Book of Revelation - Part 2

"Message to the Seven Churches"


in the name of the Father the Son together, which one has a quick overview about the purpose andtonight we wouldn't be going through chapters two and three churches in Asia Minor. What song is this? Chapter two small groups and go to the chapter 6 questions. Is that okay or not? Give me a call today. We're going to go to the chapters 2 and 3. How to send messages to the seven churches in Asia Minor is what is get into little groups towards the end of the meeting and then each group 10 puzzle chapter 3 answer the question so that benefit during the actual Church. Okay, so answer the questions together. Flexible business Okay. introduction about the Book of Revelation we should have the Book of Revelation is a book of because it was written towards the end of the first century answers and he is in command such a book of Hope. In the procession of his glory we see him with beautiful explanation of Victorious is King again. Holy Glory. It is the book of The Heavenly Jerusalem has come upon the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love His. Holy name two words for those who follow God Lives now. We have an election in Las Vegas, Nevada. addition today we would speak about someone with hepatitis C. upside-down U Geographic is definitely Let's Be Cops, we went through chapter 1 first and last night. Jesus as the one who is an angel that came to Saint John's. That's awesome. right alarm to start chapter 2 population even though it is an apocalyptic this to check the Book of Revelation. Churches in Asia by the other Apostles Saint Paul preached to others St. John. And here is the Lord. Jesus is sending these messages to the angels of the seven churches. Why is the road sending a message to his congregation office photos of leadership? And if we see something some kind of personal responsibility Trinity weather is in the church or outside the church building at work if you are entrusted with the responsibility as a manager. Some of us are some people like to take it. Here comes the question of the mistakes of those in leadership. What's decoration pics of of the congregation of the following is one of the teaching is choosing the land and the beginning of the priests? what's up with that has any person who we should you know, we should be aware that the only theoretically and as the children of God and the children Cannot live the Commandments to its fullest fullest. It's not going to be the people who are supposed to benefit messages, and he is so if you don't if you don't remove me from this position to the first lesson that we learn from these messages. When was mission of leadership has entrusted me with the Chris Mission? I never seen by the Holy Spirit. We have a responsibility to live. What they don't know is approached concerning righteousness and he compared. people compare themselves with a text message before we start the first message to the Church of Ephesus. The Lord send these messages in a very orderly fashion. First of all, he identifies the church or the bishop of the church so identification. It is a personal description. So that describes himself in a manner that is relevant to the problem. So identification description of the Lord. The temperature what is the solution? What should they do? an advice to listen to the spirit what the spirit says to the churches and and every every single Church. Listen to the spirit and then find the number 6 is in the reward is the sometimes he would say that he would say he want to pour you a consistent in all of the sudden messages. Identification description of the state of the church that I advised to listen to the spirit and the number six is great together. the message Turn down beginning of chapter 2. 30 Angel of the Church of Ephesus write these things says he who holds the Seven Stars in his right hand of the seven golden lampstands. I know your Works your labor your patience and that you cannot bear those who are evil and you have tested those who say they are and are not calling them liars and have patience and had labored for my namesake and have not become weary against you that you have left your first love. Remember that far from where your father repent and do the first works or else I will come to you quickly remove your lampstand from its place unless you repent but the show her that you hate the Deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate to him who overcomes I will give to eat from the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. What song is this? prestigious to the message of the church event starts out What does the angel of the Church of Ephesus? Who is this angel of this particular picture? what was the first epistle to Timothy and send Second Epistle to Timothy and how to spell anniversary okay, let's look from what is the mission in Ephesus? That's the problem verse 17 from the first day that I came to Asia serving Lobster bait stores goddamn face of roaches fast and see how did the chance and tribulations Awakening but none of these things move me know I got myself to myself so that I may finish my Ministry, which I received from the Lord Jesus to testify to the gospel Ministry. Of this particular Church, established the ministry. So what are the goals of Goldilocks? And these