2005 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 4 (Eve of Wednesday)


"My Heart, Your Throne"

The Lord found rest in Bethany, that was His home. Can we make our hearts His home? The Lord cannot settle for second-best in our lives. Are we making Him the King of our lives? The Lord is so merciful and compassionate towards us. God wants us to get to heaven and pass the exam, but we have to study.


The name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. We got to get together a couple days ago on Sunday. I stood before you and I told you that something special is going to happen this week. And if you can join him in a couple days since I said that I truly feel that God is really coming through on that. But I really feel like God has me doing a special working at see the church is packed every single day from very very early on if you've been with us the past couple days you have been lifted up into Heaven by the words have been spoken to us the past two nights. And I've been the same way. If you weren't with us on Sunday night we talked about how the Lord is looking for Bethany and we said how every day the Lord going to Jerusalem but at night he never slept in Jerusalem you always look for Bethany. Bethany was his place of rest and we were inspired to make our homes Bethany and every single time we enter our home is at this is the place we want the Lord to rest. I want the Lord to rest in my bedroom and in my living room and my kitchen and what Bethany to be our home I get home for the Lord. I'm sorry and then the last night if you were here, we took it a step further. We said Bethany is not a house made of sand painting walls and ceilings. Bethany is inside of us and that Bethany is supposed to be inside our hearts and every day the Lord comes to us and we sang I want to sleep in there tonight. I want to live in there. Plasma learned last night that Bethany has to be a clean place cuz the Lord cannot dwell where there is sin ugly. Send was how the Lord can't dwell there. and ever since I heard those words I've been asking myself the question. Is everything with her last night from Little Choice through which it is true which is that there's no evil in my heart this evil in your heart and a little things that we kind of ignore the little gossip in here and there and the little Envy in the little all these kinds of little things are so wicked and so evil and Lord can't stand even a fraction of it if it's private if that's true that these little things are enough to separate me from God because City separation from God, but then the thing has been on my mind ever since I heard those words is for what is my heart supposed to look like that? I know what it looks like now. I know that's not the ideal for the question that we want to get to is what's it supposed to look like those Bethany supposed to be decorated what's supposed to be on the walls supposed to be no hanging over there at the mirror and hang an Eno on the decorations all that kind of stuff inside Bethany. Look at Christianity open up the Bible and there's 10 million things. Maybe Bethany is all about forgiving your neighbor or maybe Bethany the most important thing is giving generously lady. Bethany is turning out of bird is Becky going the extra mile? What what's Bethany is Mercy The Compassion? What is it? Someone summarize it for me. The thing is that this week in particular and this day in particular the Lord seems very unreasonable. Right every one of them, which of the prophecies are condemning the good people the Jews the Pharisees the scribes were ten times better than I am and ten times better than you are. I never much much better and less exhausting and Veteran Andre. If you get there condemned like this, what's what's what am I supposed to do? What's the solution here? As I was struggling with this last night and this morning God really answer that question for me this morning in the morning. Yes to the service which is why the morning best was very very very important. You can't miss one session has forgotten support questions like this. Well, today's readings morning and night had one subject have one major theme. What was it? Cuz I left the kingdom of God wasn't it the lord gave Parables about the kingdom of God pants like the ten virgins Bells about the wedding feast and then some time. He spoke very very straight and he told the Pharisees in the hypocrite that you're not going to answer. I usually expect pestilence are earthquakes and all kinds of bad stuff and he was very very he spoke in Parables. We spoke very straightforward. But all that was about one second verse of the kingdom of God and the final day. And if you go a little bit deeper Inside the Mind of the Lord you see here. This was the Lord's final public. Speech. Okay spinal Publix, but you still spoke after this. This was like his final public appearance has no more did he feed multitude in the morning free trial blessed are the poor in spirit that stuff. This was his final words and a man's final words are the most important words a man who is about to die man who his hours on Earth with very limited and he had only a few more chances to speak to this multitude of people that he has been trying to work with from day one and give the most important thing talks about eternity not about John within the kingdom of God. So I said immediately. Okay, that's the answer for me. Then Christianity is all about the Kingdom of Heaven and the goal is to get to heaven when I die if I accomplish that unsuccessful if I don't accomplish that I'm a failure I figured it out. But that didn't satisfy me instant gratification kind of a guy microwave oven, you know fast food drive-thru kind of a guy I wanted so now I can live for another over many years. What's my answer today? So I answered right April 26th 2005. What's my answer what Bethany supposed to look like? I don't know what he's