2009 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 6 (Eve of Wednesday)

"Mine is the Kingdom"


The name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. So for those who are here the past couple days. For those were here the past couple days. I wish I did something last night. I wish you hadn't done and as soon as he did it in my teeth are he said the theme of the week. He always does that sets the theme for the week and then the rest of the week the rest of us are stuck trying to match the trade in Arabic to Dundas. Okay? Board members for the rest of the week. I'm going to trace the Visionary is about belief. For those who work I've been following along since you started. Going to Paul spoke to us on Sunday morning about what it is. We should believe. Spokane Sunday night about on the importance of that believe in a better choice smoked last night about what is anti that believe in what kills that belief which is that double life as when I mentioned that the theme of this week is going to be believe it's it's strange because that's actually been the thing that guy has been working with me personally for the past. I don't know probably couple months about faith and trust and belief and I've even just telling someone just relax but the more more I go in my spiritual life. The Nothing Else Matters other than belief that really that's the hinge upon which our entire face everything that we do. Like what I'm saying is that the spiritual life is not what is the name some person we make like a spiritual concoction or spiritual mix and we think that the spiritual life equals two parts lasting three parts of a 04 Parts going to charge a little part giving this is not limited all these little markers for when it's good and when it's bad and when it's high and when it's low and we make all these different calculations and adjustments. I need PhD in degrees and things like that to be able to figure out the spiritual life is not supposed to be complicated. The one you tell me on Sunday who has perfected praise. You tell me the Lord Jesus Christ when he said I thank you for all that. You have hidden these things and wise and prudent feel them to debate the infants to Children. This is what the Kingdom of Heaven is about. Not the complexity that we sometimes make it we're going to talk about here tonight tonight is the night of the kingdom and tonight is where we hear a lot of Parables this morning as well. As this evening. We have are Parables about the kingdom of God and Lord Jesus Christ worldwide. The kingdom of God is like the kingdom of God is like the kingdom of God. It was complicated as the key to the kingdom of God understanding that the kingdom is inside not outside. The kingdom is inside not outside and to find the kingdom. We must search inside not search outside. You will never attain the kingdom of God by outside stuff, but only by inside stuff. That's what I want to look at here this evening. Kingdom is our topic theme of the week is belief. What do I believe about the king? Like I said today, we had a lot of Parables about the kingdom of God. I would come and receive in the night like a bridegroom we heard about how it's like Noah and the flood. Let me ask you a question. What do you believe about the kingdom of God? What do you believe it's all people who believe the kingdom of God, like what I was talking about yesterday that I deserve it, but it's God's fault and I'm not in it. Made a mistake or God made is guilty or some reason of I should be in the kingdom of God for some reason. God himself talk some people To the What I've Done stuff I said. What do I want you to believe that the kingdom of God? All week we say Vine is the power bi is the glory vine is the blessing and Vine is the Majesty, I add something new and Anthony isn't. We're not talking Vine is the power but I want you to believe is mine is the kingdom. This is a belief that when he can walk out of here tonight with that Mark. The Bride is a power in line of the Kingdom. Let the kingdom of God. Is not a part of a place it is with you and it's a place where you belong and just like a fish when a fish is a fish is not in the water for 2 seconds. Something is wrong. And if me and you are not in the Kingdom of Heaven for 2 seconds, something is wrong. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place that we should hope for one day down. The road is not a place that we should visit every now and then it's it's where I belong. I was formed by God and created to live where in the paradise of Joy that's where I belong and that's where I'm going to end up Book of Genesis 1 revelation 22 is all about me in the kingdom of God and got messed up but my rightful place is the kingdom of God. What's my home? That's where I fit. And I need to start living that way. That's my kingdom. In a weird way, I got this message that the kingdom is mine after one of showing told me how bad I am how bad we all are like site. How do I have everything on. And yesterday we were talking about how So he talked about the cursing of the Fig Tree. Okay, that was the Gospel that was read yesterday's write a couple times of the fig tree. Is what it says in Mark chapter 11 in the morning as they passed Friday saw the picture dried up from the roots and Peter remembering said to him Rabbi look the fig tree with you cuz cuz we just got to give a funny answer the tree has rollaway. Jesus gave a funny response all day been gone for surely. I say to you whoever says to this mountain be removed to be cast into the sea and does not doubt. Excuse me in his heart but believes that there was things he says we'll be done. He will have whatever he says, can you explain? What is he talking about? Big Tree Garden Street figleaves just like me care about outside all this kind of stuff and because of that I deserve purse and I deserve to wither away. Attorney responds have faith in God if you want you