Memories of African Mission



In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. To come and spend this time with you this evening. I'm also pleased to see with his the Buddhist Church of Santa Buddies Townsend Marina Which is the first time in the history of Canada Cup pictures has to be established. this part of the world and we are turn the train from all our hearts death. Because I have known that one actually. FaceTime 26 years ago when we started the first to use Convention of the Midwest in 1983. And it was last year when we celebrated this time he came and spoke to a convention. And he was one of the young youth home. We started this great movement of Youth conventions every summer in North America and then it went into Australia and Europe and in the world. but also not only he was one of the first to start today's conventions, but also in North America who came to Africa and damn he really went to be very much. very different cultures among the Zulu and he 6 hours in a car today's share in the new land and then he went into a church built in the black Township. and the priests to Zulu the people rizzolo biliteracy was Zulu and the same what happened to him happen to so many hundreds of cops who came from anywhere in the world. Assembly to see same Dogma same Doctrine only difference. Is that outside feature? That you and the musical instruments. But believe me nothing was out of the Bible. And am definitely that has been a great mission in Africa where you can see because it is but in different situation in different cultures. And you see that it is a real Evangelistic Church. And going through so many languages. And it was spreading irrespective of outside features of humanity. And there it was the Holy Spirit which was spreading this change and keeping the dogma and Doctrine and the teaching of the Apostles and maybe after some time. Which country which culture started to dominate we should break this and go to carry Christ and the tradition of the church without impairing effects of its variable. I am very much pleased to be among you today and then I wanted to tell you that. I really while I was in there talking to medicine that was in the 50s. I don't know, but it seems that. and there Great Road Cool Middle School on his image and likeness wanted to use everyone. It is on way but he has a big plan. Which will it be very small to understand at the moment? looking for words Cancel music. When we see the trees management management by crisis this only men being controlled in today. And plans ahead. and I could are believers of the Coptic Church in the seven from the Coptic Orthodox Church. in Egypt an hour and then he plans that you should be introduced to the monastic life. And then to go to the Village service outside. countries be different but that was not willing. When is the accident when you go to a different cultures within their own country? Try to understand how the people think. What is the speed of the movement understand things and how we can you pass today my message which is it is picked up of their cultural support. Push me to sexy Caprica. Believe me. I can tell you the amount of discouragement it was too much. They told me so many things about that. And they kept on telling me that. We will meet you. they are going to cut your organs in the we are going to you we got a friend. Say fingers in one hand, but you'll come to find the three of them are. End up to give to discouragement at 2. We are having a great feeling that you became mad. We even told me that I have lost my mind. And I don't know if they have to take me to a mental hospital. To invite me to see a mental doctor to see if I'm still saying or I have become a thing. what I liked on because I could see that God was planning this and I was like When they discourage mean I took more courage when they wanted to put me back. Until I put my foot in Ethiopia in 1966. In May 66 so you can now can say that it is 43 years. And I agree that you have such a glory for God in my heart that because you told me how to go to a different type of people and who I tell them how sweet is the Lord's music. Who is Mowgli vintages in the world? And they said that she has and ordained as deacons and Priests. If I tell you about this is about 44 churches in 12 African countries. In francophone Africa and blue phone Africa and send to Egypt to study Theology and they come back to send people in their own vernacular languages. and Esme listings the ceilings and the Bear because they felt that we are encouraging them to worship Christ in their own culture. And to praise him in the mountains. And that made into Wings songs stories. Send it to me and I'll feel this moment such a thing and richness today everywhere. compression and the Feast of Resurrection Saturday Eve of the Feast of the resurrection of Jesus it was such a location with such a celebration which was really would be doing that anybody standing there like the day of the Pentecost when you see that. In Russian language in Indian language in Coptic in English, when we went to is the procession carrying the icon of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and the 101 mine was different cultures together, but it was celebration of the unity of the holy spirit