The Sanctification of Time

 A sermon given on January 2, 2005 on Luke 1:57-80


Sunday and the gospel today speaking to us about the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist and song of Praise of Zacharias, and it was also as you know, the last Sunday before the Feast of the Nativity which we celebrate together this Friday evening.and something else unusual this year that today is also the New Year's as we celebrate in the secular world in the secular calendar. And if you allow me I'd like to contemplate with you this morning the relationship between the New Year and the Feast of the Nativity, but we celebrate in the Incarnation of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ when we celebrate New Years. Recognize a new year we think about time we think about the concept of time. Usually we think in terms of the path the good in the bad that happened in the past, and we also look forward towards the future and we come to place and we think about our hope our plans are desires. Until New Year's is a time to reflect on Prime on the concept of time in man's life in our own lives. And the concept of time has two aspects there is a force the physical aspect of time. What is the science of time and then there's house-to-house at halftime related to each of us personally. How time affects our lives as human beings have set the time of course was part of the creation when God created the cosmos as he created the universe and he created all of the the Sun and the Moon in the in the earth and all the stars and you placed into the cosmos into the universe the law of the universe and according to the laws. We recognize time as scientists develop and understood. So that's example when the Earth rotates around its axis recalculate one day or when the Earth rotates around the sun. We consider it to be one year. We recognize time in terms of days weeks months years and we speak of Millenia. So this is how we measure time it is a cycle that repeats itself and we call this a cyclical time, but I didn't experience in our own life became especially important after the fall of Adam and Eve. because after the fall of Adam and Eve what entered into our human nature the issue the problem of death and so for human beings by which we approach that as growth and then ultimately we experience time as death and we call this to the linear concept of time that is man is moving in a linear fashion forward something and that something is In some way then you can say that from the moment of our birth. We are moving towards that or another way of saying it is from the moment. We are born we begin to die from the moment. We are born we begin to die. When is time than a friend or a timer enemy? citaconsular How do we understand time should be celebrating time or do we agonized in despair over time? Can you see the child sees it differently than the elevator or the six person but a child that is very distant. It's almost unreal. It's almost as capable. Look for The Elder for the for the infirm for the sick that's becomes real that becomes near that becomes approaching and the reality that death is inescapable becomes clear to us. So this is the conflict of time in our lives. How can you relate this to the piece of the Nativity? So what we celebrate this coming Friday evening? The great mystery of the Incarnation is that God is eternal. Got to work with internal. I found something amazing. He has entered into what outside. He has entered into the limitations of time and experience has the same thing as a real bird. Experience is a real growth as a child and the young man has an aging. I need to bring to the real suffering and pain. Any ultimately experiences experiences, which is the time of death. And so God who is above time to time in order to make himself part of our experience at the time not just to be born in to grow into a Asian to die. But he has time for that after his death. He might take your time and draw it into the realm of Eternity. The Eternal answers at the time in order to transform time into the Eternal through through his resurrection. Bendy comes after his information is information the bridge. From the world of time to the world of the eternal life so we can confirm his resurrection. The question is time then our friends or his time or enemies. The Christian time is no longer something to be feared. No longer something to be afraid of no longer something to be avoided. But now crime is reviewing these kind of things to fight the word Sanctified means to be made. Holy so wherever you need me to pick something that is without value is something that is of value. For the Christian time now become Sanctified I become redeemable. Again by uniting myself to the one who is eternal and what entered into time to draw that time into the Eternal and that is of course my Lord Jesus Christ and Sunday. Today is Sunday. Is the day in which we celebrate you call it. What's the Lord's Day? Department of the church from the very beginning they called sundaes Sunday is according to the first creation is the first day of the week. But the fathers of the church that Sunday is now the AC why is it the AC? The seven things that make up time is the day that is outside of time. So when we celebrate the resurrection of his death and Resurrection become real to us in his body his blood into the eighth day, we had entered into the eternal life. Which was a sign of the Covenant of the creation the Earth continents of the creation when when God created the world. Covenant between God and the New Covenant call the new testament which is the compliments of our Lord's death and Resurrection Day of the new creation because it has definite Resurrection prices now recreated our humanity and brought us into the eternity. And so Sunday feast day is the first day of the new creation. It's interesting. In the tradition of the church the baptistery for the baptistery in which the engines are baptized it made of eight sides like an octagon shaped eyes in the early church was to remind the people that the baptizes being born into the eight days that are baptism is a baptism into the death in the resurrection of Christ into the eternal life. Play Paul Lynde says anyone is in Christ. He is a new creation all things have passed away behold. All things have become new. And this is what of course we should be contemplating on in the Feast of the Nativity. That's Christ has become man in order to do this for us and he has imposed upon himself the limitations about Humanity of our time and our existence in order to draw us into his life is eternal life. 7 how do we say goodbye or reading time Saint Paul says in his epistle to the Ephesians that you walk circumspectly not as cool. But as wise Redeeming the time because the days are evil, the church van has organized for Life organized activities. In order to redeem the time in order to think that by the time the calendar in the world of which we celebrate today the new year. Good thing about the calendar and then helped us to track time to measure time. But what the church calendar does the church calendar is very different from the secular calendar because through the church calendar we begin to experience the Redemption of time to think if acacian of time all of the all of these When are organized so that the month of the week of the day by the Lord celebrate this week the Feast of the Nativity the annual fee for this piece of the Year 25 years. We have the month with the Sanctified with the monthly commemoration of the Lord. Incarnation Nativity annotation activity and his resurrection which is on the 29th of every topic month. We also celebrate on the 21st of every month the mother of God and her commemoration and we have every month in the Coptic calendar has a special teams. So now we are in the month for utilities are take the size according to the readings in according to the peace and according to the celebrations of the church by the closest thing to buy when we start on Wednesdays and Fridays. The day is coming when we pray the hours of Big Radius and when we read the sanitarium and the readings of the church, and of course when we pray to God every moment can be a time of sanctification time of redemption when we lift up our hearts to our Lord. Citizen have the church through for calendar begins time to grow with age and we die in the truck has also given us the sacraments sacraments in our lives when we are born. We are born into the church into the new life in Christ in baptism information on as we grow as Christians. We are said in the blood and we are renewing our baptism through the sacrament of confession and repentance and return sickness and LR help experiences suffering. We receive the holy unction, which is the healing of Our Lord in spirit and in body. Don't let me when we die. The church prays over our bodies with r and end in offers prayer in the church to the raising of incense and prayers to pray on that body and ask the Lord have mercy on the soul of that person and breaking bad person up on the last day. So the church then the true nature of Our Lord Nativity, which is that he has come into our time to bring us into his eternity. So we should celebrate the new year. That's great mystery of Christ. And the reality of the church is life and her sacraments and Steve and especially the Lord's day in which we celebrate turn on light when we participate in the Eucharistic life of the church in forever and ever I mean