Can You See Him Now? - Part 2 - God is Love


it's just me you're nothing for me this is not fun did you see him now yeah thank you so much can you see him now welcome everybody get some lights there there we go welcome everybody to the second weekend that can you see him now series I'm excited that so many people are joining us here today and I see lots of dads here and for all the dads we wish you a very very very Happy Father's Day and we got a perfect message today because today we're gonna talk if you're here just joining us in this series we're talking about the characteristics of God and knowing who God is and what we agreed in the very beginning is that as it says there on your handout that the most telling characteristic about a man is what his view of God is and we agreed last week that our view of God and who we think he is is going to affect us in more ways than we realize and every week in this series we're gonna look at a different aspect of who God is and try to understand that aspect because if we don't have a proper view of God as I said last week told the story about Jim and Jane if you all remember it about a boy who liked a girl and a girl who liked a boy but the boy thought that the girl hated him and a girl thought that the boy hated her so because of that perception in their mind a good thing almost didn't happen and it wasn't until they got past the misperceptions and understood who each one really was that this great relationship happened and I believe the same is true for many of us in our relationship with God oftentimes it's not who God is that stops us from relating to him it's who we think he is and today we're gonna talk about the aspect of God that is most important and is the one that is the most confusing for so many and the one we have the most percent misperceptions on we're talking about the love of God and we're talking about how God is love and like I said it's the perfect message for Father's Day because we can talk about true fatherly love and what does that mean we say that God is love our prayer for these next few weeks if you all remember is Matthew chapter 20 verse 33 those blind guys by the side of the road Jesus walked by and this blind guy said Lord that our eyes may be opened and the Bible says that Jesus touched them and gave them their I said that's our prayer as Jesus is walking by every Sunday from 11:30 to 12:30 he's gonna walk by here and as he walks by when I say Lord that our eyes may be opened and we're praying each week he touches us and allows us to see him in a new way and experience him in a new way all right you guys ready Before we jump into today's topic we're going to play a little game from my childhood called name that tune y'all know name that tune all right i'ma play an audio clip just the music not the words because the words would give it away obviously and we're gonna see who can recognize this song all right shout it out if you got it all right we'll do this as main a few beats as possible ready all right and you young uns I'm going back through the time machine on this one okay so we're going back back back old-school here ready Wow is impressive anyone else get that try again for those who didn't hear what she said anybody other than this smart lady in the front was younger than all of us here make him feel nobody a little more John y'all know this song who sang the song Dionne Warwick but did you know she actually did a remix of it there was another lady who sang it before that Beyonce I have to check my notes on now Beyonce it is alright whatever Beyonce it is what the world needs now is love sweet love great tune that you cannot listen to without doing like this alright and if you didn't do like this then you don't know the song because you can't listen to this song like this you gotta listen to this song like this because it's a great message and what it says is exactly as you see right there what the world needs now is love sweet love then it goes on to say Lord we don't need another mountain there are mountains enough to climb and seas enough to swim whatever whatever whatever what the world needs now is love sweet love and I don't think that there's anybody in the world who would disagree with this message that we need more love in the world agree everyone agree we need more love agree you don't agree you know why because if I gave you three wishes today and I say I'll give you any three wishes that you want I bet you that no one would say the world needs more love we'd say give me this at work we'd say fix this problem at home we'd say fix this illness or this disease or whatever it may be or this problem in my life but even though we agree that what the world needs now is love sweet love like let's imagine for one second imagine for one second about the world we could take like a injection of love okay just a love and just inject it and let's start let's start simple let's say our homes let's say you go to our homes and you just take a big dose of love and you're not nuts not inject let's dump a big bucket of love on top of that home so that the kitchen is full of love the bedroom is full of love the family room is full of love the the basement is full of over abounding and someone walks in this house may get hit in the face say this is the most loving house in the whole wide world how would that have changed your day this today how would that have changed your childhood growing up let's go bigger let's go your office building let's say someone comes and applies for a job in your office building and first thing that they see all around it's evident is men these people in this office just like all of your places of business any people really love each other and I can see very clearly that the boss loves the person and the person loves the co-worker and everyone loves everyone in this place what would go into work look like and what would your problems look like if that characterized your workplace your schools how about we go even bigger how about we go just down the street right here this direction we go into Washington DC we go to the Capitol building let's say you