St. Mary's Trust in God



In the name of the father son Holy Spirit song. I mean during the months of Piaget's it's hard to not talk about Saint Mary. And because Mary is as we know that. And today I would like to meditate with you about one thing. We learned so much from Saint Mary and I think we are facing it's in our life in our daily life is hell to trust God in the Bible prices. It's hard for us to trust God while we are living comfortably and we are enjoying our life and if you forget about him, so how will trust him in the life of crisis when this is the weakest point in our life what did but I find it something good when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be and My total darkness. She's standing right in front of me speaking words of wisdom. Let it be let it be let it be whisper words of wisdom. Let it be so I'm not sure how many of you Beatles fans, but I find it magnificent who can have a trust inversion method and this is what is next to a smattering of crisis in front of God in order for him to see our weakness and make a strong. And in this time. I'm not sure how many of you heard that set near his appearing everywhere in Egypt right now. She just appeared in one of the churches and the because we have an open Society open media. So no one can hide it anymore like in 68 we hide it only one of the Egyptian newspaper or maybe one or two, but all the international media came and what about it? Internet and open Society. Are you can't hide it so old and saying is this is true is this is what they think about imagination is this is true happiness or not. Even if you don't listen that in this church, so I'm going to be driving on the highway. The cars and they are rejoicing and the saying she go to so it's basically she's giving a message that I'm here. I'm here on your behalf. I'm here interested in your behalf. This is my mom's. This is the month of Mary. Bring us this message of happiness and joy in our hearts, so. If we got to talk about crisis, I think the best one can we can learn from her because she was made it was very startled by what the angel sit and wonder what this grating might mean have a child and the child will be Emmanuel Our Savior, but she wasn't afraid. It's crisis, you know what she's going to go through in the world ages. You know what we can stonhard for this gossip rumors about this and she asked. The right question instead of us 21 in a time of Crisis will start pointing fingers of God and say why why me why me? Look at everyone else. Everyone else is doing it and they are successful in real life. And when I do a mistake when I do I send it happens to me. Why me? What do you want me to understand from this lesson? And this is what I said what you want me to do and this is the right answer your fingers to God God's want the best for you. God doesn't want you to want me live have to have Abundant Life. So I hate to be the happiest woman ever to have any turn my life. So anything station and travels you will face hits. You have to ask why not why I'm at what you want me to learn from it. David the Brockton biking say I think about all the things you did and consider your deed got your ways are holy know God is as great as our God. So David is the meaning of snow at our God is the greatest. Our God is a loving God or God wants the best for us to say God's way Are Holy and he's a great God. So they think God will bring a Northface. It's something for our best because God is Holy and his the best God ever. Send me a new list about Christ and about our Lord and she has faith and commitment. In Philippians, it says brother and sisters think about the things that are good and worthy of Praise think about the things that are true and honorable and right and blue and blue and respected. So the key here is when you are entitled tribulation think about who was that who sings God give you before and this is comes back to what our church teachers and our father teacher that we have to live a thankful life. If you let a thankful life, you know that got a give you this and that and he was with you during the time of tribulation. So when I didn't want to be in here you go back and remember if you are living thankfully to me. Start with liquor think you wake up in the morning. Thank God that you are still alive is toothbrush or toothpaste when you drink your coffee, do you thank God for the coffee when you start over in your car and start driving in your car. Do you think God can give you the start if you but you got in your life all those little things believe me when it's something he was having God will be always in front of you. What we got used to thank God because you know what? I am the one who bought this toothpaste. I am the one who bought the car. Exist only we will have tribulation. So if we leave the Thanksgiving life after ovulation will remember how God is good and how God wants us to return my life and Abundant Life. Second thing. So first we have trust in God II recognize God's will in Saint Luke said you will become pregnant and have a son and you will name him Jesus. He will be very great and will call the son of the most high and the Lord. God will give him the Throne of his Excessive David and he will reign over Israel forever. His kingdom will never end. So, this is Richard Gere and what we're talking about here is Theology and believe me or something. Amityville the game and in order for you to understand this the word command incarnated from st. Mary win-win-win the Holy Spirit, what was his part and when did it happen and when this creation have in and would not have life? So this is what Saint James telling us because we don't have this wisdom. He said if you any of you lack wisdom, you should ask God who gives graciously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him. So it's basically me and you don't understand that much. But if we believe in God will ask him for the wisdom that we want this wisdom from this world. We are living in you want your heavenly wisdom and now we can have this was Dumb and you trust morning. So trust me. I understand. Therapist st. Mary of the Angels, but how can I have a baby? I am a virgin and it's too so when will worship gods in our hearts and our life it is not impossible or it's not wrong for us to ask him a new to ask God, how can I come over those prices? How can I be stronger more in our my spiritual life? How can I have faith in you? How can I know you better live on thankfully make sure you understand what the master wants me to ask. How can I fulfill your purpose through this situation? And how can I fulfill this? Which way do you