parents it comes out you try to hold it you can't hold it because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks you can hold it for a minute or two minutes or three minutes did you ain't holding much longer after that a relationship a husband and wife which has lost the passion which he's just going through the mode let's flip it and make the husband that holds the bad guy when she's just going through the motion where she's checked out she could say all the same words my husband's do you feel it because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks it just comes a matter of time until the words reveal the truth about the heart so the truth of the matter is what we care about is not the words we care about the heart but the words signify the heart so here's what we're gonna do now I found there's a lot of verse in the scripture to speak about what about your tongue and the sins of the tongue I want to choose one verse that can be our gold standard of what it is that we are going to strive to obey all the other verses I showed you talk about the dangers I want one verse that gives me the gold standard as a standard what does it mean my tongue would be according to Jesus's danger Ephesians 4:29 and listen to what Ephesians 4:29 says we're gonna memorize this verse okay at least the important parts of it let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth say that with me say it after me let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth but what is good for necessary edification now you go that it may impart grace to the ears again let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth but what is good for necessary edification that it may impart grace to the ears two components here a negative and a positive we're gonna stop something on the negative we're gonna start something on the positive the negative side is no corrupt work we are committing today and you see on your handout there this is what we're gonna sign at the bottom okay because we're making a commitment to strive for God's standard the first half of God's standard no corrupt work no corrupt word come out of my mouth no corrupt word you know what the word corrupt means if I say I got an apple that's corrupt or a banana that's corrupt what's corrupt mean means rotten it means stinky it means its presence on the table means I need to wash the table you walk into a room with corrupt food and it stinks up the whole place I need my mouth not to spew out corrupt words stinky words words that when I leave the room people gotta open a window because of the words that spoke out of my mouth I need that when I leave a conversation no corrupt word leaves out that people do not feel dirty after listening to my speech but on the flip side the positive not just to stop a negative but a positive my goal is to impart grace to yours see how Jesus does this is everything we talked about the last two weeks is the same thing here not just to stop a negative because we're not just trying to define a line of don't cross this line stay on this side of the line forget the line we're climbing a mountain my goal is not to take any negative steps no corrupt word but then on the positive side that my speech would impart grace to the years what is impart grace to hearers mean I'll show you a good verse here for you here's a verse to memorize as well very simple proverbs 18:21 death and life are in the power of the tongue proverbs gives you just something small but death and life are in the power of the tongue what Jesus is saying here I'm sorry what King Solomon is saying right here is that your words are stronger than you realized in the New Testament James chapter 3 like I said we read it earlier today James talks about your tongue as like a fire actually not like a fire like a match he said your tyre your your tongue is something small something minuscule but it can set the whole world on fire and like a fire your tongue once it sets um once something gets out once I light this stage on fire so couldn't put the fire back in my pocket no doesn't work that way once you set it on fire that fire spread that fire becomes self-sufficient and it goes and expands all by itself I meant to just light a small little piece of the stage on fire I don't work that way your words are the same way something small came out it's what you ended up with because the world is set on fire by your tongue death and life are in the power of the tongue how powerful are words a father can go to his son and say two words three words conjunction you are worthless and those three words can impact that child for the rest of his life agree high school girl and is something that's a true story high school girl can hear people saying words about her reputation here where people are saying the gossip to say about her and those words have the power to drive her into depression and take her life and commit suicide and that's a true story words are powerful on maybe an easier note friends spouses the stuff you say to one another let me separate them spouses the stuff wives know specifically why because husbands probably surely they don't say anything okay that's usually the problem wives you think you are pushing him to be a better man with the nagging the complaining you ain't pushing him to be a better man you are killing him you are sticking a knife in his self-esteem you are killing yourself