Sermon discussing our expectations and God's plan.


Glory be to the father Son and Holy Spirit one true. God men. Where are we able to gather in the church this weekend? Because we have been struck with a terrible and wonderful blizzard Community worship and fellowship that is found in the Divine Liturgy. I thought it would be beneficial if I can at least share a send a message with you all. Edison power windows gazing at the beauty and all of God's creation all the programs events and expectations that will plan for this weekend. If we live for a weekends are working School weekdays are already so packed and busy, but there is no time for anything additional. Watch the snowberry the world many more and that their expectations for this weekend are being varied with it. Isn't this what we also find? in life We stopped to our expectations our plans are constantly being changed or modified to deal with the situation. Our plans fail. Our expectations are not realized. They say that stress is the gap between our expectation and the reality. For example, we expect an easy drive to work, but we are faced with traffic and that causes us to stress. Or we always expected to be more successful, but we are struck in a difficult financial situation. leading to stress Maybe for students we expect to do well in school, but we struggle to get the right grade switch again causes stress. Or we expected our loved ones to live a long life. But they died. Before we ever could expect. Why does The God Who Loved Us allow our plans to fail? Why can't he meet our expectations? Discussions were probably asked by Two Sisters Martha and Mary they were friends of Jesus Christ. They knew that their friend. Jesus was special. How to do amazing things so when their brother became ill they sent for Jesus that he could come heal their brother. They expected Jesus to come for the love because of the love that he expressed in every action in Word. However, Jesus didn't come. Lazarus the brother of Martha and Mary he died. 4 days after Lazarus death Jesus finally showed up Tell Martha said to Jesus Lord, if you have been there, my brother would not have died. But even now I know that whatever you ask of God. God will give you. What's the temperature? Your brother will rise again. Martha said to him I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day. Jesus says to her. I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me though. He may die. He shall live and whoever lives and Believes In Me shall never die. Do you believe this? She says to him. Yes Lord, I believe that you are the Christ the son of God who has come into the world. Jesus said to her did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God. Martha is like many of us. She knows the things from irrational level. She believes in her head, but her heart is still unsure the words of her mouth. But she must be disappointed the Jesus did not come earlier. Her expectations of what he could do and what he would do were not met if you lived up to her expectations than her brother would still be alive. Jesus had not met her explication, but she puts on a strong face and expresses her faith in Jesus. Martha a very learned an important lesson that day that we need to remember God plans exceed their expectations Martha and Mary witnessed. Jesus raise their brother from the dead. Peter from the scriptures After telling these things to Martha and Mary Jesus went to the tomb of Lazarus. He wept When he prayed to God the heavenly father. And when he prayed he called out Lazarus from the tomb. and the Deadman was now alive. Martha and Mary have buried their brother four days before and with him being very their expectation that Jesus was heal their brother but 4 days after very good expectations. Jesus Christ revealed to them his plan. Martha and Mary were blessed I only had to wait for God's plan to be revealed. As the scripture say Frye know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead he began a chain of events that lead Christ his cross that Jesus was no ordinary man, or even a blessed Prophet the living and breathing who is dead for 4 days. Was a witness to everyone who saw him that Jesus was the Messiah. The leaders of the temple tried to not only kill Jesus but also attempted to kill Lazarus and Lazarus fled to Cyprus where he became Bishop of the church there. Little more is known about Lazarus after our Lord's resurrection and Ascension accept that during these 30 years after his receptionist levitation. He never smile or jokes. Recorded in the cemetery in one day. He saw someone stealing of clay pot and he smiled saying the clay steals the clay. Lazarus who we had died 18 things that no living man has ever seen and live to talk about the leader of the clay and God is the Potter. And we need to remember that. Is there is one thing we should take away from this weekend is to our expectations to flourish in the present with our hearts attentive to God. Let us allow our expectations to be buried this weekend. Every morning we wake up with expectations. Let us put our faith in God. Let us allow the Troubles of today the difficulties that we face not cause us to lose heart or faith. Allow us to realize the God is working. Allow us to realize that our God is a living God who is life itself who loves and loves us so dearly that he would die for us on the cross. But it's not lose our faith. Hold on to it. Let us allow it to flourish. allow our expectations to be buried Let It Grow our faith in the love of God all glory and honor to the father to the son and to the Holy Spirit