Servant Leader

 How we can be a servant leader just as Christ our example


but we'll go through step-by-step clickable in your start a name of Father the Son the Holy Spirit one God amen there would be another where we have the attention thank you they want to tell you anything being literal and getting it looks like a job right totally sir leader here's the thing good store money talks and store many books about being a leader but the true leader is what we call to serve in here I'll explain what that means today you guys needed to be a leader and become all those who've been in the leadership conference this week my about leadership in so many ways when you learned a lot in like four days this is the fifth day for us but we haven't really spoken about this topic servant leadership servant leadership urban leadership is our Lord is definitely the number one example when he did what to the disciples perfect he washed the disciples feet hunting unheard of I'm unthinkable that a God of the universe can come down in what the people speak his third his disciples feet and that's the truth fairest or level of what it means to be a servant leader you'd be when you think of later what do you think the one the boss the big drive is the one in control but that's not what I want to talk about today it's true current leader I'm gonna give you four things today to explain to you what does it really mean to be a servant leader to help you out let me give you an example when you go to a restaurant and this is I've done this before so forgive me for this when I go to a restaurant we speak of myself when I go to a restaurant to eat I have high expectations for the waiter you guys know who the winner is right I know what it is it's my sin but a high expectation for the winner in a business a restaurant we always want something to be on the table there what do you want now here's Bob before that not even a menu something only there to me oh it's first eyes you're waiting for the other stuff water and bread you guys never do the rest but let's read on the table I love the bread so the first thing I do when I go to a restaurant so he's modestly and please make sure to read there after five minutes what happens the man didn't bring anything I start to get upset I'm sorry forgive me for this exam book it is true and I can tell you the guy converse excuse me sir can you can you bring the bread and we're all I'm telling right now five more minutes sir I thought it was about five minutes ago can you bring the bread and the water love and by the way my kids are trying can you bring something put on the collar because they're making out noise anything any little kids coil or next sir and I start shouting now when I start getting angry and this elevator does well stories first oyster it goes that he finally gets the red and finally get the waters and the coloring everything ok who is the waiter in the store with the waiter is the total state clearly it's us we're the waiter and you could get abuse contrast and it could be hard sometimes but the winner is the one who is serving the people and giving very care and sometimes people have high expectations of us and sometimes people are not great with us but the serval is the one like the waiters serving the people or in need we are the waiter we are the waiter I want to open up Colossians chapter 1 this desire verses for today of collage collusion after one from 24 to 29 a large M chapter 1 24 to 29 we are like Jesus the one washed in the feet we are like the waiter the one serving the people in their needs and the people around you may love you Mina or must keep serving and serving them as a waiter as a servant of the Lord Colossians chapter 1 from verse 24 to 29 let me read quickly are you with me Colossians write it down Colossians chapter 1 24 to 29 I now rejoice in my sufferings for you listen Paul I now rejoice in my sufferings for you and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ for the sake of his body which is obscured what is safe for staying so far I'm going to sacrifice for and be afflicted and be you hurt or be whatever for the sake of the West let's search it 25 a which I became a minister was a minister the servant which I became a minister according to the stewardship from what God was given to me for you okay st. Paul is calling to be certain bottom Stella's clear in verse 25 to fulfill the Word of God the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations but now has been revealed to his pain alec is better - then God will to make known what are the riches of the glory of its mystery among the gentiles we are now serving to give the mysteries of God the richness of thought to the people which is Christ in you the hope of glory ok Tony Lee Tim Wilson God Hey we three warning every man teaching every man all wisdom that we will present every man perfect in Christ in to this I also labor striving according to his working which works in remodeling this is pain as Kerrville leader we have to be afflicted or we have to have uncomfortable suffering to bring the God blessing and whispering hope to the people our goal is the people to do whatever takes for the people to present them third phase that's what it means to be a servant leader so number one point is how do I go back and go back one slide thank you the first question I want you to write down is hard are we willing to be able to pay the price for these perfect leaders are we willing to pay the price to be a servant leader in what's right the to verse 24 what's the price to be servin could be suffering could be challenging to be uncomfortable it could be then I have to give my time for the service I have to give my precious time to the service and like I said why because for the sake of the body would be returned the first can for you and write down are you willing to pay the price serving the Lord to be a servant leader not easy Jesus himself to bow down