going to take me in the future. I want to look at these supposed to look like today. I know the Lord wants to answer that question because Lord taught us when he was preaching that the kingdom of God is not far from you. If you know who God is within you. That's what we talked about yesterday with the heart. So we are all stock car start to tie together with his kingdom of God thing this evil heart thing the solution for we saw yesterday how the problem and hear what they want to look at it. What's the solution for in there and a solution for your heart is at the kingdom of God would be incited this morning during the 11th Hour of the best of service this morning. We send me greatest him in the history of the entire copy charge my favorite him in the old world. Where do they have a pack of Thrones? Okay. Take a thermos is my favorite something. You may hate it because it's very long. It's only seven words. Your throne o God is forever. Amen. That's it. Like 20 minutes of owl Google Google 20 minutes more Throne of God is forever. Amen. 20 minutes, but what the hell is so much? TED talks about God's throne and I think my hypothesis. Is that our heart and God's Throne got to be the same place any place that a king sits on his throne Kingdom sit on the floor Kingdom sit in the balcony King sits on a throne. So I want the Lord to rest in here if I want to make this Bethany. I got to make his place of Throne where God can sit about God God loves everyone. God wants to go inside everyone's part but there's a condition God can't play second fiddle. God can't be the number two guy can't come into your heart and sit in the back next to money and next to love of people that can't sit next to them. Either. God is in front of them, but God doesn't show pronounce your choice for President Bush can't show up as in the church until somewhere in the middle with a present or she's going to come he sits in the front the part comes and sits in the front that comes in your heart. He sits in the front. That's the only condition for him to come inside your heart. So what we need to do is make this God's throne and we need to be able to say your throne o God is forever and ever your throne my heart your throne. Is there forever and ever a lot of us know that God's Throne was there last week or maybe need a last year in the holding me go, you know when we confessed. Yes. That was God's Throne was he behaving says that God's Throne. Is there forever forever meaning to waste time wise as well as space-wise TimeWise meeting forever today tomorrow or the next day the day after that and the day after that if I want to live in heaven, I don't want to give me what happened inside me while I must be king today and I must wake up in the morning and may God can give the next day and the next day about a one-time thing and forever as far as space-wise means he's the king when I'm a church that's easy, soaked into going blind as the power no problem, but he's jealous of the king of the office is always try to be the king, but I'm stuck in Arabic is also got to be the King on Friday night. He's also got to be the king in the parking lot when someone so scratch my car and dented my car. He still got to be the king and all those places because his throne last forever. Amen. So here's the thing if you want God to be the king that means you are his subject. All right, and there's lots of benefits to being a subjective God. Remember when we were in Egypt last time I was there. You go to Egypt the most valuable tool that you have with you is an American passport need a wave that sucker you straight to the front of the cathedral in the Wednesday night bible study. What is it worth starting and it was like 10 billion people pushing and shoving we flashed that passport big kick the Egyptians out of the way it so you guys straight to the front. Membership has its privileges doesn't but you know, what is the same thing with being a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven? Here's the thing. I don't get that passport unless I'm a law-abiding citizen. If I'm breaking the rules in this country in the laws of this country and disobeying the king and trying to throw the came out and try to do Anarchy. They going to give me a Are they going to give me a passport? Are they going to say this is a proud citizen this country. Absolutely not. What's the same thing with the kingdom of God. You are God you want to live in God's kingdom. Do you have to be a law-abiding citizen of God's rules with the concept of obedience? Okay, if I'm not obeying the law in this country that I am no longer is the upstanding citizen of this country. Same thing with the kingdom of God. So here's the thing we want to get to today. I want to be a citizen of the kingdom of God. I want God's Throne to be in my heart. I don't mind something my heart to be a place where you sit down to place where he rests. How do I know if I've accomplished it or not? I think about that one. Big is why I asked you if I took a survey here does God abide in your heart. Everyone was to say yes, every one of us would say, yes, but is there a way I can tell is there a survey I can do or a test I can take to see if I'm part of God's kingdom of God really is the king of this part of this is really his throne. Well Archer cancer that for us as well every single time we fight his Vespa Services anytime we pray anything to him that the church is known most words in Florida, right? Okay. Peace. Our Lord Jesus Christ of the king of peace and a buying living without peace that I have to question whether or not he's the king cuz he can't be the king of pain piece. He can't be the king of problems and can't be the king of unrest and can't be the king of anxiety and stress know what kind of stuff. If he truly is the cane that I need to have peace in my life and if there are areas, I don't have peace and if there are times