Can You See Him Now? - Part 4 - God is JUST


easy now can you see him now can you see them now to test um actually I just got it back today s the teachers finish grading them um and I I mean I didn't do so well but i found out that these other kids in my class who cheated and improve really well i mean that's just not fair no way that's not fair it's not here at all i said it so hard I really study for this test and I'm so what I didn't do well how are your finals going I find also going really really well thank god i just took my geometry final and either doing really really well lot better than i was doing you know on my earlier exams and I you know I prayed about it and you know what I decided that I needed hope God first and not worry about anyone else and you know i just i really put god first on this that's great thank god can you see your mouth I can't at work hello just maybe not on test test can you hear me No test 123 sorry just push all the buttons at same time so I will get it work I'll get it work good there we go all right thank you very much welcome everybody to weak form the finale and art can you see him now series a series where we are looking at different aspects of God and the different characteristics of God that are always there in our lives but so often we just can't see it and we agreed in the very beginning of this series that God is who he is and if we can't see him for who he is and we have misperceptions about who he is and if he's acting in our lives but we just can't see it we saw with his sovereignty and with his love how it's always there but we can't see his sovereignty at times can't see his love at times this is going to put a big be a big problem in terms of us relating with God if we don't understand who he is the very beginning of this series I said that the two most important questions in life or what do you see when you look at God like who is God to you and the number two is what do you think God sees when he looks at you and if either one of those questions if you've got the wrong answer to you're going to be in trouble in life today we're going to look at probably the most difficult aspect to see of God we're look at God's justice and the fairness of God and we're going to answer the question is God fair is God not fair before we get into that question true story a man named Edwin story of a man named Edwin who was married and had three kids normal guy nothing extraordinary about the guy you know graduated whatever in his class had a good job at a finance company or whatever it was got married to his high school sweetheart and eventually they started having kids and they had at this time when the story takes place I had two kids like age 10 and 8 and then like a newborn who was just born to them recently Edwin was one of the most beloved members of his community everyone at work loved him everyone at church loved him he was always volunteering to help out Edwin one of the most loving people on the planet his wife had just got diagnosed with a sickness they didn't know what the sickness was it's kind of a mystery illness at the time but Edwin was so loving and so caring and took care of her and take care of that family everyone around knew that Edwin was like the most the best guy in the whole wide world no one ever said anything bad about edwin story goes one fall morning Edwin wakes up as a usual time he wrestles himself out of bed gets himself dressed and ready for work his wife is feeling a little bit tired so he does the extra work of getting the kids out of bed and getting them scurried off and rushed out just in time to hit to make it to the bus stop before the bus leaves and then he comes home and rushes to have a quick breakfast and kisses his wife goodbye and promises that he is going to rush home today after work because she has a big doctor's appointment today and he wants to be there with her when she goes so he can do his best to get his work done as quickly as he can be home early because he's a loving husband as we all are he gets to work does his normal routine stops by the starbucks grabs his latte whatever it may be goes up to the 24th floor of the building where he works at checks his email says hi to his co-workers and gets ready to begin his day at work and then an American Airlines flight going from Boston to Los Angeles crashed into that building and killed Edwin and thousands and thousands and thousands of other people that day and at home there's a wife who's now a widow in her illness who's asking the same question that people all over the world ask every single day whoops which is why does God allow bad things to happen to good people why God last week we talked about how God is sovereign how God is in control and last we talked about why there is bad things in the world and we agreed that there's bad things not because God is bad but because God is so loving and so kind and he respects us so much that he gives us free will and we use that free will to make bad choices and just like I said those people crash that plane into a building where is not God's fault that's people's fault people made that decision but that's not my question for I answer that last week why is there bad that was last week I'm saying like we said last week that God no matter what bad uses the bad to make good all things work together for good to those who love God well I'm saying today is how does God choose who to let the bad things happen due to make good out of their lives there are many people in this building today and many of them were bad people why not run into their floor why run into my floor why this lady who did nothing wrong and his family did nothing wrong is now left in a very tough situation widow ill infant she's a stay-at-home mom why me what did I do to deserve this and the story doesn't end on 911 you mean every single day of the year you go to all their school shootings now you go back to the original and go back to Columbine go to Sandy Hook Elementary go to the people who are just