and wash feet of his disciples to go on the course and dark for his people and to suffer the way he did and st. Paul also on the top of us they involved the waging but suffered for the sake of God and we have any little agitation or any little problem we can't forgot anything ever doesn't know I can servant leader has to be willing to pay the price in order to taste oath just care for the body which is the church so the first question we ask ourselves are we willing now you're the most famous I know it's very small but you can open up on your own Bibles 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 23:28 once again my favorites actually about a man who suffers for the sake of a church isn't open together a little read it but I want you to follow and I'm going to keep this verse next you 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 [Music] after line number 23 is dead are they ministers of Christ I speak as a fool I am more and Labour's more abundant but there's a pond in service I like to write down which one stands out to you in labor is more abundant and to try above lenders types is like weapons in prisons more frequently and deaths often he died of Catania him from the Jews five times that is peeps forty stripes minus one three times I was beaten with rods once I was thrown three times I was different a night in a day I've been in the deep in journey often and perils of waters in perils of robbers in perils of my own countrymen and perils of the Gentiles and perils in the city in perils in the wilderness in perils in the sea in perils among false brethren and weariness to get tired and toil right the people's getting tired for for the Lord we don't wanna get tired the Lord and weariness in toil and sleepless there's often no straight hunger and thirst even getting hungry fastings often called in nakedness besides the other things what comes upon me daily my deep concern for all the church my deep concern for all the churches are you willing to pay the price and all pay the price look guys fervent leader service not easy it's so easy to put God last and put service last on Sunday morning we barely feel like getting to church it's not true God need you there to find a way to help others and items on Sunday morning but throughout the week and your precious time when you have no time how is earth like that if this man can go through death and fasting and meetings and rectum hunger and all those things the small thing that we can do for others that's what it means to be a servant leader but you have to be willing to pay the price you have to be willing to be uncomfortable you have to be willing to give of your time and me too I like to leave and I'd rather sleep but now I have to lose sleep for the sake of others I always tell you the story I know the fathers have this thing some similar stories but you know honestly between mean you become television recording it no one give us the coordination I don't like to go to Congo it's hard it's really hard but you know I go after the Vista but those goals that I see there that are in great need that's what it's about we go to a place I always talk about mosquito mosquito is not just in Colville it's in it it will another planet it's not on earth but think of the place panel mister you go and you drive in the middle of nowhere and there's no road and there's nothing and you're going through until arrive to a location and you get there and to get there you have to build up your body is beaten you kill sticks you feel terrible and when you get there you're going to get more tip and you come back with thickness for a couple months taking this year but is it worth it it's worth it it's worth it to see the people there how happy they are how joyous they are how hungry they are for go sometimes we have to suffer sometimes we have to be uncomfortable sometimes we have to go out of our way for people that's a servant leader a leader in the world doesn't have to do those things a servant leader like you and me we have to blow it away for people there's no status by the way Irbid leader there's no levels for all of them all of us then real high or low we're all down at spices down washing the feet it is hard but all of us have to willing but simple one be willing to pay the price whatever one it willing to pay the price John 15 verse 20 let's say together because my voice is kind of alone here now not a 15 person altogether I said to you who pay the price in he paid the price and where his prevalence what should we do we should also pay the price he paid all done price we belong to him for sermons for him I everyone to pay the price a servant leader is willing to do that John 15 verse 20 here's the thing a servant leader in summary is someone willing to make someone else's life easier yet the mentality of a servant leader is that I would use my line and why and I will take away from my comfort I'll take away from my time and I was like easier to make someone have to white grow and deep less I would like burn my body the birth and end like cuddle and and and and tray and square for the stick of someone to be up I will be down for let's take up someone to be up that's the third our leader an extent but sometimes I want to think of situations this could can by the way in your homes you might have to be as perfect leader in your home you might have to be a servant leader in your search in your community in your work and you're so sometimes we have to do that I'll give you example I know it's not really us it's a funny example it's not a funny example but you're all about or you're all in the training or whatever and the person comes in the bus and you have a big steam no more think left what do you do you're on the bus or the train or whatever wherever you're at you're all there you have a team put skinny long journey this is the best tank on long journey someone comes gonna but then they look around and they look