I don't have peace. I don't have stress and anxiety and things trouble me so easily and I need to make sure I am surrendering to his kingship. There's no greater example of this than our Lord Jesus Christ in tonight. I'm sorry the gospel to read this morning again. Like I said during the eleventh hour, like I said today was our day on what was coming out in the world. He's speaking about end times talking all kinds of Bravery difficult words. I want to look at just for a brief moment is not so much what he said we know what you said but kind of the way in which he said it the how he said it cuz I think the how can teach us a lot about what kind of going on on the inside of his head? Everyone is getting ready. Like I said right now he knows exactly what's coming up in a few days. It was already knows the suffering and he comes out now and he starts to speak about it. Did you ever wonder what's going through the Masters head before he goes to this great passion and suffering. What do you think is going through his head? What do you think? He's feeling what kind of stress I have to come up here and as big a sermon in front of you and I get nervous for like a half hour before you have to go up on that cross. I having to pay the price of all the sins surely he would be nervous surely. It would be stressed out surely be in a bad mood surely. He'd be kind of a bitter or resentful or you can kind of see these kind of having a bad day. If you flip to the 11th Hour, you don't have to put it on me that you'd read the last sentence of the 11th Hour gospel from this morning which came to the Gospel According to st. Matthew. It was chapter 25 and concluded in 26 and it's a long passage. Which the Lord This ain't some tough statements. Okay Robertson very difficult statement when he was on this Earth, but not tougher. I think of what he's saying right now. Our Lord was talking about the Judgment for the people of Israel and let's not be fooled and think that he was very easily saying these words these world to used and these condemnations missing that these other people that he loves he's about to die for the people that he has created the Earth for this is his bride. This is first love the love of his youth. This is the one who went on a honeymoon with and fell in love with him. And now he has to order these words of condemnation. These are these are not easy words for him to say at the end of them. Listen to what he says, I was saying all these words of condemnation, you know, that after two days is the Feast of the Passover and the son of man is betrayed to be crucified. Free short sentence for 2 days at the Feast of the Passover and the son of man has to be trade to be crucified. What's the big deal about that? What I tell you I think that's a big deal because you don't see any bitterness in his voice. You don't feel any anxiety on him. You feel a sense of Peace, don't you you see if you really wanted the king of peace. All the stuff that's happened to him right now is enough to Rattle anyone of us. He has every right to be freaking out wouldn't you agree? He's about to go through hell on Earth. He's got to go to the worst time of his life personally says the son of man is about to be betrayed and I don't have itself is enough about me betrayed by a guy who saw the Miracles a guy who knows the truth even sold out by a guy. I considered a friend for what for 30 pieces of silver $30 and that's got to hurt a couple days. When is against the people that I healed the people that I'm dying for the people that I have created the Earth for you all this for me. You don't sense anyone in his voice that he said that about to be crucified. He said that were crucified not just against throwing out light words crucified meant the whipped but you saw on the movie and discouraging and the chronicle on end the spear and the spitting and the torch and all that kind of stuff very calmly very peacefully. He says the son of man is not to be betrayed and crucified. This is two days before the worst day of his life. Make it more nervous 2 days before a job interview over two days for the SATs the Lord got two days. And for the worst day in the history of all mankind, how is that possible? How did he have that piece? Why because his heart was a throne for God the father because he learned he understood was a citizen a law-abiding citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. That's why he's able to say this. So when I say to you if you feel like a piece in life, if you feel like you don't want some unrest on anxiety in the solution was simple solution for us as we need to surrender more to God's kingship. We need to claim every single day God your throne is forever and ever if it's 9 in the morning is a 10 in the morning is at 10:15 in the morning is in the office if Anna home, it's in the church. It's when no one is looking. It's in front of the TV You're Still The King internet. No one else can see me You're Still The King and I buy by your laws by your principles. They don't we sing that every time we come here to church has the power and the glory means kingship are the combinations that he had for the for the Jews wear that they said certain things in their mouth, but her heart was far from you so the solution for us, Is that we need to mean this with our part that maybe he is our King. Here's the thing about God's kingship in the end. Either way. He's the king but there's two ways to get to that solution. Either you surrender or he defeats you Britney and he's the king to some people choose to fight some people choose to make themselves king. That's fine. But you're going to lose in the end and ride bikes to you is to render because now is the time for Mercy, but that is not every single reading tonight. Like I said talk about judgment talk about bad stuff to come. But you know what every reading site also talked about good stuff to come