going to watch a Batman movie there's going to watch a movie to movie what do they do anything wrong didn't do anything wrong just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time I can accept wrong place at the wrong time before last week but last week we said who is he who speaks and it comes to pass when Lord has not commanded and last week we said how God is sovereign and we said not one hair fall from someone's head without God giving you permission so why did God give permission for this guy who whatever choice he made whatever messed up his parents messed him up why does that end up coming back so many innocent people to die and the story goes like I said beyond just tragic event every single day you know this in this country united states of america every single day 28 people are killed due to drunk driving every day 28 people are killed 28 innocent people whose someone else's bad decision took their life if you're doing the math at home 28 people is every hour one person dies due to a drunk driver and it's in person kid in the street more than that the ladies in the room did you know that over the course of your lifetime living in this country one out of every six women in the United States of America will be a victim of attempted or completed rape in their lifetime what they do wrong other than have an extra chromosome that we guys didn't have didn't do anything wrong anything to deserve it how does God choose which ones get the bad and he works good through that bad and which ones go scot-free easy thing to say is life isn't fair right life isn't fair that's how people would say why this bad thing happen life isn't fair I'm okay with that if I don't believe in God but last week you just told me that God is the controller of all things in life and God created life so if life isn't fair the person who created it is not fair and if you tell me that life just has unfair things and God is one who created life to be this way I say God is unfair and the answer to this question is God just clearly the answer must be he's not just he's haphazard he's random and sometimes the good people good things happen sometimes good people that it makes no difference is haphazard with God if you're honest you but you struggle with this question too and you're not the only one go back to the course of history and you see even the righteous people even the Prophet struggle is Jeremiah Jeremiah 12-1 says why does the way of the wicked prosper why are those happy who deals so treacherously let me make this relatable to me and you why is it that the cheater ends up getting promoted why is the one who cheated get promoted the one who lied on the taxes gets the big return the girl who's the friendly girl why is the one that she has all the attention from the guys why is it that those who deal treacherously always end up seem so happy I'm honest I don't get promoted um I'm pure and I keep myself for my marriage day and no one wants to come talk to me Genesis 18 25 Abraham said this far be it from you to do such a thing as this to slay the righteous with the wicked so that the righteous should be as the wicked far be it from you shall not the judge of all the earth do right this question hit at the core of who we are especially in the United States of America the land of liberty and freedom and justice for all like we are the essence of our society is based on equal opportunity I don't care who you steal money from as a corporation or what you do illegal as long as you give everyone equal opportunity to be part of your company that's the worst crime that you can commit as an employer is discriminating against anyone everyone has equal opportunity what you do behind the scenes we don't care we don't care as long as you give everything you need to be part whatever does she do if you have kids you have more than one of them okay I got two of them it is so evident with kids nothing is more important than fairness nothing is more important than like the one cry that's in our household day and night is that's not fair that's not anything it is is that's not fair we told the kids there's going to be like you're going to read summer reading and if you read this reward it so it's not enough for me to say okay you did a good job for eating has to be no punish him for not reading why you get your reward for reading no take away his reward for not reading weird we don't care if everyone whatever happens to me or happen we want to make sure that there's equality and justice for all because that's who we are my question here for today is where's fairness where's fairness where's fairness seems like God is not fair seems like God is haphazard if God is a just God and a fair God where is his fairness how come I cannot see it in so many situations in life those who are analytical logical you're gonna like this today cuz I'm be very analytical and forgive me if you're okay if you want an emotional I'm not give you the time we give analytical because this is a serious question and when is something is important we need to answer this systematically all right so when do this logically and analytically which hopefully makes sense to some of you I'm going to start with two verses in the Bible Isaiah 45 verse 21 and there is no other God besides me a just God and a savior there's no other God beside me God is saying i am a just God hold that thought Psalm sixty four sixty seven verse 4 may the nation's be glad and sing for joy for you God you rule the people's justly and guide the nations of the earth is God just or not just is he fair or not fair we can't answer that question we can't answer that question until we define what the question means because here's the problem if you look in the dictionary for the word just or fair or equal or whatever it is whatever word you want to use the definition will always be some variation of this some objective standard and then the closeness to which you meet it makes you just so for example the standard is let's say I said the company so twelve