attended a session of Congress and you walked out of there and said man I have never seen more love than I seen in that place would the world look the same today me me go on United Nations Middle East World Cup Brazil imagine if really there was more love in the world then I think all the things that we said that we want to pray about I don't think we need to pray about them as much anymore if really the world had more love in it so here's the question that we need to ask ourselves at the start if you want more love and I want more love and everyone in the world wants more love the Republicans and the Democrats want more love and everyone wants more love how come there isn't more love everyone wants more love you think anyone's walking around saying we need less love in this place why isn't there more love I think the problem is we don't understand love I don't think the problem is that we don't want more love I think the problem is we don't have a clear definition of what love is and each one of us with so many things in life this is what we do we make up a definition in our mind I never met a person who considered themselves not loving we all have a definition in our mind of what love is and we defined love a certain way and then we go around and operate based on that love and that love is that definition our mind is completely subjective we go around and say I love you I will go around and think that we're loving people but then somehow there's a disconnect husband say a husband would say I love my wife so much and I show her how much I love her every single day and the wife come and say I never felt and loved in my life what happened I'm showing her I love her she's waiting for me to tell her I love her problem someone says they're poor people in the street we need to show them love by feeding them and someone come right behind them and say no we need to show them love by not enabling them what's love is this love or is that love is love tough or is love kind is love always giving or is love know when to cut off problem is in life is we each invent our own definition of love and here you know what your definition of love is usually based on your behavior like here's how I behave and then I say this is love and then you behave this way you say okay this is love because no one wants to walk around and say that I'm an unloving person so we define love in our own subjective way and this is why we struggle to find love in the world because we're not defining it in the same way let's go systematically here about what love is in the sake of the world three facts okay this is very logical very straightforward he'll run through these real quick fact number one did I believe tell me if you disagree with me is that every single person in the world is created with a need for love there is a universal need for love that each one of us is programmed inside of us and you need to go very far turn on turn on the TV and watch a movie and you see everyone wants love listen to the songs on the radio by Dionne Warwick or Beyonce or whoever it is that you listen to you'll find 90% of songs out there talking about love and watch any TV show we all of us from the minute that we're born we have this innate need to be cared for to be nurtured to be loved and it's not wrong we don't need to apologize for it and if you want to know where this need for love is in your life today 9 out of 10 times go to the behaviors in your life that you cannot explain and that you hate about yourself and I'm telling you 9 out of 10 times the root of that is a lack of that need for love being filled and it leads us to be years that we hate we don't know why we do it but we do it because that lack of love lack of a need so fact number one there's a universal need for love fact number two just as there's a universal need there is a universal solution to that need and there has to be and you have to believe that because you believe in God and you cannot believe in a God who would create a universal need we're not creating a universal solution so I'm saying that somewhere I didn't get to this somewhere yet we'll get to the solution but I'm just going logic right now if there's six billion people on this planet in need of something then there has to be that's something enough for six billion people somewhere on this planet like if I would create six billion people in need of water I don't create enough water for 6 billion people to drink that I'm a mean God and I'm an unjust God who does not treat people fairly there has to be universal solution to that need and then number three and most important for our purposes today there's a tragic disconnect between the need and the solution meaning you got six billion people here in need of love you have love here to feed six billion people and then you have a little pipe between the two at least what it seems a little like a one-way bridge that's crickety and it's a lot of times the traffic is stopped and you got six billion people here who are in need of something over there but somehow there's a disconnect between the solution and the need draw you a picture let's imagine let's say love is like the ocean is like the water on this planet how much of this planet is waters three-quarters of the earth all right so you got three-quarters of the earth is water all around to the north south east and west is water let's say hypothetically we take all the human beings on this planet all right all six billion of them and we put them in the middle of a piece of land like in middle United States of America where there's no water all around what's in the middle kansas-nebraska Idaho somewhere around there Iowa let's say we put all six billion people between Kansas Idaho and Iowa we put all six billion people right there in the middle of the country with no water all around and all these six billion people are thirsty and in need of drink is there enough water on the planet to give them all drink absolutely 3/4 of the earth is water there's enough water for everyone to swim in to bathe in to wash in and it rains and teeth and all anything that you need there's enough