On the Road to Emmaus

A bible study on Luke 24:13-35.


so since it's a uh... wednesday after easter and first wednesday of the blessed days of resurrection the holy fifty days figured we'd use of a little bit different states with a little bit of requires if my week uh... and want to talk about sutton a little bit today which is more appropriate for the season okay and i know i haven't been bible study for a while an open choice been given by the city the last uh... several weeks and i know that he likes to start with the trivia question right next up absolutely trivia okay so i got your four u and i need honest answers honest answers what's what's reality show called price is right that for a game show okay that's final figure reality show real-world talk afterwards king marriages wild fantasies school supplies we say in the back nothing hw r u young bucks agreed to go old school stuff what's the outlook ask this we what's the one of the original if not the original reality tv show before real world even wrestling with the rest of the sport cops nyse money entities you and you guys missed the boat on this one the best one of the original reality show was is candid camera come on candid camera you all scenic and cameras right maybe you young bucks was born in the eighties in the nineties and certainly get you don't know it can be cameras candid camera is a great great great reality show nobody candid camera basically play tricks on someone where you record in something and they're not really noticing and it's nice and it's funny and stuff like that as anyone just as a side note brilliant institutions were small intimate he would have seen candid camera egypt nursing care to kampijut okay in egypt it's not like barnes fun it's not it's funny for us but like you and that can be cameras like this that their they people candidate you'll fight person scream one time where i was watching it one time and it's like the guy in the guide like basically stole five hundred dollars in the guy and they're like hahaha tatum apocalyptic and then i'd like breaking up with him it's heated style heated started but that's another topic for the time candid camera went down right is the best is vastly out shovels because the point again the camera is you have everyone seeing something except one guy who doesn't see relapse because he doesn't see the truth well did you know but the bible has aversion came camera kind of not really exactly but when it introduction to this bible study the bible his own version candid camera time where lord jesus christ kind of play candid camera with a couple guys and that was a time way air he was talking to them and he knew something and he knew everything that shit six sales knows everything but they did it go that he was talking to them they thought that you thought they thought they were talking to someone different and he knew that he was himself you can review it of course obviously is to be candid camera canon funny joke but is a real story which took place in the chapter twenty four loop that chapter twenty four which is our topic for tonight which is the famous passage of the two disciples on the road to amma's i put up there so we cannot prosper because this has as many different situations but is there are people say your hired he missed before hurt email assim okay which is deafening bush okay makes and i looked it up and put it phonetically at their several campgrounds the story of two disciples on the road to amma's which takes place in the chapter twenty four which is the final chapter gospels and loop and takes place right after the resurrection story and actually takes place on the same day as the resurrection okay let you take place on the original easter sunday let's read the story and then we'll go back to him understand the story it's a loop chapter twenty four star english thirteen now behold two of them we're traveling at same day to a village called amma's which was seven miles from jerusalem and they talked together of all these things which have happened so it was like conversed in reason that jesus himself to me and went with them but their eyes were strange that they did not know him and he said to them what kind of conversation is is that you have with one another as you walked in our second than the one who's name was cleo piss answered and said are you the only stranger jerusalem i have not known things which happen there these in these days so we said to them but things so they said to him things concerning jesus of nazareth who was a profit mighty indeed inward before god and all the people how the cheap reason our rulers delivered them to be condemned to death and crucified but we were hoping that it was he was going to redeem israel indeed besides all this today is the third day since these things happen yes concerned women of our company who arrived jim partly astonished as when they did not find his body became saying they had also seen the vision of angel's who said he was a lie and other and certain of those who were with us went to the gym and found just as the women had said but hand they did not see and he said to them hopefully shrines and slow parts of the leaving all of the profits have spoken ought not to christ suffered these things and and change his glory and beginning of moses and all the property expounded to them and all the scriptures things concerning himself stop right there pcb candid camera elements to it to disciples walking on a room and the whole point of their conversation is by camp lead you to stop it and they're met by a stranger and the change is none other than the lord jesus himself either telling him i can't believe that jesus dot com so you see the candid camera element even other story takes place on resurrection sunday the day of the greatest joining us to the world the story doesn't start off rejoice they like it says in the beginning that takes place on sunday night after christ had risen early in the morning early in the morning christ is risen ladies when and they saw the picture was empty noted seen priced yet okay but this ultimate empty demand that peter and john peter john came the punching and tea as well as right now no one really understood what was going on these two disciples basically who are they where are they going we don't want their names was cleo puts the other one is unidentified where they were going to go into a city called