2011 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 9 (Good Friday)(English)

"The Big Exchange"


the name of the Father and the Son and
the Holy Spirit one God amen so this
week we saw so many different emotions
on crisis on Christ's face we saw lots
of when Antony pointed out the theme of
this week seems to be anger first he
turned the temple the temple upside down
then he curses the fig tree we see Judas
and we're told to to be angry at the
Judas inside of us a little Judas in
each and every one of us and last night
a boon of choice lifted all around he
told us how awesome God's Christ's love
was that he endured all that he endured
regardless of all that we kept on
hearing about who we are hypocrites
sinners of people that don't hear and
people that are stiff-necked and yet
Christ last night shows us his awesome
love but today is the day that we should
be blown away by his love today is a day
that each and every one of us should
come before the cross today just with
our minds blown away when Anthony also
told us about these last few days our
days of action well today is actually
the most action but there's a lot of
action going on behind the scenes that
were not aware of and I'm not talking
about the events that happened during
this day in which Christ was whipped and
when he was crucified nails
in his hands and in his feet in the
spear in his side I'm not talking about
those events today I'm given a feeling
that reminds me of time when I went to a
gift exchange at work it was a Christmas
gift exchange the company had some extra
money they said okay we're gonna put
some money into a pot everybody has to
contribute something people can bring
gifts or people can bring money and the
gifts that you can get are amazing there
was TVs and DVD players and karaoke
machines all this great stuff so when
you come in you get a ticket and the
number that's on your ticket is the turn
that you get to choose whatever gift is
on the floor I remember it was like the
first year has got married and sherry
came with me and we're there and I got
ticket number one I'm like perfect I'm
gonna get the best thing in this place
of course everything was wrapped you
don't know what you're getting I know I
know I know what you're thinking and I
remember my assistant manager was
looking at me she was like pointing at
something my relationship with his
manager was never the same
have you ever gone to a gift exchange
and feel like you got gypped and a lot
of us sometimes you are taking these
white elephant games there's always the
dumbest gift that somebody brings you're
like what were they thinking this is
what I got I was gonna kill someone I
was gonna kill someone I was gonna kill
my manager I was there quit my job I was
like this is a waste I came in I put
something good and I left something
today we're gonna see the big exchange
that took place but we didn't get the
short end of the stick and I think in
our eye on our eyes we think that Christ
is the one that ended up with the short
end of the stick but to him it wasn't to
him all that you're seeing here and all
that you're hearing in the tombs and the
hymns Christ didn't get the short end of
the stick as we might think
in Hebrews chapter 12 st. Paul tells us
looking unto Jesus the author and the
finisher of our faith who for the joy
that was set before him endured the
cross you see Christ knew when he was
going to get there saying what could he
have possibly gotten he suffered all
that he suffered for what it was
Christ's greatest desire that we would
be saved and so he was driven by his
love he had joy set before him that said
I'm gonna win I'm gonna win I'm gonna
come out on top today Christ didn't get
the short end of the stick and the
Theotokos that we sing all year round in
the midnight praises one of the refrains
is he took what is ours and gave us what
is his he took what is ours and gave us
what is his brace yourselves because we
need to leave this church today with an
understanding of where you stand and
where you stand when we come to the
our guilt is exchanged for holiness and
I know each and every one of us whether
you're honest with yourself or not we
all have those sins that bring us
feelings of so much guilt sometimes this
guilt torments us sometimes we get so
down on ourselves we say I can't face
we often see these sins as the
unforgivable not this one and this isn't
just for the lost people there are
servants they are deacons they are
priests they come and they just feel
like I just did the bad one I did the
bad one
I did the unforgiveable usually when we
have guilty consciences that weakens our
faith and we feel like we can't face God
how is it that I can now look at God
face to face again at the cross there's
an exchange we get rid of the guilt we
get rid of the guilt st. Paul tells us
in Hebrews chapter 10 verse 22 he says
let us draw near with a true heart in
full assurance of faith having our
hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience
you see when the high priest would go
into the most holy place in the
tabernacle he would sprinkle he would
sprinkle the altar with the blood of the
burnt offering in today we have the
greatest offering in Christ's blood is
sprinkled on our hearts that our
conscience is would be clear you see
there is never a time that we can stand
before God and approach him without
being covered by the blood of
whether you feel like you are full of
sin or whether you are better than
everyone else no matter what you cannot
stand before the throne of God you
cannot lift up your hearts team or
approach him at all unless you are
sprinkled by the blood of Jesus you
might think our sins are too big today
but today you should leave with a clear
conscience because today for those that
come with the right heart your
conscience is should be cleared it
should be clear st. John the beloved
tells us in his first epistle but if we
