2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Palm Sunday)


 "Coming for Worship not Praise"


Father and Son holy spirit. Amen It's no secret that for me. One of my favorite days in the church lot of people know was Palm Sunday and so many things about Palm Sunday that many people love great to see the church. So crowded will try to Sunday the year. I know what the parking lot is life, but I'm sure that the car is well, it's great to see people screaming at the top of their lungs hose on and if Lucky Man us wait to see the palm crosses everyone dressed up the great day, but they were that always I used to describe this Bittersweet. Bittersweet means right. It means that there's one event which is both sweet and bitter and usually it's more sweet on the outside more bigger on the inside. Like when you're sometimes you be eating something and it takes a little surprised expect me becomes a Bittersweet events cuz I like the outside but I didn't like the inside will great today Palm Sunday is a Bittersweet day. No doubt about it. Because you all know that even though today we dress the church up and roll screaming and shouting Hosanna blessed is he who comes name of the Lord, you know where this is going. How this week is going to end up and you know that the hose on is trying to crucify him all that kind of stuff. Recently, I was trying to figure out I just pondering to myself what a must have been like for the Lord Jesus Christ on this day. Let's try to put ourselves new shoes. Let's imagine surely he knew what was coming right ozana going to spit on me in 5 days and this guy was taking off his clothes for him to take Jesus's own rope off his body. What it was like for him today? What do you think? It was like for the Lord on this day started to think to myself knowing all that would happen. Why would the Lord go through it all? Why go through it? Why do today like we needed salvation? We need the cross. We need the resurrection Holy Thursday Eucharist. We needed that why do today if it was me? I'll be honest. I just made it home today. Why would I go to a party? Going to clap for me when I walk in as soon as I walk out, would you go to the house, Thank you so much. I walked out and stab you in the back and for him stab you in the back literally literally literally would you do that to me? I started thinking myself. You know what I just stay home. I wouldn't do it. That's too hard. Why did he go to it? Why don't you a day that even though like I said was very sweet on the outside that was more bitter on the inside, but make no mistake about it has not enjoyed today in the gospel today The Gospel According to St. Luke in the very end after the Great Recession in the hose honest and stuff like that. Now is he drew near he saw the city and wept over it. The gospel finish is not with joy. If you were paying attention to gossip. I'm finished with joy the gospel finishing weaving. So again my question to you why he does it with all this fake praise for me and fake clapping and people dressed up for me and the end of the day I end up crying even more so then it started you just really wanted to be praised had low self-esteem for him. He was feeling down with the law really cares about the people, You're the best. We praise you and you're the best. Maybe not. I don't think he was coming to boost his ego today. I don't think I'll go to the angels can sing to me the little children and the babies. I don't need you to the hospital. So please if you think of coming here to sing praises to me go home. I'll take the stones come to get praised. So why then this is a question that I struggled with and I'll be honest to God answer this question for me in a very weird way. I couldn't imagine three days ago. Today is Thursday night this past week. We had we had a concert for the school like a spring concert like a spring concert really really good and it was very very nice. And there was one song in there that all of a sudden something click to me. And it was a song that says I will give you all my worship. I will give you all my praise you alone. I long to worship. You alone are worthy of all praise. I saw that and I don't know why but I heard the song a million times. What's the difference between worship and praise? Because it says I'll give you worship, but also give you praise so can't be the same thing. I can't be the same thing. If you were worthy of all the worship and also on top of that you must be different things. What's the difference between worship and praise today Palm Sunday today of praise? With a multitude of Praise Him and then gathered to sing praises unto his name. But that's why it's a sad day because praise without worship is a very sad thing didn't come to worship and praise him praise of the mouth thing worship is a hard thing worship something you do on the inside and one without the other is not complete make no mistake our Lord. Jesus Christ came to be praised but didn't come just to be praised and if he came and was praised and that was it. It's a sad sad sad day because he came not just for praise but he came for worship worship means your life the verse that I always think