amaze which is like a seven burst thirteen seven miles away but now after the horrible events had taken place they were on their way back with a followers of christ with a good guys are bad guys i believe is and i believe this all in favor of not believers incorrect they were believers their strong believers they were decided that's what it says gerry where it says uh... bursts nineteen okay that use a profit mighty indeed auto first twenty-one that that we were hoping he was going to redeem israel these guys were believers and they were followers and they were disciples and they were two guys and you could tell bear uh... commitment to christ by the disappointments it says danvers twenty-one we were hoping he was going to previously israel he was the one that we put all of our trust we thought he was going to save us we thought we'd never we left our jobs we left our families we left our careers we left our homes we got for all of light and left everything in order to follow him expecting that he was the one that was going to say this and he was the one who was going to be the messiah and we saw the miracles and we believe and he was the one who was supposed to change our life ever but instead of change in their life for ever the disciples start this story off doing extremely letdown by gcs like i said they want to believe and they didn't believe and they knew he was the christ and they knew he was the messiah and that's why they're so shocked and so disappointed how could the one who did all these big miracles how can he now begin and shortly as they're walking back and having this conversation shortly like you can kinda like year the disappointment and hurt in their voice because they felt likely put everything they had in christ and they were let down may be a good parallel for a lot of us maybe maybe not may be a lot of us he had come here judge don't one resurrection right and weren't sure talks about new life and resurrection and power and all this kind of stuff and we go back on monday with the power where's the rest maybe some of us can relate to what it means to be letdown thinking that this is going to change my life and this is never to go back to be the same and all those kinds of good stuff and then we get back we don't find that changed made but i think these guys which true believers in christ if they were such strong believers me ask you a question team first twenty-two twenty-four there it said certain women of our company arrived here early astonished us when they did not find a spot and says they came in they had also seen a vision into said he was alive in certain of those with this question treatment found just what it said when they did not see they whites are they heard but she's his body was mentioned if they were such strong believers why then they believe i'm tell you they were strong beliefs and tell you they heard all the stories and they want to believe that that you these guys as they're sitting there at uh... the friday they seen him being beaten they say no we believe that you can add come through and they said you know he said if it is a mustard seed and we have faith but the prey they fast all day they prayed a of all time thought some is what's gonna happen they believed why is it that now they didn't believe why didn't they trust that he had raised the even knew that he said he had risen why did they believe one of the hardest things in life okay is when you get your hopes up in something and you get let down by it it's very difficult when i put all my trust and all my faith and all my prayers of all my fasting and something and i think i have to finance telecom says there are now put your trust in this with you i trust that's making a bright adjusted last week and i have burned i thought i should let my job to begin i said i left my career to begin with but all that's left in the sky and not only valley dot every one thing if you dont in one fell off the abridge and dr at an accident whatever i can accept it but he just wants and he was brutally beaten and they were saying defuse the crisis like he had a chance to answer is that yes i am the christ he didn't i had faith i believed i put my trust i got burnt so because they got burned ladies came back to jim is empty so did she was empty undone bleak i get a chance to believe got burned at the belief back to emma's for me but even as they're walking back okay like you see it in in the conversation the conversed and reasons okay restricting the converse and reason what were they doing they were trying to figure out how could this be they were trying to reconcile with the believes him he's the christ with what they saw he was killed brutally try to reconcile what they know to be true the youth almighty what they saw land that he's weak that's why the reasoning together i like in this you know like when you see like a magic trick care card trick packages how'd that happen had to take place almighty to wage how could this be i saw this that's obvious and destroy their their heads like acadian like head hurts that's where they work how could this be he said five thousand people let me turn something in them he couldn't do it examples here erased lazarus from the dead yet when he himself was not could raise himself aristede how this could be causing a lot of problems so they walk home feeling let down they're joined by a stranger became camera element restricting so it was well they conversed in reason that jesus himself junior went with them but there are three strings that they did not knowing their allies were streams they did not know him they didn't recognize uses why couldn't they recognize jesus if they were disclosed to sites why couldn't they were recognized him when he stood next to them and spoke to them that's complicated thing why couldn't they recognize in why did you know jesus jesus was dead in the history of all mankind when you see someone died and going to the two nd you will never in a million years expect that persnickety let me say this your grandma dot and then take next week you go on the street you see someone who looks just like your grandma and talk just like your grandma what would you say my grandma's is in the debt are most likely say then i saw a lady who looks just like my grandma talks with my grandma there's no way in a million years even enter your mind demographic mas alive now because you know she's dead and