This sermon focuses on the gift of creation in light of the Wedding of Cana.  As the Indian Orthodox Church begins the Great Lent, this passage plays an important role in understanding the mission and objective of this Holy Fast.


It is a blessing to see. A good amount of people here on this day on this on this Sunday after a great snow storm has has come upon us. With this snow storm has been very interesting to think about how the world looked just throw the places that we have lived how they look before the storm. And then after the storm I was seeing pictures on the news of the Long Long Island Expressway and looking at his as if it was some kind of a field instead of a six-lane highway and seeing Place is all around just covered in snow everything turning to White. And at the same time as you see this you see the children all playing in the snow and they all start to create some amazing things. They create the snowmen they build a snowman or they build a castle. Even one person I saw had built a fish and painted it like Nemo. winter storm Nemo everything is it's amazing to see how the world transforms how in one night everything changes and at the same time. It's interesting to see how with this snow this ice some beautiful beautiful things are created people create amazing Snowman and amazing sculptures and things like that. Art is a very interesting thing. This is the ability to take something and make it into something beautiful. Transform it into something beautiful. something amazing Right. Now I'm trying to be an artist with food and food is always a difficult thing to be an artist with you have to have the right amount of ingredients and everything will come together and it'll taste if I have a nice little G write a very good taste. When I was much younger, maybe you're 5 or 6 years old. I want I I I love cooking and so it ain't one of the things I wanted to do was I wanted to take two things that I love and put them together. The two things I loved was ice cream and I wanted to put it together with chocolate chocolate mix, you know, when you make chocolate milk, you have the the powder like the bournvita or you could you put that powder in and it makes it mix it in the milk and becomes chocolate milk that mix that chocolate mix the I wanted to take that mix and see what happens when you put it with ice cream because when you put it with milk, it makes the milk chocolate milk. So what happens when you take the mix and put it with ice cream Well, what happened was that my experiment ended up in diarrhea? So not always is the transformation a good thing and putting things together. But creating something new is exciting when you take something and make it into something better when you transform something when you create something it is exciting and there is a reason why it's exciting. The reason is is because creating something is something that God does God is the Creator God creates. So when we try to create We are participating in what God does so it is a Divine thing that we are doing. So every time that an engineer build something a software person build something or a person who is doing anything to build or to create something making even just food dishes or making a Snowman when you're creating something it is exciting because you are doing God's work. creating transforming And today the gospel passage came from John Chapter 2 the wedding at Cana is an interesting passage because most Molly men love this passage, unfortunately. Jesus turns water into wine Now Jesus was taking simple water and making it something rich and amazing and beautiful. The question is how in John Chapter 2 verses 6 to 8. It says now there were set six waterpots of stone according to the manner of purification of the Jews containing 20 or 30 gallons of Peace. Jesus said to them fill the water pots with water. So when they fill this with water what happens when they take the water out it is now wine. So we look at what Jesus has done. He's taking water and put it into the six water pot. Now these water pots are much like imagine when you go to a wedding in Kerala the big places even the big the biggest of auditoriums in the halls. There will only be always be on the side. What will you see always you'll always see no matter how rich are the Places You'll see a row of sinks places to wash your hands now in Kerala you wash your hand after you eat, but in the Jewish custom you could wash your hands before you ate and it was a matter of pure before you sat down to eat you would wash your hands your feet and your face so you would need lots of water for the whole party of people to be washing. Tomatoes for the purification of their bodies that they did they would have these what does water so the marriage has begun. I need water parks. I've been used and the people have been purified and they are these parts are now empty. But now why did is Jesus true six? 6 water pots why? What's very simple? 6 water pot the number six symbolizes and reminds us of one thing. 6 days of creation 6 water pots 6 days of creation Jesus take the six water pots and he within them he takes the water within them and transforms it creates something new. In the same way God the Father. Our God God he took 6 days to create this world So when Jesus Takes the six parts and transforms what is in them? He is telling us one thing that he is God. The Jesus is God. He transforms and makes new in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 and says therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation old things are passed away behold all things have become new so we have become new within Christ Christ is the Creator God. He is the the Creator he transformed the old into new. Can you transform the water into wine? He transforms the poor to become those who are rich because he said blessed are the poor. He transforms the week into strong. He transforms the stick into healthy. He takes those who are sad and makes them full of joy. And the greatest of all he takes death and transforms it into life. We know. I thought I had mentioned last Sunday that our purpose for our parish is to transform. We are to transform through and in Christ to become a reflection of Christ, so we are to transform. We are to become like those six waterpots. This Sunday the wedding do as we remember the wedding in Cana this Sunday marks the beginning of Lent and so the fathers of the church chose this passage the wedding in Cana to remind us that we are called Within These 50 days of Lent to transform. We are called to take what is new old and make it new we are called to become like these six waterpots. We must first be emptied. We must be empty water pots void of anything. So don't feel your water pots with. the food of the world don't feel your water pots your minds with those things of Television of the medium of the world that will keep us away from Christ. But during these 50 days take time to fill your water pots with the Living Water. Jesus said I am the Living Water. And so we must feel our souls with him. We must fast from those things of the world and put on and take into ourselves prayer and reading of scripture. And we do this for the next fifty days the more we fill our water pot with life with this living water with this with scripture and with prayer. Do you know what will happen at the end of these 50 days? Christ will take you and just like he has taken the water. He will transform you. He will transform you as he transformed the water into wine. He will make you who are poor and sad and make you rich and happy and joyful. He will take you who is in death and make you living and full of life. This Lent that we are about to begin is a journey and it is a journey of transformation the next 50 days the church prescribes to each and every one of us that we are to abstain from all meat from the eating of meat why because meat is a rich food. And those with both people ask you, why are you fasting I am fasting because I am looking to rely completely on God and through God, he will lift me up. So we eat food that is pour Gagner Empire really eat the food of vegetables, but just like Daniel and his friends what will happen. We will be stronger and more encouraged and more. full of life My brothers and sisters today Begins the day of a journey. A journey to make ourselves into a new creation transform ourselves it to be a reflection of Christ. I hope you take this. This journey very seriously. I hope you will not only abstain from food but abstain from things that keep you away from God abstain from drinking alcohol abstain from things that keep you. From worshipping God and take all the extra time that you have. and now pray and fast you see there is no purpose for this Lent. If you are just going to not eat meat that's nothing. There is no reason for that. But if you are to take these next 50 days and I ask that every family do this at least. To at least try to pray as a family during these 50 days to fill this time with God and with reading of scripture try to read all of the New Testament Within These 50 days try it. It'll be a challenge try to pray every night with your family instead of watching the TV shows or the cereals. My brothers and sisters today is the day let us start and let us go forward to transform ourselves and each other to be a reflection of Jesus Christ. I pray this in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.