Transforming Your Heart


key deposits on the holy spirit guide she acted a little bit from the book of
job jillian some people testament disappointment
that wanted products of course you know sometimes a minor
prophets dumping a lot of attention but there's definitely a lot for us to
learn from the minor prophets whose especially
from joe so he had a biological hope they don't
get it also on the on the screen we recently going through this insanity
and his book but there's a lot of things ready to ship together so maybe we can talk to some of these
things you know this this book is beauty greasy understanding that sometimes in life we realistic miller-sparks and we lose track henry louis in august it's really nice how god grabs our attention again and how hard three times a second we really want to understand the thing with humans exactly blvd frigate easily one d got to do something about life then all of a sudden and helped him i can lead to spend time trying to him and really excited about dot php after a few weeks i met a few days made a few seconds i don't know we forget what happen what he did my life with him sometimes god out of his luck return us back by all means in the book of joel is a great story and a great reality of how our life is without here in the beginning we note that starts out in a very earthquake with the attack of the locusts that's read a few forces from joe
dishonest and what's to speak to me because i don't want to talk about
locusts from thousands of years ago stick you don't have this problem today so what's the point there is a point him but i said sometimes but with that in our life we're definitely distracted we lose
focus to distract like i said that it was not he gets focused again someone can veto it can be together from
chapter one point of view verses the beginning we can talk through it we have it up the work but the lord that came to joe
beside thank you dispersed changed from here here it is you know there's and he he
really would have it in such a manner has anything like this happening in your
case or even in the days of your father's tell your children are better children
tell their children and their children and other generation links katie falling into the northeast what's happening here is that god wants a change wants to change them okay i was always think about us but
wants to change us of course we had this big if you noticed
sort of job it's a picture of this beautiful land that became destroyed bible disks became dara it became fruitless it was
destroyed completely is destroyed completely and we look through it wasn't you you
wondered ke what does this have to do with us isn't that a picture well you know because when you get a
residual carry some horses chapter one together jesse this is a picture our life are specialized how does once beautiful fruitful the farming was great news for coming
from trees uh... all the sudden locusts com and the lenders done and destroyed everything strike everything what has been trying to do what's looking they want us to remember to date dot is
looking for change in us he's looking for a change in us now how would you accomplish that change
is different from person to person zidane because you have asthma he cares exchange the first part of you scuba divers want he came to sign up by throughout that
smell means got opens remember what has been trying to do is trying to
make us change so the first place i stated that look to make a change i'm going to open the apartment one c i'm trying to do so here that the audience got opens dot wants to reveal continue animee in our lives and you can see that when we talk about
sex and vs we have a picture of ourselves i'm going to church and the bible study
and doing this begin to this protein loses track whose
focus well if i don't see it today his open nospam believe they're not want to open you up
to date a look-see he wants to see what's on the
inside today he wants to reveal something t antony the lord of the year is trying to get our attention lesson here here at this you know this and ear cake pretending to be which is coming from
bible study because they missed that one too to change it once before and you are anyone
sitting here something he wanted to hear something today what
is it listen to what he has to say what about a year to date what god is
trying to teach you is something you remember and for the divers come how did time
together in a message from god it's something that you you'll never forget alexander dot teaches a lesson repeat
opens us i'd be he gives us a message we don't forget it well that's what i was trying to do what
we have a life with him descend upon itself he wants to contact with them you watch
the show was was on the inside he wants to take a somewhere he wants
change us but there's one problem what u_n_ lowest left this walk is holding locust has eaten
what this one of the best left that politicians needed and what they call it what is left the consuming logan locust has beaten what's all this about these are different kind of status
locusts there's also a different kind of stages
and like housing as it grows either destroys us so you know the like the prestigious like
it's like in the attic goes on and then it's without incident is consuming now let's go through a few verses just
to see a meeting clearly what the locusts so it was focused today remember the forecast time help us to change by doing that he's gonna openness two shows was on the inside and he wants us to listen to the he wants to listen to the everyday he wants to stabilize there's something that's attached to us that's really more harmful than you
think we don't we don't pay much attention to
say if we do pay attention we don't realize
what i can do this is the picture watson can do better away by the way it
is good news that the end of this whole thing is just the beginning of the best tough
message but there's a point to him away huge augers and weep anywhere or do
you think is a warning because of the new line of what has been cut off amounts what do we see here email it's sequencing takes control what is the result what do you see what's happening too that people what's
happening notices a waikato pitches and all the
people who are intoxicated alcoholic now these are the people that are are
attached and and talk to some kind of thing in
this world and what happens to people like that people like us we are attached there's a lot of winning and crying insects if you go through all these courses to
