Daniel Plan - Part 3 - Goal Setting


this is a true story my strangers sitting in the house and having their life stick to find out what happens people stop being polite and start being little the real world Daniel planned style okay guys so this week in the dead plants about fitness that's my specialty do it okay Fitness is vanity I need no fitness following you're having fun while we're working out how about we play some basketball or some tennis or something outside is that what you're gonna do yeah let's try this I don't know what Danny is talking about like you know you gotta have fun with it and fitness doesn't have to be tough you work out you gotta fit to get guns you get guns to get girls okay that's it it's found that I'm told this week these guys jokes killing everybody and sound that's about I'm supposed to have a nice time supposed to be having fun like I'm just it Joe don't get lazy stop all right welcome everybody so this week were in part three of a six-part series of the Daniel plan I know a lot of you guys are in the life groups already but just to give you a recap for people who may not know this is your first time so the first week father Anthony gave an introduction to the Daniel plan he talked about how your body is the temple of God and you take care of your body and then last week Steve talked about principles the lasting change and he looked at more of like a holistic view or holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle mind body and spirit so this week we're talking about goal-setting now I wanted to start off with a quote because we all love quotes it says if you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal it's by Albert Einstein that's really nice and sweet of Albert Einstein you know he's working on his nuclear physics to then come back and say well I want people live a happy life so it's really nice of him but God wants a little bit more guys saying not only do I want you to live a happy life not only do I want goals to be the basis of happiness in your life I want goals to be the basis of spiritual discipline in your lives and then he's really adamant and we see that early on in the book of Habakkuk so Habakkuk is this prophet and he's living in Judah and he kind of surveys the landscape and he sees that the Jewish nation they've lost it they've strayed from God and he looks at the Jewish nation he says these people are corrupt these people are wicked these people are not just they're sinful they're not righteous and he gets ready to go to God as the Prophet and he's like bundling up this complaint he's gonna go to God and he goes up he says this is what's wrong with your people and he says God's trade in their ways he says god this is how are you gonna let your people stray these are your people you've taken them out of the wilderness straight in their ways and he goes and he he complains and he sends this complaint and God answers and this is how God answers God answers with goal-setting he said and the Lord answered me write the vision make it plain on tablet so he may run who reads it Habakkuk is a prophet going to God and God says I get it I understand that's your current state I don't care about the past I know that's what's wrong with my people I know that's what's wrong but what is your vision where do you want to go where do you want these people to be write it down make it clear God answers with goal-setting and how many times do we go up to God we say God I've sinned God I'm a sinner I I have lust I'm impure I have these addictions I lie I steal I cheat I'm just a terrible person and we go up to God and we say God straight in my way and we walk away and we're really sincere about it and nothing changes we go up to God a couple weeks later we say the same thing got on the sinner I'm not righteous I'm wicked got straight in my way and God answers the same way he answers Habakkuk he says I know that's your past but what is your vision for yourself what actions are you going to take to move forward write it down make it plain so that anybody knows this is where you want to go I don't care about your past I'm focused on the future and God responds with goal-setting now God is really adamant about this he's adamant and we'll see throughout this talk that he is a very goal-setting God and there's a reason so I um I used to have this friend in high school I used to go to his house and his dad at the time just built like this patio and he wanted everyone to use the patio so every time I go and be like 30 degrees it'd be winter he'd still want people to use the patio because he made it and like I come I just want to play video games with my friend and he's like no no we're going outside no no we're gonna hey are you hungry no we're eating dinner outside today I'm like no I don't want to go outside I just don't want to but he insisted that everything we do surrounded the patio that he had built because he invested time in it I'll never forget mr. Scott god bless him but uh so God is the same way God actually like I was reading a book and I think it was the circle maker by Mark Madison it was a while ago God actually designed us as a goal seeking being our brain is actually believe it or not a goal seeking organism and he says there's this thing called a reticular activation system sounds fancy we'll just call it wrasse from now on we like acronyms so what this does your brain basically you wake up and there's like thousands and hundreds of things that are vying for your attention stimuli that are vying for your attention every day and this system decides in your brain this wrath system it says this is what's gonna go in the notice column and this is what's gonna go in