can move a mountain. Why? What do I care about moving the mountain at this point in time? What time are the things shrink? I'm bad. I'm already leave. I would like I've been on this Earth for something number of years and all my life has been leaves. I have been waiting for an organ leaves and more more more more realize that I'm naturally inclined towards leave and can't go out with people and I deserve curse at this point in time faith is very important. Not that I can move a mountain into the sea, but how about if I can move mountains or see how about that? I can raise the way there fig tree. Isn't that nice? if you can move a mountain into the sea and pay through the mountain to receive can raise up a tree that's been withered and it has no fruits and it's just you better believe it can. No matter how worthless UAB. And no matter how pathetic your spiritual life has been to this moment in time. No matter how much you messed up about how foolish you been have faith in God have faith because God can move mountains. Dre's dead people and God can take withered fig trees. Did you make them from worthless to worthy of the liturgy? How many times do we pray? And again, maybe these prayers go by too fast sometimes? Lord make us Worthy. 7 short prayers I should have wrote it down. Mega saver worthy to partake of your hole is under the purification our souls of our dinners. Sorry when it's not in the Rhythm to make us O Lord worthy worthy to partake of your Wholey's before the fraction for the break then the priest say that we may be worthy to partake of these Immortal something. Sorry is a lot of pressure and breakfast in a Down Here's what I know very well cuz I've been a deacon more than I'm going to bring Steven longer. My Deacon Deacon says I make us worthy to partake. I'll be home if you know how I feel. Here's my point. Is that time and time and time and time and time again? I just mentioned what does he do? What does immediate response he gives me himself. He gives me the kingdom inside. So I didn't solve any of my problems. All I do is come and say make me worthy. I have faith I believe and when we have stayed and when we believe The kingdom is mine. Surely Lord, your mercy endureth forever. If there was one thing as I went back and read the readings after wouldn't show it talked back and weather and I looked at it for my work was perfect. And so am I worthless missed? You know what I thought? I know it's weird that when I saw my worthlessness and then I read the readings. I didn't see my worthlessness anymore. I saw the mercy of God, it was strange that when I went back with the attitude of my worthlessness and I read I couldn't see my worthlessness. I can only see the mercy of God. Every reading was condemning. I was talking about how bad and you people are heartless and adultery and this and this and this and this and that and then just fight that God always comes back. Do I get today story of Exodus chapter 32 golden cat the most coolest people in the world was Israelites in Exodus 32 mullahs love them for 10 minutes. And I forgot that he loves God and they made a golden cabinets in this is the guy. I like the dumbest people in the world. That was so angry. I'm done with these people. That's okay Moses ready to go to the promised land pack up the bags. Let's go. I want to show Red Sox yesterday was telling story about Adam and Eve. In a box of Adam and Eve that was rude to us again. Like it would have said Adam first blame Eve then blame. God worthless worthless you blame her and then you blame me you're worthless. That's what I was reading as s what I was doing as I was reading it. And then, you know the next prophecy that appeared after. That so it was the ninth hour. I think yesterday and it was was that say what was Adam Sandler's local person in the world? That was supposed to question Comfort Comfort, my people said you were God speak Comfort to Jerusalem cry out to her her Warfare is ended her nickel, please pardon for she has received from the Lord's hand double for all her sins away next prophecy that was read right after. Walter White I can't and I was making fun of Egyptian now show me. Maybe God has a little baby got in a little bit. What seems to be saying here. Not resetting. Maybe got injection after all. No matter what we did. No matter what for sickness. We are the people of God. He almost says mileage. He sends Prophet. We kill the prophet mileage and another problem. We kill that profit. Until finally finally finally finally finally sent his son. They killed your son. Give me another chance. Is there anyone you're standing or sitting here today? But hasn't gone through ten thousand of those pants, but I didn't kill the message of God 10,000 times until the Son of God himself and God has answered and said how many times would I care about you tonight after you into the kingdom. True Lord, your mercy endureth forever truly like we say in the fraction to the Sun have we ever been witnessed a greater love than this. Has anyone ever seen a greater love than this? Do you believe this is my question? Go back to where I started. Do you believe this as a question to ask you on your face? Let it be to you is mine is the kingdom is the kingdom mind because according to your faith, let it be to you. like I said in the beginning all of life all of the faces all of my spiritual life cuz I'm trying to say it's one thing. Do you believe this? What is the time in my life where I've been away from God? And I came back to God. I love it. There's two scenarios in my actions were different but not tremendously. Okay, like I was always polite as I was a nice guy Charming witty. Before and after what happened with different what was very very different is my belief. Is what I want is what I seek what I believe to be most important and believe me spend less time trying to fix your actions and spend more time trying to fix your belief. And