actually you're killing your own marriage you think that by beating him down you're building him up you're destroying him with your words and you're destroying your own marriage and then II hope you haven't you can blame him the rest of eternity and in the end it was your words because in your words is the power of death and life friends we laugh we joke haha nobody ever says hey what you said hurt my feelings none of your friends will ever tell you that and I guarantee you they'll come tell me them and we don't realize that but in our words there's the power of death in life so what are we gonna do about it as I was preparing this message I really felt this message that God wants to deliver this message to us as a church like specifically us as a church we need this message we need this message and here's what our we talked about the negative side and what we're not gonna do no corrupt word we talked about how death comes from our tongue how are we gonna bring life from our tongue one thing I'm gonna say one action item and you I could list you 50 action names but one action item and we're gonna agree together that we are going to strive to do this and we are not only or we're gonna see is that when we do this we're gonna be the prime recipients of it as well because every little bit that we give in this area is gonna come back to us one hundredfold and I'll show you why here's our commitment together I will seek to affirm others I will seek to do what ladies and gentlemen I will seek to I will seek to affirm others I will seek no corrupt word but I'm gonna impart grace to here's I'm gonna make the hearers better after listening to me how I'm going to be proactive I'm gonna leave this room here today and I'm on a mission to affirm somebody to affirm somebody important somebody I just met I'm gonna affirm some what's affirming affirm literally like literally means like if you make an affirmation you were saying something is true so something I affirmed it means a certain belief or a certain idea I'm saying yes I validate this is to a true idea every single person in this room me first and foremost every single person in this room there's one person who exempt from what about to see every single person in this room has insecurities about something every single person I'm telling you I stand up here you see on the most confident on the most bold on the most whatever I'm tell you I have insecurities I hide it just like you hide yours no one goes around wearing their insecurities on their sleeve we would step on those kind of people in society so we hide it we mask it we laugh about it we joke about it we funny well guys we talk deep truth is we're all insecure and here's the thing about insecurity I don't have the power to solve my own but you do you know that spot on your back you can't but for somebody else breezy right all of us I can't but each other I can't solve my own security if I did if I could have I would have but I can't don't you can't solve your insecurities but you could solve mine and I can solve yours and we're making a decision as a church family to date and we're going to help we each one another with their insecurities every single person this room is insecure about something a relationship that you're walking on eggshells around insecure you're standing at work your career your like success a spiritual a goal and appearance a financial like everyone is insecure about something everyone feels little in some area of life and God says no you're not little you're big and it's my job to affirm that mothers cuz you know what happens when I say I'm small and God says you're big usually I'm like well got to know he's talking about but then if you come and say no you know what you are valuable now you know what I actually I think very highly of you you know what I appreciate you more than you realize how good did that feel huh like all of us right now as I'm saying people like how good is that feeling I'm not even talking any of you I don't know if Auggie specific into you but just the words I'm letting them run over my ears it feels good imagine if someone pulled me aside and said hey I appreciate you I value you I think you are worthwhile you think you're worthless I think you are worth a lot more than that you know what happens when you affirm one another you know what happened you know who you are when you affirm and encourage and appreciate and stick whatever words you want to you know who you are you know you become who is the most affirming person in the universe you're Jesus cuz that's all Jesus did he went to people who felt doubt who felt like nothing and he picked him up true story make you laugh a little bit talk about how importance of our words uh three weeks ago or four weeks ago I think was three weeks ago I did something I never done before something that I had always wanted to do it was kind of a little mini dream come true for me I coached the football geek my son plays flag football all right and he's got a coach and an assistant coach both of them were out of town this Saturday so he asked if me and another one of the dads Kurt okay who I don't see him here today but me and Kurt's kids on the same team he asked if we could like sub in to be the coaches Kurt took the defense I took the offense and this was my for those who know like people say what do you do when you grow up what I'm gonna be when I grew up