in this the mind and heart of his people. it's not official, but we can sit for a meal together to break the fast and Best Buy app 2000 Musical coming all this way. To let them have it. Administration play The Ghost and holy spirit through the Holy Bible. experiences in Kenya as I told you we translated into the local languages and we gave it to the people to get their own way. South Africa And the piece of its going to be the first. So are you asking them in Telugu language for example to take? And I told them that I wanted to say it in this way. But it is up to you to Hewlett. So what? And did you listen this way? And if you go there you feel that they don't seem to them but it is. Then one day I sat among them. I told them the story of Saint Mark. How is African Apostle came from Libya? Only nine years after the Lord has risen. And how we spread the gospel. And how we brothers or over? What's better creamy made when you mix the first vision? And I told him the story of the shoe repair and Alexandria Egypt. This story was I can see that in the story was very very much in his fighting to them all they listen very well. And we were sitting in the shores of Lake Victoria. You know that in Egypt we drink from the River Nile. and the source of the water go City on the shores of Lake Victoria. And I started my story by saying, you know your water is blessed. Why do you say that? I said because from this water to drink. and in this world he was most and they said how come I said you wrote? story interacting with me when I spoke to them about the sufferings of Jesus. Some of the women self defense of the Apostle and even though I told them the five titles of Salma. evangelist Master Pure episode go back to the main city. And I lived it for about three weeks when I came back. Play what the deception was very different. They stood at the entrance of the church. Who is that banana leaves? Who's at Precision cross? And it was a drums and simple musical instruments. animals singing I never told him song. I don't know who. the holy Marcos NBA they were mentioning The Chew. Miller missing the look of the knife mystery Egypt I did not. I could pick that it speaks about tomorrow. for example Children women men full of them but I was listening very much to what they say and I was really anxious to know. It was a long song about it. place when they finished I said, what is this? Said we made it this song. I told you the story about the room. Maria Kuma Learning Center is Apostle evangelist Tender Mercies And the gospel and everything. And I said to them would you like to dance? Toledo tell me a nude girls down a new language. And they looked at it translated into English. And we founded this song is very soft is 30% and I said who made it? Might you to touch this and you left. We could not go to sleep. We set under a small kerosene lamp. And we rode old items you spoke to us about this. Studio San Marcos Edwards He wrote this song today. It is an official song in the for tribal languages of Guinea from English to kikuyu. You come by and Leah and kiswahili. And is made out of what? Of the people you love the land themselves, so it is really coming out. Can I see you really? That's for sure? We love to be members of the church. We love to be members and become. the great greatest blessings and Glory gifts of God the sacraments which God gives us every day. We love to feel distress is so sweet and is teaching so nice. The sweetness of the church and you taste how sweet is the Lord's? wouldn't you like one day to Go to some people are still living in. Darkness Carmichael DMV UFC lights we have tasted sweetness. We have found the Lord. I believe that. this is Would make you to feel different totally because now you have been taking. Have you felt that one time that you wanted to give? Give something which others are very much like. Show me the minions around us. bondage of Their Own sunroom additions addiction we are in bondage of sexual desires. The desire to find a tender one who can make them really be uplifted enlightened in the Kingdom of feeling that they are daughters and sons of God. Backstreet feeling when you can make these people were stream strangers and come to become living members in the body. I got a feeling live. Is there such a great? Has myself inside me after I spent all this time. And he spoke about fishing and lakes and sunset. I spend all my time fishing but I Fishman. And I find it very very sweet. Because whatever you please come on, it's consumed and in the kingdom of God. What's a great privilege Saturday? India okay, sounds good with me and sell them. Yes, you can trouble you can leave home. to make some money Yes, Lord, I can. go to Victoria sister Is Lourdes? a be able to take a step forward towards other people. Would you listen to me? I have a gift. And their gift is beyond any imagination. I am coming through with the kingdom which I lived. A kingdom which I tasted in my life. I live to this Kingdom and I am feeling how great I am. I wanted to also make it to be within you. lead when you are blown into a chase like very well-preserved Doctrine Was there any Weather lyrics? The Egyptians were originally people before Christ. even when they had some other girls But when Christianity