water but the problem is we're all standing they don't see any of it and they can't find any of it so what happens you got six billion people here who are thirsty and then look there's a drop of water out of that tree and then you got six billion people run to fight over this drop and get out of my way for the drop and it'll someone says look there's dew on the grass get out of my way and then go find it a piece of grass to get this little piece of do offer because you got six billion people thinking that they just do or do and drops and fighting over it every scrap and every little drop the whole time not realizing man there's oceans and oceans and it's free and it never runs out and it's always replenishing that's what's called a tragedy it's tragic today that everyone needs something God has more than enough of it but you find people who can't seem to make the connection why can't people connect some people say give him the I never heard of God's love okay some people never heard of God's love some people say that I heard about it but I didn't never seen it in reality I've never seen it with my eyes so therefore I didn't think it was real okay that's fine but I don't think that's the majority of us in this room I don't think it's the majority of us in this room I think the majority of us in this room don't understand God's love and we don't know what we're looking for and because we don't understand it when we step into it we don't even realize that it's right in front of us and that's why our goal today is to come to a bit Lord that our eyes may be open to understand God's love I love this verse from Ephesians chapter 3 verse 17 through 19 st. Paul speaks to the people in Ephesus and he sets them about the love of God is his prayer for them that you being rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God the love of Christ which passes knowledge means what means that we may know a few verses we may sing a few songs we may heard a Sunday School lesson here - about God's love but man if that's all you know about God's love is up here it's like an intellectual knowledge God's love is much bigger than words it's much bigger than lesson I can stand up here and talk all day and all night which I won't but I could and I wouldn't do justice it wouldn't allow you to know the love of God which passes knowledge it's something more than can be comprehended intellectually what i'ma try to do today and as I was praying about this yesterday I realized this is not an easy job and I'm not saying I'm gonna do a good job and do my best job but I can only do so much to describe the love of God and a try a people walk out of here today understanding God's love a little bit better God's love is simple until you understand the depth of it and the bigness of it and then all of a sudden it becomes quite overwhelming so I'm gonna do my best and we're gonna try to talk today about characteristics of God's love but I cannot take God's love and dumb it down into three fillings and you walk out today know God's love God's love is like a huge planet all right a ginormous planet and from here on this side we can see a little bit of it and then you on that side see another side if someone over there see that side and this side this side and we're gonna try to draw some circles and connect some of the dots and understanding God's love a little bit more the God's love is more than something can be understood and something has to be experienced I'll talk about that most important thing that we know about God's love here we go first John chapter 4 verse 8 I said at the beginning there is no objective definition of love I lied there is an objective definition it's given to us in first John chapter 4 verse 8 the Bible says whoever does not love does not know God because God is love so there we've now defined love God is love love is God God is love love is God so they're very simple and straightforward this definition of love doesn't make it easier makes it more complex because if you define love for me as something I wanted something I can hold you just defined it as God which cannot be contained and something that's infinite and eternal and the definition of love just became even that much more complex the way that we're going to look at love again back to the ocean example the ocean let's look at the ocean as God's love because that's a good analogy because the ocean for all practical purposes is infinite it never ever ever ends you keep on going you want to go deeper and you say I've gotten to the bottom no you can still go deeper and you say ok I've got in the deepest spot no you can still go deeper and you say I'm gonna remove all the love I'm gonna take all this water and I'm gonna take it home with me you come back the next day this exact same amount like you cannot remove you cannot add you can't okay I'm a empty my hose into the ocean all of a sudden is gonna flood the earth no it's never you can't affect the ocean the ocean is as close as you'll get to infinity on this earth that's what God's love is a lot of us think we know God's love because what we do is we visited the ocean and we have swum in the ocean swam in the ocean and we have dipped our toe in the ocean maybe some of us even drank some of the ocean by accident so we say okay I understand you know I understand God's love like I I know some verses about it and I you know I understand I've heard but I'm telling you you can't stand on the shore of Ocean City Maryland and dip your little toes inside and say yeah I got a full grasp of what the ocean is man you don't know nothing about the ocean you standing on the shore of the ocean thinking that you understand the depth of the ocean well we need to do the only way you're gonna understand that ocean you're gonna rip your shirt off take your shoes off you're gonna jump into that ocean and that's what our goal is here for today is not just to study the ocean at the surface level but to see how we can jump in the ocean and understand it a little bit more alright first thing we need to know about Godzilla and I'm gonna repeat this probably every single week in this