my dreams to be a coach I honestly think I'd be a very good coach and I like this is my dream I'm telling you I woke up early this Saturday morning I woke up early I did my prayer did my quiet time I came out Mary Ann breakfast right there I said I had the best quiet time in the world she says really what what what happened I was like I came up with a three or four new plays okay we're gonna run misdirections we're gonna run Michael off it and of course because it's my son because I'm coaching who should be quarterback Michael I wouldn't you be the quarterback for the week okay yeah well let you be the quarterback this is my dream come true okay and in addition all the stars were lining up for Vince Lombardi here to take over the world as the greatest coach when coach of the year because our team hadn't won a game and we were playing the other team that I'd never won a game so this is our golden opportunity we are going to stomp on these guys and a whole I took the coach's playbook I threw that away drew my own set of plays okay again featuring my own son as the highlight of it I even wore a hack I never wear hats I came downstairs I promise you I've been married 13 years I never said this before in my life I said Mary Anne how's his hat look on me you said why are you wearing I said I makes me feel like more of a coach because I had something to throw her you know I mean so like I'm ready got my clipboard like and I am psyched psyched psyched for this day is October 25th was the Saturday that I remember game starts off we start with the bowl all right and I'm I'm ready to roll with these guys first plate we fumbled the ball in the end zone we get a safety okay so we give up a Sage's they score to nothing fumbles happen a lot in this league so they score to nothing I said it's okay guys we get them right back they get the ball we tackle them in their end zone to tube we never been this close at any game to history the season to two we get the ball back and I say guys we are marching down this field and I'm telling you I'm telling you my son Michael drop back hit James across the middle James dodged one guy boom to the end zone we were now winning seven I'm sorry nine to two we were winning nine to two we were up I'm jumping I'm racing all over the ecstatic nine to two we lost 37 nine not only that not only that not only that it was a double-header we have two games okay guys we'll finish this like we'll get the next game we find out who's the team were playing in the next game same team 25 nothing in them second game so we've now been outscored by total of 62 9 and the 9 we got in the first minute we haven't scored for 3 hours you can imagine how these kids were feeling you can imagine how the coach was feeling as well ok this is my one shining moment these kids were down and kids are faking injuries and kids are quitting and I don't man I'm just trying to just rally the troops and rally the troops so I pull these guys by the end of it realize we're not gonna score points ok this is very clear we are not gonna score we're probably not gonna stop them from scoring as well only beg for mercy is all our hope is I pulled these kids aside I said look here kids I played basketball for three years from sixth grade through eighth grade we didn't win one game for three years but we fought our guts out and we had more fun than any other team and we laughed and we joked because we knew that no matter what the score was we were gonna have fun and we were still good and eventually look what can become of us and I've tried to pick him up and anyway I couldn't and I said after that moment in time because they were all down you know what I'm just gonna incur whatever play happens I said I'm just gonna be happy hey that's okay Joey you know we'll get him next time it's okay hey Patrick that's good next time forward not backward we'll try to go and I mean hey don't worry about holding on to that ball it's unimportant just give it to the other guy that's fine no matter what it is I said I would pick these guys up and I'm telling you I don't want to say it I'll put words in other kids mouth but I'm telling you this was the best day football they ever had I'm telling you we got our brains beaten out okay but man we had a good time and I don't want to say that the kids would rather me than the other coach but we'll just I mean we'll just leave that one as kind of editorial here's my point here's what I discovered at that moment in time those kids none of them are here right now so forgive me but I'm not to say they stink but here's where I discovered that date they know they stink they didn't need somebody else to tell them you stink they know they stunk they needed somebody to tell them that even though you stink I still care about you you're still a valuable person my eyes you know what I promise you the people that you are the big kids the adults are no different than the little ones you don't think the people around you know their weaknesses you don't think they know that they stink they don't need you to point out that they stink they know they stink their boss tell them they stink their husband tell them they stink their kids tell them they stink the whole world tells them you stink where needs tell them that way to tell them it even though you stink at this area I still think you have value but you may stink at work but you're valuable at home