and your perspective on it, depending on where your heart is and will who was the king side your heart depends how you perceive it? You see some people I bet you there's some people here tonight who when they read these words they don't see condemnation. They seek Comfort. How is that possible? How can I read about the end time in seat comfort? If I am a citizen of the kingdom of heaven and if God is living in here if this is God's Throne then God coming back to the world is not judgment. God come back in the world is Daddy returning from a long trip to take me home. so we need to get to Jesus came to make as part of his kingdom. Like I said, there's two ways to look at this. If you read these words if you read the book of Revelation, if you read the parable of 10 virgins, if you read the parable of the wedding of the peace and all you see is condemnation and scary and bad and this you to get your heart right need to get your heart straight need to find ways to surrender. Whatever it is is keeping you from from being a citizen of God's kingdom until you get to the point where you leave his work there. The waters would be these words about the end times. They would take Delight in them. They would take pleasure in them and they would look forward to reading the stuff the early church used to talk about the second coming all the time and say come Lord come and I was a bleeding. They wouldn't say hi. Hello there say come Lord second coming. I'm scared of many of us would steal or take your time. No rush. No, not my lifetime. It's not a good thing. At this way if you're in school and I tell you got an exam some people before exams already come somebody war games are very nervous. What makes the difference. You prepared for the exam right to get all the material on the test and you have studied and you have prepared the exam is nobody leaves. It was a good thing. It's a chance to get an A with no exam. I'd ever be able to put my friend A Plus. What's the same thing? With the kingdom of heaven, so we need to get prepare. Okay, everything we heard the past two days says we need to get prepared. How should I get prepared? I'll be brief on this point. If I would have if you'd asked me never, like I said never again, there's lots of things we would talk about fasting and prayer and Bible and giving what should I do to prepare? I would say you need to refresh your relationship with not so we need to do to refresh my relationship with God to make it fresh to make it new to keep it up-to-date to change for the way. It was yesterday and grow a little bit what I mean by that 1/6 hours near the story of the ten virgins five wise 5 Foolish Pride made it in 5 didn't make it in five of them were ready for the end driver than water weren't ready to boil and five of them didn't have oil when the end times comes. That's the thing about the ten virgins is that the beginning of the story until the very very end. You could have walked by all ten virgins because I would have noticed difference in any of them. They look exactly the same on the outside what you all had lamps all just waiting all of them waiting for the coming no real different only difference was in their pocket. No one saw had a jar oil. They were ready to have something inside. That's exactly like a boom Choi told us last night that we spiritually are. Very good. We are experts. Looking good on the outside. You're very good. You come here the church. We all look the same. We all say make the same sign of the cross. We all do the same. Matanya. We all sing the same filter Tacoma. We all sing the same. I saw him and anyone can come here and see all these beautiful people waiting for the bridegroom coming for the Bible teaches us that some of us have something on the inside. It's all of us don't Because God doesn't look at the outer God looks at the inner. So if you don't want to get ready, the Readiness is not an outside thing because we think that it's just by coming to church that the pews out of special magical power. And if I sit there long enough, I have something special on the inside or that if I think it's okay to go over enough that everything kind of fix itself on the inside is not an outside thing like a loser told us yesterday for the rest of your life doesn't make a difference for you if it's not an inside thing. We need to do is keep the inside flowing BP Oil inside burning. Keep it fresh. Once upon a time. There was a college student email to move into a new apartment. What he got there, he was having some trouble making coffee just learned how to drink coffee. If you want to make some sort of a cup of coffee pot. You're not in use it. So what does next-door neighbor and his old lady? Very nice. Lady who said can you help me figure out who's my coffee pot? Lady said sure she came in did the coffee beans in the water and all this kind of stuff fixed it for him short about done. He said that's great. A week later. They see each other in the hallway again. So she asking how's the coffee going? He says, well, it started off really really good after after about a couple days. It started to taste me to stay. I'll really be owned by the way. How do I know when it's time to change the coffee beans and put new ones in? Your spiritual life is a lot like those coffee beans. Many of us live with the same coffee beans were often experienced a year ago. We're living off a confession six months ago. We're living off of like a year ago. And that's our freshness fresh. That's stale. That's bitter that stinks. So we need to do is change them coffee grind for the same way. I don't want you to a cup of coffee. It's two ways old same way. The Lord doesn't want a spiritual life. It's two days old weed to keep it fresh every single day. I don't know any of us say I pray that shirt earlier so I can play at home Bible study earlier while I read the Bible at home do the same thing, right? That