2016 Holy Week 6: Choosing Your Way

 Eve of Thursday 


the name of the Father and the Son and
the Holy Spirit one God I mean thanks
God we have reached the end of the holy
holy week tomorrow we'll start the
Liturgy of washing the feet and the
Liturgy of the Eucharist and celebrating
the establishment of the New Covenant so
I just want to speak with you today
about hopefully we can finish about 835
about the choosing your way choosing
your way all the readings today about
two ways that we see the way of Judas
and the way of Mary who anointed the
Lord with the fragrant oil so we have
two ways and the Lord give us a chance
by our own freedom to choose what way we
want to walk in just to start I want to
speak about what is our identity if
there a difference between to be an
individual Andrea person or not a hill
fariba nude eleonora had the Sharks
Alfred I think both in English and
Arabic the same who may say it the same
but i think it is not the same the
difference between to be a person and to
be an individual the same difference
between the Earth and between the heaven
so were the person it came from the word
frozen in Greek which means face the
face of the earth any human beings so
pro soap on ought to be person it means
that you will give yourself to others
you'll join what you have with others
you will share with others you'll love
others but the world individual it is
completely the opposite the world
individual like the word invisible in
means no dividuals it's
the word divided so individual means no
division i will give you nothing so the
word person it means i will give you
myself i will give you all what i have
the word the individual it means the
opposite i will give you nothing so if
you want to draw a picture to explain
the word individual and our the person a
person I think the best picture to draw
one stretching his hands like this and
opening his hands to hug the whole world
and to give himself to the whole world
if you wanted to draw a picture for the
individual I think you have to draw
something someone like Judas giving his
back to the decided unto the Lord and
focusing on himself so if you want to
have a great example to what is the
difference between to be an individual
or to be a person I think the best
example to be a person is the Lord today
the Lord Himself he is the best example
of the perfect person and the example of
the individual unfortunately he is Judas
had to kill meet very soon Valera be gay
I'm and helmet shock shock see Anita
shows to look at the face of a person to
look at his face like inferred or
individuals to be isolated I should go
ahead again so our create our faith we
believe in God the Father and the Son
and the Holy Spirit the question yes we
believe in one God had one nature of God
but do we believe in three individuals
in God or three persons three
individuals or three persons I think one
hundred percent three persons not
I believe the father is a person the Sun
is a person the Holy Spirit is a person
the meaning of a person that the father
wants to give to love the humanity till
the one that he gave his son so he's a
person the pleasure of the father to
give humanity his son and his spirit the
pleasure of the Sun to clarify to
declare his father and to give the Holy
Spirit to the humanity the pleasure of
the Holy Spirit is to declare the father
and the son to the humanity so we
believe in one God and in three-person
ugly individuals so the divine nature is
carried by three persons the Father the
Son and the Holy Spirit there are three
different persons but they are sharing
love together they are sharing one
nature one glory and they are sharing
one got hit it is very important that's
not a theological listen but that is our
face and through this introduction that
will be so easy for us to continue to
see how can we practice this faith
practically in our lives so let us go to
Matthew 28 19 go therefore and make
disciples of all nations baptizing them
in the name of the Father and of the Son
and of the Holy Spirit he did not say of
the names just one name but three
persons carrying what name the first
epistle of San John chapter 5 verse 7 he
says for there are three that are a bear
witness in heaven the father the word
and the Holy Spirit and these three are
one finally San Jean in his famous verse
John three sixteen he says for God for
God for God so loved so loved stretch
his hands till eternity so loved her
casa de casa de Yannick advocate Herc as
a stretch
his hands so God so loved the world that
he have his son the only begotten Son
that whoever believes in Him should not
perish but have everlasting life so
number when we learn it what is the
difference between to be an individual
and to be a person what is the
difference between the two terms number
two we said that God is one nature but
three person not three individuals for
the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
every person and the God had the love
together they love each other they want
to share love with each other everyone
in the Holy Trinity he wants to give the
the other two persons all what he has so
when God created every one of us we will
will start the story from the beginning
Lamar abhinav today is lana testicular
abouna holla ana a person's while
individuals limera buna holla when God
created us do do doop yani believe or do
expect that God created us to be
individuals or to be persons so let us
go to Genesis 126 then God said let us
make man in our image he did not say in
our images and he did not say in my
image he say in our image 1 image but
three persons our image according to our
likeness let them have dominion over the
fish of the sea over the birds of the
air and over the cattle over all the
earth over every creeping thing that
creeps on the earth so one of the greek
orthodox scholar says his name is
Carlton our personal uniqueness is found
only in a relationship of love with
other persons what is the definition of
to be a person I don't know there is
nothing can identify or can define the
but to be person it means that you are
unique there is no one like you God did
not repeat this copy before or he will
not do it again that is the only copy
that he did it DiMaggio's I am unique
there is no one carry this personality
accepting me can you imagine millions of
millions were created before me and
millions of millions will be created