be chapter one of those two entitlement attitude i'll give you the patient there once was a length there's very few when the locus kane they destroyed everything when there was floating eighty there's
no more food to eat he was really destroyed completely people here are really and cried winning and crime let this person is laid waste by finding a ruling might victory yesterday there is always
branches are made white everything is not food anymore people crying again and and and he is a lot of sadness and the lead everyone this morning everyone is fine why because their sentences that have taken over that have grown the best part of our
life and to be honest with you if you look at all these verses the
diverse twelve from person one two twelve face a complete devastation what you want to talk to you so much
about that because we don't realize at this picture of chapter one is what's happening to us there's a there's a starvation and the devastation of our spiritual and and we don't know what to do but not today saying they say i want to tell you something i want to tell you how to get out of it the people today were focused on so many things except for the month course now please you're extremely busy with your families which you were with so many things when i came here to visit if you know give us a little busy up when i didn't
have time to visit single you know you're the one is too busy you're extremely busy your overwhelms you like not focused your and so forth it's the this all of us were living on a daily life is keeping us from having this fertile
land at the same time using smaller pieces in our lives network beating a weighing and one needs they consumes legal
consuming levels because antitank and everything and and the barbeque on anymore people don't even loved the local
economy more people's hearts have gone well the picture today's for like a spiritual starvation demand so what do we do what do we do today let's go to skip over the always has
been delayed really roll the minute i felt victory is whether it
can see just a picture of complete devastation of land and then all of the southern there's a different story there's a different story please don't forget but but that is
trying to do here today god's trying to make a change in us where his emission was originally beautiful of us maybe it does smeared a little bit ever images
tarnished and now he wants to use a in return is back if you look at my intellectually industry different places you know what god is saying he wants to change us or transform us
into the work a little metamorphosis but it's this is like a great work for transport it appears to be doing a risk management it appears in nineteen seventy-two which
is what at two seventeen who knows the transportation when christ was castigated this in romans twelve ware says if you had to conform to this
world be transformed and the renewing of your mind insulated from what is good acceptable
and perfect will block and author places second grade kids
treaty we are being transformed in the same
image from glory to glory like so this picketing god wants us to be transferable he wants to change he wants to go forward to glory he wants to be tense ticketing he wants
to be transformers we have to understand that there's something intern that speeding away at us and making power land fruitless if you look here inverse fourteen as we get together together bar once concentrated on the best we have to be together guys concentrating on the best cola sacred assembling sudhir what has been telling us canceled verse fourteen hugo but divers forty in the back there thanks first fourteen this concentrate too fast consecrated fast called the sacred assembly gather the
elders and have it is a man of the house voted on by a toddler you know what god wants us to do which are not doing enough dot is coming together and crying together fasting together
pray together fight got together pork the spiritual starvation delilah atlanta specimens atlantis mt there's no joy and people
are trying people are sad there's plenty of similar
and this is not a picture of that as a picture of now their is emptiness mathur
starvation others hunger now for a doctor's it's just
something missing okhane and we don't realize these book is
currently being any hastens or maybe a little can we say holds like is desolation what's gonna happen now is we need to espy's previously working guys in the south on how you doing verse
what trust vast policy but assembly gather
the others not would have been submitted to the house of our that's where we are
now that's what we need to be god wants us to be together and and trade collectively for this
repentance is change because he did not want a change in us
god wants to test for months but to do that we need to be together to do that we need to pray together this move over to chapter two again and chapter two this stain the same period it would give up on the same here in chapter two speeches kate give chapter one smokers tactic to
is what traffic to starts now doctors in the land and is talking about how safe is
covering the land and everything is thick doctors and it's like there's no like there's no
sign of hope beat master was finished versatile was amazing to be accepted the
biggest chapter two verses ba it's amazing to see what we need to do as stated in the family social chapter two verse twelve de vere piles of i mean
that's committed that sometimes a new technology is on schedule says here to join chapter two listen to
this what god wants but i know it's like there's a lot of information to the but first twelve says now therefore says the lord turned to
meet with him all your heart with basking with weeping and with the
morning first thirteen syringes part rendered arms and not sure garments returned to florida dot bring his
gracious and merciful and slowly taking have great kindness
and he will ends from doing harm high above these forces look i'm not going to really give you
this intense see a lot of oklahoma city but i am going to say one specific thing you can see the spirit of the old why do you do
those things sometimes i want why don't you send the list why is he making things you don't wired
things all surrounded being the lord once is the first twelve therefore says the lord time to meet
with all your heart turned to me with molly hot the lord knows there are some i'm not a
scam right or not how much of a heart is with god and how
much is it was so many other things i'm consumed by my family only my family
byword this monopolize my life even my secret since i have my life has
taken over their lowest their consuming and they're giving away at my fruitful life destroying my purity they destroyed my
