2012 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 3 (Palm Sunday)

"Hosanna to the Son of David"


and the father and son in the holy
spirit of god and man it before i start the senate so i'm actually very excited to you today
sir and not usually excited to get the
sermon usually i don't want to give the survey
the damage site wednesday when i got the schedule gay
couple days ago but what sermons on the given during the week i went straight to palm sunday and i
said yes i knew i was gonna be on palm sunday i
do it because personal palm size of my
favorite days night and it's a day that i love it so much you know parts of the
day of chaos right and as you know me no and elect a
ups like order like structure care like all things beyond easily in
order but the debate i'd like a ups alright dot so much help on sundays in
today's the day you ought to be can run around scream today's your date incase it's amazing bible says the kids run
around and screaming they grab stuff and they take their clothes are beneath
route all around the cut down trees today the day of chaos all around and i started to ask myself as i read
the bible started to ask myself this question pink with it why did the people create such commotion when jesus and to jerusalem today walked i'd always said side note the key to going deep in the
bible is asking the right questions you want to go out of the bible keep
asking questions he competent question whether the answer to as i'm reading the
gospel untagged myself ok we stopped the people
did like i said it's about their closing used to him on the ground they start cotton balanced is screaming out of those on the hose on
the house on that ho's daughter this son of david posada
and the highest blesses you come in a memorial fund the king of israel and the
pharisees nazi pre-strike keep it down keep it down to benefit we don't care
about you and the strain and it made no ice starting to some y like is this the first time spent in
jerusalem despite wanting to sum up the times blocked out nobody said anything you and i know the story but we know
that this is the last time he's gonna answer but we know this is a holy week
but the people is going to know what hollywood live in and out of the story ends in a
couple chapters we know it but they did so why didn't they went crazy today why i think a house why the commotion in order to understand why they were doing it let's see what they were doing to help us figured out like you always look at the white to figure out the lock so let's start with the white what does that they were doing what is that they were saying summarize palm sunday the lord's and changes
leading to one word about where it would be posts on hosts on hosts on that hosts on not post on exclamation mark exclamation mark
exclamation mark all caps post on they said today everything today it was
in all caps let's close on the meals on three
special work but it's not as a special word that can
really be translated that's why no one ever translated the
work we say the same what goes on in english in arabic in coptic in greek and it's none of those languages pesci hebrew word but no one could
translate the word actually just kept it the closest thing to do you get hosts on
that is like save us but it's more than like save us it's
like this the original work the original work has this implication of somebody
drowning like shouting for their life and save me
save me save me like screaming how album trial that's where the word was originally but
so too does go but years ago okay the word of a sudden here all that's the way it started as like a cry
of desperation but the word eventually as many
oftentimes words do is they evolve in a different meanings and it actually work started off with
save me save me save me i'm dying became less about the guy in uh... and like the ocean drowning and he became a die in the ocean
drowning who sees the lifeguard comment so first it was save me save me but in
the way became save me you you save me and the word
means but i see someone who can save me i see you know i've got coming save me
save me save me so it's not just desperation but it's also a cry of hope because you see the solution to your
problem so here's what we need to do today for
hosts on that date we need to incorporate both of these
meanings is my microphone going and that is just
me because of that if you can hear regimes like it we need to incorporate both of these
meetings what we do today hosts on their is cried desperation but host on the is also pushed out of hope and we need both of them today at the
start of the first on the cry desperation this one's easy this one's easy because you no the was on because the world that we live in make
says no this house on the very well this close on that is the house on there
that stands before god action forest and forgot this goes on and it looks around and as i'd need help i'm in trouble somebody help me is overwhelmingly its frustrating me is
confusing me i don't know where to go idon't know what to do i'm into deep
i've tried to get out and i can't somebody help me somebody help me
somebody help me and that's where the jews work the jews when they cried out like this
hosts on that was then we can take a moment anymore which i think that we can we tried to overcome that we can we try
to escape we can we help what what we need help we need help we need help master weight the first hosts on uh... is the whole sonya desperation of crying out to god and make no mistake
about this debate debate we on this point that this week okay holy week kicks off today noli weekends in a week anne end of the
story the end of the story is resurrection a new life as the end of
the story that's where the story and to the
resurrection in new life and that new life for every single one of us in your
life but it begins with hosts on that prior desperate east and that if i need
to help on sunday you never fought easter help on sunday you'll hear me never find easter without palm sunday
you never find new life without cry desperation back to the prodigal son the
story we talked about several weeks ago you never find that's that did table of the king and