percent of your employees should be minority that's the standard it's an objective standard and then the degree to which you meet that standard means you're just or unjust if you are at eight percent you are unjust if you are fifteen percent you are just so what's the standard of fairness and then the degree to which you meet it so can we human beings creation go to God and say God God who last week we saw sits above the circle of the earth and its inhabited I class hoppers and who is he who speaks in here comes the past Lord is not commanded that God we go to that God and we say okay god god this is my standard of justice and I'm going to try to measure you against this and you better fit this line of justice can we do that can we go to God and we and just so you know who we are we are the most biased unfair unequal unjust people in the universe because justice usually is defined by us as whatever's good for me not whatever is good for not a fair standard where the most buys people in the world and our standards of justice change all the time that's why you have people can argue justice each of them really believes it cuz it's different standards so we are going to take God and measure him by our standard I say no I say based on these verses that this one here says God is a just God and God rules the people justly I am going to say that we cannot measure God by our standard of justice I would say in fact the opposite is true God doesn't meet our idea of justice he is just and we have to understand what it means that he is just you see the difference I can't say god this is justice and do you meet it or not meet it God says no no no you don't judge me I tell you I am just and now you see how I behave and how I behave is the just way of behaving you don't measure my actions against your standard you throw your standard away and I show you my actions and this is the definition of what just is does that make sense a couple examples Matthew chapter 12 verse 18 says this behold my servant whom I have chosen be my beloved and who my soul is well pleased I will put my spirit upon him talking about Christ and he will declare justice to the Gentiles or to the nation's he will declare justice which means this which means that whatever your idea of justice maybe get rid of that idea we talked about in the beginning throw away the picture of God that you inherited from your parents or that you got from Oprah or that you got along the way from your logic get rid of that idea of God that's garbage throw that away Jesus is the only one who can declare to us what true justices he's the only one in a position to say this is what justice really means and your idea may be different should we throw away Jesus or throw away your idea who say we throw away Jesus very good we throw away your idea we don't throw away him and his behavior just like we saw with love and sovereignty we have an idea what is love we kind of know what it means but we don't really understand what it means we saw that when we saw God's love and what does it mean when God is in control kind of understood what it means no last week we really understood that we didn't know nothing about it same thing today I tell you God is just you say okay that means most of the time no no not most of the time that means everything God does everything God says every action to God and every consequence is totally just and totally fair how can I say that here's a picture of God's justice through history this time line represents all of the history of the universe from eternity to eternity that's why he's like I said the math people that's why the arrows okay goes on forever and forever an eternity existed obviously it's what from forever before infinity and it will continue on through infinity now in the time in the course of history there is a unique period of time in which we are living right now we're something unique happened and it's set off a set of actions that created this unique era and basically if we read in the Bible you go to Genesis chapter 1 God created the heavens and the earth and everything they're in and God created man and woman everything was good then in Genesis chapter 3 something happened God's creation said he told him don't eat this man ate that and as soon as man ate the tree of the knowledge of good and evil something happened now forget about what happened we don't want to talk about necessarily we won't get into that right now but something happened in the world evil entered the world sin entered the world everything that was before then got altered something changed and that period of history continue continue continue continue until the second coming of Christ when he will come to judge living in the dead and this period of history will end and you can read about that like the end of the book of revelation revelation 20 so we're going to take Genesis chapter 3 fall of man Second Coming revelation 20 and we're going to say this period leave this unique period of time aside outside of this period there is no question about the Justice of God outside of this period there's no question everything God does is just everything God does is fair no one questions his fairness no one questions anything God reigns supreme and everything is perfect perfect perfect perfect however during this course of time some things are a little bit different now how far how long how would you represent that course of time from Genesis 3 to Revelation 20 on this on this diagram right here if this is history eternity eternity how big would that period of time be you see it gained see it that's not drawn to scale that's actually much bigger that's a hundred times more than what it should be from eternity to eternity no one questions God's fairness no one but there's a little brief period period of time which we live in right now where things are unsettled things aren't as they should be or as they are going to be because during this time man messed up and man should be judged like if you want to go fairness man