of to describe it where she pays As Romans chapter 12 verse 1 St. Paul says, I beseech you therefore Brethren. I want you to like like pretend on Saint Paul and I'm speaking to these are letters written to people I beseech you Brethren by the mercies of God, please that you present your bodies a Living Sacrifice. Holy acceptable to God, which is your rationale worship. Saint Paul gets the definition of what worship is and he says we're rational worship meaning like the like The Logical way to worship like a reason and kind of worship. How do you worship God? b-connected worship with god with Living Sacrifice You are a Living Sacrifice mean. Living sacrifices two words living with leave that aside for what does sacrifice mean today? There will be a sacrifice means that today there must be Death right sacrifice mean if I say today is across the street. Okay, that means that tomorrow he was sacrificed. He's dead. He's gone. And Saint Paul is saying that worship equals offer self. Add Living Sacrifice. So worship equals has to become kind of death has to be some kind of blood. Okay. Wait a minute. What's a Living Sacrifice? How can a horse be a living sacrifice sacrifice means Living Sacrifice on the altar? Did cut your head off you walk off. You do daily life and come back the next morning and you do it again. business news That's what Saint Paul is telling us what it means to worship God. Loden, Fraze came for worship worship equal sacrifice sacrifice equals Death who is death. That's the good news for today. It's your day. It's your death today and the church teaches is that Because you know today we sing praises I would you all kinds of nice stuff, but today doesn't end with praise. How does today in general funeral and very soon? Why do we pay the general funeral? One of the most misunderstood things in the entire church. When was misunderstood things meet our church funeral? Yeah, that's true. But are you telling me are you honestly telling me that the church told us all here to gather together? Probably 700 people between the gym and the social hall right here to fight for parking spot to push each other to get one drop of this water to do anything just in case one person randomly happens to die for the rest of us. It doesn't mean anything. I've been going whole used for many many years in my entire history my life. I've seen one person died doing holding. I've seen one time but there's someone who died and they needed this this water from the general funeral you telling me that in 30 something years of my life all these things that I've been through has been wasting my time. I should just stay home. Why am I going to die? It's only for people who may happen to die during that week if that was the case that our church should be a dead church and Abby a church of dead rituals and be a church. That isn't a living. I don't think that's the case. There's no way the church that's been all the time do all this kind of stuff just in case that guy over there someone in the back may happen to tie. It has to be more to the general funeral than that lucky. You want to know where the general funeral who it belongs to is not the general funeral. It's your funeral, buddy. It's yours if it's not yours, why are you attending? I'm serious. Today is the day of your funeral you you will die today. How what do you mean to send that? I'm not talk. Don't tell me it's okay you in a few minutes know that you going to come to this table and you're going to take the body and blood of Christ to take communion and be one with Christ and be joined together in my life is his life where want that's great. Guess what? He's going after this. He's going to die. Like he's going to die. His life is going to end his life is over. You want to be one with him? No problem was annexed stop. You are supposed to die to not just a like we come sing songs and this and that and yes, I should be dead Knuffle dead the life that you live. Now you came in today with a certain life that life ends today. It's over it's done. That's all the stuff you were talking about. Holy me that our life is and it lasts you change a new life of Resurrection was kind of stuff your life is over. It's done forget about it. And it today, attend. Holy we walk with him step-by-step cuz on Saturday night next week. He's going to start a new life and you can start a new life 2. That's the whole point of all the stuff that we do right here. It's not showing and in fancy this and that you're coming in today to die. You come here today to say my life as I know it for the past hour many years is over today and enter alike because I don't know where it is. Just come follow the lord step by step and he's going to give you a new life a brand new life how many people I'm sure if I asked you erase the last year Holy Week change their life has never been the same again. That's what I'm talkin about everyone what happened to the funeral if we're not if you're not coming to funeral to die and please don't come first in the parking spot. Don't come then just coming for show and it just coming to watch someone else's funeral is your funeral. The prophecy that we're going to