the unnoticed column and it decides because if you notice everything you go crazy but what happens is when you set a goal it creates structural tension between in your brain between you and your goal and then it creates a category and then what happens is everything that deals with that goal your body your mind puts into the noticed column so then it tries to reduce the gap between you and your goal because you notice everything it says now you've created a goal this system knows that this is your goal so everything that does has to do with this goal I have now put in this column and you will notice everything and a lot of us when we are starting the church we needed a place to worship right sdsa we started and we needed a place to rent out so before I had never looked at buildings before I never even thought about I just drive I'd walk I never noticed the building and a couple of us every time now we're like wait we have a goal of getting a church we need a place to pray and then believe me I I'm driving and I see this building I said this probably 6,000 square feet I think this has to be enough space this has to be enough for us to pray and that's what happened I had this goal and I noticed everything that had to do with this goal God is very adamant about goal setting and even more we'll get back to it but it says when there is no vision the people perish so that's proverbs and proverbs is really nice you know it's a lot of wisdom and a lot of times you don't really pay attention to it it's something we put on like a facebook status because it's wise but this is like where there's no vision the people perish perish perish is like suffering destruction destruction of your soul if you don't have a vision you will suffer destruction of your soul and is that really serious like that that to me I took a step back but that's how important having a vision is in your life and God actually proved that he proved that because God doesn't want good people God doesn't want bad people he wants new people he wants new people with a vision and goals leading to change and he was very clear about this in the story of the prodigal son let me ask you guys a question in the prodigal son who entered the father's house was it the good son it wasn't the good son the good son actually if you read he refused to enter the the house of the Lord at the end he refused was it the bad son did the bad son enter it wasn't a bad Sun the Batson was squandering his money it was the new Sun the new Sun who had a vision and changed his life was the one who ended up in the father's house and look at what we see says when he came to his senses he said how many of my father's hired servants have food to spare and here I'm starving to death I will set out and go back to my father and say to him father I have sinned against heaven and against you I am no longer worthy to be called your son make me like one of your hired servants so he got up and went to his father you see we have a bad son and he had a vision his vision was I will set out and go back to my father's house that was his vision and then he had a goal his goal was I'm going to go back to my father and I'm gonna say I've sinned against you and I'm going to be a servant I'm gonna be your hired servant I'm gonna earn my way back to my father's house that was his goal and then he had an action and the action was so he got up and went to his father you have a bad son plus a vision plus a goal and some action and that equals a new son and God he's telling these to the Pharisees and he flipped their world upside down he said you guys are the new are the good people you guys you don't you don't change your heart doesn't change your heart is far from me but he says I prefer somebody who although they take 50 steps backwards 50 steps backwards so the point where the guy his father wished him dead said I want my inheritance that's what you give me when you die I want you dead right now I'm gonna take your money and that's your social status so I'm making you this big I'm mocking you I'm taking it he says although this person my son took 50 steps backwards and he takes five step forward because he has a plan he has a vision and his heart is made new he said that's who is with me in my house our God is a goal-setting God look at what it says in Ephesians it says in him we have redemption through his blood the forgiveness of our trespasses according to the riches of His grace which he lavished upon us in all wisdom and insight making known to us the mystery of his will according to his purpose which he set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time to unite all things in him things in heaven and things on earth Christ was the plan of God now how many times we say wait a second plan I'm not supposed to plan like I trust God plan God no no God doesn't care about my plans and we know those people you know well what's that saying if you want to make God laugh what do you do you tell him your plans that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life that's not that's that saying God wants people to plan God wants people to plan imagine if father Anthony comes in he says we have this vision night guys this is my vision for the church this is my plan this is where we should go as a church and we just start heckling him or we start laughing at him we say that's cute that's really cute father Anthony has a plan oh that's adorable the the priest has a plan no we would never do that it's not God it looks forward to our plans he looks forward to our future so if you keep looking at like the big picture you focus then you see that God is somebody who wants is more concerned with who you're becoming not necessarily