The Cruciality of Repentance

 Gospel sermon on the birth of John the Baptist, who prepared the way of the Lord with the message of repentance.


the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Amin today the gospel is about the birth of John the Baptist and John the Baptist is the one the Lord said about him he is the greatest ever man born of a woman and he can can you see greatest ever man being born of a woman and we wonder actually why why he was the greatest ever man be born of a woman John the Baptist was the procedure of our Lord Jesus Christ he came before him to prepare the way for the Lord and the Lord even kept his birth till it was the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ I mean for Zechariah and Elizabeth he delayed the Elizabeth's pregnancy till she was nearly in her 80s when she was never imagined that she can wear a child but the Lord has kept them and has kept his birth miraculously to keep him the one to press to precede him to prepare the way for him and why that because it is written that he came in the spirit of Elijah he was a fiery man his greatness is in his message his greatness in his relationship to the Lord and the relationship of his message to the Lord and what was his message his message was just a few words repent repent he came to the whole of Israel saying repent repent repent and made all the Israelites to come to get baptized by him for repentance can you imagine the preparation of the whole people to receive Christ was world with repentance and that is why repentance is essential in our lives and our Christianity essential for our eternity because no one can go to heaven without repentance no one when even the Lord came and said repent for the heavenly kingdom is at hands some Peter asked at him do you say that to us or to people and the Lord said unless you repent you will perish it makes no difference between an apostle or a normal person unless you repent you will perish and repentance and and the church life is essential for even approaching any of its sacraments you can't you can't have the Holy Communion without repenting and confessing you can't be anointed with the anointment of the sick without repenting and confessing you can to get married without repenting and confessing repentance and confession is always essential for having any sacrament I'll do that we might neglect repentance in many occasions we might rely on coming to the church we might rely on our knowledge and the Bible we might rely on that we are teachers and Sunday School or deacons or even priests or any degree and the priesthood but without repentance we will not be saved we will not be saved unless you repent you will all perish to the extent that even the prayer before sleep and the prayer book we understand before the Lord to pray and say I am going to stand before the throne of glory as if you are reminding yourself that you might go to sleep and would not wake up in the morning and so many people had the same so we need to repent all heartedly we need today the crying voice in the wilderness of John the Baptist to cry into our hearts to receive our Lord Jesus Christ not in the manger but in our hearts and our homes in our lives and to repent you need always to examine yourself every day don't let one day to pass by without sitting with yourself and God and remember what you have done wrong in that day what you have done right in this day for what you have done wrong you have to say sorry to the Lord and see where what the problem where did you go wrong and repent and promise the Lord that would not happen again and to ask him for the strength and for the power to help you to overcome the temptations around you and to overcome all the Satan's tricks around you I wanted to tell everyone of us don't go to sleep unless you repent don't close your eyes at night unless you repent and repentance means to change your ways to go back to your fatherly embrace to your fatherly home and to have peace in between his arms otherwise you might enjoy the whole world and the pleasures of the world but what what will happen [Music] when you stand before the Lord in the last day what would you say to him I wanted to tell you repentance and confession specially confessions we call it mock mock day of judgment because in confession you confirm your repentance confession is always very the fruit of repentance not the repentance itself but the fruit of repentance not because you confess it means you repentant so many people confess and repeat confess and repealed confess and repeat to the extent that some people come to say as usual abouna as usual what as usual eonni lying swearing doing this doing that as usual that is not repentance repentance mr. regret your sins and to promise the Lord not to repeat it and to change your ways to change your ways and your way of thinking and the way you live so that we will be ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in his second coming many neglect confessions many neglect daily repentance but we need at the end of this year to really prepare ourselves by making greed repentance and making resolutions for the new year to be different to receive Christ and live in him and let him stay and appear in your body in your life in your own and everywhere you go even at your work to everyone may the lord give us all this great repentance and glory to God forever