Guidelines and Principles for a Faithful Life

Liturgy Sermon (Luke 12:32-44) 

~ The Kingdom of Heaven ~ The Principles of the Stewardship ~ The Life of Watchfulness

~ Once Saved Always Saved - Fact or Fiction? 



event name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit one God the gospel of today. Actually we repeated every day in the Midnight Hour in the Third Watch. This gospel actually has a lot of beautiful teachings. But I would focus on three things in this gospel. the first Is the promise of God to give us the kingdom of heaven? The second the second is the principle of stewardship and the third is the life of watch for me. Disgust me to start with this beautiful words from Luke chapter 12 verse 32. Do not fear little flock. For it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. One of the very common attack that Satan is using against us is to cast doubt in our heart regarding our Heavenly inheritance. if I ask most of us about are you confident that you are going to heaven most of us actually will say no. I'm not. Which actually reflect our lack of faith in the promises of God it is a promise from God do not fear Little Flock for it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom and it is because of the pressure of the father it is because of the richness of his love and His glory it is because of the richness of his Mercy that we will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. The inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven is not a reward but it is a gift that means you work it and then you are paid back but it is a gift from God. No words actually can qualify us to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven it is your father's good pleasure to give you note to pay you to give you the kingdom and the Lord is trying to cast any fear or any doubts from our hearts regarding this point. Maybe you will ask. What is the difference between what I am saying and suppress on teaching about is a Salvation actually there is a big difference between this and that. And when I'd like to clarify and to differentiate between the Protestant teaching about the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. And between the Orthodox teaching which action is the teaching of the scripture and also between what many of the Orthodoxy believe although it is smoked that what the oldest church teach. The Protestant teach that once you are saved you are always sick. Once saved always saved means no way you will lose your salvation. No way. You will lose yourself. No matter what. There is a song teacher to the children. And this song actually reflect this bug, the Protestant teaching once saved always saved and unfortunately some of our churches teach also this song A lot of caffeine. I set my alarm to make this at once saved always saved. The den shuttle 60 chink it may make the people actually Siri likes I am a believer I am safe. So why should I work? What should I struggled? What's your why should I fight against sin? Especially also also teaches that salvation is only by Faith No works are required. So now is it is a guarantee of Salvation and no work are required. So why why should I fight against him? I would be late, but I'm also this does not reflect the teaching of the scriptures. What most of the Orthodoxy believe which actually again is not the reflection of the teaching of the church most? Unfortunately, we don't have confidence in our salvation. It is very clear that I don't think do not fear Little Flock. It is your father's good pleasure to give you the Salvage and maybe because for a long time was teaching the first word of the Protestant the teaching when's the saved always saved? That's why it developed in many of us this lack of confidence about selfish. But some stocks teaching is yes. I am confident in my salvation is this confidence isn't God nothing me this confidence is because I am in the hands of God this confidence because of God's mercy and of God's love not because of my word. What if I choose to separate myself from God if I choose to tell me my back to God then actually, I will lose my salvation. So there is a possibility of losing salvation. We don't teach once saved you are always saved. That's why. It's in a Peterson make your calling and your choice, So we are called to be safe and God promised us to give us the Salvation as a gift from him as a reward. So actually we need to continue in accepting this salvation the rest of our life. That's why I don't have to smoke. I was promised his book about how to be ready and how to be It's like a student. In school the student never says that I got an 300% I will pass the exam. But also if the student said also I have big big doubt that I'm going to pass the exam and I feel that I would fail why you continue to study but the students will say I have confidence through the grace of God that I will succeed and I will pass the exam but this confidence is not a hundred percent guaranteed. And what about salvation is by faith or by faith and works. Actually, as I said, I would Works does not qualify us to to the inheritance of the kingdom of heaven, but I like how the relationship between faith and work regarding our salvation. It's one of those folks about that said we are not saved by works, but we will not be saved without works. Where are the most saved by works because salvation is a gift from God. Free gift from God but we will not be safe to that works because works is the acceptance of this area. So this works so that you accept this free gift from God otherwise leave and you'll be safe. As I said, there's no need for Commander. There is no need for cell phone is saying you did not resist again. It says send Bill Blodgett. So here again the teaching of description, which is a teaching we need to have confidence in God confidence in his promises. Do not fear Little Flock before it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. The second point is the stewardship. Got here actually spoke about blizzard out of the Servants of the master when he comes he will find watching and then who's in is dead fistful on Weiss's to our home. He's messed up will make you ruler over his household to give them their personal food in due season and he knows where the stewardship owner of our life of the talents that we have. But what I was just the stewards that is the owner of life that is owner of my time cuz it's one of my children got his own of my gift. Oh my God. He appointed us as Stewart. So if I have more talents than somebody else I should not brag or boast because God actually was more talents more responsibility and accountability. Cuz if I'm a Stewart God will ask me give an account of your stewardship. And if I have list talents I shouldn't feel inferior. Because that info entrusted me with this listing has so I just keep my focus should not be on how many tennis I have. But my focus should be about hell fistful. I am in my talent on my gift healthiest food you are with your life is only hope is for you are with your children and raising them in the fear of God. How beautiful you are with your time how this would you are with your service in the church. So that's why the Lord he said who's in is that peaceful and wise steward? Many people actually measure the