series guy talked about last week most important thing you know about God's love it is not like human love and the difference between God's love and human love is this most important thing you know about God's love is the difference between God's love and human love is the source the source of human love is the object the source of God's love is the giver what's that mean me and you as human beings how do we determine love love is something for us that we turn on and we turn off here's a person I like her I give her love here's a person I don't like I withhold love there's a person I feel sorry for love there's a person I couldn't care less for withhold love with us we look around and we say love love know love the object determines the love and if the object is nice we're nice the object is not nice we're not nice you understand the object determines the love when it comes to God how does he decide to give love or not give love not based on the object but based on the different so God comes to this person and says I'm loved gives love comes this person says I'm love gives love it even comes to this person and says I'm love and he gives love and this person may be a saint this person could be a criminal God is the same so it doesn't matter who the object is in front of him or what the object has done or what the object looks like the object does not determine the love the giver and the nature of the giver determines the love I'll give you an example to make it clear think of the difference in smell okay like certain objects give off smell all right and forgive me for the crude example let's say you got a pile of horse manure and then you got a pile of middle school boys horse manure middle school boys at times one could confuse the smell of these two different objects and one could say that there's no difference in the smell between the pile of manure and the middle school boys and if you don't believe me I used to do all the retreats from the middle school okay and just trust me okay middle school boys but the difference between the two is this the manure is smelly by its nature the boys are smelly by their behavior and by what they choose to release into the environment okay so they are choosing to say now father Anthony's about to give the talk release the manure makes no distinction whether its father Anthony whether it's no one the manure is smelly by its nature now take that same example but flip it in a positive way obviously because I'm about God's love God emanates love by his very existence God like the manure doesn't choose to love God doesn't choose and say now I will love he doesn't choose he is love the son doesn't choose to say okay light on now the Sun is light like there's no way that you have the sons existence without light emanating there's no way you have manure without smell there's no way you have God without love we're like the high school or the middle school boys we choose to extend love okay not extend love all right thank y'all got the picture that I'm trying to give off right here God cannot be persuaded to love more or less God cannot be convinced to give us more love because we really really really want more love or to take away that love if we're really really really bad mathematicians God is infinity so it's that I have infinity minus 100 what do I end up with infinity infinity minus 200 infinity for any mine is 10,000 infinity okay now do the opposite infinity plus infinity plus 100 plus 200 plus 300 infinity God cannot love more cannot love less cannot change because God does not love the Bible doesn't say God loves the Bible says God is love y'all understand the difference see why I'm saying that human love is not like God's love we talked about last week how we think of God is just a human being and then a better human being no God is not a better version of our love God is a completely different kind of love they never explained God's love and man's love think of a a which side is God God is this side think of a Ferrari or real-live Ferrari and then think of a little toy matchbox Ferrari and you look at them and say okay well they're both red and they both have four wheels so they're the same no they're not the same this is not a bigger version of this this is real this is fake this you get in and drives this is a toy and no matter how much this on the outside may look like this is not the same any human beings love on their best best best most loving day has nothing to do with God's love it's a toy versus the real deal with that said we're gonna go now into three characteristics about the love of God again I'm not saying this is all you need to know about God's love I'm saying I'm gonna draw a dot here a dot here and a dot here and I believe when we connect these dots we will understand more about the solution to the universal need that every one of us has which is that need for love number one about God's love and as I said a minute ago is God's love is unchangeable God's love is unchangeable you cannot change any aspect of God's love because it's his very nature that is love Bible says in Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever other verses say there is no variation or shadow of turning with God it's hard for us to comprehend that God's love is unchangeable 1 because our human love is so changeable but you know the other reason that I found God's love is unchangeable doesn't mean that his behavior is unchangeable this trips us up we because we as human beings love and behave you are connected if I love you I give you if I don't love you I take so we think love and behavior are connected so when God gives us we say Oh God loves us but then when God removes from us we say God didn't love us folks we connect behavior I got a promotion god loves me i all my job God doesn't love me my wife is sick sorry my wife is sick God doesn't love me my wife is healed God loves me we connect behavior and love but when God says I love you and I am love doesn't mean I will always give you what you want just as parents when we tell our children we love them doesn't mean we give them what they want means we give