The Service of John the Baptist

Sermon on the service of the forerunner John the Baptist


in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit I mean the gospel of today about John the Baptist John the Baptist and the life of John the Baptist was a great life why number one because he was filled with the Holy Spirit censer his birth or even before his birth he was filled with the Holy Spirit even when he was in the womb of his mother okay and that is the reason mainly for his greatness as well John the Baptist John the Baptist not only filled with the Holy Spirit but he lived very ascetic life very ascetic life what was his food what was his dress he was eating honey and locusts and he was dressed with what skin of animals and lived with the 30 years in the desert brought up by angels and lived with no party in the desert that is why his life who Schrute was clear was always life for God nothing else and John the Baptist witness to the Lord when he witnessed to the Lord he was always saying he must increase I must decrease it's a life of self-denial a life of sacrifice himself for the Lord his witness to the Lord he is the bridegroom I am NOT the bridegroom I am just a friend of the bridegroom my mission in this world is to bring the bride to the bridegroom but not to myself his mission is to deny myself to deny himself when the Lord wants to say if you want to be my disciples he said what deny yourself carry your cross and follow me John the Baptist started with sanfur denial complete self-denial and he even sent all his disciples to the Lord go and see the blind see the land wolves and the crippled will be healed the dead are risen who do you think he is follow him follow him John the Baptist was great servant why because he came before the Lord to prepare the way for the Lord and to prepare the way for the Lord the Lord gave him cyan't identify him that when he sees a dog coming and set about settling upon his head he is a messiah he saw shadow coming upon the world identified him and even but biased the Lord when he was sure that he is the Messiah he said I can't baptize you I need to be baptized by you and the Lord said to him I love it now and now and a lot of humility he baptized the Lord and not only baptized the road but witness to him too and keep the cooling everyone all over Israel repent repent repent because the heavenly kingdom is an end and in his calling for repentance he was great because he couldn't everyone to repent the king as well as the poorest man priests for esa's everyone repent repent repent even when the Lord came or started his ministry he started by saying repent - so it's a message very short but very jink it's a message one word but saves and makes us to inherit the heavenly kingdom we'll have with repentance nobody can go to heaven nobody can be saved nobody can be forgiven and that is why even the church made the sacrament of repentance and confession so that we will be forgiven unless we repent every day we cannot be saved we cannot be saved and John the Baptist even even when he was martyred because of the Lord they say his head flew in the air and kept saying to her you are not allowed to you are not allowed to this voice is still alive for all of us for generations after generations Japan you are not allowed to the greatness as well as shown the Baptist that he kept witnessing to the truth till he was beheaded and be martyred and offered his life as a sacrifice for the Lord has a sacrifice for the Lord can we learn from John the Baptist have to be servants happen to be servants number one when he was serving was serving everyone not a person not one not two not three but everyone when you want to serve the Lord serve everyone around you when you want to serve the Lord you have to deny yourself I must decrease he must increase when you want to serve the law you have to identify Christ and be one with him first before we talk to the others then you can bring the Christ to the others before he started his ministry he baptized the Lord identified him and kept testifying to them you want really to serve the Lord you need to offer yourself a sacrifice what is the love of God for all of us the love of God of all of us that he offered himself a sacrifice for every one of us and what does you love to God east of offer yourself to a sacrifice for him may our Lord Jesus Christ gives us all to be true servants like John the Baptist and live by his voice and cool everyone around us to come to the bridegroom may our Lord Jesus Christ gives us all this holy spirit which led John the Baptist through his life and aspired of his service for six months only but he managed to make everyone around him and may the lord give us all to repent and help the others to repent and to get to the heavenly kingdom ready to go forever