and even at home you may stink at certain areas of home but you are very valuable in other areas as a friend you stink at remembering my birthday you're the worst but when I tell you you are the best at making me feel like a million bucks isn't that what Jesus did to people do you saw a man named Zacchaeus whole world tell him you stink you stink you stink you're bad you don't care about us and Jesus said Zacchaeus I see value in you and Zacchaeus changed his life lady was caught in adultery caught in adultery and they all said you stink you're don't worthy to live decent I see value in you what you did is wrong what you did is wrong but that doesn't make you a bad person me I go I keep going I talk about the thief on the right I talk about the Samaritan woman I talk about Levi Matthew the tax collector as well I talk about every I talk about Peter boneheaded Peter boneheaded pee who made one boneheaded mistake after another and couldn't get out of his own way do you said even though you stink in so many areas Peter I'm gonna build my church on you because I see value in you Jesus affirmed him look what it did to Peter no corrupt word impart grace you know what grace is or the standard definition that we make of grace is Grace is a gift of God so when you impart grace when you affirm one another you are God to that person you are giving them something that is not your own something that is from God last verse proverbs 10 11 the mouth of the righteous is a well of life this is gonna be us you tell me is this gonna be us I'm telling you I'm standing in front of you they say I'm committing that my mouth would be a well of life I'm gonna fall all right and you're gonna forgive me when I fall and I'm gonna forgive you and youthful but I'm gonna strive that I'm not gonna go idle words that are not gonna go corrupt words that my mouth is going to be a wellspring of life that I'm going to use any opportunity I can to build somebody up to affirm somebody to encourage somebody and see the power of those words like I said Jesus saw a Samaritan woman lady by the side of a well spoke a few simple words to her simple word wasn't anything profound or anything like it wasn't a long conversation simple words changed her life for him Peter st. Peter I talked about a minute ago stood up on the day of Pentecost said if he worked few words about Jesus you killed him he rose few words history was never the same after that world was upside down I get many bad examples I give you a good example teacher a teacher and again this is a true story go to a child struggling in her class says I believe in you not knowing that that child has never heard those words before she didn't know that said I believe in you and I'm telling you that phrase I believe in you like crack cocaine for that child change his whole life was addicted doing anything he could to keep her believing in him this is what we're gonna be y'all agree with me it's who we're gonna be and let me tell you how we're gonna be this we are going to be people who are going to walk on this road of life cuz that's our goal that's all in the end nothing else matters in the end the world may and even the world and then four billion you go outside and get hit by a bus today you always live your life as if you can get hit by a bus the next day that's you always live your life you go outside get hit by a bus I need to be on this road of life and if I didn't get hit by a bus you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna extend this road of life to as many people again what to all the people on the sidewalk come join my work I'm gonna build people up I'm gonna encourage people I'm not gonna let my words tear people down but I'm not gonna be content to just not tear down I'm gonna strive to build people up with my words and I'm gonna strive to do that not just to the people that I know but even to the people that I don't know just yesterday just yesterday if I if I could I see here all day and tell you stories like this just yesterday somebody told me that God puts somebody on their heart meaning that someone's name just popped in their mind or just popped in inside just someone's name and a simple call to this person a simple hey let's get together and catch up which you didn't even think anything of it may have changed the course of eternity for this person I'm telling you the truth I'm not just man just told us someone yesterday a simple phone call may have changed the course of eternity for somebody you can realize these things you say when I was just a conversation there's just a phone call just I'm telling you for that person you don't know so that's why we're going to do is we're not just going to encourage our friends we're and absolutely encourage our friends we're gonna affirm the people that we know but we are going to be spirit led people we're gonna be people that a random person who I sit next to is say you know what that boy I haven't seen that boy in a while hey you know what I miss you I haven't seen you a month I'm happy that you're here today you don't know what those words might do for that person you know know what those words might do for that person you know what sometimes what stresses me out when I get stressed out as the church grows and the church grows and the church grows and it's great - the church grows that's the best thing in the world because that means people are