ask you first this point say i'm done with these living with the peaks an asset you started the jpeg we're smart enough to know the first part of hosts on that
even though they were very smart about the second part they knew they needed someone they did
was wrong and and and try to figure out who that person
what's is nice person romans chapter eight summarize the first house on the press does on is when you realize
that me as many of us is a led by the spirit of
god these are the sons of god that's me and that's you but we are the sons of god for you not
receive a spare of bondage again to feared that you receive the spirit of
adoption by your require are the father the spirit himself there's witness with
our spirit that we are children of god and it showed in the bears heirs of god
and joint heirs with christ you know the first was on a begins it begins with me looking around in my
situation and saying this is not right at the son
of god lives like this for the daughter of god this is not right it it has a son of god
i'm entitled to live as a prince or princess artisanal mail the whole
time and don't be offended ok does not repeat myself i am a spirit of god i'm charla king and i'm not supposed to be living like
this my life must be excited not supposed to
be dry it's not because i'm a child of god and i've been lukewarm adding tried
added routine for a long enough and that's not the way it's supposed to be don knapp save me i'm not going to be confused about
what's every step of my legs those be confused and i don't know whether this
was so here as both a billion exposed to this president i'm supposed to be on the
child of dot posb a c walk in the light or son of god save me host on the begins when you realize that god doesn't have any half joking god don't have any idly step kids they
just yet have of his blessings and a half of the rights of sunshine either your stock daughter or you're not at all and upon the son of god of a child of the king than everything that he has is mine that's about vs now that's a scary versus a but that's what it says that's what i'm
air means he's everything that he has is in a light i_c_b_m_ like he has these or surpasses all
understanding dot he should be mine as well i know i haven't tasted and i know i only read about in box well i need to be able to taste it
closed on that save me gone from the confusion you've promised jerry that there were cannot take away unaware
days post on their save me dot com persona begins when you realize that
this is not how it's supposed to be and i was supposed to be confused
arrivals was to be bitter i'm not always was to be down on out always was being
addiction i'm not always was to be a slave to sing
on that i was supposed to be in bond is i'm not supposed to be like that on a sidewalk news was smart enough to realize that even though they were smart with the
second is now with the first miss it we multi-ethnic so that was special did
not look like this the what the somebody said us one of the contents of
the slides the rest of our lives as the first goes on what's on the desperation with the jews messed up though is that
in make the transition to the second house on that's why i think change their hosts on
that to crucify meets a few days asana begins with a desperate cries but was on the continues for the shout of pulp but leaving believing not only the salvation is mine but that hints whose common right in front of me he's always going to bring and on the cling so tight and i'm a hug him so tight since so carefully to every word dick everything he says because salvation is in him and a host on that is in this one person akshatha four verse twelve bible says no rosa salvation in any
other for there's no name under heaven summit
of course name of our lord jesus christ given among man by which mean we must be
sick the bible always says many many
resonable idle speaks about salvation only in the name of jesus an all in his
name can we find the rescuing this salvation the deliverance the host
on there that we need i was a nice versus uh... but we read
every single day two churches first every single date you're reading the
bible in john chapter one verse twelve says as many as received into those u
gave the right to become children of god to those who believed in his name he gave the right to become children of
god i was reading the first the other dates and it hit me cell cagan children of god but it says like children of god is
received it and believed in his name jim made sense to me okay received and that makes sense but that is that believed in his name as i think to myself why i say believed
in his name why didn't they believe in him west everything believed in amber's
believe in his name is a difference violence they believe in him to believe in his name and the rest
before i said the salvation in northern maine out in
the name of him and then you must not but the name of
dot legends and believe in him brisbane even his name we don't understand this because the name for us is something
easy we change our names i'd change my name my name is one thing at every stage
somethin else we changing of each use names average
that we want he will become rich and famous that many
names people will really be a famous have one
main madonna people change their names on a dime a
name names when i was just to make but in the bible and name was more than a name and name was your identity your name was u and that's why when h_m_o_s names in the
bible they were very very likable affect into it just in the day as read you know jacob any cell i was reading a
story the other day you know how they named jacob unease up how the band's name do you know now know what you saw me means a hairy guy appears jacob it so i mean very god the bible says
literate the bible says whatever he assumed the
gum line so the first to come out with red as a whole body was like a hairy
garments so they named him insult they look like a decent man these hairy so they called him the biblical version
of hair you made up a name terry came from decay pecan harriet and that's an and residence life the defining
