2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 6 (Eve of Thursday)


"The Judas Within Us"


Father and Son holy spirit. Amen Wednesday Holy Week Thursday, and the week is pretty much believe it or not. Almost done. The reason why I say the week is almost done is because for me the Wednesday night of Holy Week is actually the hardest night to prepare a sermon for me. because today there's like a shift in Gears. because the first couple days General Was the people of Israel to Jerusalem to the Jews it was General about the Fig Tree and be fruitful. Make sure the temple and all that kind of stuff. It was General about The Parables at the end. Everything is General. But today we shift and we shift from General to very very specific forget about forget about everything because now it's time for action and Wednesday is the day where people take action. Let's recap to get a dresser. All focused came in on Sunday is the day that the Lord Jesus Christ declared himself as I am the king and he said I'm here to die. Unless you're here to die. You're in the wrong place declared himself. And we said we start with the funeral that we rise up a new light. So we agreed that starting Sunday night. Everyone is dead and we know what's going to happen next Saturday. Something was going to happen. Then came back night. We found out the death is not as easy as just death. What is a painful? Then we came back next day and found out that the number one enemy to the newness into living. The resurrected life is going to be in here so that our heads that can be the guy that's always tripping us up. And then yesterday specifically we found out that the one area which needs to like the death to the world in specifically the world's way of thinking in the world's way of Behaving needs to go. That's it. There's all the sermons of Holy Week no more sermon no more preaching. Okay, it's Wednesday. Today is a day of action Christ told you everything he gave all the parables in the gospels this morning and yesterday last night were really really long we can get it all out. Now. It's time for Action tonight. We see two people taking action and of course contrasting action. And it's our job to follow one of them. Vineyards I wish I could have focused on the happy one. Okay, because there's a lady who anointed the Christ with the oil and stuff like that. I really really sat down this morning, but somehow every time I focused on the happy God brought me back focused on a happy God brought me back. So I felt God wants me to focus on the not happy. Here's the thing. We say this very easy, if you haven't gotten it by now. It's very unlikely that you're going to get it ever. If you haven't gotten it by now, it's very unlikely how many of us and I'm the first one to raise my hand can say that I attended Holy Week my entire life on Thursday and Friday, never never missing Friday. Never had anything except benefit. I had a lot of benefits but never had much. I attended every year on Thursday and Friday. I take a half day of school on Friday Thursday late, Thursday and Friday too late tomorrow. If it's over Chris is going to do this is it this is the end tomorrow in Texas disciples washing feet Last Supper Garden of Gethsemane. He's done see up until now, like I said, it's been preaching and sermon once we start tomorrow morning. 8 a.m. The series of events and and it's just like you don't have a time to catch a ride because you go from one event to the next the next hour to the next if you can't catch up that's it tonight is the last chance don't listen to me. This is the words of the Gospel it spoke to us this morning today Wednesday before Holy Week Satan entered Judas turn a miscarriage was numbered among the 12. I took Judas had a chance, but that's it today. It was over. And that's it. It's all done for Jesus. Believe me. You don't want to hear about YouTube. I don't want to talk about you, but we know that today Wednesday is Judas Wednesday and tomorrow morning Thursday morning in the famous song about Judas. I didn't want to speak about Judas. But you know what made me speak about him. There was a him that we said. During the third hour, very very early on is the Hem of Avicii known. It's a hymn that has is very long. First of all, same him as picking thronos. Okay, very nice. And you know the one that's okay. I don't like this him. It's usually associated. Like I said, it's the same tune as pic of Thrones Throne as yesterday yesterday and that him says your throne o God is forever and ever beautiful him. I understand why the two is used for that him makes a lot of sense God's Throne something nice having kiddo. But my question that I couldn't understand today is why was this him? Set for juice. I remember three years ago. This guy named Mark geragos from La the buddy of mine came and gave him servant and stuff like that. Thought I wanted to learn to him. He said we spend 2018 1/2 minutes singing a song to Judas. I said I don't have the faintest idea. I have no idea, but I know we did tonight and I will come tomorrow morning again and say it again. The golden opportunity is why we love to do this stuff on Thursday morning. I think there's got to be a little deeper reason than that. Today, why does hematoma portent? This him is not said about Judas from 2,000 years ago. It is him and said