as soon as man fell should have been judged right away but God as we read about in John chapter 3 loved man so much that he said his only begotten Son into the world not to judge the world or condemn the world but to save the world so God said okay judgment now but let's just just take a brief moment of time just a brief moment just a tiny little period a little hiccup in course of history let me go and see if I can fix the situation and it's going to end where whatever happens happened and the people accepted it accepted it is going to end but let's see during this brief little period of time if we can make a difference and how the course is going to end before the dot perfect justice after the dot perfect justice it's just during this one little dot of time that as we see here things aren't just but if we are going to be fair in order to see justice we gotta wait till the end like if we're gonna be fair like right now we're talking about fairness right we're talking about fairness we want God to be fair okay will you be fair how can you judge God before you've seen the end of the story give you an example when your two kids at home alone like let's say we were kids we're home and parents not home so what we do is kids we fight okay and fight fight fight that's what kids do is they fight and one kid let's say is beating the other kid alright and he stole his cookies and he tied his shoes on the telephone pole or whatever it may be and you look at that situation you say that's not fair that's not fair one kid is treating the other kid unfairly that's not fair well I say hold on once it hits five o'clock daddy's coming home and once daddy comes home then you judge if there's fairness like it's not fair to judge me as the diet is being unfair if I'm not home yet i'm on my way home and they're fighting one kid is beating another kid it's not fair to say well daddy didn't do justice wait till daddy walks into the room and then see if there's justice because they'll be justice and I'm telling you in this world that we live in right now absolutely there are times where the wicked new prosper and there are times where those who deal treacherously are more happy and there are times where sin does pay off but I'm telling you the daddy's gonna walk in the house one day and when daddy walks in everything changes and daddy walks in second Peter chapter 3 verse 9 says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some count slackness saying yeah God said he will judge and God will judge don't make no mistake about it God has not just forgot his promise or forgot what he said no he's going to however during this period of time there's little blip on the map God is long-suffering towards us not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance lawyers lawyers are those who watch lawyer movies like myself a man commits a crime steals all this man's money and this poor guy no justice no justice no justice okay wait a minute is something called a trial but once we get to the trial I have no doubt that this thief is going to be said he's guilty and he's going to go to jail for a long long time so because I am a loving judge not a judge judge I'm a loving judge I go to the man I say look child's gonna start next week let's do a plea bargain you're guilty say I'm guilty and admit and return and we make this all right use and he could say yes or no that's his choice but once the trial starts there is no plea bargain there's only justice now we live in a time of plea bargaining this error that we live in is plea bargaining where man sinned and God said the angel said just judge him and get the show on the road and God said let me try one more time God comes to each one of us and says you're going to be found guilty this is not trials not going to go good for you you say you're guilty or not guilty the one who says not guilty says I'll take my chances on trial good luck to you man is that fair not fair is that fair of the judge or not fair i say this i say it's fair as long as each one gets that opportunity and there's not one person on the planet who doesn't have the opportunity to make the plea bargain to say i am guilty i repent I've sinned forgive me God save me God I throw myself at the mercy of the court and say I got no I got no like standing on my own I am guilty i called my hand in both cookie jars at the same time I'm guilty and as long as God offers the plea up plea bargain opportunity to every single person on the planet which he does doesn't matter where you're from or what you done or how bad it may be God offers that plea bargain as long as he offers it to everyone you can't say he's not fair some of us don't like that some of us say no judgment now judgment now and I said you know what if you want judgment now okay where you do judgment now why don't we start with you why don't you be the first one to take judgment since you insist your captain justice you want to be captain justice okay no problem justice for all you come first and you are going to now get there all the consequences of your sins and your action all the lies you told all the times that you cheated and all the times you spoke about someone behind their back and you oversee the consequence of every one of those actions because you who want consequences for others you want fairness you want fairness okay come fairness is you go first I love this verse from Psalm 90 7 verse 1 and 2 he talks about God's justice and draws a nice picture for us about what God's justice looks like says the Lord reigns let the earth rejoice the multitude of Isles be glad clouds and darkness surround him righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne we know two things about God's justice from this verse we know number one there are clouds and darkness around it what does that mean what does that convey what picture clouds you see a throne of justice that's the foundation of its throne but you see clouds and darkness around it what does that imply like mystery like something you don't fully