them what's best for them and this is a hard thing for us to understand because like we talked about last week we think we know it all but we got to get to the point we realized God's love doesn't change and if this is what God gives me then this is out of his love so the promotion why did God give me a promotion because of his love why did God make me get later or not make me get laid off allow me to get laid off out of his love as well that's hard for us to understand that's hard for us to understand but you know what else is hard to understand when I'm a child and mom says go to sleep at 8 o'clock and I say I wanted of Sieben 8 o'clock if you love me let me stand for watch game 5 tonight every say no because I love you go to sleep a child doesn't understand how would you love me you make me go to sleep have you loved me you know let me eat dessert how if you love me you want me to get laid off how if you love me you loud her to say no how if you loved me you didn't bring her back we don't understand these things Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 God says I know the thoughts that I think toward you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and give you a hope I give you joy out of love I give you pain out of love as well and until you understand that fact or until you understand that you will never understand that you're always gonna struggle with God's love so let me play devil's advocate here if God is always love God is always love right as always love and no matter what we do can't change God's love agree so why does God get angry sometimes does God get angry sometimes yeah go read your Bible you've seen the Old Testament God gets really angry and in a New Testament - we see Jesus get angry how odd loves us does he get angry how if you ask yourself this question don't don't don't don't overthink yourself here is the foolish question it's a foolish question say how could God love me forgets how God get angry if he loves me you know why it's a foolish question because did you know that anger is one of the most important signs of love and you cannot be angry with a person that you do not love for example I walk in the street and I see some kid and he's you know Kirstin and and and and stealing and knocking over old ladies across the street you know I'm saying and he's just like a menace to society all right he's potty mouth and he's just a mess I see him and I say I walked to the other side same scenario I walk down and see that kid then all of a sudden discover that's my kid who's doing that whom I love very much and because I love him what's gonna happen when it when we get home later today beat down you'll note beat down is beat down there's no way if I love my child I'm just gonna watch him be a menace to society and not do anything because I care because I love I would pull this year maybe pull this one and pull as hard as I can because I love him and maybe if more parents loved a little bit more maybe the world would a little bit safer place okay maybe the problem in the world isn't that people love too much maybe it's the opposite if I don't care about you okay let you go you know like glad I'm not your parent but if I care no I get angry when God gets angry at us it's not because he stopped loving us it's in fact a greater sign of his love I believe it's actually a much higher sign of God like when God gets angry it's actually a much greater sign of his love I love you so much how could you do this you supposed to be the most important people in the world talking about to the Israelites talking about his children you're supposed to be the people that I bless look people I take care of I'm supposed to make you up here how can you do this his anger is not a sign of he lacked love his anger is just a more validation that he does love us so much okay so behavior may change but love never changes number two about God's love God's love is unconditional and I know I'm thrown out big words here and I again I wish I could define unconditional love and put it in a box I mean I can't because it's God's love God's love is unconditional again the exact opposite of human love human love is I love you if I love you when oh I love you because God's love is I love you period no if no when no because I love you no conditions jeremiah 31:3 says it's so nicely cuz I loved you with an everlasting love you know why we struggle to understand unconditional love number one like I said is because we don't give it because we give conditional love it's so hard for us to understand unconditional but it's also hard because something about us as parents maybe like we as parents sometimes we do this maybe our parents did it to us don't do that God won't love you if you do that don't do that God won't love you if you do that you did that okay now God loves you that's the worst thing you tell child and sometimes I've been pulled in a situation parent yell letter kids alright if you do this God won't love you right father Anthony tell them God won't love him I'm like where I come from you know what I mean like if you don't want to love that's fine but why you pull me into it and this is the problem is that we especially like forgive me I'm Pro dad's okay I'm not anti dad's a lot of people are anti dads and beat the dads I'm not anti dad I'm Pro dads but dad's we have a greater responsibility here because when we as dad show our children that our love is conditional and then they come to church and the priest says God is our Father God is just like your father on earth but a bigger father so I say what my father on earth is all conditional love so my father in heaven like it in rocket science to figure this out we have a greater duty to show that unconditional love and again unconditional love don't mess don't get messed up here behavior may change I'm not saying don't discipline your kids I'm Pro discipline love never changes even though behavior might change let's say you struggle with this unconditional love I'll give you an easy example remember this example and you just hopefully make it easier for you suppose we'll go to the moms now because