one hundred at about a hundred times when someone dies they don't come back to life okay that's the way it goes and if the romans you had to do anything in life robbers were experts a killing people and they solved it all city so he was dead it wasn't even around the possibility that this could be keys made is that i feel it's not like cheese he talks like he's put it wouldn't even enter their minds that this could be geez he walks up to them he says number seventeen what kind of conversation is that you have one others you walk in our step they insert okay and a little bit of a comic away how you feel strange in jerusalem and had not known the things which happen here in these days they respond back to him as if he's a crazy person as if he's somebody who just came from under a rock as it is the only one of a lot of religious no exactly like someone coming on september twelfth two thousand one and saying white castle sat-sun this is act which happened case they're like we talked about me and a live person the world that the they look at him as if he's really a crazy person and then they start to talk to him and they start to tell the story about how they had their hopes about this man was mighty about the standard miracles how does that was was to redeem us how this man is something special and how he was wicked says there he was delivered it to be condemned to death and christopher so now they share their distraught knees and there's a point in with the lord not even knowing it was an then the story starts to pick up when our lord jesus christ speaks versus twenty five openlist ones and slow parts of the leaving all the profits of spoken ought not to christ have suffered these things and and changed his ruling christ speaks what's crisis was the first thing he says but the first thing that the risen lord says to these two designs these details do not be afraid whistling beautiful xkcd manifold is kind of which ones i didn't call him foolish to understand foolish they don't have another translation of items on something of interest an avenue king james what was she had to go back the original like doesn't mean life was like i would say four like it doesn't mean like stupid does not mean stupid the word foolish but if you go to like if you go to proverbs can you look at uh... entomology of the workflow org son married yet i mean someone who lacks understand is someone who's lacking in understanding or slowing understanding either one of those two that's why he says foolish ones and slow parts of the lead okay so he's not saying idiots it what he's saying is who don't understand anything obviously it's clear like this in the candid camera element of it but they don't understand anything because you're talking to christ as they have prices that sorry rinsing them candid camera alamance discover brands the whole way through to them so it's not going to do people don't know what you doing and that he goes on and europe uk's and he like caddy yells at them why did you have you film called unfolds what's there seem they had a stand and that's why they couldn't see what was there soon without their sin no not believing what was there soon mac kind of children definition of of pool influx understanding there cindy with lack of understanding and the reason why he condemns back condemns them but like rebuke spam is not because they doubted the chrysler rise again it is totally understandable for all of them all of them doubted that he would rise again none of them believe he would rise again thick give a breakthrough but how could they possibly understand it's never happened forty the one would rise himself from the debt and it wasn't that they were confused by the events that's not there soon there say it was slices overview feliz one slow parts of the lead all the profits have spoken ought not to cry sets up these things and and changes glory and beginning at moses and all the profits he expounded to them at all descriptions of things concerning himself what what they see it with they did it no there might that was this there said was they were immigrants with the word of god clearly set this is not a matter of faith this is not a matter of faith they eat believe it or not has nothing to do with the resurrection like faith and god has nothing to the resurrection because the resurrection of our lord jesus christ is not a fake thing it's a fact of history just like you don't need faith to believe there was a titanic no need for a trip to believe there is a george washington and he cut down a tree are some pipe that you don't need faith to believe of them outweigh that the motives just many fake okay yoni faith to believe the resurrection of our lord jesus christ because it's a fact of history that the history books testify to and that there are more than five hundred and fart team five witnesses to you five hundred and thirteen i'd witnesses to the fact that jesus rose from the day no faith in vol in jesus christ it's a fact we talked with at another time what he's telling them is not you of little faith we sign them is you who don't understand the scriptures who don't reach arrivals who don't dig into the word of god and really understand what it has to me if you knew the old testament you know very simply that the old testament from cover to cover spoke about christ would die and who would rise again who would suffer and who would be killed and who would be strengthened like the world and would rise again and if they had known that they would have been shaking on good friday okay had they known descriptions they would not have been shaking and had the stuff conversation with one another after christ tells them or you of lacking understanding he goes on them verse twenty seven there to give the greatest bible study ministry of all mankind no greater bible studies ever taken place it was a place ans roads and mates where it says beginning at moses and all the profits he expounded to them and all scriptures of things concerning himself he shows from the very beginning every single thing that took place on the friday before your eyes was written years and years and years and centuries before ever took place i think his main message that he was telling them can be summarized by john chapter and verse eighteen when our lord jesus christ said no one takes team at his life no one takes it from me but i laid out of myself high-powered laid