characteristic if you saw was that he was a hairy even like the most famous
they nabanita silent because it is their with the guy imitate his hair piece
always eric his name the finest character jacked up dot a named jacob when jacob came out to the first time he
saw he was married the thing that came out g jacob and he
was grabbed that is healed so says they gave him the named jacob now jacob literally means the one who grabs the heel that's the
literal meaning but it's an expression to mean a deceiver alright dishonest person or someone
who's conniving but the expression literally is the one
who grabbed the heel so they may mean that and for the rest
of his life jacob was someone who grabbed the he leaves
deceiver it when he was became dead he still had
this deceiving and sugary kind and nature inside him your name was your identity and that's why member of the
commandments died in just a dog last we meet today
blasting my name though that my name in vain because you take my name in vain the you discredit me disrespect me the name is more than a name it's an
identity what's the name that we believe in to become children of the time what's the name of the car was the name baton god said i'm coming
to you give me those names listening because jesus package after one burst when when he
said to joseph said very simple you shall call is named jesus not because i think it sounds cool now
that it is nice aligning into the jade knelt we should call is named jesus kiss he will say you people jis me savior someone set means the one god states you should call his name jesus izzy he's the one who's coming to see you know the name jesus means it's been now of hosts on it's the now hosts on that jesus it's an outburst it's the one who's coming to you and
your son your drowned it's the one when you're blinding you
can see you reach out to him is the one who you're confused they
don't know where to go you crying out to have and say i believe look here's not just i believe that you
were a dog i believe that you are creator and i
believe that you are having until quite a lot under believe that high believed
that you want a lot you can save me from whatever situation i mean right now i've been you're the one who can say
given the situation in alright now the i'm drowning in a bit of confusion i'm
drowning an estate of darkness i'm struggling to come in bondage to say
that i can't break out you've been saying meet i'd believe that
you can save me because there's no salvation any other
name other than that and unless you believe in his name less
preceded and believe in his name that he's not just dont who saves you
when you dont you know i've discovered some pic everyone of us believe that god can
status with dike with a few of us believe that god can save us all a lot daisies reversibly that after we die
that i can say it's and documents double our lives i believe dot you can give me joy in life jesus i believe you can get mutually hosts on the bike ride to you i'm desperate i have no joy without you and i believe good only way confined
joint post on that to the son of david i believe that i can add purpose and
significance and value and needing to my life host on that i can't find it without you
host on that i can only finding you've i believe that even though i'm a little
time free life and no one said you have a problem for life but i can live about
the problems of life and i can have what about those talks about the spirit
felt like and i can walk in the spirit and i can live anon lukewarm by post and
i believe that i know i can't do without you and i will sign up another with you
i can do it susa date is a dave hosts on i'm talent you want to and easter sunday with new life you start the week of the east art is the week of bhaskar festa is the feast of easter feast of
resurrection you begin the feast of bhaskar the week of best with hasan you cry out to go something about palm sunday gets me everytime i don't know what tomy palm sunday is a more light this kind of the day any any days that week by good friday there and it's not palm sunday for me sapna dot something about the king riding on it dot very slow not russian walking right down the road there's little hole conceit he makes by contact with every single
person in the car as only jesus cady only jesus could see a multitude each person that
crowd could safe he's looking right at me only jesus to do that looks each one of us c right ideally visually coming out here you have to pull this
one today we are proud as per session upholding and i'm looking okay a contract retention stuff like
that one person antonio public in seeing the
backside this is not plan to just kind of one person in this picture you see here is jesus here's the bad guys the corral it judgment disease people is
this you see this seriously walker angela pictured you've got nothing to do or not to talk
to a few minutes ago or consciously cerebral to bottom just a little girl we can see here she's little girl is promotion hansa all around capt and jesus socom right now on the cold and is a little
girl was right in front pretend that she's okay she's right front she's like this sonic picture act couldn't take my eyes of little
girls i said you know what yes i would be this week because of the
deacons to be considered we would be considered as a former deep in my heart little girl sit like this and she said i was on the
just like the rest of them i saw was little girls you know what gone i won't be this girl this week all the chaos and all the commotion in all the study but i think receipt all the chaos and all the commotion and all the noise of all the all that
although although all of them install singles on son assam into sunday posts on their minds hassan in taking this i won't be disclosed you want to be his girl with nick i
wanna be discussed and he's going to come to church there's gonna be noise it's gonna be parking ms ninety stuff nearly all kinds of stuff on b disco sale sign i need you got so bad many salvation so badly came to my own and i know you the only one who can see i know the reason you rode introduced
him today is you won't be one c glory to god for it uh... you know it