who you are and we all know that like the God willing person right the you say hey are you gonna come to my birthday dinner you know I need to make reservations are you gonna come and the guy says God willing I'll be there well I need a number so like are you gonna come to the dinner I need to know no no no no God willing I'll be there okay I get that but I need to make plans if it's God's will he will provide a chair for me don't we know people like that don't we know people God God doesn't want he wants the plans he wants the plans and our God is an orderly God he's someone who likes structure a disorganized person can't fully partake in the abundance of an organized God I'm talking about like a lifestyle it's okay sometimes you don't we're not orderly we don't plan things out but a lifestyle of disorganization you can't really partake in the abundance of an organized God and we'll see that and we all know the story feeding the multitudes but he said to his disciple have them sit down in groups of about fifty each the disciples did so and everyone sat down taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven he gave thanks and broke them you guys see what happened here what did God do before the miracle what did he do he organized them God said if you want this tilapia if you want this halibut I don't know what kind of fish but if you want this bread you are gonna have to sit down in groups of 50 because I'm not doing the miracle I will not do the miracle with chaos I will not do the miracle if you're not organized if you're not structured I will not do it you will not partake in the abundance of an organized God if you are disorganized people and he says you sit down in groups of 50 and if you don't I'm not gonna give you the the the five loaves and two fish I'm not gonna do the miracle and then that's what we see with God so you guys can fill this in this is number one goal setting is a commitment to change so they say um like actually surveyed a lot of psychiatrists and what they found is when they ask them they say so what is like the number one thing that gets people to change what's the number one thing like you you see people who are in despair you see people who are depressed you see people who have no hope and they don't know what their future is and and a lot of them actually the majority of them will say the best thing that I can do for my patient is to have them write a vision and set goals he says when I can do that for somebody that is the best thing that's the most impactful that can have on a patient is for them to map out their life with goals to get them from where they are to where they want to be the Saint Paul says you were taught with regards to your former way of life to put off your old self which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires so we made new in the attitude of your minds and to put on the new self created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness so God wants the transformation he wants change he wants us to move forward he's constantly talking about being made new because he said I come to make all things new he wants us to constantly look forward because that's how we maintain our balance number two of why is it important for me to set personal goals goals enable leadership goals enable you leadership so the the definition of a leader and it's like purest sense is somebody that can influence change if you say this is a leader you say this is a person that influences change when goals are a commitment to change a leader is someone who influences change who is the greatest leader of all time Jesus Christ he was the greatest leader like this isn't even a Christian thing if you take any human and you sit them down here any objective person and you say in history who was the most influential person to ever walk the face of the earth they will tell you without a shadow of a doubt it was Jesus Christ this guy broke time in half so the point where people gathered around in a room and said the way we were calculating the calendar years before we're gonna chalk it up to not knowing what we were doing we're starting with one all over again because that's how influential of a person this guy was and weren't we all called to be in God's image we can all agree right God made us in His image but if I tell you our leaders born or are they created there's a debate we can have a debate on this I'm telling you we are all leaders this is the most important thing after I finished with this you guys can go to sleep this is the most important thing of the talk we are all leaders I promise you God wants us to be leaders whether it's the leader of a nonprofit organization whether it's the leader of a church whether it's the leader of your family because your children need you it's the leader of your of your work it's the leader amongst your friends at your school God wants everyone to be a leader because we are created in His image and the best thing that the devil tries to do is try say you're not a leader you can't influence change you because you're not good-looking enough you're not smart enough you don't have the gift of public speech you're not a leader you can't be and he tries to convince us he says no you're a Christian that just consumes I don't want you to influence change but we are all leaders you know what I hate you know I hate more than anything I hate moving I hate moving like if you say Peter what do you hate I hate moving I hate moving into a home I hate like trying to build couches that try to fit through door frames that really don't fit I don't know what like it's impossible and you try to slide through and you're like your knuckles saw her I hate