get that's God's justice in this world is that it's there but we don't we don't always see it we're always understand how is that just how is that face here but we know for certain the second fact that the foundation of his throne is justice the God sits on a throne and it's called something something called justice and just because you can't see it just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not there in this life there'll be a lot of things that don't seem fair I'll be a lot of things that seem like the wicked are prospering and the righteous are suffering unfairly maybe a lot of times where Edwin the good guy gets killed and the cheater liars scumbag gets away scot-free me a lot of times where it seems it seems that God is not fair but I bet you when you get to the end of the story I bet you when you read not chapter 5 but when you read the last chapter in the book you close that book and you say truly God is fair and God is just what's the key component when we say we want justice for all what are we implying that we want for those who basically are not us justice requires something and that something is retribution like when we say that we want justice upon this person what we mean is we want there to be a consequence we want they did a so a should lead to be and we like that concept we like it that if we do good deeds there are good consequences and if we do bad deeds they're bad consequence we like it that way we like it to say I went to church I should be blessed that person cut me off they should be cursed we like this good leads to good bad leads to bad we like retribution does God believe in retribution does God believe in retribution yes or no absolutely he does absolutely he does or else he would be not just has to be consequences has to be retribution time you perked up right that you thought I was going to tell you a nice lovey dovey all that stuff no there's consequences with God absolutely there is bus we're living in a fairytale land if there isn't so I'm 1 25 verse 3 and 3 through 5 the scepter of the wicked well remain over the land allotted to the righteous but then the righteous might use their hands to do evil see you at King David is saying right there the scepter of the wicked will not remain it doesn't mean that it won't be like the wicked will rule for a time but it will not remain over that land because if it was then the righteous would do evil as well if that's the end result if there's no consequences do good o Lord to those who are good consequences retribution to those who are good do good and to those who are upright and hard but the Lord will turn to crooked ways I'm sorry but those who turn to crooked ways the Lord will banish with the evildoers god absolutely gives consequences and absolutely there are every action has an equal and opposite reaction but his consequences look a little bit different than ours his way of thinking look what it says in Romans chapter 2 verse 5 and 6 says but you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God who will render to each one according to his deeds for there is no partiality with God the Bible says that God gives each one according to their deeds God gives each one according to their deeds to those who are the passage for that sign behind the living in sin your treasuring up wrath now wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute I thought god is love I thought God is unconditional love and I thought there's nothing that I could do to make God stop loving me if that's the case let me ask you does God really give each one according to their deeds like let's take the example the classic example done on when Jesus died on the cross there was two thieves next to him and on the right side of him was a thief who was a murderer and a crook and a villain by every stretch of the imagination and somehow that crook said two words he said remember me when you come into your kingdom and that guy went up to heaven so did God give him according to his deeds who say God does not give us according to our deeds who say God does give us according to our deeds no one say it you know who says God gives according to our deeds st. Paul said God gives us according to our deeds yeah well my name is speaking Spanish here does God render to each according to their deeds yeah this is what I'm trying to say this is an important concept ok I'll get back important concept what we do is we create a picture that we like and then we make the Bible fit it don't do that we said in the beginning of the series we take our picture of God we throw it out the window we're gonna go to God and say what do you look like he says I give each one according their deeds and we say but that's not as nice a picture I like the picture of that's what we do because we like it I'm telling you the right hand thief got exactly what he deserved and God judged him according to his deeds why he did murder he did line he did stealing he did he did he did he did but he did something else what did he do he repented next I didn't draw that picture right he lied he steal stole killed hehe whatever and then he repented his repentance indeed yes will God render to each one according to their deed including the deed of repentance absolutely that's why like forgive me be honest here we don't mess around we talk about repentance we don't mess around we talk about repentance rent is not something yeah it's not no no no no no repentance the most important deed in the universe and if you don't do it if he didn't do this deed of repentance he'd have faced all these deeds you see how beautiful repentance is is one deed took him one minute but it was insincere deed and it was a sincere heart repentance it out Wade murder and stealing and all the other kind of yucky stuff that he had done without this repentance it's you and your sin but when this repentance comes in we don't mess around and we talk about repentance we don't take repentance lightly we don't say well I need to repent someday okay I'll get to it we