are the seven churches and the Lord Jesus Christ. Pictures of a beautiful church because it lost its first love. The Lord knows how to create a persevere you have persevered you have patience you had labored for my namesake and have not become weary. But you have left your first love we are very enthusiastic you come back to say when I was a lot younger. I used to serve as a Sunday school teacher where I used to get legal or used to read my scriptures all the time. I used to have so much love for God. Look at it from the outside, but there's no feeling. The difference between religion and spirituality which one is more to come to church when it's Emil garlic to light a candle like we have some kind of feeling like this. You know, what is Chanel fashion survive for ages to come? then went on to say that this you have who were the Nicolaitans what group of people actually sit in Acts chapter 6 verse what was his problem is that encourage people for sexual immorality and this is one of the Gods and is displeased with and doesn't like Stitches supposed to bleed Nicholas away from the gospel artist will come to them and preached the gospel and you should not follow them. Many false teachers. Will you find between the relationship specialist, and they have snuck into they have snuck into the church and have started to teach people that they need to be circumcised in Galatians Chapter 2 concerning the false teachers to delete special about you can open the radio and listen to so many sermons about you can open the TV and you find so many times before preaching we must have in the eyes of The Serpent and the hearts and the minds of mission. Is this true or not. From amongst the church will come up and start to bring some things which are not true. And this is one of the problems that say weather be careful that you don't follow any teaching encouraging the people to for sexual immorality. Now we can just go to the next quick overview. Church was impacted the Loveless Church. Okay, the church that has lost its first love is the persecuted Church. How do I know that sometimes Biblical name some kind of me? Okay, what did the the Kings present to the Lord Jesus when he was born? They presented him with what? sentences app is this photo folder guns from Deadwood The identification of this church basically to the angel of the Church of Smyrna, right? This thing says in the first and the last who was that and came to like what I came to life because he was that but now I'm encouraging his father because he is the one who is victorious is overshadowing for the maneuvers. I know your Works tribulations poverty. Robert is probably because the Roman Empire that sees all of their possession. the Webster's relations, but you are rich you are again we might be Maybe not for taking or participating in order to do outside yet. We are rich from our face and what you have inside the light of the fact is that what's his life is being manifested in even though we might not show it from outside and what they do yet. We are British and this is the message here. I know the blasphemy of those who are not Believers people around you are persecuting you Do not feel any of those things what you are about to suffer indeed. The devil is about to throw sum of unit to prison that you may be tested and you will have tribulation 10 days. We faithful until death. I will give you the crown of life cycle dealership on the message of the Cross Church. I used to love God I used to do this and that but I just think I'm dying and going down. We need to keep our space. Being faithful unto death. You cannot give up in the middle of your sister wants to measure to bring us closer and closer to him. The key word here is be faithful unto death. You know, I love so much grandma grandpa's when I need the services to lock you in a very involved as the Howard family spoke about So much love and Zeal for the Lord used to stand in one particular church every single week until the last few months of the year. When you see how people despite the challenges that are happening around this today that they didn't mean very faithful until the last moment in the lights so that they would give us the Crown of Life what the spirit says to the churches by the second power over you because you have already become victorious in the Lord Jesus Christ who gives this Is the Loveless Church second surgery is the persecuted Church? Serviette is a compromising church church is the compromising Church things. You said that he who has the sharp two-edged sword. Scott sex flicks it separates you want to be fully immersed and involved in the world and living just like us we know the way that the world teaches us and tell us a phone number for me for many other people. Is that where you dwell was Satan's Throne? Oh my goodness look up happening today. With every kind of sexual immorality for people that have started to follow this kind of Lifestyle. Can you hold fast to my name and do not deny my face even in the days in which and cheapest was my face for the market. So one of the church disciples probably one of the 70s who was sent out the door Jesus Christ because that this was almost like the Throne of Satan to be close to God. But I have a few things against you because you have those who go to the doctor before the children of