it I hate moving it's like the bane of my existence but you know what I hate even more helping other people move I hate I hate helping other people that's I hate that more than moving and we've all been in that position where someone comes is hey I need help moving and then so basically you're telling me that I want to waste my entire Saturday it's gonna be really hot because no one ever moves in the winter it's gonna be really hot I miss Ben my entire day trying to help you move and as thanks you're gonna offer up a couple slices of pizza I don't want to do it but then you know we're sitting here and we all run into this someone comes in Billy well-named and Billy said I need help moving I'm moving and then we were like with our group of friends oh my god no Billy Billy wants to move no no no no I'm doing something I'm doing something I'm doing something no I'm busy I can't and then some schmuck some jerk of a friend says you know what Billy I'll help you move and then you know what Billy says but he says well then I choose you and then Christ he says for many are called but few are chosen and you know the difference between called and chosen is by saying yes Christ is coming to us and saying are you gonna be a leader are you gonna influence change and there's some crazy Christians who decide to raise their hand and say yes and he says well then I choose you that's the difference that's the difference I always just think am I called or am i chosen like Billy wanting mmm someone to help them move and that guy says I'll help you move and he says that I choose you and that's the difference that's what God wants that's the difference between being called and chosen is just saying yes so why is it important for me to set personal goals number three goals stretch my faith so I'm a big fan of Michael Jordan he has a quote says limits like fears are often just an illusion limits like fears are often just an illusion a lot of times we let the size of our goal be determined by the size of our God and if we have a small God a lot of times the size of our goal is it's kind of small but we need to stretch ourselves and that's what goal-setting does because a lot of us have been in a situation where we think we can't do something and we end up doing it and we're like man I surprised myself how did I get to that level how did I train for this how do I work towards this man I just set a goal and I put my mind to it and I was able to accomplish it I can see the glory of God goal stretch people's faith says according to your faith will it be done to you according to your faith will it be done to you and then in Romans it says everything that does not come from faith is sin not because like if you're sitting around and you know you have nothing better to do you're just sinning it's because if you're just in a comfort zone there's nothing good that can come out of it so it's according to your faith according to where you want to go let it be done to you because nothing good comes out of being comfortable there's nothing good that comes to be out of being comfortable and that's what God and st. Paul are trying to tell us goals build my character so who wants to know some interesting character traits about America you guys want to know some interesting character traits so I'm gonna let you guys know this is some interesting character it's about your fellow Americans 13% of Americans see all 10 commandments as binding today this was done a while ago so actually these numbers are probably worse 91% lie regularly 25% would have bend in there families for 10 million dollars 23 percent would become a prostitute for a week for 10 million dollars 7 percent of Americans said that they would kill a stranger for 10 million dollars think about that in a gathering of a hundred Americans seven people would kill you if the price was right that's crazy those are the character traits though of our fellow Americans what happened like what happened it says and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God don't be conformed we know water you put water into a container it'll take the shape of anything see Paul's saying don't do that your leader in a generation I've put you in this society God is saying don't conform because we know that we live in a country that is progressing and technology and progressing and medicine but it's regressing and morality 100 percent who's ever watched the show gilligan's island it's my favorite show I love you you like it yeah it's the best have you noticed that Marianne in the show you know she wasn't allowed to show her bellybutton she wasn't allowed to show her bellybutton what about I Love Lucy watch I Love Lucy Lucy and Ricky Ricardo were married did they sleep in the same bed on the show no they weren't allowed that was then now look now is she see shows like the real world and crazy stuff like imagine where we were and where we're becoming we live in a society that's regressing and morality and God is saying don't take on the shape of your container don't take on the shape of the society renew yourselves have goals and be a leader goals give me hope number five so there's this thing in science when I was in college a professor tried to explain it to me it was very difficult it's uh it's called the second law of thermodynamics I don't know what thermodynamics means I even tried to on Wikipedia I promise on Wikipedia before the talk I tried to look to see if I could refresh my memory I I couldn't understand what I was saying but there was one part that the professor said that was actually kind of spiritual he said in an isolated system basically without an external power source all things cease to work without an external