don't mess around with that stuff because it is the most important d that you will ever do and as we saw with the right hand thief we seen people throughout history that when this one deed is done God looks at this deed as the most valuable deed in the whole wide universe and he will judge just according to our deeds what repentance is is a mystery that i don't know how don't ask me to explain it i'll just say it I don't ask me to explain it or repentance is is when Jesus was up on the cross and he was dying and he was nailed to that cross a Bible says that when we repent what it does is a mysterious act which takes my sin and it takes it and it nails it up on the cross of Christ how I don't know time travel no not kind of a weird way like that something no don't don't try to explain it because its darkness and clouds all around can't explain it but I know when I'm in my room and I repented that somehow I travel back in time and I'm at the foot of the cross of Christ and Mike Ross or my sin is taken and is nailed up there on that cross and it's done away with you know when Jesus was on the cross after aft like at the very end he said the famous sentence is that it is finished all right when he hung up on the cross he said it is finished and if you look at that word it is finished and the Aramaic it's one word which literally like if you take the origin of that word it's the word that was used someone would go to jail so let's say I would go to let's say I would I would steal something all right and I would go to jail so I would get a sentence I get a piece of paper that says father Anthony thief 10 years in jail whatever it may be and I take that piece of paper and I go to jail and I give it to them and then I go sit in my jail cell for 10 years and then on the 10-year mark I go outside they give me back my paper and they stamp it with a word and that word is it is finished so now I come to you and say hey I want to work here and say no you're a criminal you go to jail say nope it is finished you can't judge me anymore paid my time it is finished and sewn says hey call the cops him nope I have a piece of paper stamped says it is finished you cannot judge me for that anymore that's exactly what happens with each one of us when we repent and we repent of a sin and someone comes and says but you should be guilty because you did this before and you say nope it is finished I can no longer be judged that because i repented about that i repented a sincere repentance and God will not judge me anymore and anyone who accuses me as the Bible says that the devil is the accuser and people are honest will accuse you say he's bad he did this you hold up that piece of paper you say no says it is finished that's only for the one who repents that's why when someone says how it has mercy and love fit in with justice easy i'll let me draw your picture take me two lines how does mercy and love fitting with justice easy draw a line like this then draw a line like this that's where mercy and love intersect with justice because that the cross of Christ where we see justice and mercy at the same time a couple verses I'll go through these quickly alright Jesus st. Paul says in Romans chapter 3 verse 25 Jesus whom God sent forth as a propitiation by his blood through faith to demonstrate his righteousness because in his forbearance God had passed over the sins that were previously committed to demonstrate at the present time his righteousness that he might be watch this is a great verse that he might be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus he is just and the justifier he is just meaning that he says according to your deeds must be done but he is the justifier because he comes and says just help just repent make this deal and I'll stand before the judge for you now he is the judge as well as the lawyer see how he is he's the judge he's the just and he's also the lawyer I'm do it again he's the judge and then he is the lawyers the advocate for us that's cuz he's the just in the justifier that's where justice and mercy meet in justice mercy another verse Psalm 85 verse 11 says mercy and truth have met together righteousness and peace kissed mercy and truth have met together righteousness and peace have kissed this is who Jesus is this is who Jesus the Christ the logos this is who he is he is mercy and truth meeting together in one person and outside of this person there is neither mercy nor truth but inside this person for those who repent and believe and live in Christ they find themselves in the middle of mercy and truth practical three very practical things I'm going through them real quick we can't just listen and then just say theoretical has to be something practical I want to save three practical things now that you hopefully have a slightly better understanding of the Justice of God how should we respond and let's agree that if your response is nothing that's not good if I give you a very big gift and you respond with nothing that response says a lot more than any than any gift should give back you agree I give you I give my wife ring and she that silence speaks volumes okay so God presents us with mercy and love and we doesn't work has to be response three things real quick number one the glaring one repent and I'm going to say it quickly but bottom line is the lawyer comes to you and says plea bargain now is your chance the trial is going to happen now is the time to make the plea bargain and you stand up and say no I think I can do this on my own I won't be out on be your lawyer make no mistake about a retribution is coming Luke chapter 12 verse 1 through 2 says beware the leaven of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy for there is nothing covered that will not be revealed nor hidden that will not be known I'm not going to dwell on it I'm say very simple Bible says that every single every single deed we do every single deed we do will be revealed and will be rendered according to our deeds hey y'all feel about that that's a nice