success of their service emissions. So if I have like a priest or a my Bishop, so if I have a lot of followers, then I'm successful know but this doesn't mean he's successful but to be successful actually the measure of your success is two things Hawaii as you are and how beautiful you are. How are you and how peaceful it is that faithful and wise Steward and wisdom. Think about it this way if you are an owner of a business and I told you that is the owner and you appointed Steward you appointed a manager to run your business. What do you look for in this is still in this manager actually to find a wise Steward because if he's not wise business will be lost. So you need somebody body who's wife and also need somebody who's faithful in order not to steal new. So you need somebody who is faithful his heart in his business and somebody who is what? If he is, why is my smok peaceful it would make a lot of profit you and me make a lot of followers, but he would steal this from you like but he took the soul out of the Christ. I'm his was an eloquent speaker. That's why he was able to make a lot of fluids. What is the opposite if he's faithful but smokes Batman toys? That's why the Lord said who then is that peaceful noises to help children the teaching of Christ as a digital subscription order you planted them your own vision of life. How why is you are in protecting your children from all the Temptations around them in the world? So you need to be a wise and faithful Steward and God actually will ask you in the last day to give an account of your stewardship. V the principles of God actually give us in this gospel is the principal of watchfulness. He said when he comes he will find them watching. He will find them watching then. Actually. He said therefore you also be ready for the son of man is coming at an hour. You do not expect. what's in order to Be watchful You didn't actually. To sit like an alarm system. I'm all done for you in your house to watch for fire. You put a fire alarm. Watch for Fears or robbers alarm system in your house. And then you need actually to have a plan to react when there is a danger. For example, if there's a fire over there is seats. Then you need to have a plan to run to skip to call the police. So it has to be If we apply these two principles about watchfulness also, we need these two things in our life. we need to have alarm system alarm to warn us if we drifted away. If one looks peaceful or wise. So if this alarm goes off and is warning me that I'm going in the wrong direction, then I should have a plan. What are you need to do? What's the alarm actually any alarm? Can can give a false alarm. So it goes off even if there is no danger. What can be so there is a danger, but it doesn't go off at all. It can work properly. Got installed in each one of us an alarm system. This alarm is good conscience. The conscience is your alarm. But the conscience can give false alarm. What can be a bit? Orkin work proper What's alarm many people actually feels guilty all the time? they condemn themselves for things that God does not condense them for It's like, you know an alarm gives. Alarm all the time. Because of the burden of their conscience. What's impulsive because their conscience is weak? That's why it is the other defile the other defiled because of their for their conscience conscience. Some people on the other side their conscience is dead. As the Bible says in the Book of Job the drink would iniquity like water they drink like wood. They are not faithful. They are not wise they are actually totally immersed in many sins and meaning iniquities and leave them at all. And they was delivered. I am I'm good just got nothing wrong with me at all. This is Adele concert like In order for our conscience to function properly. We need to adjust it. how to adjust the bass on the world scripture When you keep the word of God in your heart. And you make the conscience actually built and be adjusted based on the work of God word of God and the teaching of the fathers of the church and the teaching of the one only holy Apostolic Catholic Orthodox Church. When actually you adjust your conscience on this and you see things from God's perspective from not from your own perspective, then your conscience actually will work properly your conscience would work for a bird. That's why it is important to study scripture to read it to keep it in your heart. David said I have him I have hidden your word in my heart list I sent against you. So when we keep the worth of God in our heart, we will not sin against God and will be wise and faithful steward. But again what we should do if my conscience. Which is working properly it start to work me to tell me there is something wrong here. I'm gonna actually because of his love he did not rely on those our conscience, but actually he gave us a spiritual father within the church. That's why each one of us to have a spiritual father and this is spiritual father will guide you if your conscience is dead or if your conscience is over guilty then actually your spiritual father will guide you. Through the teaching of the scripture. So what do you do if you discovered that you are drifting away? Did actually our plan should start with one thing which is prayer. To kneel down before God and to ask his help to ask his grace to support you and to the studio back to the right way like when the alarm goes off you call the police. So we need actually to call God to call upon God we ask for help while you go to the police asking for help. So you call God In Prayer was a humble and contrite spirit. So that actually will send his grace to help you and to support you and there are means we called means of the grease music zagreus like player like communion like on fish and like the Gospel Light Special songs, like a place is like spiritual reading all these are means of Grace with these things. That actually will send his grace you in order to restore you to the right way. 24 understand these two principles about having our conscience anointed by the Holy Spirit by the word of God and calling on God when we drift away. We will understand this verse When God told us watch and pray lest you fall into temptation. What would protect me from falling into temptation is the life of watchfulness and the life of prayer calling on God for help and for his kidneys, so if this gospel today, The Lord give us promise. To give us the Kingdom of Heaven as a reward as a free gift. So not as Edward, but as a free gift from him. And also he instructed us to Be watchful and to be ready for his second coming. Why because as a Stewart's when he comes he will ask each one of us to give an account for the stewardship and he's expecting from us to be faithful and why is it still so in this Divine today? I want each and everyone of us to the D kids is liturgy to pray that God grant us wisdom and peacefulness in order to be a good steward. I'm also to give us a heart this watch for her to anoint our conscience by his holy spirit so that we can see things from God's perspective not from my own perspective. And that's actually we will enjoy and we will resolve over his promise. Do not fear Little Flock for it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom glory be to God forever and ever amen.