Sermon bby Fr. Vijay Thomas at Sts. Basilios-Gregorios Orthodox Church. 

This sermon is on the second Sunday of Great Lent according to the Indian Orthodox Lectionary. 

It is about the healing of the leper.



Today is also the Second Sunday of the great lent and it's called Garbo Sunday Garbo Sunday means it's just a Sylveon III Act 4 for leprosy the the leper it's a day that we remember Jesus healing the leper and we remember as in St. Luke's gospel chapter 5 verse 12. The leper comes to Jesus and says Lord, if you are willing make me clean Lord, if you are willing make me clean the great great way of coming up to the Lord he is asking for what what is the leper asking for?He's asking for healing he's asking for healing and he says Lord if you if you're willing make me clean. So, what is Jesus do after Jesus heals the leper? Do you know what happens? Jesus heals the leper and Jesus says don't go tell anyone go to the priest and offer your your your right sacrifices to the the the the according to the Mosaic law and go do that. But now what do not go tell anyone, but what have you obviously happens. People see him and the word goes out. And that evening as the scripture says the multitude came. the multiples of who people who needed healing great multitude is a scripture says great mouth tooth came together to be healed by Jesus of their infirmities. So, who is it that came out to find and see Jesus? Who is the people who? Bayview it very simple the people who need healing they came out to see Jesus. Is important idea it something that we shouldn't let go. This is the simple idea of a very important idea those who are sick seek Jesus. Those who are sick seek Jesus. So if you are unhealthy, if you are in pain if you have some disease if you are going through some great problem, who is the first person we all turn to. Jesus the people who came out to see Jesus according to the scripture where those people who needed healing. So where was the others? Where are those people who are wealthy? Where are the wealthy who are enjoying life? Where are the healthy? Where are those who are happy? Where are those who are were just happy they didn't they are not coming to Jesus the people who are enjoying the world the people that are healthy and wealthy and end going fine. They're not the ones that are here in church. Who is it that speaks Jesus Christ? Those who need him those who need his healing. So if you're not sick or in trouble or going through some problem. We will all fall into this if we're not in need of Jesus if immediately as we think we do if we are happy and and everything's going well. We often forget about him about our God. It's only when we make our bad decisions and we fall into our own problems or problems around this happen that we all of a sudden turn and change everything and do what come back to Jesus. It's like the prodigal son. We have all the money we go off from our father with all the money all the blessings and then what do we do? Only when we are sitting there. Unable to do anything else with no money, no ability to move forward. Do we turn back to our Father in heaven and say please forgive me and help me show me the way. Saint Paul says to the Colossians. I am rejoicing in my sufferings. I am rejoicing in my sufferings. Why does he Rejoice because his sufferings remind him why he needs Jesus Christ so much and in his sufferings, he received a better remedy a better medicine and becomes a better person. Because he had Christ. Sufferings trials and tribulations and rough times can be a blessing. Because those people who were sick like that leper their sickness makes them seek Jesus and finding Jesus heals them in the way that they never expected. So today we need to remember. Did those who need healing see Jesus so ask yourself? Do you need healing? Are you fine? Are you happy? You might not necessarily have a disease or had some problem. But the realization that you're not perfect that you're not happy without Christ is the realization that will help you to find the greatest treasure in all the world. We all need healing we all need healing that only God can provide we need to go see the ultimate Doctor. But I was younger I hated going to the doctor hated going to the doctor. I played soccer one day after after school and I was playing and I ended up slide tackling One Another kid, and I ended up twisting my ankle and I had known there was something wrong but in my in my foolishness. I said, you know what I'll walk it off. I'll walk it up. Let me keep playing so I kept playing soccer that day and I went home and I didn't say anything to my parents and then I went to school the next day and then when I was in school near the end of the day my foot became a balloon. I had to go to the nurse and go to the doctor from there and the doctor said if you had come to me sooner. You wouldn't have had such a bad problem and you might have been saved a couple of weeks of recovery. And that's the way we all are we don't go see the doctor enough and not the doctor. I'm not the medical doctor. I'm talking about I'm talking about Christ. We don't go see the ultimate Doctor enough. We don't go check in enough. We don't get our check up that aren't our times to go go see him. We like I was when I was that foolish child. We go through life. Thinking we're okay. walking with are sprained ankles walking with our diseases in our problems in our sickness and not seeking anyone for help. the purpose of Lent One of the great purposes of Lent is to Humble ourselves. We sacrifice our food and our other things in our lives so that we can remove those distractions that make us think that we're okay and we're supposed to come to one realization the realization that we really need Christ. We are self-imposing a hardship on ourselves so that we can rid ourselves of our Illusions the illusion that you have that you are. Okay. Commit ourselves of these Illusions and disillusions disillusions that we can realize how much we need God. My brothers and sisters. Let's not turn to Christ only when it's bad times. Let's use this length of time this difficulty that we are going through. To seek him. Let us be one of those people. Like. Those days after seeing the leper after seeing the leper who you want saw and said, oh my God, he's a leopard. Are you still awake? And now you see him healed? Let's be like the people who saw that healed leper and said he leper who healed you. And go see that same doctor. Let's not be the people who say all that leper was healed. Good. Let me go and do my own thing. Let us go to the doctor Christ. Let us go to him and seek healing for our soul for our mind for every part of us. Then we might go forward in faith proclaiming that Jesus Christ is God and seeing the glory the light the joy the peace that comes from the nowhere else, but God the Father. I pray that you do this in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.