I won't give too much to the dads here let's say as a mom you have a child and that child keeps on crying all right infant child 1 year old 2 years old keeps crying crying crying she tell the baby stop crying he doesn't stop stop crying don't stop you give him a sucker thing okay you pat him on the back like rub his head whatever it is he doesn't stop crying doesn't stop crying so how many mothers in that situation kids been crying a couple days pick up the phone call the police and say well mr. police my child won't stop crying can you please come pick him up and take him out of here any mother would do that like even a nuts mother wouldn't do that even an insane mother wouldn't do that why do we think God would why do we put conditions on God's love that we wouldn't put on human love like in that sense we make God's love worse than our love a mother would say you're crying stop crying and do whatever II can that upsets child stop crying but he wouldn't call the police to remove the child from the house so why do you think God will remove us from his house we made a mistake - mistake three mistake four mistake five mistake God's behavior may change tortoise but God never even kick us out of the house and that actually gets us to the third component of God's love it is 100% unchangeable 100% unconditional and is 100% undeserved and believing in the undeserved love of God is so important on both ends of the spectrum I'm not saying God's love is undeserved we're good enough for it I'm not saying it like that I'm also saying we're never bad enough for it or to lose it like you're never good enough nor bad enough because God's love is like the Sun and there's not and it's based on who he is not based on who you are if you think that you are not worthy of God's love that's a sin if you think that you have earned God's love that's the same sin but it's just on the different side it's a it's a it's a straight road and then ditch on the left and a ditch on the right doesn't really matter which one you fall into and if you think you're not worthy of his love that's bad and if you think that you have earned his love that's equally is bad devil would love to get you here into despair or pride and he would love to get you to kind of go between the two and actually you know what why I said to the same sin because Here I am I'm not worthy of God's love I'm not worthy of gods I'm not worthy of God's love and then I figure out okay if I do this then I'll be worthy of God's love that was like okay yeah do that yeah now you're worthy of his love and they push it over here into the pride side and I say look I'm worthy of God's love and look because I'm good God loves me and devil wants you to say that you know why if I'm good God loves me if I'm good God loves me if I'm good God loves me then what happens when the day that you're not good we're gonna go back to the despair pick he would love to get you to jump from side to side and say if I'm good he loves me because he knows I can date is gonna come when you're not good again jumping to the other side of the pit God's love is undeserved and no matter what we've done again God's behavior may change but his love will never change for those you think that you cannot get to God's love after what you've done you've gone too far you've messed up too much remember revelation 1:5 and remember this verse because it is so powerful when you understand it says to him who loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood to him let me say that again to him who washed us and loved us to him who washed us and loved us so it says to him who washed us and loved us is that what says all the way around does it make a difference absolutely makes a difference absolutely it makes a difference here and wash us and then love us He loves us then washes us he doesn't love us because we're clean because we're he loves us he cleans us difference I go and I look at my wife here on this one cuz she's a better example this than me okay child walks in the house dirty muddy throw up stuff all over and crying crying bawling this isn't a true story but I'm saying hypothetically she would okay crying bawling hurt hurt hurt clearly hurt physically clearly hurt emotionally well my wife gonna do she's gonna run to that child and she can't give the child the biggest hug in the whole wide world man she gonna take him to the bathroom and clean him but first she's gonna hug him and and love on him and then clean him I'm telling you that's what God does we think the opposite we think by going there he's gonna look at me and say you're dirty go clean yourself then get it back in here like so we say is okay I'll go clean myself then I come back I'm not worthy of God's love right now again that's that that that trick that I need to do something to be worthy I need to clean myself to be worthy and I tell you spend your whole life trying to clean yourself and you never do a good job because a baby cannot clean him or herself a baby cannot clean him herself a baby needs to go to mom and say like I messed up like I threw up on myself I pooped in my pants like and trust that the mother is gonna hug it's gonna love it's gonna squeeze he's gonna reassure and then it's gonna clean story of the prodigal son is the best example of this when the boy came back to the Father he was his dirty and as wicked as you can imagine and the dad ran out to him and hugged him and loved him and and he said now let's go and let's get sandals for your feet and let's get a robe for you wearing that nasty robe and let's wash the boy's hair and let's trim him up and all kinds of stuff to have a party God's love is undeserved and you're never too good for it or too bad for it you'll never earn it nor can you ever do anything to lose it because God's love is unchangeable it is unconditional and it is undeserved think back to when would you say that humanity humankind I gave the example of a child who poops his pants and threw up on himself when was humanity as a whole at its darkest ugliest most pooped in its pants state I'd say when we arrested when we man betrayed God arrested God put