Words to Live By

 After a tragic death in India, Fr Vijay looks at the story of the healing of the paralytic and the 1982 Tylenol Murders to find a way for us not to become the bystanders.


mother's a man in Kerala killed for stealing 200 rupees of food 200 refused what is that $3 $3 worth of food beaten for stealing and beaten to the point where he died terribly sad story of our own motherland a sad story of sin and depravity I think one of the worst parts of the story is the fact that so many people were taking selfies and videos and just standing around people have lost sight of what matters and today's Gospel should draw our awareness to the necessity of caring for others today's Gospel we hear about for friends for men who carried a paralyzed man we don't even know how far they carried him and brought him to Christ and when they brought him to Christ what did he find they found a difficulty they found the issue that there was too many people and at that point they could be lazy and say or just gonna let you sit here maybe Jesus will walk past you when he comes out or we've gone as far as we could we tried but they had the determination to help this man and they helped him the determination was very interesting because they didn't know that Jesus Christ was going to heal Jesus Christ in this passage reveals that he's God by the fact that he forgives this paralyzed man but in the hope in the chance that this paralyzed man could be healed they raised this paralyzed man up onto a roof opened the roof and dropped this man in front of Christ the determination to bring this man to Christ is something that we lose today we live our lives so busy so self-centered solve self involve involved lives that we rarely give of ourselves we don't have enough to give we give everything we can to everything else that's in our lives so the question is how do we make ourselves ready how do we make sure that if we were the person who was walking by and seeing this poor man named mother being beaten to death what what is the difference between the person who walks and sees this and walks away and the person who tries to help we're called to help how do we make sure that we can help how do we make sure that we're ready to help like the four friends well I'm going to take a little bit of a side to explain how we do this I'm gonna give you a story from business from the story of a past history event in 1982 in Chicago seven people opened up seven different people from different places in that stricken Chicago area they opened up a bottle of Tylenol they had a headache some kind of pain those seven people took that tylenol medicine and they died they died because the tylenol was laced with the poison cyanide the panic was extreme when the first and first couple of of deaths came up and they saw that it was the tylenol bottles that were the reason for this poisoning the fire department the police officers were going around knocking on doors telling people to not take their Tylenol the Boy Scouts actually sent out even more to go to the senior citizens who might not have heard the news to tell them throw out your bottle of Tylenol the stock of tylenol plummeted economists predicted the end of tylenol of the mcniel industry and maybe even the parent company Johnson & Johnson the FBI in the FDA investigated and came to the conclusion that the cyanide was being added by someone after it was being packaged someone was tampering with the bottles of Tylenol putting cyanide into it and then putting it back on the shelves in the local pharmacies in Chicago the FBI and the FDA advised Johnson & Johnson to recall all of the tylenol products in Chicago they said recall all the products but just in Chicago Chicago should be enough and we think is it localized to Chicago and that that should be it but Johnson & Johnson did something else they recalled all of the town hall products across the whole entire United States and a significant loss to the company somewhere at 1982 around a hundred million dollars worth of loss when asked to these senior officials of the company why did you decide to do that why did you decide to to do this great loss to yourselves the senior management pointed to the credo of Johnson & Johnson the credo is a mission statement it is a statement that is how the company is supposed to act and this credo this mission statement was written in 1943 by the company one of the company's founders none other a person that many know Robert Wood Johnson and Robert Wood Johnson wrote this credo and I'll give you the first portion because the first portion of this credo is all you need to know to in order to know why those managers decided to take tylenol off the shelves to go back and what they did was they went back and they created tamper proof tylenol packaging so this would not happen again but the reason why they took such a great loss is because of this statement they are credo that Robert Wood Johnson wrote was we believe our first responsibility is to the doctors the nurses and the patients to the mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services a meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality we must constantly strive to reduce our cost in order to maintain reasonable prices customer's orders must be served promptly and accurately our suppliers and distributors must have an opportunity to make a fair profit and the Credo goes on for many more paragraphs but in that opening statement we believe our first responsibility is to the community it's not to make a profit I'm not here to promote any company I don't know how this is a statement that was happened in 1982 we don't know how Johnson & Johnson is now but how did they respond to this tragedy they responded to this tragedy by going back to their mission statement by going back to their founding statement of we believe that our first responsibilities to the community and for fear that there will be copycats for fear that this that their product might cause more deaths even one more death they took a great loss to their company and the crazy part about it is that action ended up saving tylenol because the amount of trusted built within the community it allowed for that company to still be here today the question I have for each of us is do we have a credo do we have a mission statement that helps to guide our own lives what are the principles that we are to live by if we can focus on making decisions based on our moral principles we can prepare ourselves to be able to heed the needs of others what should be our guiding principle simple right our guiding principles right here the Bible the sayings of Jesus Christ but how many of us have the Bible and it's verses memorized in our hearts how many of us keep it and use it to direct our lives we might know a couple verses but do we really know our scripture that we are using it in a daily fashion to direct each and every one of our decisions I challenge each and every one of us myself included to learn and memorize more verses of Scripture let's start by memorizing the verses that are of Jesus's own sayings then when we have accomplished that let's memorize the verses of of Paul and of of James of Peter of the Old Testament of Abraham and of Moses let's memorize what is being said so it might direct and help help us let us memorize verses like in Mathew 6:25 so I tell you do not worry about food or drink you know that you need to lead live or about the clothes you need for your body life is more than food and the body is more than clothes let's remember passages where Christ says in John chapter 14 27-piece is what I leave to you it is my own peace that I give to you I do not give as the world gives do not worry and be upset do not be afraid let us remember as in Matthew chapter 19 26 but Jesus beheld them and said to them with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible let us remember that in John when he says I am the way the truth the life no one goes to the Father except through me let us remember when Jesus says so now I am giving you a new commandment love each other just as I have loved you you should love each other you your love your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples let us remember the words of Christ to the paralyzed man your sins are forgiven you let us take the Bible as our credo as our mission statement as our guiding principle let us live by the words of the scriptures let us be prepared to fulfill your calling by listening to your calling through the Scriptures hopefully we will do this we will have the words needed in our minds to make the right decisions to make the right decisions when I'm paralyzed man needs to go to Christ that we will go and carry him then we will have the words that when we see a man who is being beat him for stealing food or even before he steals the food to see mother or a man like mother who is hungry to see him and remember that Christ calls us to feed him let us remember the words of Christ that it might be our guiding principle to help each other all glory and honor to the father to the son to the Holy Spirit