after me and there is no one like me and
not like me and like not like you you
have a very special fingerprint no one
can have this fingerprints you have a
voice print you have an I print so to be
person that God created you very unique
and free you kind of choose by yourself
either to be person or to return the
back and to be individual you have the
freedom to choose and to be a person it
means you have to live in relationship
so God being one in three and three in
one God being one Godhead and three
persons the Sun is unique the Sun is not
the father the father is not the Son the
Holy Spirit is not the father every
person is unique but they share laughs
together so every person by his own
freedom he choose to love the other two
persons so you can find the nature of
God hit is love so say he says god is
god is love elma habibi neta neta karim
ill add michelle evening evening LM l ab
Musharraf ur ADO's at Toby I'll eloehiem
each channel at a lot economy outlet ash
haas the man academic person but our
human nature every one of us his human
nature headed by only one person so for
myself I have all the human nature
carried by one person called to the
mattress so our personal uniqueness is
found only in a relationship of love
with other persons so if I choose not to
love others so now i am not ever
I can be an individual but I'm not a
person a person loves and is loved it is
the ability to love that ultimately
defines us as persons created in the
image of God a man who stands alone and
self-sufficient is not fully human so
what is the problem God created every
one of us to be person to share love
with others so when God created Adam he
said that's not good for Adam to live
alone I created Adam to be a person so I
have to create another person for him to
share life together so God created the
human beings to have the reflection of
the light of the Holy Trinity so as God
the Father the Son the Holy Spirit they
are three and one he created men not to
be an individual but to live as a person
in a family so you will find the Father
the Son the Holy Spirit the icon of the
Holy Trinity on earth is the family the
father the mother and the son and that
ideally standard for the family as we
believe that the Holy Trinity is the
golden and the ideal standard as the
father is equal to the Sun and the Sun
is equal to the Holy Spirit and there
are three different persons in one God
head the same for the family believe me
believe me if we applied practically
this this faith and our families we will
know how we will don't have any any
family problems anymore because the
father in the family is equal to the
mother and the father is equal to his
son they are practicing three different
person in one in one family but what
happened that Adam and Eve unfortunately
they choose by their own will because
God created them free Robin ahahhaha
mehar are voluminous Kootra ashes i'ii
teii Shulman
batali Holy Trinity they chose by their
own will to live away from God so let us
read this part chapter from Genesis 3
now the serpent was more cunning than
any beast of the field which the Lord
the God had made and he said to the
woman has God indeed said you shall not
eat of every tree of the garden the
woman said to the serpent we may eat the
fruit of the trees of the garden but all
the fruit of the tree in which it in the
midst of the garden but has said you
shall not eat nor shall you touch it
lest you die then the servant said to
the woman you will not surely die for
God knows that in the day you eat of it
your eye will be open and you will be
like him knowing good and evil so when
the woman saw that the tree was good for
food and it was pleasing to the eyes and
a tree desirable to make one wise she
took of its fruit and ate she also gave
to her husband with her and he ate then
the ID of both of them were opened and
they knew that they were naked and they
sewed fig leaves together and made
themselves coverings so that what
happened son athanasius of alexandria he
said instead of remaining in the state
in which God had created them they were
in process of becoming corrupted
entirely and death had been completely
under its Dominion God created them to
be persons to love each other to be open
to share love together but unfortunately
they chose by their own went to live
away from God yes God created them to be
like him by they chose to be like him
away from him in their own their will
and then own way thanks God when he
created us he did not abandoned us to
the end when we choose to
live away from him but he sent the
prophets and in the fullness of time he
sent the Savior our Redeemer the Savior
the person of Christ no one has seen God
at any time the only begotten Son who
isn't the bosom of the Father he has
declared him in the three person of the
Holy Trinity the person who his job to
declare the Holy Trinity is the son of
God as son John said the solution
produce is the beautiful air whichever
Rahul photos while Evan you will queda
Molly Monaghan I'll apply around a hat
I'll even homily in the viewer holy we
declare so in Jesus Christ when the
Redeemer came when the Savior came he
came in the full person of Godhead of
the son of god and he United his person
his personality his divine personality
with our human personality or let us say
with our human individuality so he can
correct reconnect our nature from being
individual living one another away from
his family from his partner he collected
he gathered the children of God back to
the father in him so he choose to die
stretching his hands because he is a
person it is not an individual he is a
person so in Matthew 26 then he took the
cup and gave thanks and gave it to them
saying drink from it all of you for this
is my blood of the new covenant which is
shed for many for the remission of sins
but I say to you I will not drink of
this root of the one from now and until
that day when I drink it new with you in
my father's Kingdom the Son of God came
to give us the access to be persons
again he loved us till the one that he
gave us not just some gifts he gave us
everything he gave us all all things he
gave us all gifts in in the heavens to
finish to
include we have the freedom either to
live according to the example of the
Lord Jesus Christ according to the style
of the Lord Jesus Christ according to
the way that the Lord created us to be
or according to other way we have the