to the Judas that's inside each and every single one of us because whether you believe it or don't believe in Choice Judas will kill you. Let's talk about Judas for a little bit. Just wasn't a bad guy. He really wasn't honest. If you'd met Judas you liked him cuz he's a nice guy. He was an honest guy has a trustworthy guy will for most of his life. He was he had to be because he was chosen by our Lord Jesus Christ to be his treasure. You don't choose a dishonest person at your treasure. Genesis problem with one simple thing. He's a smart guy a very smart guy, but he was too smart for himself and dude has his problem was that he didn't trust our Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, he trusted himself more than he trusted Jesus. He knew that Jesus was smart, but he thought he was smarter. You know that Jesus was why but he thought he was wiser, you know, Jesus had a plan, but he thought he had a better plan. Judas is the epitome of every sermon that we've heard so far this week. He is the epitome of the guy was not willing to crucify his mind. He's the epitome of the guy who was not willing to be a Living Sacrifice will not with a member said on Sunday to sacrifice his mind and tell them we said that is going to put your head down on the ground. He was the epitome of the guy who couldn't put his head down his head had to be up because he thought of me than anyone else his God was in here and end up getting him in trouble. He was willing to die to the world. He was willing to give up his possessions but there was one possession. He wasn't willing to give up. His brain is mine. That was the one Aries at all. Everything cuz he left his home and his family left. Everything wouldn't leave this end up getting him. in a lot of trouble Jesus would say that you should suffer. Jesus quote you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites. I Praise You scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites. I want to be your friend. So like Adam about the consequences. Is there anyone consequences more than Judas didn't hear Summer by by the good teacher himself. Judas was there for The Sermon on the Mount do this with her told them he heard every woe to you scribes and Pharisees Hypocrites are all the Parables about the judgments. He knew the end was coming. He was not only a disciple, but he was an intimate friend of our Lord Jesus Christ one of his inner circle of guys. You know what? He took all that sat in his room put it all together all the facts everything. I came to the conclusion. He's smart, but I'm smarter. I must have a better way than him. That's why we say woe to you juice. That's why we curse Judas because Judas look here the church very early on one of the teachers at the two worst days in history of all the world with a Friday and a window. That's why we fast put on Friday. Remember how Humanity killed its creator on Wednesday we fast because remember how Humanity betrayed its 11. Friday's bad, but Wednesday is worse cuz I can look at Friday and I can pass the blame at Pilot was wrong Soldier was wrong. This guy was wrong the feet peeling around on Wednesday. There's no one to blame all the roads fall on top of one guy's head, Judas, Iscariot. Now like I said a little bit ago whether you believe it or don't believe it is a little Judas inside everyone of us. How can there be a Judas inside of us peace inside you that thinks you're smarter than God the things that you know, what's best for yourself and doesn't want to listen believe it or not even great people like Moses had a little juice inside him again. If you were here this morning and heard the prophecy that we read Tech or something. It was very like if you get to see all the prophecy together understand that the morning readings Drew like a picture about Moses and wasn't a good picture. Every reading in the morning. Everyone's up first third night Sixth and Ninth spoke about the life of Moses in some way first in the first hour. It spoke just a very General Store from Exodus chapter 17 can't remember started coming to the prophecies will understand where he's going with this story about the people were in the desert had nothing to drink while come God. Why why why God brings water from a very nice go to the third hour. Is there an hour? It starts off? The first had let the people go the god did not leave them by the lamp by the way of the land of the Philistines. Although that was near for God said less perhaps the people change their mind when they see Warren return to Egypt. So God let the people around by the way of the Wilderness of the Red Sea random story about the people in the wilderness. It doesn't even talk about the Red Sea part just says randomly. He was going this way and then God took them on a roundabout way. What does that have to do with anything? Skip to the sixth hour sixth hour talk from Exodus 14, which is the next chapter after God had took them a different way and surely as they were going the way they didn't understand why they're going to different way surely they complain while or are we going that way we can just cut through this way understand God's ways. And 1/6 hour that different route turns out to be the best route that nice of a stop right there. Stop right there. The ninth hour prophecy came from Numbers Chapter 20, and it's a