at your eye hello direction and you try to look down right I do I do like that you look down what do you do what do you really do do you know a servant leader thought not only kicked off jump up yeah it's perfectly their jump down with the daily believe I'm like I feel well today oh you know you we make stories like we're sick or something that's the servant leader one who is ready to jump up and make sure someone has a better way has a better life I know it's bad because every one of us wants our life to be blessed and hard life to be the best but to do that you will have to think of others and that moves us number two what's the first one are you the price number two we have to have a bind of pride to be a servant leader we have to have the mind of Christ to be a third wheel best actor in the Bible to have a model of Christ in Philippians chapter 2 from 1 to 5 write it down Philippians chapter 2 from 1 to 5 what's the mind of Christ first I have to pay the price do I have another mind of like what is all this ok so let's let's look together Philippians 2 you can open your Bibles you can follow along whichever it says therefore if there is any consolation in Christ in any comfort of love if any color strip of the Spirit if any affection is murky fulfill my joy by being like-minded having the same love being of one Accord of one mind here it is verse 3 pay attention let nothing be done to selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others about our respectful thing which each esteem others better than himself the interview look out not only for his own interests but for whom but also for the interest of others first part here it is let it mind being you which was also in I skip this to the my describe this these person is what the mind of Christ is this his way he's the truth burden leader he paid the price but he also esteemed others in verse three others better fill him stuff better than your stuff and your interests are important but not as important as the interest of others now ask yourself despite and whose interests you care about the most who is entrance you care about the most if you have your own interests number one you're not a servant leader yet you will be we have to move from my interest being number one to others interest being number one now you probably think of all how does that workable but I have to take care my family have to take care I always tell you this and you never believe me but will you take care of the interest of others God takes care of your interesting can you write that down when you take care of the interest of others God take care of your and your family's interest when you take care of your own interest and God is far away comes far away our interest can't be number one this is the mind of Christ isn't what it means to be a servant leader it's not just about you and your family you and your family you and your family get through your belly important but God has your family's interest ready to go don't worry don't worry but my question is how this great day that we have the mind of Christ that we move towards not selfish ambition but putting others fire hey your Sunday School class that you teach are they higher than your engine the people you serve are they higher than you you give them time are you paying the price for them are you going out of your way for them I don't know I'm guilty I feel guilty for that but the goal today is not each of your people is to pay how to be a turbine leader you can be a leader and there's many leaders to this world we only leaders in his current leaders fervent leaders were the strongest leaders in the world the ones who pay the price like st. Paul's taking 13th 11 rape do that again from 23 here mind of Christ sorry look at that bathroom I will but like 58 let's put it back to the same is Londoner who left so the next got a virgin I want you to read it open up mark chapter 10 verse 45 mark 10 Earth's 45 little cool thing again you look at this balloon can you click on the middle in their window mark 10 yeah push enter Melanie yeah pick up the tape mark 10:45 let's be together if it again for mind of Christ let's be together for all together for this is both one and two together what was one remembers from number one wise one stay together are you can pay the price number two is what I'll advise both you salad man you might come to be served but to serve the mind of Christ is curve after liter that's a minor price again begin to turn to put olives birth and you need that state take that deep you needed Apple things that you need don't do it how can I help you how can i with the mind of Christ always looking for answers together to serve that's the line of fight ransom I'm saying the price in the price holy just one okay you with me all right here's another just louder three windows okay alright I want to give you a comparison now and I want you to see where you think I'm gonna do the comparison from a leader of the world and a servant leader I'm not a leader and a servant leader and I want you to find out where you think okay here it is I notice how small I want you to write these down here's a difference I'll read put one little leader on the right is what the third is later you did all you know the students per second okay on the left as well it is all the leader he had those things he has wasn't stuck through them number one as well power you always think the best leaders in the world have one oh listen how it should be and it didn't what I said and you listened to it a right thing and this is our unit left okay Oh in close I can tell you what make things happen no nonsense no regret top down you serve me and yes most leaders in this pool matter we're on the right let's bring them together number one is well in fact number two in early go ahead [Music] will you fill this one which one you like for layer which were there are you back and forth no head I want to and both of