down that power to take it again his command i received from my iphone these guys on this roads and they have said we're thinking themselves he was supposed to say this but then he got killed he explained to them very clearly no one killed the cracks it's impossible to cure no one killed he laid down his life he was not helpless victim of some mean romans in june he was the sacrifice that gave himself up of his own free will for the life of the world and he showed them and apart from the beginning from the very beginning of how god was going to save the world and glorify his son through the crops across was not an accident across was not something which is laid upon christ across something and he picked up ames's plan from the start webby pointed let me speculate and we'll see it how you do on the roads it makes i think he points on twenty which very clearly they hate clearly smoke about someone who would be crucified was incomplete i think he proudly pointed genesis chapter three we spoke about the serpent and the seat of the woman okay in about how to they separate would bring to the heel of the seed but the seed would crush the head i bet you spoke about genesis when she was well you guys on the chance to meet you abraham isaac up to the mountain and how autistic carried the wood up and came back down a lot isaiah fifty three isaiah chapter by all these different things every single one and he showed them spoke very clearly about about that christ mazak lesson for us to is very clear so that we don't have that being like these cycles on the roads and makes it that we don't miss though we don't have that candid camera moment that we don't miss him when he's right next to us as we must we must grow on our understanding tourists for it was a a four six george shultz reversed my people add chile for lack of knowledge for screen teams fourteen rather cannot be children in understanding however malice bps button understanding premature look here let's be honest these two disciples almost lost their souls because of lacking in understanding because they didn't have the scriptures because they didn't understand they didn't understand the scriptures they almost lost their soul thankfully christ appeared to them explain to them but i want to bank of that happening to me i don't want to relax im on being endurance lacking and understand it and hoping that he appears to be somewhere down the road these disciples almost lost their faith and were completely shaking so much so that they'd left jerusalem they went back to their old life because they didn't understand descriptions because they were babes and understanding they were not matured understanding there is a mess that we got to take to heart if we say we love him how can you love the one that you know so little about how can you love the one that you know so little of it and when i say no and grown understanding i am not talking about i'm not talking about i'm sure these two disciples got up in the morning did their quiet time nice message god is love and love one another thanks message that morning skip to my lube all the way agrees doing quiet time ten-fifteen minutes getting the text message quite microphone is not going to change they demean quiet nadine know god is love everyone knows god is love they need to know about him with a needed to know is that all these patches from the old testament that when they read the book of ruth his book about kinsman redeemer that was our lord jesus christ at when they spoke about uh... the lion of judah that spoke about crime avenue read all those ritual look at the vatican's and there are all the stuff that god commanded about the tabernacle all the stuff that god commanded about the offering above their sacrifice of the past the lamb and a passover every single one of those details spoke in detail about christ every single one of those was connected scraps and he needed to understand that because they didn't understand that their faith was shaken his date every page of this from cover to cover from genesis one to revelation twenty two at the same subject speaking about lord cotton seed to jesus christ his life his ministry we call this the word of god and we call him the word of god as well why do we have the same words a defined two different things easy because they're not too different things because you don't use the same words defined two different things i wouldn't called vista bench and that's the best because they've got the same thing but i recalled as a bench got a bench because about the same thing submitted this is the word of god we say he is the word of god is the same thing this speaks about him and you can tell one without knowing the other and connecting flights god is love is not knowing i needn't thing sometimes are quiet time is the worst thing fox because it said a little below it's a vote by time is about so we have an empty box with a nice volunteer heaven expo misinterpreted disconcerting have most of the god is love look love your enemies maysville if there is no on the inside what's the bill quiet times and i think white expect quite m is good on top of the healthy downside of studying the word of god and eating the word of god and understanding the connection between the old testament new testament and oprah preferences memorizing versus and liking david said but hit me or to my heart that might not stand against you without those things you're gonna be in trouble story continues not only does he expand the scriptures for them he goes on in verse twenty then did you near the village where they were going any indicated that he would have gone further with a constraint him saying abide with us for his toward evening and the days for spends noticed this is a side note who was the one who stopped by boston whose one-stop survives he said he wanted to go further this is not enough here's our problem he want to go for it that's a lot of us in our quite that's image of quite they constrain him sing abide with us resort evening in the days were spent anyone in stay with them that came to pass is at the table with them except rain lestat broke davidson and their eyes were opened and they knew him he vanished from their site and he said to one this it's one another did not heartburn within this only twelve points on the road well opened the scriptures to us actrix not scriptures after explaining the word of god what is