story about again. Very similar. The people in the wilderness have nothing to drink before we heard in the first hour. So Moses complains to God heard this before so God tells Moses speak to the Rock and such and such everything is good so far, but then Moses, you know, the story to famous story decides instead of speaking to the Rock. He does what he hit the rock twice. What's the big deal? Got that speak to the Rock Moses hit the rock two times. Is that a big deal was to God because look what it says on the screen because you did not believe me the Hallow me in the eyes of the children of Israel. Therefore you shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them. Hold on what just happened? Okay. I'm doing Miracles. I'm leaving people to the Wilderness. I'm asking you your tell me about everything but all of a sudden I just slightly modified what you told me to do and now I can't go to the promised land. Who told Moses? Not to speak to the Rock to hit it. Who told him? Judas Judas told him The little Judas that sits in there this thing says no, no just do it tomorrow or it's okay if house is little Judas that's inside of us. King David the King David was smarter than Moses Moses experience David was proactive and speaking and praying against his little Judas inside all the song this morning as well as the evening, but the majority of them had something to do with my enemy. That's all I do is save me from my enemies Rescue Me O God for my enemies deliver me from my enemies one example example of that came from the sixth hour this evening where King David said Rescue Me Oh Lord from the evil man deliver me from the unjust man who have devised Injustice in their hearts all the day. They prepared War question. Who is this evil man that King David speaks up. Who is this man? They sprang it. Who is the enemy look here? If today is Wednesday in Holy Week enemy equals, Judas. That's why all the prophecy spoke about the enemy all the songs book about the enemy to King. David speaking about his Judas as well. The Judas that are left. Always a better way. Don't you agree with me that Judas is a prime example of someone who is way of thinking was not dead to the world. He's a prime example of someone who had a worldly way of thinking that ended up causing some problems in the end. Like I said, there's juice inside each one of us question the Lord here ask why they're delay this here. How come this and that may not seem like a big deal, but man it is a big deal for Moses and man. It was a big deal for Judas and man. It's going to be a big deal for you to cuz like I said before that you either kill, Judas, Judas kills you back to my original question Why do we sing the same of a veteran-owned? Look up the word say the word say by the way, the name of a vet, you know, when is the 20 minutes but it's been like it's just that first piece. It's just when it says your his words were smoother than oil yet. They are darts. That's always a 15-20 minutes. We said his words were smoother than oil yet. They are darts. Why do we say that? We're saying that to remind ourselves not of a Judas 2,000 years ago because if we did that church church church, not of Judah 2,000 years ago, but of Judas who is within each and every single one of us. And again unless I kill him he will kill me because you know, what, there is one inside you who is words are smoother than oil and his promises sound ever so sweet and he is so sneaky and so deceptive and the word that he say and the promises that he makes the idea that he puts in your head ever so sweet, but you know what, You know what the church is trying to remind you. Is that even though they sound so sweet. They are darts there poison kill you. Many don't realize the power of Judas with answer the church gave us this him when we sing pick a thronos the image that comes to my mind is the image of the Throne of God. Tonight a different image goes in my mind and it's what's this what I'm going to say equally as important. It has to be equally as important because the church tells it to say both him two times on Friday and let you know in on Wednesday and on Thursday. So the two images the first image your throne o God is forever. I understand that that's a very important image that we see God as the king Emmanuel Our God and our King is equally as important and if you don't have the image II image or incomplete is that he is so good and he is the king and he's the almighty but there's an evil inside of me and there's a wicked inside of me and the two thoughts and the two images are equally as important. This is the Bible in him The Logical form in case you can't read and take your pick up the Bible the church. These are the two this him is most memorable him of the entire year and there's no way that anyone like I said to forget that I promised you I was staying right here. I felt like there was anyone except me and said next to me and I couldn't hear anything. Nothing was here. It's this kind of him speaks in here. The two most important things to realize and Christian is number one. He's got the number to that you're not. Got the two hymns in a nutshell. That's Christianity. I need to know is that he's the king? and I'm not the story of Salvation is told by these two hymns. We start saying pickets on Tuesday morning. You know how to add