walk in the light as he is in the light
we have fellowship with one another and
the blood of Jesus Christ His Son
cleanses us from every sin every sin not
just the small ones not the ones that I
let slip by me every sin the sin that
you committed in full consciousness
knowing that you did this willingly
desiring running after the sin he's
saying if you walk in the light if you
turn and you walk in the light the blood
of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from
every sin that one sin that's creeping
in your heart that you don't want to
tell about it because you're so ashamed
and you're thinking maybe a Buddha is
never gonna think of me the same that's
the sin that's the sin today the Christ
is coming to exchange your guilt for and
to make you holy you see once you're
cleansed by his blood you're made a
saint you are made holy and you are made
as a saint before God you are given
Christ's righteousness your sins are
exchanged with Christ's righteousness
today you should come out on top because
of the blood of Jesus you've been
you've been justified you see the only
thing that would satisfy God is blood
without the shedding of blood there is
no remission of sins that's the only
thing that would appease God had to be
blood maybe to you you don't see the
value in blood but you have to look at
the blood with God's eyes you see God's
heart is satisfied with the blood
because the blood washes away each and
every one of our sins God today is
satisfying he's satisfied by the blood
of Christ today your enmity was
exchanged for adoption before you stand
before the cross you are standing as an
enemy before God not being able to look
at him not being able to lift up your
eyes you are God's enemy but when you
come to the cross you were not just
cleared of your enmity you are not just
a friend you were made a son and a
daughter of Christ you are his own you
have become his precious children behold
what manner of love the father has shown
on us that we should become children of
God that we should be called children of
God today if you come with the right
spirit you're going to come out on top
you're coming out with the greatest
in Romans chapter 5 verse 10 Saint Paul
says if when we were enemies if when we
were enemies we were reconciled to God
through the death of his son much more
having been having been reconciled we
shall be saved by his life and then in
Galatians he says but when the fullness
of the time had come God sent forth his
son born of a woman born under the law
to redeem those who were under the law
that we might receive the adoption as
sons do not leave
do not leave church any other way other
than Christ's baby your Christ baby your
Christ special one you are the one that
no one can touch this is in a figure of
speech this is why Christ died on the
cross this is why that he went through
the hardest sufferings anyone could ever
go through he did it so that you would
be his son or daughter no other reason
what a shame what a shame if we leave
still enemies of crisis
as an enemy you have no interaction with
God you can't look to him there's no
protection there's no grace there is no
there's no compassion there's nothing
for you but as a son you get all the
privileges you get all those privileges
imagine Malchus last night who is the
one that Peter cut off his ear he is
coming as an enemy of Christ he's coming
to punish Christ he has orders to punish
Christ he is the enemy and he leaves
after Peter cuts off his ear Christ
tells him permit me even this monkey the
Christ who tells the soldier that's
coming to take him away
after Peter just caught his ear he picks
up his ear and says permit me even this
let me heal you let me give you the
privileges of a son imagine after that
he told st. Peter if I want I can ask my
father and they'll send me 12 legions of
angels and I'm sure at that point
Malchus believed that was true of course
if you could just pick up my ear and put
it on of course he could call upon 12
legions of angels but he doesn't want me
to be an enemy he wants me to be a son
or a daughter at the cross a weakness
was exchanged for power st. Paul tells
us in 1st Corinthians 4 the message of
the Cross is foolishness to those that
are perishing but to us who are being
saved it is the power of God at the
cross the devil has no more power over
us which is why every day when we stand
before Christ and the Thanksgiving
prayer for you have given us the
authority to tread on serpents and
scorpions and all the power of the enemy
st. Athanasius describes the devil
on this day as a snake in which his
fangs have been removed and his poison
has been removed you can let a little
child play with a snake without fangs
that without praising there's no more
danger he's not power over us do not
leave this place do not leave this place
still afraid of Satan you have been
given power you have been exchanged your
weakness has been exchanged for power
what type of power the power the same
power that was given to Christ when he
raised himself from the dead the
greatest exchange took place today don't
be weak don't be weakened by your guilt
don't be weakened by the threats of the
devil you have power when you read the
Desert Fathers
and the monks and the devil would be
like whispering things in their ear the
fathers would take enough and in one
word the devil would just stop and
vanish because of the power that we are
given by the power of the Cross the
devil can't stand against us
today he exchanges for us the cross he
takes away the cross and gives us the
throne he takes the cross and gives us
the throne when Anthony told us
yesterday a few days ago he told us to
him who overcomes I will grant to sit
with me on my throne imagine imagine you
were given that you take the throne of
God we say in the fraction to the Sun
that is said at any time it says he
preferred the cross to the throne which