needed he gives them the word of god actor and giving them the word of god he gives them word of god because that you were the same he breaks brand opposites its community i'm not saying it's a symbol of communion it's not a symbol of community its community he gave them commune okay less and broken we gave them is all body in his own blood i want to talk about that but i want to come back at the same account come back to the community element of for lewinsky why does it say inverse thirty or thirty-one that as soon as their eyes open a new him what to do he banished dead mid-stream that's the time to stick around now that i know you okay let me sit enjoy as soon as the recognized him he vanished why did he leave and i guess you can tell from the question of on-screen did he leave them did he leave that titled you're going to go this community be smart and think related to communion he leave liturgy where up here and you see this watch you see is bugging you see his blood and then at the end you don't see it did he leave well he left in a sense he left in front of you and he went inside so he left but he didn't leave he went deeper okay he went inside just as we do and communion he promised i will not be view of the end of the agents case of the line with eating and he just a minute when he said there's no way you have he went from decide them and front of them throughout inside so it's in fact the opposite not going to be not leave them he went deeper with goodies to versus john six fifty-six johnnie thirty-one explains out the union takes place he it's my pleasure thanks my blood applied to me in on him and johnny thirty-one applied in my word your my disciples indeed what was the criteria for him to go inside two things that take place understand scriptures and then they had except the bread was broke what's the criterion have communion in church anson well i have to admit that i got home although i have a habit os traffic and here that need a bullet entered is that not see a bulletin on and stuff and try to deny ami community what was the criteria for them to have priced inside they had to have him intellectually and then they had to have them physically you can't divide the two to be honest uh... teal secured this can get me in trouble he'd been executed singing there's no rule it says you have to be there by the gospel sickened it's not a real you know the rule you should be there way before that okay you should be there before the first meeting takes place you should be there for the following a pistol takes place at a minimum but the church kids and it's kinda ps okay because we called nazis often maybe a kid let's just lied to gossip but to be honest if you come during right for the costly shanti if you can take the word of god they shouldn t if you didn't what the story of the same evasive but we don't understand about how the crisis comeback okay let's break bread anyway what would happen to say now the reason they had this is because they had to this first and we eat don't take this we want this we wonder why this doesn't do anything for us all like this is weak but why this is useless force because you didn't take this it's the same it's not too different things communion takes place first here and then cleaned takes place there and if you miss one you missed the boat you can't have one without the other that's why we have to take communion our lesson here okay especially with regards to communion i know the value edwin place some commute so i don't need to speak about how precious the body was apne speak i'm not that i'm skipping over but i know it's something that our culture especially we have that respect for the body blood of christ but where we lack so here's an ominous the same way http are less is let's go from under from attending than ever attending the readings at the minute but let's be honest just attending is not the same understand like i don't want to just be in the same room as the word of god in and smile and nod at it in are like slide into church right before the gospel unsafe i was in the parking lot i was feeling about my phones so either out here giving ticketing you can get all you want and even you know what when people come ask me maybe some of you have i cannot conduct magic and i will say the same thing as this between you and and if you reviewing stand before the throne of god almighty and you're going to take responsibility for the body and blood priced undersold you do it quist people-meter that they like methods cable is i'm not picking up a couple i've got to say no cuz i say no i mean i'm not saying no to him you do what you want i can't stop some people have had people well-liked i would tell them no they should be so you know i'm going to take it i'm not gonna fight you okay i'll come back a bit like physically restraining from taking i met tell you that unless you take here usually take here but it's up to you have taking in the next day i'm taking telling you if you really want to get the most don't just attend here understand here dot just been the same room as the word of god but we don't listen anything it's been said understand reeked of what is it is a thousand because of the t_v_ had on my computer is called pick-up some arms you can get any worse you get online download it reading at the bookstore and get it or you can buy the little ultimately get a little caliber to hang on the fridge magnet do whatever get a copy the church readings before you come to church spent time in history tech sold six meat readings and if you really you really want communion you really want to meet spent twenty minutes and try to understand the readings and try to connect and you really really really really want communion spent thirty minutes and trying to get a message for yourself try to have communion even before you've shown a picture you can come and wait for me to give you my message but what it is my best to you my messages dot message to the into the it's infinite value tell us what you it may be completely separate from u get your own message as much nicer it's great for doing your mind stopping by insists gitu reads if not you'll never have to communion just like these disciples it wasn't until that date understood the scriptures that they could really have communion people who don't get into the readings don't understand the readings i don't know how to privilege i'll be honest i