the piece of his my good Savior My Lord Jesus Christ. Okay. My good save the pic of Throne. What is the same hour that the Plan of Salvation starts? That's why we add because now the events that are directly related to start happening with Judas betray Christ. The beginning of our Salvation is Becca thronos, you're the king the end of our Salvation during the last thing that we last time we stand Friday after our Salvation is complete is again, our Salvation is sandwich by your throne o God, what's in the middle what's in the middle is his words were smoother than oil knowing the evil that's inside each and every single one of us. picket thronos Is all you're going to need when you get to heaven when you get to heaven, you're not going to let you know but as long as you're here on Earth. You need to let you know. You need to remember there's a Judas inside. There's a wicked inside and I cannot trust myself. You know, what made Judas betrayal so hard on the Lord Jesus Christ with a Judas was so close to him. Your Judas is not far away from you. Again, it's not the serpent. not It wasn't the bad guys. The Barabbas has that betrayed Christ. It was the intimate friends his own people that betrayed your number one. Enemy is not outside. Your number one. Enemy is working Within. Like Judas was close to Christ. Your number one. Enemy is close to you as well. And like Judas was the one who Christ trusted the most with his money the one whom you trust the most is the one who is most likely to betray you which again, like I said, the other night is your mind is your common sense is the one who is most likely to betray you if you continue to listen to it, you know, if you look at the disciple Judas was in many ways like the brain of the group, I would say that like St. John the Beloved would like the heart love this and love that Peter would like to strength The Judas was the brain. What's the only way for the Apostle to take the next step was that the brain must be killed the brain must be crucified the Mind must go. So again, the two most important facts in life is in these hymns that he's gone and Manuel are king and our God and the number to that there's an evil by Judas inside that the second piece of of of Polk City going to my good savior add my strength and my song has become my salvation to the first verse is Becca thronas Emmanuelle our King our God is that goes from our King and our God to my God save my strength my song and my salvation. Because you need both of them. Let me ask you a question. If you had one without the other. halogen lights look like if you are picking thronos, but you didn't have an event you known. If you had at your throne o God is forever. But you didn't know that his words which is tied me smoother than oil but they're really dark. They could be like the Pharisees didn't know that he was in the king promised that they didn't know that they were Wicked you be like the Pharisees Flipside. Let's just didn't have the gods of Throne. You just had to yourself as the wicked then you end up kind of like Judas ended up with the suicide of stuff. You need to have them both What would life look like if you made these to him the story of your life that every day was picking thronos and I'll let you known that everyday your throne o God is forever and every day I know his words which is inside you through them in a while yet. They are darts. Let me draw a picture of what you look like. You know, you'd look like you'd look like the lady I told you I get back to her sometime in the end. You look exactly like the beautiful lady who is set before us today. Who knew the evil within her? And knew the internet of herself. She was worthless and by the same token. She knew that the one who was truly worthy with our Lord Jesus Christ. We just take 2 minutes to talk about this lady and then let you go cuz I got to finish on a good note. This lady is the opposite of Judas Judas and squash that sucker down. She has known the I'll bet you no one one hundred percent and she has known evil inside her. That's why she's on Tuesday pickets Runners. He's the king I got to do something for this guy. I got to do something amazing for God and immediately. She said that she had all these ideas and the second she said it again like I don't mind a little guy was sitting up there started throwing one. After the other one. After the other cost a lot of money. How you going to eat. Add a little dark but I can take a day off of work to do that and you don't have enough vacation days left and Little Mack them away to let the people laugh at me. Let me get fired from work. Let the people think I'm crazy. She was crazy. She busted into this house just walked in on invited her just walking people sit around eating instead of breaking stuff and making a mess everywhere and spirits of all over the place as lady's name is a crazy lady. But you know what, even though she was crazy Lord Jesus Christ said the best phrase in the Bible about her. I wish you'd say about me. I wish each one of you would curse me as crazy as I would go home and hear these words leave her alone. Leave her alone why I trouble you heard she has done a good work for me. Who cares what the people said? She got fired from a job for lady who just broke Alabaster flask. That was $300 one day's wage is 300 300 in