freedom so in Deuteronomy 30 19 he says
I call heaven and earth as witnesses
today against you that I have set before
you life and death blessing and curse
therefore choose life that both you and
your descendants may live and this
decision it is not just one day decision
it is the hold a decision and every day
decision to put on Jesus Christ every
day to not live according to the mind of
the word but according to the mind of
Christ can you imagine the culture of
not United States all the world right
now is to press us and to convince us
that we are individuals now when you
want to end it identify yourself to
anyone you have to declare your number
now they want to convince us that we are
such social security number I'm not a
number I'm not a number i am a person
what is the difference between to be a
number or individual to be a person i
give you an example if you are a teacher
and your class is 20 individuals and one
of them was absent you will say i have
one over 20 absent and that will be good
for me I I hope that all of them the
canyon it may be absent that will give
me more rest buts about that you are a
father and you have ten kids and one of
them is absent is not one over ten he is
1 equal to the 10 that is the difference
between a person and an individual yes
the Lord created millions of millions
but for the lord I am equal
the whole creation if I am the only one
is living on the earth the Lord will
send his son to save me because I am NOT
one over million of millions I am 1
equal to the median of medians and not
just me but all of you finally how can I
apply this in my life on the burst 11
sometimes I deal with the Lord in this
individuality mind like I have
relationship with a lot but the goal
with this in a relationship is myself
lord I am praying for you to give me job
to give me success to give me so I am I
am the center of the relationship so try
to correct this relationship being a
person it means that you will give the
Lord your face I say to the Lord Lord I
am here not to ask I'm here because I
love so knowing choosing to be a person
that will correct your relationship with
the Lord number two with the family I
want to ask myself as as the family as
we said the family is the reflection or
the icon of the Holy Trinity is my
family three-in-one having the same
owner the same glory the same love are
we sharing love together are we lifting
the icon of the Holy Trinity or not are
we three persons living in one family or
individuals living in a family can you
imagine many years ago a family gather
together to eat they eat like person
they share together they eat together
they love each other this big with each
other they are not eating they are
sharing they are not individuals there
are persons like see what is going right
now you may find every individual in the
family eating by himself they may have
they may riding one car but everyone
living in his own world lead having his
ipad iphone and in in a very different
world so our family person in one family
persons in one family or individuals
everyone living in his own world the
church the church he leveled the church
is the icon of the Holy Trinity the
church hit the family of God so in
insane mark are you experiencing that
you are a person in a family or all of
us we are individuals it is a church the
Church of persons like the image of God
or the Church of individuals every
servant doing his own job by his own
will in his in his own agenda we don't
know each other we are individuals or
are we persons community here in fairfax
county or in in washington DC area are
we here giving our face our person to
the community or our back are we tearing
about the senior homes and our camp and
our country hear about the hospital's
about the presence because i will give
them my face my person so to be a person
or to be individual that is i think it
is the most important christian we have
to decide and we have to answer and the
Holy in the Holy Week the Lord Jesus
Christ came to give us the life how to
live as a person at the perfect person
in humanity and he devoted both the
divine and the human nature in in a
perfect way in his incarnation and
thanks God he gave every one of us every
liturgy his body he gave us his blood so
we can do the same to conclude finally
the goal the goal of the Orthodox
worship is the father by the end of the
liturgy will give us his son and his his
spirit so in the church who are praying
say to the father send your Holy Spirit
upon us up on the old the father will
send the Holy Spirit to change the
brother wine to be the body and blood of
so as much the father loved the whole
wallet he gave his son and his Spirit
the Lord Jesus Christ will give us his
body and his blood for what to return
him back to his father and to be filled
with the Holy Spirit to be temple of the
Holy Spirit so the liturgy is two parts
the first part is to be sanctified by
the Holy Spirit and to have this
relationship with the Holy Trinity but
the other part of the liturgy when we go
out of the church if the person of the
Lord Jesus Christ he loved us and he
gave himself then he break his body and
he shed his blood I have to do the same
with others outside the church I have to
go out the church to pray my own liturgy
outside if you are a doctor and you have
you have a vision and you will wear your
white garments now you are putting your
Tanya and the patient will be the body
of Christ and and the disc will be the
altar if you are an accountant so now
you are going to your own oltorf the
computer will be the body of Christ and
you are invited to pray the liturgy in a
different way if you are a teacher so
your class is your church and the kids
is the body of Christ so you are serving
the body of Christ I are breaking your
body and giving your body by your own
well to others at the Lord to give to us
finally we have the decision to decide
according to live according to the style
of the Lord Jesus Christ or the other
one I am praying for myself and for all
of you that we have this model and to
practice this style of life the life of
giving yourself to other till the point
of death instead they are worthy or they
are not worthy because your your gift
will be not according to them but
according to your love to the Lord Jesus
Christ you are reflecting his love
blessed the kingdom of the Holy Trinity
blistered the father and the Son and the
Holy Spirit
one God I mean