read in the funeral. Okay in the funeral where zekiel is brought before some dead bones and whom there is no life that says the Lord come from the Four Winds looking looking for a reason. I'm going to read it. We got rid of this idea that we're doing things at the commemoration. We're living everything that happened. Okay. So now the prophecy is coming and speaking about you. They come from the Four Winds of breath and breathe upon these Dead all the people that are coming here and these dead people so that they may live prophesied as he commanded me in the breath and talk to them and they live in sit up on their feet a very great congregation. This is not Hocus Pocus. Magic. This is not something that we just do because we have nothing better to do in life. Just wasting time on a Sunday. This is real today is a real funeral each and every single one of our problem is many of us go through Palm Sunday. And the rest of Holy Week like a tourist goes to the museum and therefore I know this is a stroll on through the museum. This is very nice. Hey stuff that living remembrance. We're reliving we're going through it. Just watching a movie on the TV. So again, I say this from the bottom of my heart with all of if you're not coming here to die go home. Go home. Don't come to this table unless you really ready to be United with him, but I'm telling you his next stop is death. So if you're not ready for macduff your next stop go home. These is my words what happened today at after the Lord rode into town on the donkey in this net. What are you doing? Next? He went to the temple. What do you tell the people you went to Temple? He said go home. I'll tell you he threw them out. He got angry. He overturn the tables what I'm saying to you. My words are not coming here to give you're like you. Come here to die. Please take your taking up a spot in my God Father's house. There's a house of prayer and is the house what is going to be a funeral today? If you're not ready to be a funeral you're not ready to die. Ready to get rid of your life and everything. That was old. Even if it's the way I used to do things the way everything is dead and I start a new life with you Jesus if you're not ready to do that go home. Because enough is enough. You can be rude to someone when they're living, but you can't be rude to someone at their funeral. You can be rude to someone to their face. You can reroute someone when they're healthy, but may God have mercy on the person who comes to a man's funeral and comes and hypocritical way. And comes in a deceiving way and comes and says fake words to the Lord comes just that show words to man's funeral. That's why the Lord clear them out of the temple couldn't take it anymore and I can I can sympathize with him people praised. They weren't ready to worship. They want to sing with their mouths. They wanted to sing. The phrase that we repeat over and over and over blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord repeat that over and over and over we sing Hosanna blessed is he who comes in every time that we say it and they said it it brought more pain to the heart of the Lord. Something is very important by the church. Anytime read the gospel Lord. When it says coming in the name of the Lord King David, okay. He said you come to me with a sword of this this this this now I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts. Was that mean does look I'm not coming. I'm coming representing. Almighty God with all his power behind me. I'm coming in line with him becoming a as if he is coming by come to your house. I say I'm coming in the name of the Pope. Okay, or I'm coming in the name of of of whatever. I'm coming representing that person. So we say and they said blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord know what you're saying is. Blessed is the man whose walking at the same line that he's walking. Listen to that man blesses. You comes the name of the Lord and Lord. My next step is death. You say? No. Thank you. He's coming to die. He's coming to die. And if you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord and you want to come in the name of the Lord? I hope you are coming to die, too. If not. Keep your mouth shut go home. Because it's just too painful for the Lord to feel. So let me ask you. Why are you coming today? I need everyone to answer this question inside their heart. Why are you coming today? Are you coming to praise? Are you coming to worship? Are you coming to die? Are you coming just to sing? Are you coming to go down? Are you coming just to look nice on the outside? Are you coming? Are you coming and your name blessed is he who comes in my name? But my will doing what I want to do with my life. But you coming ready to see you blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord? Please don't be fooled into thinking that you're doing a great service today by praising the Lord. Please don't think that you did a great job because you said it low-key mannose and you said this and that please believe me. You got Angels no disrespect to anyone that they could do a better job. They could do much better job than the angels fall and the