God on trial crucified killed and buried God man who I was talking about before that God and man I'm pilly little man put God on trial and crucified him and buried him you would say that this was a humanitarian crisis was betrayed and the night that Christ was arrested and Christ knowing full well exactly what is going to happen what is happening what is going to happen and he's sitting there with his disciples knowing that here you got Judas he's about to stab me in the back here you got Peter who says all kinds of nice words I love you I love you I love you but before the night is over he didn't gotta be scared of a little servant girl he said I never heard of this guy don't know who he was man he's not with him and every one of these other guys around the table all of them are gonna leave me and they say nice words I love you I love you I love you too sing the song to go to the meetings at the right time they say I love you they're about to stab me in the back - and they're about to flee and Jesus on this night with his disciples if there's ever a night that I'd say okay you get a pass for being a little grumpy tonight I'd say tonight you get a pass you're about to be arrested betrayed Creuset put on trial crucified and killed and these are the guys who are supposed to be your closest guys are all gonna leave you this night it's okay if he's a little bit on the edgy side she's a little bit less loving agree look what Bible says Jesus did on that very night John chapter 13 verse 1 when Jesus knew that his hour had come that he should depart from this world to the father having loved his own who are in the world he loved them to the end y'all remembered if you were here during Holy Week when we were talking about this verse that verse that says he loved them to the end doesn't mean what we think it means doesn't mean he loved them till the end of his time better translation he loved them to the uttermost meaning he loved them to the end of love he gave them like love for us is infinite but for God nothing is undefined so God says this is my love and he gave man every single drop of that love he loved them to the uttermost he loved them to the end he said they're dirty they're nasty they're vile they're despicable and he loved them to the very end and as you know the story goes on but he got down on his hands and knees took a towel and a bucket of water and he washed their stanky slimy pooped on ourselves threw up on themselves feet and he washed he loved them then he washed them because his love is not based on who we are what we look like or what we've done his love is based on who he is I'll give you a nice quote right here from an author named Henry neuen who's a Catholic priest or monk or something he said the following over the years I've come to realize that the greatest trap in our life is not success it's not popularity or power but it's self rejection meaning you're not worthy or deserving of God's love when we come to believe in the voices that call us worthless and unlovable then success popularity and power are easily perceived as attractive solutions the real trap however is self rejection self rejection is the greatest enemy of the spiritual life because it contradicts that sacred voice that calls us the beloved being the beloved constitutes the core truth of our existence I love this quote when you say I'm not worthy of God's love you're not being humble when you say I don't when you say that I can't because I'm too bad you're not being like in a poor in spirit earning a meek way you're denying the truth that God has said that his love is based on who he is not on who we are it is unchangeable it is unconditional and it always be undeserved and there's nothing that you can do to affect my prayer for today I didn't tell you anything new about God's law I can tell you nothing that you couldn't learn that the kids upstairs in second grade aren't learned God's love is unconditional God love I'm not telling you anything new but my hope somehow if I could draw this picture if it makes sense to you is that from here to here is that God's love would go from here to here that we would go from like understanding God's love at an intellectual level to knowing God's love at an experiential level we would go from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge difference between saying I love this person versus loving that person and give me an example last example I'll give you I brought some toys for my daughter's room here today this is God's love as the ocean for our purposes there's me it is my brain this is me this is my brain this is God's love most of us live our whole life like this we say look my brain now is full of God's love and I understand God's love and true we understand God's love God is love love sinners Samaritan woman nice guy whatever saying God's love but this imagine this is the ocean okay this is I might take a little shot glass here of ocean water I take it and say look I understand all the ocean right now I know everything there's snow about it I can take this water sample and I can study it and I can put it under a microscope and you know give it a cat scan or whatever scanner I can give it something and I can understand the microbes and the antibiotics that are inside and the germs and the fleas and the whatever and the molecules the atoms and the protons and the ions and the neutrons and I can understand it but you can't compare that to that okay I'm gonna understand the ocean I'm a jumping and I'm telling you that the difference between this and this will change your life it'll change your life and will change your life in ways that you never understood and ways that you didn't even know need to change but understanding that there's nothing that I can do to affect God's love for me under saying that that's not who he is by choice but by his nature this guy you could sip on little shot glasses of water all day and all night it'll affect your life you jump in you grow yourself some mermaid feet and you jump in you start living in there with a little mermaid that's gonna affect your life in ways you never imagined