Israel to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality happens to them in the Book of Numbers chapter 31 verse 16 numbers 31:16. Send the following. Look these women cause the children of Israel through the Council of the incident of the plague among the congregation of the Lord. And then you move down a little bit. these women cause the children of Israel to commit sexual immorality against the Commandment Daddy We're almost to the children of Israel at the time of War. extremely offensive Okay, here's the deal. Fashion in the early church concerning that is to follow the status of the case. the deuce world coming from a guy Jewish background photos from Jennifer directly to go to become just commanded these people to do a few things very few things, which supposedly they should have been enabled to ax15 verse 28 10:20 alarm go to the Holy Spirit and to us to lay upon, you know greater than these necessary things that you abstain from things offered to Idols from blood from things strangled from sexual immorality. You would do well you don't need to follow the customs of the juice and the things which have been strangled. In the compromising church the church of pergamos. What did they do? They did the exact same thing which God has forbidden them from doing. Which is the conspiracy want to disturb the soldiers give bring some women and they would follow this is what happened to you. I'm committed sexual immorality Jewish people go into except it's almost like Does do anything except the cheap I'm happy to give you a passing grade. Just don't you. The student was a head and a smoke thing and decided that you will not be able to accomplish it, I apply this to myself to my life. In The Divine Liturgy of the same. But listen to all your eyes for a desire to see the things which you see I have not seen the other things what you hear we are living now is being ready. We have the scriptures. We have the Holy Spirit. For a while and then depart but now has a big blessing that many people have desire to see how important is it seized by the blood of Christ and they have nice to Provence bags. And yes, we have so many other problems in this day and age. Through the Holy Spirit and through the scriptures and through got himself some time to fall if we have all the means to fight and live in Acts to Things That Glow. Persecuted Church number 3 forget the name. They have other names may be here for them and I wasn't looking. What does the theater sound like in English a place that we go to Santa Anna defeated? What happens in the theater? Something which is the Persona and put it on a message, but there is no reality. What had given them all the truth? But unfortunately, they used to use them. Enter the angel of the Church of Seattle, right? This thing says the Son of God who has eyes like a flame of fire and his feet like fine brass. Play Feelings by what does fire do? cleaning clams stability of Love of this church, is it fake or is it really so that's why he's the one who has is like a flame of fire and his feet like fine brass brass. And as for your works the last are more than the first is this at the two sides of the theater and honestly trying to be okay wonderful things that may appeal to other people that we have the work still have the love to have the service. Do you have the faith as for the last hour more than the first which is kind of opposite of the 31st was doing but this one actually Nevertheless, I have a few things against you because you allow that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess to teach and seduce my servants to commit sexual immorality and he sings sacrificed to idols. Whether that woman was called represents the children of Israel and she killed her story in 1st Kings chapter 16 verse 31. Again, this is just around the story of Elijah and the hot husband and it came to pass as the thing for him to work in the sins of jeroboam. The son of mad that he took his wife Jezebel. King of the sidonians and he went on his shirt down and worship Him Jen card king for a non-jewish Indian king. Who is the goose? Define call herself a prophetess and she and she said and she did not repent. I would cut them into buildings. I love God because he's so graciously given when he has something to complain about the kind things first 48 likes to collect on Waze. What would happen with the Samaritan woman store? 21st letter, how do you start a conversation with a start a very gentle and kindly the Lord started the conversation? Play This American woman. What should the place of worship in the weather will neither worship who want to worship? Animosity and then love from the heart and then he'll the story she became the first pitcher to the Sumerians total step by step how you know, I know you're still into you know, I've been trying to see what am I going to do with that the people he loves you. What song does Seth the Lord for? basically Speaking to these churches and tell them to repent this is what we call tough. Love one of your children, you put them in the car, but you're fine, because it's Amanda highway safety car seats. And even though no one else. These are the things that you need to correct about your behavior. It's about love. It's about another my father told me. Why is that person who makes you cry for