babies fall. You just picked up a rock in the Rock will sing praises him not coming here to praise and worship. You know the Arabic word for worship. Is the word is good? Okay, so is good like worship means like onion. Say something funny since you guys are kind of depressed your same kind of depressing you guys. Okay? Recently. I had the great Fortune as able to play an entire liturgy with my son right next to him and watch him during the Liturgy his grandma taught him something. Okay, the one in the Liturgy it's time to bow down. She says is good and he goes he goes down but he doesn't like do you like I'm at onion. He just kind of like falls on the floor. Okay. I don't like you can stay there for like six or seven hours something like that. You know, what as I saw him doing that this past Thursday, we can learn a lot from little kids. There's a reason why our Lord told us to be like little kids we could learn a lot from that cuz that's the true meaning of worship exactly what he did. He fell down as a dead person. That's what it means to worship God. Revelation chapter 1 verse 17. I always think of this verse might think about what it means to worship and I think a picture of my son lying on the floor when St. John the Evangelist came face-to-face with the great Revelation. He saw the Son of God himself. Look what he said. I saw him. I fell at his feet as dead. That's what worship is all about the fall at his feet at did whatever I wanted to do. I'm a dead man. Whatever I wanted to go dead man doesn't complain a dead man. Certainly doesn't talk back and argue. That's why we have a funeral today because today is a day of prey amount of just a phrase the day of phrase but also of worship something I just heard right now. If you heard the song that was just being put on the screen try to hit me to just now as I was reading it the song that was just read listen to this very carefully Zion. And to you shall The Vow be performed in Jerusalem. You see what the message is. There is not even meet like I deserve praise but the first of men there and the vow to you. I'm sorry into you the valley shall be performed in Jerusalem is the sacrifice the song here telling us today sing praises of Zion and believe me scream. If you don't stop in Zion go to Jerusalem and make the sacrifice and do the worship and offer yourself as death. You ready to die today? You ready to die. You think I be asking you this today? You thought maybe on Good Friday. We talk to you about death maybe on those days. I got news for you. If you're coming just as soon phrases you can come to the right place. You ready? Let's say this forget about are you ready to die? Let me show you the other side. Are you ready for a new life? Are you ready for New Life? Do you believe that it's even possible that your life as you know, it would you live for the past 50 60 70 how many years of your life can be over today? And I'm really like to start next week. Do you even believe that's possible? I'm telling you that it is I'm telling you many people today that you go in ready for your death will also be ready for your new life. But if you're not ready for death how in the world you can be ready for a new life. Palm Sunday today It's like I said a Bittersweet day. I'm not an emotional person by any means. I don't think I've ever cried on Good Friday. I think I've ever cried except maybe one time in a funeral my entire life. But every year Palm Sunday is the day that always brings a tear to my eye every year and I can't get past it. But I think that's okay to be sad on Palm Sunday because our Lord Jesus Christ was sad on Palm Sunday. Let me show you the rest of the verse that I didn't finish. Directions to first part over from Luke 19 as a junior. He saw the city and wept over it. Tank if you had known even you especially in this your day the things that make for your peace, but now they are hidden from your eyes. Lord Jesus Christ finish the day today after all the people gathered they came the saying he sits by himself. He looks over the city and I think he's doing right now is he looking over us is very sad he wept Only you had known. Don't you know that I'm coming to give you peace? If only I'd known that I'm coming to give you life. Only that know that I'm coming for you in such love and such mercy and such compassion. If only her know that I will do anything for your benefit. but you didn't today is the funeral. Our Lord Jesus Christ comes to us appears. The Lamb of God is about to die. Please don't deny a dying man his last request. His last request he says I love you and I can't I can't live without you like he's putting it all on the line right now you saying everything that I've done in this world is just for you because I can't live without you. I don't want to be in heaven without you. I don't want to spend this week without you, please you can please don't I have the one thing that put a smile on his face today, please. Don't let him die today alone. Okay, don't let him die today alone a man and a woman that get married. They want to die together and be buried together. Please don't let him die alone today glory be to God forever. Amen.