finding Christ there's nothing better as the church grows I'm kind of a control freak so how are we gonna keep track of everyone how we're gonna how many times I call that person now I wanna make sure I won't lose track of that guy I'm gonna keep everyone keep every word you know what I discovered I can't but you know what that's not a good system anyway coming up with a system to keep track of everyone is not a good system you know what a better system is we need all the members of the body of Christ to be two things number one led by the Spirit of God and number two another value of their words and if every single person in this room is led by God and is in tune with God and his walking this path of life and they know the value of their words and then God doesn't need me to call every single person in this room God put someone in your heart the most random person call that person or we don't call text them or Facebook them or whatever just now forget it just talk to the person okay talk to them use your mouth every now and then because it's words not okay doesn't say death and life from the power of the fingers isn't in the tongue okay use your mouth talk to that person you never know God put someone in my heart and you know what sometimes sometimes I'll be just walking and someone comes in my mind hey that's a god thing use that as an opportunity to pick someone up to affirm someone on your handout you have a covenant all right every week what we're doing is we're challenging ourselves not to keep God's standard okay I'm not signing it means I'm never gonna fall but I will always strive for that standard and I'm challenging you to commit to God's standard for your mouth I'm gonna say one story now I'm gonna finish and I'm done and it's a story of a man who had a vision and then the same day this man had a vision of heaven and of Hell let's start with help first he saw him and he saw down there as you can imagine a horrible scene people suffering people miserable he said everyone was was like like a very malnourished like skinny skin and bones diseases like rotting away in the flesh every single person was dirty was stinky was disgusting and the reason why he said in hell everyone had stiff arms okay no one could bend their arms so no one could feed themselves no one could bathe themselves everyone's arms were stiff and therefore all them were withering away because they couldn't do anything for themselves now heaven saw a picture of heaven heaven exact opposite as you can imagine everyone's smiling everyone full of health full of life full of joy laughing joking everyone in heaven seemed perfectly healthy and then he noticed something they also had the same stiff arms or they couldn't feed themselves and they couldn't do anything for themselves so what's there between heaven and hell is in heaven and heaven they didn't feed themselves they fed others in heaven they didn't take care of themselves that took care of others and others took care of them stiff arms I'm a view that as our words and now I'm gonna say how what you choose like I said your words cannot pick you up you can try but your words can't pick you up but they can pick someone else up you choose whether you're gonna live in heaven or help on this earth you choose whether if they's gonna be a day in heaven they are sorry start with a day in hell what you're just trying to pick yourself up and use the other people who can't pick themselves up and you just worrying about how you get to yourself whoa are you gonna live in heaven today and you say I can't do anything about my own insecurities but I can do something about yours I can't do anything to pick myself up but I can do something to pick you up and that's when truly this church will become heaven that's when truly this place will be heaven on earth and like I told you before when to beat people away with a stick to get them they've not walked through these doors when we are using our words to encourage to affirm to appreciate each one pick one another up let's stand together for a prayer please in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen Lord we're asking you from the bottom of our heart that you would help us to strive for the standard that you have set and everything in life but especially today in the area of our mouth Lord so many times things slip out of our mouths we didn't even notice and before we've even finished saying it already had a negative effect and set the world on fire lord I pray that she would allow us to have like hearts that are full of grace that we may impart grace to others hearts full of love that we may show love to others let this church let the people who are standing in this room right now to be to be the most encouraging the most supportive the most affirming people in the universe and then let it come back to them in their own life and let and let other people come to them and do the same thing for them Lord you told us by our words to be justified of our words will be condemned pray Lord you'd help us to start taking account of our words and living to your standard in this area we pray this in the name of your son our Lord Jesus Christ and with the prayers of all your saints here as Lord as we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one in Christ Jesus our Lord for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen thank you all very much have a great week