eastbay destroyed my joy but of the lord is safe they i want to
desire overturn exchange back to me s voicing concern to me with all your
heart is great and respecting the same to your
inbox not sit down and see what does that mean you doesn't care about what's on the
outside garments are being outside he has one was on the inside okay and i want you to care about what's
on the inside is most times where some people the outside we meteoric is who's
on the inside what's even you on the inside what's destroying you on the
inside that's going to talk about that so we want uncover that's looking to get
up prices listen here what city member what is their deal means one deal
means hoping i'll announced open sa still list was on the inside so we can
change listening and talking so many people these days actodine identities revealed the sense of
emptiness even there and here and really feel that
there's something really destroying people i cannot be known i know it's these locations i know some things inside each one of us
just like taking away are chilling taking only are purity political wants a today is want i want you back look at first twelve attempted to turned to me even bolder haha respecting give me your heart i'm not
sure of garments return to court should not be skirmishes and merciful he's not
here to judge just so that what we're just this is a slow to anger and a big time
that's so i think that this is very important for us don't work for us and university fifteen the same thing again if we can
get the him from chapter one the state income tax act soon well let's look at this time concentrate fast call sacred stumbling get he quotes anytime i think obligation assemble the elders gathered the children endorsing base but
the bridegroom cannot miss chamber and the bride protested because i want to see what the priest
should do and what look guys we're talking about this this morning
doesn't change to share in the bible this morning together after that he was really nice dot is that he is the one conclusion we don't spend enough time together as a church traded conceding dot white boards seem joe constantly a fast
because something he said twice why isn't that what i don't really
upgrade imprinting one training we should get together and print and leading and and clean
yourselves because that's where we'll tweet why don't we understand the message from
joe met today in the land transport logan's destroying why don't you come essentially to come together and spend time insecurity assembly spend time returning back to him what happens if we do that what happens if we come together do you think and being on each other and career with them to be healed look adversity
chopper to restricting bengaluru reasons for his land remember
what happened because the sickness and everyone signifies let's pray together
this this'll be together and look what
happens adversity candle holder of the suspects plant but if that doesn't also and these people both insensitive people
alice and ukraine and no one and oil and you'll be satisfied with them alamat your approach among the nations so far what is returning back was returning back that was destroyed it
up to one what returning back b c it here and talked a lot of the plane was norma the line was gone off and dash finishing was not when she was
there not start again material in its receipt was people
respond to you equal i will send you bring annual wide
mentally ill and you'll be satisfied by that i would no longer make you uncomfortable
nations but i'll remove burst twenty but i don't know far from you know the
northern army what right away into a bit i think that's the plan all your enemies just what does that
israelis those attacking any studies that show that is exactly
what it cosmonaut protection but again here first whatsoever obliterate his resistance to the liberal
point first twenty-one fee on top of that be glad to rejoice the lord has done marvelous thingies of the lord has done marvelous things cannot be afraid to use of the field for
the open passions are springing up and the tree pierce's friends what's
happening now cheaper recruit the fig trees getting strength everything is coming back again what the rest of this chapter you can see the scenes scenes seemed
indeed atlanta is restored demand is refreshed treatment first twenty five up there burst twenty-five and when you see
something some people ask me if i could be seen in my life and they get a mess up but i have a second chance again or doesn't get a raise order how does it work you know about the political lists on i was talking to you in the years that
the swarming lopez has beaten analysts say anything this is the same
as you know when you he's interstellar patrolling locust
because so many locust image on the list migrate army which i spent on mon dieu i'll restore to you in those years how many years have we lost from the senate that's progress and some people come to me and say multi-national mistakes and they're going to be holding again and there's no chance at renewal i was told to you know she's everything that that that will take from you and you say that from you god wants to restore in chapter one honesty that was wailing severe criteria there was chaos and devastation what got them out of that he's with the king interpret when he came together and the consummate last time and we needed them everything that our sins of from us and brought us has been restored this is my first thought he wants to change that he wants us to return back units from the inside it's a change in the heart persuasive give me a hard much of our own so here god desires changing us believe it or not guilty anything to return is about he'll do anything hears a strange story but focus but not
doing anything to gets back one question i want to ask yourself to
date if u if you can think about it one question is ask yourself this what caught my locusts do you think about the pacific what barbed wire locusts what are those things consuming mean meeting and me and pretty much
destroying what am i going to do about second
question what do you do about it you there's a nice quote from thomas
campus saying be not being greeted you cannot make
others as you wish to to be since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be everyone thinks about changing humanity
but no one wants to change it himself everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks about changing
themselves but i would call upon today for us as we hear this bible study what are the things i need to change but myself what other things i need a gifted