Pleasant verse for this nice sunday afternoon isn't it I'll tell you this that's a scary verse but that's also a comforting verse you know why because it doesn't just say that God will judge every deed you know what it says it says God will judge every deed and I'm going to insert judge get rid of that word i must say reward every deed because that's what that's what fairness is it's not just punishing the misdeeds it's rewarding the Honorable deeds not show you another verse from Matthew chapter 10 verse 42 to show you how God judges and renders to each according to their deeds whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple surely I say to you he shall by no means lose his reward because I'm a just God and I tell you do the smallest littlest thing the piddlin is pitted liest little act of kindness and love a cup of cold water you get for free from any one of these places it won't give you anything for free but they give you a cup of cold water for free but you get that and I promised you by no means lose your reward so God renders to each according to their deeds but God renders to each according to their deeds and to those who are prepared for the exam but those who are prepared or who are not prepared that rendering is negative but those who are prepared that rendering is celebration bottom line is what i want to tell you with this repent one is don't mess around with repentance we are not going to get our eyes focused on right here and right now we can lift up our eyes and we know that there is an end coming to this little blip of history and we are going to stand on trial before the judge we are going to make sure that we are prepared what a mess around with repentance one repent number two refused to seek revenge refuse to seek revenge God is just leave him to do the Justice don't take it upon yourself and go vigilante justice so many people today live with bitterness anger resentment inside because they feel it is their duty to provide justice upon those who have wronged them and I'm telling you you only hurting yourself James chapter 4 verse 12 says there is one lawgiver who is able to save and to destroy who are you to judge another we put this in some modern-day language for you though father Anthony version of this verse there's one lawgiver and it ain't you to have a self receipt and let the judge do his judging and you do your plea bargaining because that's where you belong it's not on the judgment seat but is in the defense cedar the or whatever it may be how are you supposed to behave Romans chapter 12 verse 17 says this repay no one evil for evil beloved do not avenge yourselves rather give place to wrath for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay says the Lord do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good simple simple simple let God to put options you can judge or god can judge but it can't be both you can get retribution and fight for your rights or you can let God do it I promise you God will always do a better job like you want something on your enemy you really want some business on your enemy best thing you do leave them alone let it be in God's hands I promise you God will always do a better job and you'll live more at peace we repay no one evil for evil we pay evil with good how do you repay evil with good one more verse right here this is what says about Jesus when he was hanging on the cross says geez when he was reviled he did not revile in return but when he suffered he did not threaten but he committed himself to him who judges righteously this is what you do that person wrongs you and you want to judge them but then you say I can't judge them because in fairness that have to judge myself so you know what God i'ma leave it in your hands I commit myself to him who judges righteously and you deal with that person however you want and if you want to send them you know in to California please do and if you want to keep going in the ocean that's even better okay but I leave it in your hands and I trust that you will do righteously and I commend myself into your hands that's how we overcome evil with good so number one we repent we don't mess around with repentance number two we refuse to seek revenge number three take a deep breath and we relax relax in God's justice knowing that as I said last week that God is in control of the universe and no one no one no one no one no one sneezes on you no one sneezes on you without God being controlled that sneeze no one touches you without God being in control we are not going to fight for every little thing and justice and fairness we are going to commend ourselves to him who judges righteously we're gonna walk around and you know what someone hit my car so be it it ain't the end of the world God will smash their car to pieces for all I don't know what's going to happen I leave it I will not fight for my rights whatever it may be I didn't get that promotion yeah that stinks but I trust that God is just and God sees and will reward me according to my deeds and if God decided there's a better way to reward me that I trust in you God I will not fight for my rights I will take a deep breath and I will chill out whenever I feel that someone is ripping me off or stealing from me Psalm 73 man named ASAP said the following he said truly God is good to Israel to such as her pure in heart but as for me my feet had almost stumbled my steps had nearly slipped talking about a time where I know god is good but there was a time that I was struggled with this because why for I was envious of the boastful when I saw the prosperity of the wicked ASAP who was a good guy said I struggled with this because i saw the cheaters prospering and I saw the bad people good stuff and I saw the good people bad stuff so I struggled with this he said behold those who are ungodly who are always at ease they increase in riches surely I've cleansed my heart in vain and washed my hands in innocence for all day long I've been plagued and chase and every morning saying I struggled