came to them, they would the most preservative and conservative people as glorious as it is and even died. They were persecuted. They would have killed Dungeons and prisons. But never be lifted in prayer and fasting. They were living in the Bible everyday. This weekend in the Bible and teachers. Between you must be the real cost to live this Bible. And I can assure you that the face which is inside us. sons and daughters with Jewish Mothers and grandfather's life, but not deny Christ is glorious because it's Play Kai fanis yuzuru, the Creed. plexaderm like Antonio This service is So Glorious that it can make you find a shortcut. Who is the heart of Christ? When you ask him. Can you show us will the wind the kingdom he would tell you the kingdom is inside you. I really wish that. us Christian song this church to understand the value of it. The event which was the Commandments of the Lord Jesus. And what degrees Crown is set for those who can carry the gospel to others? And who can make themselves available to be a channel? This creates holy message to go to others people come to become parts. and leaving for girls of the body of Christ I want to tell you that. I would love to. to invite you to come to South Africa for experience c4yourself how much the church has found it? And roots in the hearts of Africans in 12 African countries. and how much they loved it from older Hearts because they found it is very in his fighting it brings you the body and blood of Christ everyday on the outside and it brings you an Uber from the water in the skillet salvation. Bring you forgiveness brings you up solution and solution of your problems and bring you action of the holy spirit in your life everyday. Real seven sacraments which are working every day in our lives, which is the presence of the holy spirit in our church. I wanted to share with you some of mine feelings about the mission in Africa 3 golf courses in South Africa. settlement conference for 3 days children conference for 4 days And youth conference for a week? And that was serviced by 22 youth young women and men from Egypt from lupus Caitlyn Jenner's Bill Gates hours flight. It came to spend two weeks with us. they were joined by seven used from New York from Queens Jewish and 7 from Sydney, Australia three young women from Edmonton in Alberta And the number of youths who came from the African churches with at least Android 70. between 14 to 27 And do they have we have about 10 to 60 children from the age of 5 to 14? How was your day. Active how have sex? the whole group and Dennis great love which happened among these groups was the theme of this conference was It's on a sympathy and respect the parishes. When does Micro bus was coming from four countries in the world and eat your booty and he started singing together? From the bus he finds himself being received with sisters and brothers from different cultures and Africans felt that they were really coming to have a celebration of knowledge. Discussion Bible and I can assure you that after this week. We went back and said we lived in the Bible and what are the things which those missionaries from Egypt was very clever cleverly planned. demonstration of Disney in the cup pictures so they made a beautiful PowerPoint. about Moses when he was crossing the Red Sea with the people of God. They shut the door. small portion of the film of Moses crossing the Red Sea And then they give me a branch of a tree which is very rough part of a stick and everybody is behind Hendricks of them was candles in their hands. And at the music was playing and this shows during the door was opened to see. seed sheets and waving them under the spotlights, like oceans of the weave waves of the ocean and you can see from outside in Ocean in front of you and the people of God are going through that portion because the enemies behind And as Moses hit me from this life as we die with him without reason with him. May the Lord grant. You can come and see for yourself. What the Lord has been with us in 44 years of service in this field. What's 4 + 2? To make any sort of propagation for ourselves, but I have no doubt. He will see that held Elizabeth in the word of God never comes back in. As a society in this prophecy. As the Waters of the rain comes down from heaven and the Jew comes. And never come back. And it was supposed to do for very happy. They can be of liquid equation, but they are very very very well and Lighting in the Bible. You can trust and you can see how mission. and the Commandments of the Lord to save To me it was given all authority in heaven and earth. golden phone go to the whole world. And teach the people. Play Some Dream of the Father the Son. And I have to chew. I am with you. I Am With You Always until the end of the Earth. so as a tell you he promises. when we vote for search commission may be too much for us because we have no ability. We are too weak to do that. But his promise it's okay with you. If you intend in your heart. Okay, the gospel. photoville in Overland vehicles He stands to say. I am with you. Today's tomorrow until the end the end of the ages. I thank you for your good listening and I would open the floor for questions or comments if you like. I will be very happy to answer your question.