october inside if you don't give them they will hurt you if you don't have an opportunity for
them they were destroyed here that you had to get the learned of
the hard way but they got the message come together when we come together for prayers are
just like basin was also a surplus of prayers of
repentance god is calling us now to prevent god is calling us to pray together how many times and he basically together
with people around you has been frank people sick but assemblies of more than
a preferred howell repentance for change if you deal with united kingdom and
there's a nice person from second also chapter seven can open it up seven chronicles the ships to return the certain contraceptives haven't there's plenty of parking but on the screen second congress chapter seven okay may be displayed says here when i shot up heaven and there's no rain welcome and the book is available and
who is a different book in the bible when i should not have been and there's
no rain commendable mister dole out of the land or send has done some of my people verse fourteen you know this person will it might be political landmine removal
humble themselves and praying and sequence based and turn from their wicked ways then i'll hear from heaven and forgive the sins and there land toothpaste you i'll get it but the main thing is that we always wondered why things as the
heart of my life because god wants a change they could rest its i'm setting up and
that has no rain there's something common while because i want to time by yourself and to pay to mediator community ways
and i want here from heaven will forgive susan he'll demand all healed up land how about you i can tell you what you think avenue but i think for so many years the small since meet her still hurting me how about you aslimasti what's or
locusts i don't mind thank you know one thing but this is this these verses you help us get back on track the springs in his face was nice talking to you can see his face
he had a group of people doing that what would happen healing plan dot blots field our land our spiritual
man alert lives lesson three that began our hearts garments told so when you leave today and for the
questions ask yourself what part of all this in my life thus keeping the from being unfit for that and books i'm gonna give you my heart and avoids communist seek your face in
prayer and i'm going to come here improving for members from chronicles is every single piece if you come to god and without
humiliating you'll never to be changed if you're not seeking his face and
really decided to turn in your prayer from you would you please then you will not get a answer from
heaven that nobody know forgiveness and healing i'm not here to give you that the scary speech about repentance missing one simple thing dot is looking for a change and that it was his at transformations there's something eating away at us and we don't realize it so here in job got got their attention maybe gotten used to get attention maybe we need to be seek his face and
praying made one of the humble when it comes to
come to him but i would like us to know exactly what
i wrote a song and i would love to see that all of us the body of christ as a church
would come together and trade holistic understanding and come together and create and seek
his face and the honest about your sins sometimes we contemplate together just
like this kind of like everyone is just we get ready to take home printed stand for change this transformation happening to
princeton the best thing we can do is be reume was gone in our prayers and got home returns back to food lion or appears at the lowest from him all the rest of the suit tuculudubu a
treatment of all those things guess what that is that you did that u_s_ dollars it here's that that responsibility there's also they said that restores
relationships still but what's up you know how much you know that's it like it's i'm just putting it does not
come to the band-aid he's coming to restore it created a gambling like new again he's not going to have access to keep
popular cases as they are not just that know he's come to restore those years he
lost under spring that we can be honest about the book
skyline i'm just brain which we can call the secrets of the and
really call upon the lord eleven tends to be with you but the political and gather you and united and treated effluent and healing in this church in the
beginning internet whatever diverted from you not restore make sure you really wants to give your
heart the change anyway joining turn remembrance of the past
time for the wicked ways it doesn't mean i have a wicked wave but you know that i had the same novice
announcing the wickedly sector comments like it's a real repentance of change esprit for that time i hope we can have some kind of
b_n_l_ when i don't know outwards from here but if we can maybe squeeze up to them
continues even if they were just cleans up here and didn't mean about myself you know my
brother had to put this let's come up or some type of repentance together do you have to go for the but
most of the world political frontal kate no i don't like
to hear but that's not something i want to all
this and and and and and and and prayer and and like look guys bespeak we're gonna give you a
microphone to break this is our chance kane but remember does no one wants to
restore what the least supplements the same time from us this does seem to
monterey canyon them he's up here this computer com denny's guys if rates does that they're going to step back
there by the way appears on the list so the analysts on the floor apartments esp should be fun become loved ones each and every one of us who can
identify it would have lost years rehab from c mistakes distributing refueling so much time as we sit unlikely because
the devil got the best an amazing promise for the eucharist
twelve years bleep we ask for decreases the strength
to entertain from academies to some of us forward some sins are are nothing to others of us for those things things are like a crisis and open up our allies ought to be reality
for the destruction of sin turn back what foods from toan constraints choose proves trujillo thing true restoration due beginning smoking but he told us that remains in christ
becomes a new creation all these asked people do things have
calmed we need to important new things sort of our hearts each and every one of the scope of
coverage expose things that are important he invokes
pose the scenes exposed that reduces the suffering that the supposed to be a problem