then you'll find fruit. What do you believe about the kingdom of God? What do you believe? Do you believe that the kingdom of God is here right now and it is for you right now to internship right now. The Bible said we had several pair with a kingdom of God mode on outside the kingdom of God, There's a thief in the night. Zac outside tonight God is like Noah and the flood I have it rain rain rain rain rain. There was a kingdom coming for his bride. I know a girl who's engaged and her fiance just came into town today. all signs pointing the kingdom of God is here. You know what the parable of The wise virgins in the First Merchants. So you had the ten virgins waiting for the groom to come if you understand how the Jewish weddings work. So basically a bride there's two periods of waiting for a ride a brown-eyed. Okay, once she got engaged after engagement from Dayton sweating there to waiting. I bribed the Vivitrol. Okay, and then the husband would come and she would wait wait wait and husband come one day and say today we're getting married husband could just do that just show up and say today we're getting married. No vibration, no, nothing because she had to be prepared. She would wait wait, wait, wait. Wait, I don't even come to her early in the morning. So we're getting married today. I'm in love with the bridegroom do going on and going to start inviting people to the wedding and go start telling his story. And then eventually he would come and she better be ready. What I'm saying is that we are in that second phase of waiting right now and the bridegroom is coming out. We have been waiting waiting waiting cuz we grew his I am coming quickly. I'm coming back for you and I'm telling you that tonight. We're in the second page in the waiting and I'm staying there tonight. He wants to come and enter and dime home inside you and don't wait for the kingdom of God for next week. Don't wait for for Saturday. Mine is the kingdom today. I want to enter the kingdom of God today. I believe that I should not sleep tonight on Earth. I can sleep tonight in the kingdom of God. Do you believe that? I'm not saying I'm not saying I deserve the kingdom of God that I was yesterday. I'm not saying I deserve it I'm saying I am guilty of anything Mustang I deserve it and I don't deserve it. But he wants to give it to me. As a father with a child and his greatest desire no matter what mistakes we made to take us and we're stores again. For those are reading who's got that people reading level is the book who said, you know, encourage everyone to read I started reading the beginning of it before and it didn't do much for me. And then today I skipped its broken until I sections like book one book 2 book 3 book for go to go to okay to something about called like an inner life right directives on the inner light. I open that up. Open up sometime encourage you to read that section cuz it speaks about the inner light that allow the kingdom of God is inside and how we can find that kingdom of God inside and I'll tell you something that wasn't a beautiful quote in the book 2 part 1 book to and it said the following all that he desires And you is within yourself and there it is his pleasure to be simple sentence. Everything but God wants for you in the beginning. We have spiritual concoction of two parts this one part number to figure it out. I mean that God wants and he was already inside. It's already in there. It's just a matter of you chewing out the other stuff you're seeking it and you desire and you believe that it's in there. It is his pleasure to be there and the kingdom of God is within you there's nothing or another way. There's nothing you need from outside to live in the kingdom of God tonight. All you need to close that door. Go inside that inner chamber. again, when the bridegroom came for the bride He takes her to go inside an inner chamber. And that's where the marriage takes place and that's exactly what God wants to do for us tonight. He's not telling us he's Parables of the Kingdom so we can learn something nice and we can sing a song about a man coming from the light. He's telling us. Because this is what he wants for us this night. The wisdom of Solomon why is Dietrich nautical books, which is a prophecy. That was bad this morning. Says because he has found not put him to the test and other words those who believe. Any medical center sell to those who do not distrust him for perverse thought separate people from God. I want you to do for this night. I want you to remove the perverse thoughts. I want you to trust him. I want you to believe I put him to the test. I said the kingdom of God is within you believe because according to your faith it will be to you I said that you can go home last night and you can find the kingdom of God in silence in quiet in that inner inner inner place. You can find the kingdom of God and it is his great pleasure in great desire to manifest himself to those who believe and trust that it's there. Don't ever ever ever ever think that the kingdom of God is far no matter how far you may be the kingdom of God is not far. It's never for his Mercy by his grace everything. He did make sure that it would not be far from us no matter how far away we straight. It's just a matter of whether we are ready or not ready, you know just before I came to church I got to be a little bit High a little bit before I came to church. I wasn't sure what I was going to say in the sermon wasn't fully prepared. So I did what any wise. Pretty sure do. I lost my son. I said Michael. What should I give the sermon about tonight? And he inspired by the holy spirit said Jesus loves you. Green Arrow Soviet Jesus does love me to take his bride into that inner chamber. Every minute that you're not letting her chamber something is wrong Lord. Lord Vine is the power but mine is the kingdom and that's why I want to live this night glory be to God from ever.