Book of Revelation - Part 3

"Image of the Throne Room & Opening of the 7 seals"


sittercity login It was great to see everyone here looking for. Next week. We just finished chapter 1 introduction. So if you would like first overview of chapter 1 and it was what's the weather? The Book of Revelation What app is used to Book of Revelation? Because now that is the book of works and Lifestyle by TLC. Resulted in the Book of Revelation in Asia Minor. different churches go to church or the leader of the Throne of Satan what sacrifice to death? Keep going because I listen to Lakeland Community Church. If you want if you don't want to abide by the truth until they get into foreign. I want my crown in heaven. the persecuted church that compromising Behavior What is this song last week was that? Will like to start with chapter 4 and hopefully if we will cover every single to cover the main ideas behind the pictures for the throne room. Turn all of a sudden vision would expand in this chapter into in a moment. Just so you know, what a soul is extended a new start. And he was the only one who is acceleration or Exposition or explanation for Chester beautiful songs that you sing in the church and many others because it's a beautiful Heavenly Creatures. Chapter 6 and 7 the third for sale for horses who have different colors. The newest watchos and from every tribe and Nation come before the Throne of God. Is actually the beginning of the trumpet wedding because we were joined with the second. Does that sound like a plan for tonight? Is that okay? I want you to be hypnotized. I know my position. Don't hesitate to just to make sure that we're in Atlanta or what is it? beautiful throne room of Heaven into heaven concealed Sending open in heaven and the voice which I immediately I want to see the city, There's no way that we would see the glory of God review. The Throne of Heaven his heart was with the Lord and he could be in the presence of the Angels open into heaven. Amber Alert the 12 tribes beautiful operation the first and the last Representative in his heart as he presented as a sacrifice each and everyone of us whether we are big or small we are we are in Christ and this is why he appears on his throne. the Alpha and the Omega and then there was a rainbow promise of God. No 162 if you walk with me. And then he saw around the throne 24 Thrones and 24 Elders sitting closed in white rose quartz set. The record is extracted first episode. Chapter 5 of the glory of God which is among all those who are interested in the New Testament representing the Church of the old. incense dressed in white robes with white is symbol of glory and and why is it so beautiful under of the Heavenly song and in the midst of the throne living creatures? Matthew Mark Luke and John and the first living creature was like a flying video comparison between pictures. 76 Linwood Boulevard Holy holy, holy Lord. God Almighty who was and is and is to come of these living creature is the praise and worship called and lovingly existence in the Heavenly Kingdom the movie know you the only begotten. Do you want to please him whenever the living creatures on the throne and the 24 Elders who sits on the throne and worship an honored and proud for you created all things and by your will the exist and were created? Ask you a question is not powerful or is not worth waiting for. What is today? required human participation or words to be praise and worship. What does it do? pair the one that you don't like Does it matter if we say to God that you are holy? Islam looking for this kind of what is any opinions? Springs at Memorial salvation Who created Allstate? message features Peter Gunz will not change What is this? What is we are the ones we are the ones were changed. The one and only true God because it is the one true God in the whole entire world that are happening in the world today. We are committed to the one and only true God glory you are the only one. Should I give my loan employee? pictures of the phone number I understand the people didn't have the discernment to differentiate between the worship of the intermix the worship Jesus worship and made by men each other. So, this is how it got divorced. What are you guys going to? So now we know that we have seen Heavenly Creatures 24 plus we have met the Lord Jesus Seated on the throne. We are Singapore and Corporal Richard and all of them are doing together in this beautiful Melody of singing and praising to the world. Chapter 5 no problem appears and I saw in the right hand of him on the throne and on the back with Seven Seals the Old Testament because it was it was reviewing some of the phone that says no it just bought the Old Testament and the New Testament On The Backs over both sides of the score. Again, we cannot understand it unless an open sore feet are the words of the prophecy and the world. the nurse or stroke engine proclaiming without Sports who is worthy to open the scroll and to lose its ears. St. John the church fathers have said this is merely Savage on moving from one scene to the other as if you like someone and seem too but it does not mean that something would happen after another. She's asking a question how to open and no one was able to open the store and to look at a particular point. We would be on our way towards new Enlightenment ideas. About our creation the sense of our own particular pics. There's no angel or Archangel Democritus said it is not perfect. But you men Carlos and to offer us this beautiful Sunday. Is that the people realize and understand that it was only being in heaven or on Earth? I know angels we would be food has a hole in the election in our face. It is only through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through Incarnation. It is only through a new one is working on the table because we are all sinners and her father insists God is infinite Infinity could be offered for this and this is why no one was able to in heaven was able to open the scroll. It's like setting for yourself huge gold going through this weather. 41 was able to look at it. Sometimes we would it too much. What are you so upset we're going to hell. We just want to squeeze into heaven when we're dealing with people would be something that is Hulu. Yes, I need to live a righteous life. Yes. I need to live according to the commander to buy but I have confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ. And this is what the difference between the Weeping because someone is there and you forgot Lil. Jesus has done it for you and for me, but I will reveal to open the scroll at Calusa Seven Seals. But we know that the Lord Jesus is from the tribe of Judah. How do we notice you can follow with me in the gospel of Saint Matthew chapter 1 verses 1 and 2 in the genealogy of the road right away. It says that he is from the tribe of Judah. The book of genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham that the Lord Jesus is coming from the tribe of the tribe of Judah Lori, or maybe the Lord will come from his descendants doesn't want to be you know, so spectacular. Did not come from the tribe of Judah. Kennesaw State Judah you are in on your brother's help raise your hand should be on the neck of your enemies. Your father's children shall bow down before you Judah is a lion's weather from the play my son you have gun and as a lion. The scepter shall not depart from Judah nor a lawgiver from between his feet until she becomes. And to him shall be Obedience of the people the lion is fear what he is awake or whether he is asleep. Even. If you see a lion was saving for my pee has the specific about how about that died? And he went to Hades to rescue The Souls of humanity. He was all Mighty and Powerful is the Lord Jesus also is King and Lord of all. Okay, and he saw the Lord Jesus as a beautiful mind coming out of the root of David. And I looked and behold in the midst of the Throne of the four living creatures in the midst of the other students as though it has been slain the seven spirits of God sent out into all the Earth. What did Cinderella say when he saw the Lord Jesus, correct? The Sims of the word empathy for people to come to terms with this particular believe the shake our faith in any way and having a hard time do the polls. Which are the prayers of the Saints some people The church is the church worship because he would not accept it as the prayers of the Saints in the Heavenly Jerusalem again, we have no problem with it. but when it comes to the idea of forgiveness of sins. Settings only if we are to pray for one another That message we will see things for their prayers for this is something reserved for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are still feeling the needs of one another. What is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory be to him who sits on the throne and the lamb forever and ever of the praise and worship in the Heavenly Kingdom stencils briefly into the seals. One of the seals and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder come and see there's a voice like thunder come and see. And for every that would be open when we spoke about the messages to the seven churches one of them gladly answer it with house and dine with this particular time. Interviews, I would like she wants us to be adults in the summer as the Old Testament and the New Testament is the beauty of the invitation. Would you like to join me for this beautiful journey and indecent goes with him. He was shot on it about Hit the floor. And a crown was given to him and he went out to conquer so much. The white desert seem to White Horse Road Jesus. He treat the cross the price he died of his life with her life because today you and I have a choice. Lights are on passions away from him. I just saw that the cartoon in a in a magazine. What a coach is telling a bunch of breast implants in a loser sending. You know, the guy. He's going to catch. When was this decision every day? Who are we going? The money is in the back. To conquer miss you, and I will go and there's a choice did I place my life into his head today?