you? And the person who makes you come here says you are wrong because of such and such and such is happening because of this person. This is exactly what it's doing here. Churches for you. I wanted to go into smaller groups again, but you're out of your type. So that's fine is about the dead Church of Sardis. and this is really a problem because it's ending scene to ice pitch you a life. You have a name that you're alive, but you're really dead. This is the worst of conditions existing story a Transcendent message that is sent to all the churches throughout history. Not only that but also so we can do as a community and also as individuals Baby needs to think about. Do I have a name? That's on my mind? What you doing? Be watchful and strengthen the things which we mean that are ready to die, but I have not found it works good for before God. If he says he's a little and they're just Little India. The beauty of the Lord is that he will continue to work with this don't give up even if you what is your passion. Remember from where you have fallen and Rise Again. Number 6 is the faithful church and the Church of Philadelphia. Let the city the town of the City of Brotherly Love. I don't post his brother. Celia is love. So the City of Brotherly Love. Amazing. Is this decision. What the hell just think everything is beautiful about you. What is the score for the songs of summer activities for church this thing says he who is holding who is true? He has the Key of David who opens and no one trusts and shut the new one open. I have set before you an Open Door. No one can shut it for you have a little strength have kept my word. And I have not denied my name and then I would make those of the synagogue of Satan who say they are Jews, but lie indeed I would make them come and worship before your feet and to know that I have loved you because you have kept my commandment to persevere. I also will come I will keep you from the hour of tired to come up on the old world to test those who dwell on the earth because I'm coming quickly. Hold fast what you have that no one may take your home fast what you have. Many of us like to explore different different religions. What's gold face for what you have until I come don't make major shifts and changes in it and threw it and buy it and just because the Lord Jesus Christ. He said I'm coming quickly overcomes. I would make him a pillar in the temple of my God and that she should go out no more. I would like on him the name of my God and the name of the city comes down from heaven. Find the name. telephone Church find me the churches by you have been to exchange a minibus have done that. I'm here in limbo and this is another problem. Differences in the faithful and the true witness the beginning of the creation of God. I know you're worried that you're neither call I couldn't wish you were cold or hot today. I will vomit you out of my mouth. It's kind of a graphic analogy mentioned in the beginning balance with words. Sitting there these churches. The suffering church the church that is just living a big church in have left your first love and I think about the compromising church the church that is in limbo or just floating the lukewarm church, and I think of my own personal life. Add a message here is to make some kind of decision and a change in my life. And I want to emphasize that to me personally today to think about this was my life. Hello people the Jewish people falling into sit and a student. Choose for yourself today, which way am I going today? Which direction does that mean? I'm going to get perfect and video because of the blood of Jesus and then he is in control, but I would be seen as beautiful in the eyes of Jesus Christ my Lord because of the blood of Jesus Christ. What is the Loveless church church church, which is named Keisha. May God give us strength and To take a series of seven every single week and six apartment chapter 7 when we have to use the Seven Seals, Arizona. Any comments or questions they were there was so many divisions because he was Messiah. This would be people who pretend to be on the side of the Christian song. These are the people chickens stressed out This is a very good question. Thank you. arrayseven about just sacrificing or participate in the the god of Heaven and Earth requires sacrifices So why don't you go to Craig is it it's not the same, I forgot to ask you to refrain from the what is a Perdue. Garrison MN. giving notice What is the range of a note that said that the Fire tour know what again? It was expensive are pure perfection and again and it's not as easy as it is now. Animal Medical Clinic image of Christ in heaven other questions How do I get it? Call Sarah the church fathers have sent a message to this particular churches that existed at the time. They said that these messages are getting personal which could be taken to get messages. other questions last time I was here at the next time. dissociation No, no, no, no way of interpreting scripture is through scripture when we started makeup. We don't have any historical record to the Salem NH City. The only nation that has multiple charges which is the region of Asia. Because when you need to do that this example in DeSoto today because Christians could not open up physical building physical building. Any other comments?