about a year. Okay, that's if you working on Saturday off the 52 side of the pictures you sent me that the year you make whatever but a year salary, are you willing to go behalf of your salary? And what about yourself? This is The Greatest Latest you the world because she knew Pickett thronos that your throne o God is forever and ever and ever and ever and anything that's done for you. And if it's small because you're so big it is big and even the smallest most insignificant those worthless thing done for an infant in King becomes infinite in value. She knew that she live that but then she took the next step II little Judas inside started to say don't do it a second little Jewish daughter started to say how come and why and people and this and job and all that kind of stuff. She told him to be quiet. She killed him because she knew that he would kill her. Otherwise. Is there such a thing as true love? It doesn't have a little bit of craziness in it. Is there such a thing as true love it doesn't have a little bit of Impractical in it. In fact modern society would probably Define true love as being impractical and every time I want to show my wife, I love her get her some flowers or something like that. I got to throw away the little juice inside the says this is a waste of money. These flowers will die tomorrow. Just go get the cheap plastic last forever. Tonight is a night of action. No more sermons no more pain no more. Nothing. Now. It's time to do something about it. Like I said, we're going to finish going to come in the morning. You will not your truly following the events. You will not have a chance to catch your breath unless you have made that decision unless you have decided to throw this away unless you've decided to die to the world tonight. How many people come every year on Good Friday? How many people come every year take Thursday and Friday off? What about Thursday and Friday? Trust me? tonight Judas goes that way Jesus goes that way. That's it. Their paths walking across again till the garden of gets well, they will cross tomorrow, but Judas is pretty much done. No more. Hope for juice. Now, it's your turn. I'm going to show you one last thing and I'm not even going to talk about it because I want you if you really want to take this stuff. Seriously nice package, maybe take some quiet time together. When you go home tonight to try to understand what this says this morning. I want you to understand it in relation to the packets photos. Hibachi known inside you trust in God with all your heart and all your ways acquaint yourself with her that she may rightly direct your paths be not wise in your own conceit, but fear God and depart from all evil. Skip down near the end says my son more faint when you are rebuked by him, even the chastening of the Lord accepted and trust that he knows what he's doing more than you know, for whom the Lord loves he rebukes and skirted every Sunday received blessed is the man was found wisdom in the Mortal who knows prudent. Look at this last verse. Bread is better to treat her wisdom Treasures of gold and silver. Could it be any more clear? Judas Soul the Lord out for silver, but that's silver wasn't for the silver what he sold him out for with this. It has been about one year now. I can honestly say it's been about one year for me personally that God has been trying to teach you this lesson and I didn't get it till this week. I didn't get it. It's been trying and trying and we would have showing his never-ending pleadings to teach me to trust in him. Not in the trust that when he says something it's much more important than what I say that when he says something even if it's the most awkward thing in the whole wide world to me that he's right, and I'm wrong. You know what we all need. We need a brainwashing. But not that kind of brainwashing. I don't know why the word brainwashing has a bad connotation washing. His great-great brainwashing has a bad connotation. You know what I believe the church wants to wash our brains. I believe that 100% cuz I believe that your brain like my brain is Right dirty from that dirty, nasty World outside and the Bible the word of God wants to wash every single day. So I wasn't him is like they could run us cuz for 15-20 minutes, I'll be honest with you the church behind me. I didn't even notice. Nothing, nothing could happen the things to fall from the sky. I would have even noticed it and I wish honestly, I wish that all of us to spend all of our time that way that's what I feel like when I go to the Bible in the morning and I'm sitting here thinking it's okay to go home wash me just wash away the stuff if you say something everyone says no matter what anything else happen, but I Know that heaven and Heaven and Earth will pass away but not one jot or one Tittle anything you say will ever come to pass. The week is almost done tomorrow to pass over tomorrow. That's it. Interested last night the invitations have been sent out tomorrow morning when I come prepare the table. Now, it's your turn to respond. You know when you get an invitation to a wedding is only two boxes. You can check it on coming or I'm not coming. There's no third one for a long detailed explanation and stories. Can you check on your chest woman know you trust in Judas choice is yours glory be to God forever. Amen?