power source everything will decay and we can see that with the Sun if we don't have the Sun this earth ceases to work without the Sun this earth will decay goals are the same way goals give us hope goals are that external energy source if I say what is your goal for your marriage you say I don't have a goal I don't have that external power source well you know what your goal for your marriage is it's for it to get worse that's what you it's for it to stop working its words to decay if I say what's your goal for your health your goal for your health if I say you don't have a goal for your health well I'm gonna say the same okay well then your goal is to get worse or decay if I say what's your goal for your relationship with Christ you say it's to say the same well then your goal for your relationship with Christ is to get worse without the external power source if we're in an isolated system all things will stop working and goals give us hope they give us hope this is the plans I have for you our plans to prosper you not to harm you they are plans to give you hope and a future there are plans to give you hope and a future now godly goals bring glory to God this is number one of what what kind of goals does God bless godly goals bring glory to God so Saint Paul he says that we are vessels meant to contain God's glory and then Isaiah says God created us for his glory if you think about like glory that's like really abstract like what is the glory of God mean what is the glory of God like God is up here this is glory this is but were created to as vessels to contain God's glory what does that mean you know they say that God created us because it's through us and his creation in nature that his glory is manifested because it's through the love that we have for people it's through the humility that we show it's through the the heroism that we have the compassion the kindness let's do all those things that we have is when we manifest God's glory so godly goals are something where we say god you're gonna be this big and I'm gonna be this big I'm gonna manifest your character traits and those are godly goals this is whether you eat or drink or whatever you do do it all for the glory of God and first corinthians whether you eat or drink to it off like i don't doesn't matter which college you go to doesn't matter if you wake up you drink orange juice or apple juice i don't care it doesn't matter but whatever you do do it for the glory of god because there's a circumstance where you can always show god's glory we make it our goal to please him whether we are at home in the body or away from it number two godly goals are motivated by love motivated by love so a goal God wants look at our hearts he's more concerned with why we're doing the things we are and you notice that you know he's always talking to the Pharisees saying your heart is far from me you think your heart is far why are you doing the things you do but God wants us to have a goal that's for love for other people if it's a goal that's for pride if it's a goal that we want just to boost our ego God doesn't want that God wants something that he can take and use us for his glory he wants something that he can take and say I can manifest my glory in you because I can see how you're serving people I can see what you're doing for others I can see the love that you have for others godly goals are motivated by love and says let all that you do be done with love godly goals fulfill God's purpose number three godly goals fulfill God's purpose so do not offer any part of yourself to sin as an instrument of wickedness but rather offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness an instrument of righteousness God wants us to be an instrument of righteousness instrument of people that are set apart people that are influencing change people that are looking to be the forefront of Christianity there are leaders there are leaders and he says I want you to be an instrument of righteousness I want you to be able to take the talents and the gifts I have given you and go and change the world like Christ when he says he said go two by two go two by two and go to all the nations baptizing them and they ma theirst on the Holy Spirit make disciples well look go make people instruments of righteousness go make yourself an instrument of righteousness because man that's like something where we're in spirit of righteousness like the the book of Acts is gonna keep going when we're an instrument of righteousness like the next chapter is gonna still keep to be ridding what kind of goals is god bless okay number four godly goals are lastly this is really important Godley goals are costly so Christ invented this concept of a cost-benefit analysis says for which of you desiring to build a tower does not first sit down and count the cost Christ is saying very clearly if you want to benefit there has to be a cost there's no such thing as a benefit without the cost I remember a couple years ago Katie and I we went to New York actually I think sherry even came with us there's this place called Canal Street right and there's like all these vendors and you get to you know bargain you get to buy stuff and I was feeling really generous so Katie I'm gonna get you a nice watch it's nice Chanel watch right and I had like diamonds on it it was like gold it was like heavy and like she put it on she loved it and the guy wanted $20 I gave him like ten like it was just it was dirt cheap but I think like a week late actually I haven't seen Katie where ever since but a week later like it started to break apart it started to break apart the diamonds were falling off the the hour and the minute they just stopped