Willa I'm the greatest I'm both of those no it's not cannibals here here look I linked it with eight Oh many times and I want to confess something in front of my father's ear I've done numbered the left pipe to my father's in the Deacons how many times it might all be is there every time so I want your forgiveness for that I've done that before I push my way said this is how it's gonna be but I learned by the way from the father's here the right one they'll treat me with compassion humility gentleness and us to taste all the death business our priests carefully after them I learned that coming from America you know the top and by that side you know we're on the Left origin and that's that's hard when I came here in Daniel I started to learn the right one I want to keep that thing I want to always build this bike style okay I was always the vehicle Tashjian in humble and gentle and generous and paste ripped it's not that I on the top I'm on the bottom and I serve I need you what do you need I serve you this one left does it work we might be clear that person we might obey that person but doesn't work the last evening q last evening so we have to be this way write down a few things right now and you want to stop from the list on the left and write down a few on the right and you want to start on the right just take like 10 seconds 15 seconds stay God how do you stop that thing on the left and god I want this one it's perfectly on the right help me with that one mine is gentleness I'm praying for them I'm a gentle I'm praying for gentleness you find out where you are I think I can't I can't write down this is what a servant leader looks left on the right he got paid apprised had the mind of Christ we're in the bottom came up with others person and those are the characteristics we need we have to be careful as servants sometimes as parents we think we're the boss sometimes and leaders we think we're the boss aren't the boss we're here to wash the feet of the people instead what it means all right take another five second we will start okay retaliatory there's the story one time of a corporal Tortola the Army is one of those like a captain in the army the captain in the army he was telling his private 15 the barricade is down the barricade is like a plate for you like you know when you need to hide from the enemy the very scope used omit the Corporal or the captain in the middle said hey guys quickly quickly fix the bear training pick up a stone layer clear hey you over there he was scouting and all his team to get a barricade up because the enemy was coming with me so hip top of the guy on the horse just back in the old days there is no force this is a true story by doing here comes the guy on a horse he looks at the captain he says captain Wellington what's going on here see the barricades down on earn my people I'm commanding my people to build a barricade because the enemy's coming he fell all dreams the nerd gets off the horse what does he do he goes over the barricade starts helping the people right he helped the team fix the bear case he comes back if Iron Horse comes back to become the captain the captain has come for you you will depend from a horse you're helping money to ignore you he's been on the commander's in George Washington for president iceberg Captain Kirk I'm sure story he's why did you get off your horse and don't help the people he said cuz I'm the leader and that's what a leader does he gets down he helps people you are not a leader you're barking our orders for them to do it here's the DeWitt from doing it do you see the difference between a world leader and a servant women who see the difference a world leader is what the vault tells you what to do as permanent leader goes where anti and it's our top the president United States of America be helping people to do the dirty no it anyway that's a two-liter get down on your knees get down and held where it's dirty where it's needed that's disturbing leader don't do all the big things up here has got part of the big things that big time the only things know go down like a commander-in-chief George Washington's expensive nice it's al merito dude I'm trying to be more like that kind of leader what's number one are you number two number three be the big picture write that down thingy the big picture servant leader can see the goal sometimes that leader we lose the goal the big picture let me give you a few verses I'm a one person from collage we said this word for any loose or take a look at it again come on in chapter 1 2010 let's take it out here we we all together what the literature cooking is a little bit there this one says I can do all things through Christ here what's the what's the big factor here you can tell me hmm tougher to carry to reaching your price okay I get it I can't like wrong so come get this but though you were something else I can't say that's wrong [Applause] in life yes what's the mister looking for I like it too Xavier go to the side with your side yet a penny a tall people it's not wrong but it's not looking bored harm that's the one look that curve it leader he knows the big picture he knows the goal the goal is one every first it has to be in Jesus every person I serve Mike's Beltran are you coded in Christ at your brother and sister that your parents sister is your church candy or whatever it Haley's all the people at work the people you work with how many are linked here that's a Naga no it's not my business but my business I not only the business an interface that every person it's at every man right you know what every man Li every man and woman mankind that's how I roll the Bible so every man and woman is our responsibility our big picture as a servant leader is every person has to begin Jesus and it's perfect its ruling anyone who's served anyone around you that's your mission pay the price mind of Christ to others higher for three yes big picture what's the real