with this then he goes on the rest of the psalm I just got some snippets here but the whole thing says it when I thought how to understand this it was too painful for me until I went to the sanctuary of God then I understood their end and after that he says I'm good now cuz I was bitter I was angry how could they they got away with those those no-good scumbags and I went into the sanctuary of God and God said relax you're the ruler of the universe from the rule of the universe you're going to be the judge ouran be the judge if you want to be the judge then you better start living a certain way because the judge hasn't judge himself first I said relax then I understood that God is in control I remember there was one time I used to I used to be the headmaster of the good shepherd school out in fairfax and some sometime early on in the school's history there was a teacher whoever some kind of whatever all right we had some tough interactions whatever it may be anyway she ended up leaving in the middle of the year and as she was leaving alright she like you know it got kind of confrontational and you know packed up yourself and go and then she started taking stuff out the room and I'm sitting in my office let you know give her space like it's kind of awkward already and some of the other teachers came he said she's taking stuff that's not hers i belong to the school not belong and school not belong to school I get all upset and I said you know what I said relax who's that stuff belong to did belong to you long to me wasn't blown to said be long longs to God God school right like its property of this is God's right you think someone can steal from God you think you can pull fast from God do you say hey I'm gonna take this you think someone's gonna walk out of there were something then belong to God not them are there gonna prosper leave more I'd say back away from them especially they drive off you can't steal from God you can't take anything from God's people and God is just and yet there is a brief period of time in which we live right now you may not see justice but I promise you you get to the final chapter in the story no one's going to get to that final chapter and have any complaints God is just weed that not just by our standards we throw our standards away he is the standard he is just one last question is God ever unfair can we say that God has ever unfair I racked my brain didn't take very long and I said you know what I thought of one example regard is unfair one example only one but one example I thought of and I said aha I got you you are unfair every Sunday I stand up here in front of the altar of God all right and I say and we all say together that he took bread they said this is my body which is given for you for the remission of sins and he said this is my blood which is given for remission of sins and he pure holy righteous deserving nothing died so that I do the opposite of all these other words filthy lying cheating stealing could live is that fair is that fair anytime you start to thank god you're unfair and you go to Roman's 58 and you're one hundred percent right because he is one hundred percent unfair and he's 100 fun fair because he says this that God demonstrates his own love towards us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for us God is one hundred percent unfair and I and I agree all of us today we have to go home and complain about this unfairness we need to go home and say God we understand you are unfair we don't deserve anything that you've given to us created me He blessed me saved me you fed me to carry me what did I do to deserve any of this everything that you did for me was undeserved and that isn't fair and today I want to start understanding that and living a different way what I hope is that now we wrap up this series okay we have our a large music team that's coming up here okay we can invite our music team to come on up here it looks like they expanded okay and shrunk at the same time this is a surprise to me I've no idea what's happening here they told me this is what i get for always changing the plans on them at the last minute they decided to change plans on me so I don't know it's happening here okay but our series is wrapping up and I hope that we've learned a little bit more about who God truly is ok follow miss Tina thank you very yeah that's good this will be interesting I hope he learned a little bit more about who God is and who he wants like how he wants us to view him and view ourselves in light of who he is all right we're going to stand up together we're going to sing a song okay and then we'll see what happens after that okay let's stand up together you he your song and rejoice for Jill blood hi baby ah children of God your mystery is Reyes he has children and rejoice for the love in a song God his son he had Oh children there's a bar we are for the love that he has given I let's say a prayer together on the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit got him and Lord we thank you that you call us your children and after everything that we heard today and her these past few weeks we know that we are truly indebted for all of eternity help us Lord to understand your father had more and more every day to understand who we are in your eyes and to live that way as you meant us to live no more weakness no more sadness no more guilt no more shame no more none of that stuff that the devil is always trying to get us to live weak and pathetic lives one lived like your children and power and strength and knowing who you are every single day we pray this in the name of your son with the prayers and intercessions of all your Saints here says we pray thankfully our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come Thy will be done give us a stair a daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us an evil one in Christ Jesus our Lord Flyte is the kingdom the power and the glory forever amen just a quick announcement for those who are coming for the next steps lunches