2012 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 10 (Good Friday)

"Limitless Love"


and some of the holy spirit gunmen okay so the good news is this is all i got and let you know i would have thought
there's not going to be a long one today is all i got but will warn you that sometimes the
other preachers come up with something like this than they use the excuse that
they have so much in here that it goes long ok electric feel i have much in the
years old there's gonna be it for today signify days in the day that works okay is not a day of words like i told
you last sunday must give me a priest every single day holy week bennett called once our method if right because on that friday even the lord
himself didn't speak much right like starting from last night his words
were very very scarce reread passages label all passages where she sought like
the sixth hour after you really really really long and let me say anything maybe one or two words and some of the
accountant several pastors like this he spoke very very little because by today the words are done there's no more words today actions speak for themselves and i don't want it again talk to a
logger teacher dies anything just want to share what i was thinking
about this morning actually started from last night as a starting as being on thursday night there's an eye for me is when we see the
real suffering of the lord one of the early prophecies reread is on getting to taking the steps are
heads up don't count on the patriot weddings are
you reading early in this morning i saw when the prophecies it says is rising at says that he said
his face as a stone let's remember that displaces don't
because last night was the hard part all week was the hard part today i'd believe if i put myself in
elections actually easier than the previous four five days you know why the hardest part for me is going to the doctor to get the shot well actually there the shock is never
as bad as the thought the shot so all week its best but then once you name it that's what he said he put his face like
stalled he put his face down he just went through it that's why you
take a break in words so i think to myself maybe this is the we all have a human side just and like men especially think the way
down about six aside i think to myself when someone does such a great
sacrifices that's and we know the great sacrifice what is the response that we should give what is the response that we should give when someone does a
great sacrifice i think that's the man inside him item and inside me when someone does
something nice i tell them thank you but i want to do
something for us let let you do something for you when it when you called meningitis somewhat let me check from
the airport let me do something delight show you how much i really appreciate it
and to repay but that's the problem with this issue
we can take so so i think to myself cowman updates ophthalmic though that pipe bomb in a stock that and i'm glad
i'm gonna have gone up but no matter how much of that up it doesn't add up too the sacrifices any day for us and i say the sacrifice debate first
listen to this very important the sacrifice that that that the
salvation of christ gave us was completed civic but it wasn't just today but i'm talking
about the sacrifice that from the very very beginning god will be born into manger would lead among sinful people we have the guy and mystery tell anybody yet he's got a nice in a body and
disrespect that he would welcome at what the sinful
people and those disciples who let him down time after time to be
washed their feet but he would offer his body and grabbing
stay up all night and correct the sacrifices and just today to exist like the icing on the cake touches the
ball being tight again but the sacrifice has been around since its since the start what responds can ideal for this sacrifice anyone got his suggestions are practical first i need to feel like what practically is
god want me to do based on this frame order go to church in order stained glass she said trust him right answered but i
might add golden distraction that's a good answer
i started going to the speak about myself my case i we have had to invest a lot markets
requires sacrifice for our kids well f markets let's say but right now i started thinking mikey d_ okay michael
like this in first grade so he's like seven and that makes me ten years away from
college so that means i started doing some
mathematics and i started thinking about college and
how many of my kids call inter-lining and i struggled papers elementary school
that the staff discount on their masters told so how to pay for college and then
there's another one right behind him comets are starting to myself you know i start put this away here maybe make some cuts over here mister
nixon sacrifices for the boy to go to college one day you don't get an education well i want to retain but i want the
money back and i wouldn't object of the money came
back that's not what i'm aiming for what i want from him did you tell me thank you al sometimes
no that's not going to do it dot i want to be successful i want to be successful undressing because i believe in you yuan
intelligent young man you could be a great man in the universe you can change the world weren't primitive i'd believing you
allow one to do what i want to believe in yourself just aren't going to myself was god the
father walk for me as his son after a list he wants me to believe in myself because
he believes in me you now with our state like god loves god loves so here we saw
how much dot loves dot blots they should you know there were dot
blots though because live you know what it means means ten thousand everything
they need something in nineteen sometimes means nothing to
men means everything you know what it means firstly inspecting his definition of all
different aspects of luck and while they may see love believes all things not
part lobbying resolve faint and i believe we say that god loved us
so much today i really think i believe that is so much today but god believes in the words that mean
dot believes me dot believe me and i believe in you that you are really
investment that you are really investment that looked at my son i said okay you
know what uh... you know i believe in you army
break my back for ten years anna do everything i can because i