wrap up with three things quick things cuz I know I don't want to give you in I wanna give you something practical I'm gonna run through three practical things not talk about it just real quick what to do next I'm with you father Anthony I want to jump in how do I jump in three small simple things that over the course of a long period of time will allow you to live with a little mermaid in the ocean number one fill your mind with the truth about God's love the Bible is full of verses that speak about God like the stuff I'm saying I'm not making up it's coming from God's Word Romans 8 38 and 39 says neither death nor nor angels nor principalities nor powers nor present things to come charge no printing things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other created thing shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord I could have found you 100 verses like this because it's Father's Day though I want try to keep it quick all right I find you 100 verses like this and every single day we need to go into God's Word and fill our mind and remind ourselves of God's love because the world is gonna tell you conditional love gotta earn it that's what the world's gonna tell you that's what your friends are gonna tell you that's what your family's gonna tell you unfortunately that's what people are going to tell us we need to come back that with the love of God which is written to us in the scripture in the Bible number 2 refuse cheap substitutes what I mean by that is as if Bible says in 1st John 2:15 do not love the world or the things in the world if anyone loves the world the love of the father is not in him you cannot have the love of the world and the love of God at the same time they are polar opposites one pushes out the other and the more you put in of one the more the other has to leave the room think of it this way you walk out of here you're hungry you want to have a steak but on the way you start nibbling on cheese it's ok there's delectable little guys ok and you know once you start cheez-its you can't stop that's the rule as you start you can't stop you start you can't stop you nibble you in the billion nibble you get to the steakhouse you're not that hungry but did you really feel yourself with anything positive no but you replaced the steak with cheeses and you filled your appetite same thing with God's love do not snack on substitute loves love coming from all the stuff that the world offers us whether it's pleasure or money or popularity like all these things to substitute God's love hold out till you get to the Steakhouse and eat the real deal and then number 3 give that love away because that's a secret it's a long-term living in the love of God the secret is becoming as we discussed before not a reservoir of love but a channel of love you know when you work out you tear some muscle what happens every time you tear a muscle back more you tear one muscle cell two of them come back in place that's how you get stronger you become weaker and then it replenishes more God's love is the same way I promise you go into your house today and go fill the other people in your house with the love of God and go shine that love on them and I promised you're gonna wake up in the next morning you're gonna have more than you expend it you will always have more love replenishing you then you can expend because it's an infinite supply of God's love leave you all with this last verse John chapter 3 verse 16 most famous verse in the Bible you see it at all sporting events people say John 3:16 says on Father's Day we remember this verse because this is what fathers days really is all about for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life many of us out there we have rejected God's love without even knowing what it is we're rejecting we have made assumptions about God's love based on our parents based on our friends based on stuff we just in our own logic we have rejected or been arms-length away resisted a love that we don't even understand and what I'm telling you this day on Father's Day is that the father showed us how much he loved us by giving His only begotten Son and if that doesn't do it for you and that doesn't convince you that this love is worth investigating my question to you is what more are you waiting for like what are you holding out for from God to show you that his love is there for you and his love will never ever ever you can never outrun his love and you can never change his love and you could never put conditions on his love if this doesn't convince you I don't know what will my prayer for today is that God would change our lives all of our lives would revolutionize our lives put our lives in a new context and that is the context of knowing his unconditional unchangeable and undeserved love for us let's stand up together and say a prayer the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen Lord we thank you for your great love for us thank you because there really is no limit to what you'll do to show us your love and to fill us with your love so I pray Lord that the words that we just heard wouldn't just be like head knowledge and intellectual should let us to really understand and experience your love in a new way let us go deeper in your love let us to to be filled with it so that we can not only give it away but we can constantly be replenished with more and more of that love and we can shine that love like we said in the beginning Lord that like fill our homes with your love and our world with your love our everywhere that we go you want to be characterized known as people who are full of your love fill us dear Lord with a special blessing this day and all those who are really struggling to know your love I pray that you'd help them to experience it this day we pray all these things in the name of your only begotten Son with the prayers and the intercessions of all your saints here says we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil one in Christ Jesus our Lord Flyte is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen once again happy Father's Day have a great week see y'all next week