goal every person is perfect every person is perfect no matter what they're doing wrong now no matter what mistakes they're making loud you're got your job is to take a step to help them your life it's for their lives I know that that's our deal is going to deal with it your life is for their life but not just to make your life better financially but this claim is that everyone will be perfectly fine that's our big picture sometimes we lose that goal sometimes we lose that goal even this birth in Philippians what then only then every way whether in pixels wrinkles crisis priests in this every choice customer choice this means that many people have the wrong intention many people around you are not doing it right they're not good and they won't even talk about the different even talk about God but all I'll say for a clear about is that God is talked about do you guys get that like as importantly it doesn't matter what people are doing it is a degree of God people told him we should people go here okay it's gone your approach giving you a new approach is needed Lucent a neutral to me before I talk about the new approach I want to say something about this I want to talk something in the church he stopped something in academia stop judging and criticizing others around you for what they're doing stop judging criticizing and tearing down people around you our goal is to build people up but people walk into our church they filter torn down they feel just we have to build them up the big filters we have to build them up are you building anybody else are you building anyone else at your work and your family are you building anyone else in your church in your community we need to talk the bickering and the complaining just serve each others go to each other stop talking about what they are doing wrong but complaining about what's going on wrong turn start serving them as a fervent leader that the big picture so what's needed was lelou approach is needed number one is well the stick together me to be less tells turned on what I think out of it but all I can put into it you guys get that a curvilinear knows I have to put that cake are you coming to third quarter cult or whatever to take something no you have to put something you have to give something you have to offer something that's a servant leader or in healing what are you offering are you putting in are you taking from the bucket or give putting in the bucket which one what's going on are you taking from the bucket or putting in the bucket which one you can tell it put in the bucket I sent this in one of the marriage seminars you are a populist right if we put in the bucket after a while the buckets guilty one who and then it's gonna what after well overflow you'll have to get anything out of the bucket while you keep putting in it overflows you have taken it all that it comes out you guys get it that's experimental Manor you know that I have to keep putting you in the bucket I have to keep you out to take things out I must look for my benefit he must concern of your benefit number two let's concerns without writing know this I deserve death and Marcus Graham with our responsibility we have responsibility guys we're always working with talking about arrives people people offended me people treated me people hurt me okay I understand it's hard to say but let's debunk as I'm responsible for others the mind of trying and the big picture it's about others not about me my mine but the last one encouraged and build each other not tear down and depend complete like I said forgive me if I ever tore down or was critical to any one of you but this is the approach this is the goal why we're here today busting so that's the big picture here's the thing regardless of pain I wanted first it has evangelism I wanted third 5,000 people I wouldn't turn to teach my children him I will first have Bible study every day I want to turn to that this I want to turn for the free we can treat sternest nice sermon I want to turn back in the supreme can three sermons with one leg standing and visiting 15 houses and and I'm doing juggling something look guys we've come to point or the church is about what I can take out unfilial if you want something for your church you put it in that's the fervent leader don't ever say I want to twist it out one two three four five six nine ten eleven fifty and also to do that final idea what a millimeter is what I could put in not what I can take out not about my right eye on me my mind that's what others building them that's tearing them down I challenge you eight while you servants to find people to build up that's a true servant leader tasks the different make something perfect in Christ or stumble on the light other wanted what are you willing to pay the collect Christ our Lord and Paul Twitter number to mind the price but for my device remember um her but what is it what what put it to everyone's pretty well hire their first their interest that might affect you what do you need let's eat in the bus Tirupathi eager to get you need this and we talked about the worldly and the in the servant leader and we talked about the difference what's them agree to see though what's the detector yeah yeah everyone is what perfectly front what are we doing but staring each other down or criticizing each other we're very neat to learn in a building each other up there's a difference if you want your service you want your community to look a certain way you put into it you offer it and God will use that so we're looking for the server leader who has empathy and is serving and listening to the hurts of others and looking for ways to make people hire last one number four very important one rely on his power and we can if you want to be a servant leader you're going to be relying on the power of the true servant leader our Lord Jesus Christ when you can get that from first 29 when with his first two this time let's take