is carried by the chair of being he
preferred the cross Christ preferred the
cross because he wanted that throne to
be yours
even st. Paul says in Ephesians chapter
2 verse 6 he raised us up together and
made us sit together in the heavenly
places in Christ Jesus that's for you
it's not meant for the people that came
in righteous because the cross is not
meant for the righteous the cross today
is meant for the sinners and for the
worst of sinners the cross is meant for
the worst of sinners today if you are
that person in your mind you're saying
I'm the worst nobody knows I'm the worst
today Christ is coming and saying I'm
gonna take the cross as he did from
Barabbas he took away BR mrs. cross
Barabbas was meant to be crucified on
that cross which is you and me the
Christ took it for him
he exchanged for us kingdoms we were
living under the reign of Satan and we
were given the kingdom of God in
Colossians chapter 1 he says he has
delivered us from the power of darkness
and transferred us into the kingdom of
the son of his love you see back when
the Israelites were taken into exile
because they were living in sin they
knew what it was life like to be
transferred from one kingdom to another
all other possessions everything were
taken from them they were put in exile
and they were put in a new place under
the power of darkness the reigns of
wicked rulers but today the positions
are switched you are taken from exile
you were taken from captivity you are
taken from the reign of Satan and you
are given you are given the reign of
Christ you are transferred into the
kingdom of God don't refuse it take this
seriously don't be the person that
leaves this place with the worst gifts
at the gift exchange leaving with just
yourself and your sins don't be that
person in exchange for us punishment and
gave for us gave us reward and Isaiah 53
from 4 to 5 it says surely he has borne
our griefs and carried our sorrows yet
we esteemed him stricken smitten by God
and afflicted he was wounded for our
transgressions he was bruised for our
iniquities the chastisement for our
peace was upon him he took the
punishment I remember when I was younger
we used to have a centre table in the
middle of our living room and every once
in a while I would get into trouble I
was kind of a naughty child and like my
mom would run after me with the ship
and we would do laps around this table
and I remember my older brother was
there one time and she told him to hold
me and he held me for a second and I was
screaming cuz she was coming around the
corner and he felt that he let me go
this you got to be guess who got the hit
that day it's funny to think that
somebody taking your punishment somebody
taking your punishment so that he could
give us crowns says in Revelations 22
and behold I am coming quickly and my
reward is with me my reward is with me
I'm coming to give you a reward that's
why I'm coming don't be don't think of
the second coming as time of punishment
for those that are cleansed by the blood
of Jesus it is time for a ward that you
would have crowns of glory for the rest
of this day I want you to think of
everything that was exchanged curses for
blessings shame for glory so much was
exchanged on this day that you were
given do not leave the person down
lastly he exchanged death for life when
you look at the right-hand thief that's
his minutes were numbered it's the end
of his life he's gonna die he lived a
terrible life and here we have an
exchange when he confesses and he says
Lord remember me when you come into your
kingdom he says today you will be with
me in paradise I said no death for you
no death for you you're getting paradise
today me me I deserve to be up here I'll
know on the deserves to be up here not
and you're gonna give me life you're
gonna give me paradise in Romans chapter
6 verse 23 it says for the wages of sin
is death but the gift of God is eternal
life in Christ Jesus our Lord the gift
of God today is eternal life are you
ready to make the trade are you ready to
make the trade are you ready to get rid
of the old life are you ready to get rid
of maybe you came in here with a cold
maybe not moved by the readings maybe
you feel bad I'm reading that Christ
nails when they have the Christ hands
were nailed to the cross I'm not moving
maybe I have that cold heart say Lord
today I want to trade I want to trade I
want to trade my old life for a new life
in this day
Saint Paul tells us in him we have
redemption through his blood the
forgiveness of sins according to the
riches of His grace which he made to
abound toward us in all wisdom and
prudence the riches of His grace were
made to abound in us he wanted to give
us true riches but you have to make the
trade you have to have an exchange of
life he's saying my life for yours I'm
willing to give you the divine life the
heavenly life no more the earthly life
the shameful life the life that causes
me to keep going back to my same sins
and the vomit and all the all the
wickedness of my sins
today he's saying I want to give you the
divine life like I'm going to show he
told us yesterday except don't get jits
don't be the person that's gypped that
came through 10 hours of praises and
poked at the gums and you're gonna have
sore knees and South eyes because of
your my tania's and at the end you left
old life the blood that was shed on the
cross today is for each and every one of
us that we would make in exchange you
have to accept and lastly Christ says if
you then being evil know how to give
good gifts to your children how much
more does your father in heaven know how
to give good things to those that ask
him ask him today saying I want new life
today I am NOT leaving this place Lord
I'm not leaving before your cross until
I have a new life get rid of the guilt
get rid of the weakness get rid of the
shame get rid of the enmity and give us
that new life and glory be to God
forever amen