know how you show up every single sunday to the exact same lage because without the reading everybody is exactly the same exactly and it's becomes robotic what makes the liturgy different what makes everyday a completely different it makes a big given yesterday and they before is the readings there is a completely new every single day and that's what everybody has completely different feel to it dozens of different there's a different word of god do you take the same work a lot of temperature we have different work dot g hears the word is the first i want to change in my fifteen sixteen the same way that we can't wait t each the communion jeremiah fifteen sixteen says you words are found making it seem that's the way wants to be this bread of life is to keep the same way we desire to be effort story ends verse thirty three so there i was at that very hour in return into jerusalem and found eleven and those who are with them gathered together saying the lord is risen indeed has appeared to sign and they told about and they told about the things that happened on the road now he was known to them the breaking of bread story ever kinda and that kind of just starts for these guys this is the beginning of their life this is the beginning of their life and this is why resurrection like it would have choice said like all of all week we talked about resurrection is a new life and it was for these guys first thing is that it was a physical change because they were on their way back to emmaus and then they said after they discover this evacuees from and their life was never the same again because they now understood this new life if you think about it nothing new was revealed to them this day the women already told them that he is not mentioned and peter dot already confirmed not mentioned and they even do he said he was going to rise again but you see the big difference now what they want from hearsay what someone else is preaching to them while they were sitting in the pews out something he said interested the eight and life is never the same again the power of the resurrection is there it's not their pain it's there it's there but it's not payton that make sense i'm saying it was it in the mary's saying he's not too many more let me turn john saying he's not too many more it was when they it'll work and in the eight the bread click it says right there and he was known to man the breaking of bread this is a picture the power of the resurrection schuman alone dejected no hope they found jesus in the word and then they found jesus in the bread their life is never the same any questions who's giving him what time the question is not personally when it says that he would have gone further it's speaking literally about walking not about explain basically they're walking on the road and they say okay now here's our home and invite him in okay he say no no im go i'm keep on going down the road so like not visit stop talking but i just want to point that out that who's the one stops the road page usually us not him spiritual thing but as a liberal thing know where they were saying is we've reached our destination the requests absolutely ok they didn't see him until they had communion because just like i said that is no good without that that is no good without okay that's you it's like the left arm and a right on ok unless they have both been i can't carry anything i guess that i didn't speak about the value of communion because in my opinion that's one thing that all of us can we not be but nothing notes need to get important and we regarded data carefully but absolutely to your point that this i mean this is why managing vandenberg this and of itself incomplete without this incomplete it's the start but it's incomplete because this is like liken it to like let's say like a marriage in a marriage there's like emotional intimacy and physical intimacy and one without the others incomplete suggested okay so it's clear to see this way that like i don't know his name but i think about him the physical intimacy is no good i don't know the person again have an emotional bond at the same token ok emotional intimacy naturally leads to a physical intimacy as well initiatives thinking with hasn't gone is that we should seek to know him okay and then we should seek to ups alexander for free in the name of the father and son and holy spirit and i'm in lord we thank you from the depth of our heart for these disciples on the roads and mays today that you held up for us is an example and you showed us what your desires to do in our life to give us that new life and to give us that power and to give a test pursuing individually through your word and through your body and blood on the altar dot i pray that should help us all to grow in our understanding groped in our knowledge of you growing our emotional intimacy with you and our physical intimacy with you and to keep on growing growing deeper inside you can ever be content with anything good teachers the hit and things that which are inside you word which we may have been blinded to for so many years give us your lord said search the scriptures contingency them is your mind of profits or if they didn't know what that no one of us would be left blind anything inside your word but really you and they'll test all the hidden things you desire to reveal to us thank you for your word thank you for your body and blood on the altar thank you for the new life that you give us which washes of all of our on cleanliness less are gathering here teachers in the first became dismayed to hear your word less than and given power and resurrection in everything they do lets our church bazaar fatherland showing sunny reunion almost asked to pray for them landlord i thought of saving a keen jesus christ musicians and praise voters change with the blessing of these holy days of resurrection here's to be pretty thankfully our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thanking them com they will be done and it doesn't have been give us is there a daily bread forgive us our trespass as we forgive those his passing answers leaders not to completion but for the rest of the evil one through christ jesus our lord flies the kingdom the power of employees for every man now may the love of god the father the race is only begotten son jesus christ our lord because it was reviewed you will go in peace may the peace of god be with you