want me to go? You got your scent. Guide me to and also God give us this great Bristol things with you can the sacrament but you can go and you know, what if you have an issue can go to a start talking with him. This is how I feel you think this is right feeling or not and through this understanding definitely definitely you will know that what God wants a new life. There was this story about One of the resident who has his one of his assistant he had his own house and he had this and he was so tired to his phone calls and I want to just go to sleep and the White House gold in the president called this his house and said I need him right now so that I want to speak to him right now. If you know what I don't work for you I work for him. So I have to listen to him and do whatever she wants me to do and she refused to wake him up. So when he was awake she told him I'd call him back. The resident was so happy with this. Can you bring her to the White House? I want us to work for me cuz you know what? She followed the rules when you follow the rules, which was your following you following has ruled. Okay. I was browsing some books. And Tony laundry, he has this book about his life and about his kids. And the location front of front page was in what to my sons and I want them to be uncommon and to my daughters and I wish that they marry an uncommon. You know what this is what's happening right now? But I became wrong and wrong became right so when we start doing the right things we are uncommon. It will look at us differently. Why you doing this? Everyone is doing it why you don't do it? Okay. So I like this I mean guess we aren't come and we are proud that we are different different different is not bad. And this is a Sunday school kids and this is what we teach Our Youth and when you're different people trust you more would you go in after ovulation to someone who's doing this and that or you was go to the oncoming person even got in his life. He would go and ask him for the advice and now we will be the example of Christ tell us about this story and they send him to Africa to teach you there. And this country said, you know what he cannot reach. You cannot pray. You cannot read the Bible in public in your room. This guy he lived there. He helped everyone as a through Christ and after 10:20 years government change and now they accept people to come and do preaching and a subscription in the country. So one of the cops came and he said, you know what I'm going to teach you about Christ and one of them I know him and he didn't preach one word about Christ, but he left like Christ. He lived as uncommon person in this coming world. Force surrender to God's plan when he made me to me as you have said then the angel left her. If I have to do it, I will do it. Okay to pour me I have to do it. Why me I have to go to know it's a commandment from God and if you want me to do it, I will do it. So for us and we are now going to a new year. What what what does God wants from us? And it's the same creative which being like him and him his holy so we are holy holy holy is a change. When you change your mind now, you take away from the simple life to become Christian to come live in Raichu this way. So, you know this through your vent. Can you call for a wellness to do confession take the Absolution the sacrament of the compression and dryer vent to start working out take of the communion of the true body and True Blood. What would Jesus Christ holy again? God created you. Surrender yourself to the Lord and wait patiently for him, but be preoccupied. Where's any even work who succeeded in his way when he carries out with his Shins? You need to be patient. Sometimes we want to be Saints right away. I cannot answer why and this is what I hear a lot from all you can you please help me from the school. I know I can't why because I'm not good. Who is what's the definition of good? What is the definition of sin? Who knows himself very well, you know when you go on the steak, you know, you're on right away and you give accountant. Let me take you there to listen and your event and you go and confess. This is the same. You know, what our Lord Jesus Christ is. The only one knows the person is the person himself. So, you know yourself better than me knowing you. Okay, so when we send you know, how how can we change our mind? And in order for you to do this, like when you start serving you will try to make yourself only one say okay. Yeah, maybe I want to be Sunday school. I want to be a stumbling block for them. I'm going to be holy just because of them, but give me the end result of being holy. Okay. I will still listen to I heard this from a monk in in the in Egypt. I'm not sure how to process in English. Allison Hollis, like God's will do anything will do anything if you just wake up one morning and said they have sent please forgive me. He will take this he will take this and as long as you said in the real way and in the inside you you think God sometimes would feel that. Greek gods who are watching over there and making fun of us and playing games and having fun and it from heaven for us in a very humbled way. He came to us. We cannot go to him. He came to us. Okay trials. fortunately twin Warden trials run away from. And this is what happened to David and trials and he didn't remember God at the end of the trials and he couldn't bear it anymore. So when we don't want to go through this Trails of David, we want to know that 21 in Trials. God will give us a size according to our own ability and trials. He will be with us at all of you know, the story about the footsteps and we will fight on our behalf. So have faith in God when you have problems when you have two patients when you have weakness know that God is next to you and when you fold differently He will carry you to the five things. We talked about Saint Mary's. God's purpose surrender to God's plan and treasure God's trials and if you take the first letter of each one of them this week, I will trust in God. I mean I see guys you have a huge project in front of you that you and the money and all the stuff and I love the stuff for me as a financial advisor or as a banker. It doesn't make sense. But in trusting God in does make sense because we have faith and the faith is something we don't see what we believe in God wants to build the house. God will build a house. Trusting God and God definitely he works in a very mysterious ways and having me here, like enjoy differently your company. I enjoyed the letter Z and enjoy the games and please keep me in your prayers all the time and glory be to God forever.