together till the end then I'll get that what is tape over line on here he's relying on the God he is working work and he finally got his working power lately they all realized to pay the price to have the mind of Christ to have the big picture he has to rely on two powerful it's God's I was working on st. Paul mightily mightily I tell you another convention let's build vehicle titles okay when I first came to Zambia in 2007 I came from one of those but probably one of the top churches in America at the time which was a marked ep and what we did there and the idea we get there and the things we did here it was amazing so when I came with a young painter 13 years old 42 by the way now like a will the young trees are 30 years old you guys I said let me program Oh enjoy NDT let me tell them how we do it in America right let me tell you what's gonna happen and what happened here one two and three as I fell right over tastes the same because Africa is one I was relying as a servant leader for you on my phone strengths and my phone work and my own ideas all my equipments from the past that I would bring that to you I failed my delete bills because I wasn't relying on a mighty card and all the coming end for zeal and energy and bold stuff like us earlier but I going back home in school you don't know that it's my place let me go back to DC where I belong thank God dad woke me up after three years I don't know why took so long I'm hard-headed maybe but after three years I realized God I'm coming to you I need to help eat I want to serve you well I can't serve you I don't want sometimes I mean I'm honest with the people so star give me strength gimme you know the things I'm giving with Asperger people and I'm starting to finally get this verse I'm labeling but it's because about working and Emily it's God's power working mildly another first you guys may know very well and you memorized before we get that burst let's stay together one lane twisted even not only by detail and power in the otherwise early again the difference actually disturb earlier in an anomaly that's one one emphasizes stopping the other people someone wants profit and benefit other ones are people from a premium once there is only the strong survive the other self is prone help others to survive we're supposed to help others provide tasks next one one focus is all my right and other my responsibility actually on me again one is through intimidation fear in power in the other stroller there's a huge difference between this early leader and a leader in this world let's open up our Bibles on Libyan or thirteen some you don't open your Bibles in other verse Philippians 4:13 says one who remembers Olympians 4:13 bed I weep in efforts to open but we never practice but stay one more time altogether relying on God's power now we have a teeny point to be as fervently what's number one number one is well yeah all together Devon are you learning to spell don't be uncomfortable to be agitated to being whatever before think of somebody else you have legs but others have more then don't worry about in caring you number two as well what's the mind of right others are higher Alleghenies - what's number three altogether is number three what's the big picture hmm yeah under the perfect in Christ number four pretty important one lot of the tower I told you my mistakes it's clear that including for thirteen when you do all things for Christ you can't be a leader in your family or at work or in the church unless to have these qualities I already tell you you'll be pairing at home you'll be filling them work you'll be failing in at first it'll be just like you're going through the motions but this is what God really need from each one of us don't waste energy around you look complaining don't waste energy around you're tearing people down or complaining or saying what is not there you put in what needs to be there you offer your time your energy your money your life Fergana you do that you put into the bucket a lot of things that can come help can tell you a funny story happen in America I discover a story when I was in America it's a true story I know it's gotta be hard to believe the story by subscriptorium paper so we thought might Ellis I'm me and from the family coming after me I mean I'm living I know you probably think wait oh c'mon now here's the thing if you know about me is that I don't even enjoy the kitchen and let's go scoot ready for me I went from a gallery where someone else to make to my knowledge fast but something it is covered for the first time in this last script America's if I can make some pretty good eggs I'm telling you as mom Italian he asked me how I feel I said II know so I just covered in with my brother and sister instead my dreams my mama destiny can you make these again so every day I was in the kitchen making connects and I'm sorry thinking about it said why have I done this before why are loving my wife breakfast why would I why I have my birth my parents when they serve me all their life why do I take care of my mother is this why I do that because I was three and the three keeps getting up or and wait for someone to bring food I don't want to do that anymore don't never bring me food anymore I'm gonna serve you and I had great joy for making eggs every morning for my family and it's pretty good eggs if anybody wants to come over breakfast anytime I can make some really good eggs but I learned something that what it means the third party but you're a priest or deacon or serving or you're the boss but your own bleep is that move that from your mind go and serve your children go unfilled your wife or husband someone do something creative to them go and prove your turn to people in your class go and be clean how to be a servant leader go down and put them up that's what it means to be a servant leader you have to learn to pay the price you have to have the mind of Christ not the worldly mind