believed that you are something special i believed to have a mustache hilltop
because you know what no offense they may yet on top of any your kids to
college because they're not a special to me as
my kid gemstones and don't think that the wrong
way but i believe in my son and my son is the most special bueno
logbook i'd put my daughter too okay bible she's volunteers ways that's why believed that you are something great and i think that god looks down
yesterday and make no mistake about it our lord jesus christ he even said it member in the forties
account the cost so he's not given by these nothing to do and he looked down he said is worth continues use my supervisor front spun in this incoming message usimanx dependency is it worth it in the angels like no god don't do it don't do it will be sent he's now what gots no you know what he's worked you know what is bored answer is gonna be the most special blend of a
lot i love the sport and i just i love him weblog p such and i loved sunny days and i love not like a lot but i believe in you and i believe you are going to grow up
not today is important not to gain is how we get messed up we think we were supposed to be but most
perfect person today you are not the most perfect person today but i think that you will grow up and you'll be most special person on
this plane and you will change the world forever natalie says to you you know stupid got sad to leave and i believe in you so much not willing to show you unwilling to
break my back just what dr to die on the cross because you are right because you're not just some whatever not now themes to tank we many you are his workmanship creating christ jesus for good works which god prepared
beforehand that we should walk in i don't think you are so special you i'm going to have a special place in
the whole wide world undressed all this effort this energy this wide into you
because that's where you walked that have not been thank you my back to
my son code for the money even though he can use it anyway let's you see the classes anybody
when his part per class there are millions annoys me that offends me because i believe in you you know the first very nice yesterday wade said remember when she's lost beat we said wow blah blah blah blah blah say wednesday was the very first first john thirteen chapter one it said having left his disciples he lot
better cbn to the end you know to be endings you don't know what it means because what we all think it means
forever does it mean for that okay and he does not have traveled but
to say but he loved us like we might say that the largest of
the day and in his life on earth but they would imply vegan lot is that
we are told us before he was born in august with everlasting love it doesn't mean lobbyists in the and at
that time and these letters to the end as far as
eliminate of raha is not talking about time talking about
lot bloodbath another translation bible thanks for the better he loved this t_v_
almost he loved us as much as could be lost he gave to us as much could possibly be
giving he easily i'll add you like this for all your life for all your life i got a better life
i'd like to like tibetan almost extent it convite that's what i mean this is the largest
city yet because he believes because this is your work and he says
that all worth it ice age it's not like he says i'd already paid for your school make it work if you want to talk about a gift to give to go out is a verse in the bible in hebrews
chapter eleven vs which talks about if you're going to
give god against it must contain something in which is what with out blank it is impossible to please him without don't tell medics custs i'm not talking
about the he created the universe you have that pic amazon dot faithfully holes that were in
the palm of his hands my time but i think upon but the day today the believes in you i believe in you i believe in god need you to be the most
special personal life i believe it was on sunday i had this
fundamental belief my life but god lead me to be special and i'm not need to be ordinary person because god redeemed i've heard ordinary
person dot on dot specialty i believe i'm special do you think nam the only ones from the special do you think of the most special won
this round well you know what i do think on the most special industry and i want you to think you are the most
special ones because i want them to my kids so you know that somehow even others to an end that
each one is the most special once a week each one at hiding out and i know of but i've spent a month
although some people a year and in the gym don't brag ascap and i'm in a
special ones another i know that and i want you to know that you that's the beauty of dot you know we see in the creed he seemed like the flight case you know what that means means like example ails there is like a candle when christ his can build like if you'd like by the candle and i live another candle and i'll add another candle and i think
you know another can of another candle like that right means that this scandal didn't lose
anything for the scandal to gain average so somehow because god is divined that i can be the most special on the
whole wide world and stalking you and you know one of the staffing specialist armand special and i'm nearly one and
you're the only one as a member of the only ones and and dot mathematics that works we want to go out today is as we go through all this we sing hymns we do this stuff is that we know that he came to give us new life say that the necessary beautiful was not a harmless enough witnesses i
think in the third hour where he said he didn't come to heal us his healing this means that we were sick incoming he was he came to racist because we were dead he becomes a racist he came to give us a new life orlando acted like agrarian slot i believe it do you believe that's the question of god's asking each
and every single one of us if you believe i'll tell you where is
that we said one week ago six seventeen six days beginning legalize or saturday but jesus said not lazarus a case of denial not day by not states he if you were believing you would see the glory of god taken today as as god coming to you seventeen-year-old kid
you're seventeen-year-old kid today in saint i paid for you to go to school i've broke my back to do it blew out there and show me that it wasn't in pain glory to god forever