is the biggest trick from the Devil. Do you think about holding meat has the most spiritual time of the year, but it's also very dangerous time of the year trade dangerous because sometimes we will I too much on this. Yes. The church is very loud during folk teaching on everyone is screaming Vine of the power. That is great. But if there's no fresh coffee beans on the inside, but I'm not going home and changing the filter. It's going to get stale. I hope that we take advantage of this time of holding meetings not just to pray the church prayers, but take them home and spend some time in quiet. It was saying no TV no computer. No nothing. I spend some time in quiet on our hands and knees begging God for Mercy spending time in prayer refreshing those coffee beans and making them here. Once again, this is the golden time for the church was a time where Some of us have met maybe we never prayed without the egg Bay Area. It is never pregnant at the advance. This is the golden time for the church says come to church forget. The egg Bay Area come to church will pay all together and go home and pay a personal prayer to get on your hands and knees if you don't know what to say just say Lord have mercy just say Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on you sooner than you can't think of anything to say, but this is our time we can grow and take that next step. Should I pray that we would all have that time? Every single day every single chance we get we tell the Lord Lord. This is your throne and you are the king forever and ever and I promise you I promise you promise you promise you if you do that that the king of Peace will never leave you and distress the king of Peace will give you the peace. He was facing all kinds of stuff ten thousand times worse than us. He had peace we can get that thing. Same thing 2, Thing is everything I just said tonight. Doesn't really make that much difference in the world if we don't practice, so here's what I propose. One choice of Simon gray nice last night. He said about the Martyr st. George st. Mina those guys, they heard 1/100 of the sermons that we've heard. They heard not even close to the kind of stopped Obama is not that we don't hear enough to talk enough. I promise we don't practice enough. So I'm going to say right now we're going to do right now is when I give you a chance, but give me a chance or not. Cuz I know a lot of time with best I could go in the morning to go to work all day. Then we come back and chest at night or so tired wake up early so much never have a chance to spend some time and silence right now. Look at dim the lights a little bit and back there at some time in prayer. Okay to do you want to stand stand you choose if you would like to I recommend get on your knees and put your hands up and just beg for God's mercy, okay. Let's first take a minute just to Bow before the Lord who is the king of kings and Lord of lords. We don't answer the king's presence with pride. We enter the king's presence on our hands and knees we are the ones who are guilty and we come before him begging for his Mercy. Let's just take just a minute of Silence. Just plead for the Lord's Mercy. Don't pray for your problems. Don't pay for your back. Don't pay for your job. Just beg the Lord for his mercy and tell him that he is the king that he is the king of our life. Hahaha, whatever. Lord have mercy on us Lord have mercy on all of your people. Each one of us dear. Lord is bowing before you you are the king of our heart. You are the king of Our Lives. You are the king of the universe truly dear Lord all of Heaven and Earth glorifies you and sing praise to you and declares your kingship was not come to you right now dear Lord asking for anything at all. Would you come to beg for your mercy forgive us dear Lord for the evil inside of our hearts forgive us to your lawyer that we can come and spend hours and hours and hours inside the church never once lift our hearts to you and never want spend time with you in silence. Lord you are King Lord, you are Master truly all the power and the glory the blessing and the Majesty are yours now and forever dear Lord. Dorothy give you our hearts and each one of us is crying for you knowing that you are present right now. Knowing that you are walking that road knowing that you're walking the path to suffering for my sake and for the sake of my sins and to pay the price for me to enter into heaven. I want me to Claire you aren't can you please rain inside of us? Each one of us dear Lord has certain areas where it's difficult to make you King full take 30 seconds of Silence right now just to declare the Lord the king in the areas that are tough and the areas that are difficult for us. King of Peace truly dear Lord, you are the king of peace. And as McDowell in your presence, we thank you that you give us the chance to come before you and you did not Smite us for our sins and you did not pass this away that out of your great love & Mercy. Give us the chance to come before you help me the king help us to make you the king of every single day dear Lord. I know that every single one of the people who is kneeling before you right now has a heart that loves you and I aren't that wants to serve you. If not, they wouldn't be here. They were they could be out doing a million other things, but they want your peace in the in their life and they want to make you the king. so please dear Lord, make our hearts Bethany, dwelling us come and take out all the bad stuff, which I noise you come and pick out all the evil things which getting your way, but you would be our King and she would be are all in our Want to see you glorified in our lives and the lives of all every single member of this church. We ask all this in the name of our Lord God Savior and King Jesus Christ. By the power of your cross by the power of your blood that was shed for us on Good Friday.