working and like I think it gave her a rash on her wrist honestly but the watch wasn't worth anything do you want to know why why it didn't cost anything it didn't cost anything and I hate to say this and it's true but I hate to say this God like he purchased our salvation it was the greatest acquisition in history there's more than Disney buying ABC or pharmaceutical companies buying pharmaceutical companies this was the greatest acquisition ever he purchased our salvation it was a huge cost and I had a huge benefit but you want to know why like if our Christianity doesn't cost us anything our Christianity isn't worth anything it's really sad but godly goals are costly if you're living your life and it's not costing you anything you're just living your along for the ride you're along for the ride you're just happy to be here you're a Christian that's just consuming you're not focused on change you're not focus on influencing you're not focused on being a leader you're just along for the ride there's no cost then your Christianity isn't worth anything and it's sad and something that even I struggle with so how do I make my Christianity cost something because if I want it if I want there to be a huge benefit I need there to be a cost number five godly goals are achieved with God's power and look at what a Zechariah says it says not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty so everyone has coaches in life right everyone athletes sports athletes they all have coaches even chess players have coaches they need someone God is saying let me be your coach saying you can't do this alone he's like we're gonna set goals together you have a vision and I promise you that I will help you because I will strengthen you I will strengthen you and he's very clear on that he says not by you know your might or your power he says but my spirit I'm gonna help you and God can encourage us as long as we focus on him and we say God I need your help I can't do this here's where I want to go this is my current state this is where I want to be here are the goals I've made it plain and he says he's gonna help his spirits gonna help us number six godly goals include others godly goals include others this is important too and I think even next week we're gonna talk about a little bit more but like a goal is something that you do for yourself but you know you also create goals because you love other people too you love God and you love other people and there's a community when you have a community of Christians who are setting goals together and say this is where we want to go as a church and this is how we're gonna help each other and lift each other up and go out reach and be a mission and go show people that we are Christians and we're gonna influence change or we create a community of leaders it's including others because there's nothing better you know they say like when there's precious oil running down the beard of Aaron and and and brothers are uniting so there's nothing sweeter than that and what this verse says above all people one another earnestly since love covers a multitude of sins show hospitality to one another without grumbling as each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's very grace keep loving one another godly goals are focused on love loving God and loving others so to keep in line with the theme of the Daniel plan for this week it says right here blessed are those who thirst and wants to get thirsty you guys want to be thirsty alright you want to be thirsty so this week it's the fitness it's focused on the the the F this week is fitness so we want to get thirsty we want to come together and we abouna said you know our body's like a temple of God this is something and we can start taking care of our bodies this way fitness so I'm gonna segue into something that is a goal that we can start off with and that is the 5k run for hope so that is August 23rd it's great people who did it last year loved it they had a great time you can bring your families you can do you know whatever you want you don't have to even run the whole time but honestly it's for a cause for children with blood disorders and cancer so proceeds go towards that it's a really good cause it's on August 23rd and you can register at the Hope Association org it's online it'll tell you how to register and this is something that we can start together and it matches the theme of this week as fitness so I hope you guys you know you're free August 23rd it's it's great and it's really for a good cause all right let us stand up and pray even father Son the Holy Spirit one God amen dear Heavenly Father I thank you so much for this gathering word I ask that you please bless our hearts Lord and bless our minds and what's our thoughts or and that we truly look at our bodies as a temple of God's Word and that we really commit to goals and we commit to a change because Lord like you said you make all things new and you want us to put off the old and to put on the new you want us to constantly move forward you don't care about who we are but you care about who we're becoming so lord I ask that you guide our hearts you bless us you really motivate us to have a lifestyle of change in you mind body and spirit Lord bless this church bless our priest Father Anthony as he Shepherds this church Lord bless the congregation and bless all the services and the ministries and that we make continually strive towards the love that you want and the glory that should be manifested or I asked her sessions of st. Mary Saint Timothy Saint Athanasius and all your saints as we say our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those trespassed missus me it's not imitation you