Winning the War

Learn the story of Gideon and what it takes to be victorious!


today is Well. Today, but tomorrow is Memorial Day and it's Memorial Day weekend, and it's a wonderful holiday in America. It's a holiday in which you remember our departed specifically those who have served this great nation to protect it and to help it to grow in the way it has. It is a day in which we remember. We remember those who have given their lives and served to protect us. in our communities We must never forget as a nation. These people that have served. but at the same time we always must remember and we give week we give them all the honor and the respect. We also must remember that their sacrifice. That the protection of this nation cannot happen. without God because God. Is the true protector God is the true. helper God is the one that sustains and gives us everything we need. The nation of Israel back in the times of the judges if you read the Book of Judges. in the times of judges and this time it's later than early time in the. Of History. the nation of Israel at some point had forgotten how much God has given them. Big forgotten what God has done for them. They forgot so many different things. They forgot what he would what his worship would give to them and they forgot to worship Him and they started looking at other places. So they started looking at different things. They try to looking at other nations and sooner than later. They forgot all God all together. And you know what happened to the media night of the the city of Israel or the nation of Israel weather? In that time a people called the midianites came and conquered the nation of Israel and for 7 years the midianites force the people. to pray and worship idols During this time, the midianites subjected the people of Israel to poverty. The people of Israel had a lot to go through they would be working all day and at the end of the day. The midianites would take the best portion. When the Harvest came the midianites would take almost everything and leave only the morsels in the crumbs today Israelites to serve to to defeat them. Until the oppression of the midianites was terrible. and God saw that t'god rose up. He called a very young man. The scripture says that he is a man that was so young and he came from a very very low tribe. Now. We know the great tribes the tribes of the sons of Jacob. But they were those tribes that were left ER. And he comes from one of the local tribes and he comes from years old a young man and he had very little stature. He was not a person that you would be impressed with he was not a big figure anything, but God calls him send an angel to him and calls him and says, I want you to go do something great. Do you know who that man was? Gideon Gideon was this man and Gideon was called by God to go do something simple. But something great. Gideon was called to go and tear down. The idols tear down the altar to the idols that was standing up on high. And God said after you tear down that was idols and that alter raise up an altar for me. So getting was fearful because if he did this during the day, then the midianites would kill him right there. So Gideon went out at night and took ten servants and he went and destroyed the idols of bomb and destroy the Altar and then he rolls up on new altar for God for our God. And in the morning time the midianites arose to see their altar destroyed and they did their research and found out that it was Gideon so they came to Gideon's father's house to arrest him to kill him. but Gideon fled When Gideon flat and when all the people of Israel had saw and heard what Gideon had done these people? These people were put with a Fire Within them. 20 mm men rose up and became a strong Army and they ask Gideon this young. small man to lead them to defeat the midianites. For 7 years, they had endured but they had done nothing until Gideon had done this one great act and now 22,000 men all ready to go fight and bring Israel to Victory to bring them out of Oppression to bring them out of Slavery to bring them to peace. It's a joy. And you know what? God says to Gideon. God says to get in you have 22,000 men. It says in judges 7:2 I the Lord said to get in the people who are with you are too many for me to give to the midianites into their hands lest Israel claim glory for itself against me saying my own hand has save me now. What does that mean? God is saying to Gideon God is saying to get in I don't want you to fight with 22,000 men because if you go with 22,000 men, you know, what will happen. You will go with the people will go and say we won it is by our hand that we have Victory. So God says no cut them down. Cut the men down. Tell them tells hitos 12000 to stay on one Hill. Lenny takes 10000 down to a lake and from there. He has another test on from there only 300 men remain 300 men until with 300 men. God tells the Gideon go go to battle go fight the midianites. So with 300 men this young man goes to face his oppressors who have enslaved in for 7 years, and you know what happens? Honestly God is faithful. Right God is faithful and those three hundred men defeat the midianites and victory is for Israel, but it is through God. This story today the story that actually Saint Paul in the up in the epistle today reminded us when he said about Gideon. This story of getting his reminder for us. About how much we need to depend on God? Beth Israel lights for God about how important God was and that's when easily the Minnie and I came in and enslave them when we forget about how important God is in our lives how dependent upon God on God we should be that is when Satan will come into your life. And enslave you into some addiction or some. difficulty in trial and tribulation This church during the the time of great lent was wonderful. We were all here praising God and doing amazing things and our our prayer meetings were wonderful. Everything black was going was wonderful. But after Greatland, it is our money I'll resend so we go from here to the end of Easter and then we we we finish Easter and then all of a sudden we start to forget God and we can come lazy and our prayers. We are going to Lazy Song. Oh, well, you know what? I did my what else do I need to do now, but every day we remember him and when we remember him then even 300 men can go to war and win the war not just the battle. And so whatever battles we endure today, we need to turn to God and seek his Direction seek his help because In Christ Alone are we Victorious? Today's Gospel, St. Louis Writes about a man that comes and God says Jesus Christ says to that man following me. He sent us to two different men. He tells two different men follow me and you know what those two men said one man said, let me go bury my father and the other man said, let me go say goodbye to my house to those of my house to my family. Do these men not know who Jesus Christ is. We are much like these men. We talk all the time. We say Christ is calling each everyone of you to follow him. But what we will say is God. Let me let me go take care of my work. Let me go take care of this or that let me go take care of this because it's so important to me. Let me go take care of these little errands that I need to do. But God is calling you at that moment to pray calling you to follow him. These men didn't realize who Jesus Christ was because if they realized they would have realized. The Jesus Christ is life. To the man who who said I have to go bury my father. Don't you remember the Jesus Christ would raise the dead and heal the sick Jesus Christ rain at Heald St. Peter's mother-in-law. So how much more would he heal the father of one of his disciples? My brothers and sisters, let us not make excuses. Let us not forget God but let us today as we remember all of The Departed soldiers and those who serve this country. Let us remember also that it is through God. That this nation is protected that your family is protected that we all are protected and that he asked us to follow him and he will lead them. He will guide us he will help us and whatever battles come about. We will be victorious in Christ alone all glory and honor to the father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit.