2011 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 4 (Eve of Monday)

"Jesus Cleans House"


you've seen like you know the jesus of
nazareth movie or the Jesus movie or any
of those movies this scene okay when the
Lord enters the temple is not an easy to
scene to watch you know what I'm saying
just not your heads if you've seen it
it's a difficult scene because in the
morning we saw like we were telling us
like humility gentle meek we liked him
it was very nice if you don't the sudden
he comes in and again if you've seen in
the movie out of control and he's raging
he's throwing stuff and he's yelling at
people and he's and he's making a big
ruckus in a big scene and he's doing
this like even we grew up like didn't we
learn that like okay we yell in the
street but we don't say that in the
house of God right like we do whatever
we want outside but then we say Haram
inside the house of God but Jesus was
like a crazy person he was like it crazy
and he was streaming and he was making a
big ruckus
what upset him so much
you ever ask yourself what upset him so
much like Jesus now have been alive for
33 years the stuff that he saw in the
temple today didn't just start yesterday
didn't it didn't just happen overnight
this stuff has been going on and been
going on him too going on and and yeah
you know some people weren't acting very
christian-like and they weren't being
very nice but it's not like they were
like beaten people in the temple it's
not like they were like you know robbing
them from behind their back and hitting
him over the head they weren't like the
worst people what their worst people in
the street than this weren't their worst
people our street what were these people
doing that was so bad what were they
doing what were they doing that was so
bad y'all know what they were doing it
says they were money changers and those
who sold doves money changers and those
who sold doves so people would come to
offer a sacrifice and they may not have
the ability so these people were there
and they did like some kind of business
transaction now where can we find the
root of the money changers and those who
sold doves who do you think started it
anyone want to guess who started which
bad guy started Moses Deuteronomy
chapter 14 it's in the it's in the law
it says that when you get to this whole
bit this whole chapter into running 14
about how when you should go and you
should offer a sacrifice and you should
go and you pay your tithe and then it
was saying you should bring this or you
should bring that and if you're rich you
bring this and before you bring this and
I was telling some people who may be
from very far away if you're coming from
very far away look what it says but if
the journey is too long for you so that
you're not able to carry the tithe you
can't carry a bowl if you're coming
across overseas okay or you're coming
from a long distance you can't carry it
if you're not able to carry the tithe
then you shall exchange it for money
take the money in your hand and go to
the place which the Lord your God
chooses so these people were doing
service they were doing a service and
yeah they may have added a slight profit
margin but come on times are tough you
gotta pay the bills some way shape or
form right my point is
why did he get so upset when he is the
one who came up his system for money
changers he's one who came up with the
system for people inside the temple to
do this service why was this such a
great crime but he went crazy on them
like he hadn't gone crazy on anyone else
understand the answer that question
which by the way as you'll see I'm kind
of giving you like by the end of here my
goal this year and Holy Week this is a
side note sorry one of the things that I
don't like about Holy Week is about how
weak it's so excited for the sermons the
sermons the sermons the sermon sermon
what's Goggins hell's to the sermons the
sermon sermon sermons and one I don't
like it cuz it puts a lot of pressure on
us we're number two I don't like it
because you limit God very much to what
my message is by saying that that's your
message you're saying I'm trying to say
what I'm saying is Holy Week is like
this and the sermons are like this so
when the sermons we yeah that's very
nice Holy Week is like this so I'm not
gonna tell you God's message for you
only God's message for you I'm tell you
what God spoke to me maybe that'll help
you and your time and your meditation
and your prayer and holy because more
than just sermons that's just a pet
peeve that's not what what what's what's
the temple designed to be like God
designed the temple right what's the
purpose of it the temple was designed ok
the predecessor was the tabernacle but
then it was the temple was designed to
be God's dwelling place the place that
God used to meet his people they would
come and offer worship they would offer
sacrifice but it was all about God in
this place was all about God and God
anyone here who was a Type A personality
do you love the temple because God
designed every detail to the most my
nudists detail God never said my lish
with anything in the temple God was very
very particular no don't use that color
use this color don't use that kind of
wood use that kind of wood and make sure
that its goal on this side and on that
side and a specific kind of wood and
exact measurements God was so type a and
detail oriented the curtains had very
particular size for the hooks the hooks
of the curtains God said they have to be
the size or else the whole thing is
messed up so God design God put a lot of
effort into that temple and God put a
lot of effort into designing it exactly
for his perp
but then when Christ entered the temple
this day he saw that it wasn't being
used for what it was planned for what
was planned and created for God's
purpose was being used for men's
purposes and specifically for men's
what I'm saying is when when when Christ
entered the temple this day he was
coming into the house of God where
everything was supposed to be focused on
God and on the worship of God and God
was the center and God's rules was the
center everything was centered around
God he walked into the temple and he saw
everything was centered around man and
it was about what people wanted and
about people's profit and what made
people comfortable and what made were
people needed and like I said I'm not
saying that those guys were the worst
people in the whole wide world but harm
saying is that those guys they lost
track of what's important if you'd have
gone to the temple of moneychangers
and you too like dug inside them you are
gonna find murders you are gonna find
the worst people ever walk the face of
the plain you're gonna find people who
went into God's house and they know they
shouldn't have raised the prices so much
to take advantage of those people but
business was just tough this week
business was slow my lish next week next
week next week and you too found people
who they didn't want to take advantage
of the guy who was like from foreign or
blind or sick or they didn't want to
take advantage but you know that just
God wasn't sent it was God's fault God
didn't send enough customers this week
it was God's fault so if God sent more
customers we wouldn't raise the prices
the problem here was the people switched
the roles in the temple supposed to be
about God they made it about me and
Christ done like that
he didn't like that
that angers him
Holy Week is a very good time
for us to examine our lives
holy because a very good time exam in
our lives Holy Week is not just a time
just kind of come through and go through
the motions I just kind of go through
same old same old like we do every year
this is it's time to take a break this
is a time kind of stop our day-to-day
activities you're already off your
schedule anyway
this is time to take it back and take a
step back and examine our lives is my
life about me or is my life about him
easy to answer my life is about God I'm
in church my life is about God but never
forget the people who he came to today
was inside the church was inside the
temple was inside the place of worship
and he went to them and said you guys
you guys got it all wrong you guys got
it all wrong
you're here for yourselves you're not
here for me you say you're here for me
but you're here for yourselves and you
know the saddest part of this story you
know the saddest part is that they
didn't even see it coming
all the prophecies that you read that
you saw read just now and you'll see
read over the next five days all of them
are the same thing about God is coming
to wake his people up
because the people of God have slipped
they clip their they're blinded they
don't see it and they need a wake-up
call and sometimes the wake-up calls
kind of rough
I think the saddest part of it was that
they had strayed so far from God's
purpose for them and they didn't even
see think about this
what's worse to be bad or to be blind
spiritually that is what's worse to be
bad or to be blind
the bad people Jesus had no problem with
them you're bad don't do that again okay
salt is the blind people that was much
worse the human who didn't see real I
thought everything was fine and they
couldn't see the problem and then he
came them and said you guys need to
repent they said we need to repent you
need to change and he said you guys
you're doing this all wrong he said
we're not doing it wrong you're doing it
wrong and the blind people like I would
always rather like let's say you're
married you got a wife or a husband
which better you make a dumb mistake
okay let's say for husbands we make a
dumb mistake you make a dumb mistake and
your wife comes and hits you upside the
head tells you that was a dumb mistake
she fixes you or your wife keeps your
mouth shut and she starts building and
building and building building maybe
she's telling someone else
maybe she's confiding in someone else
about your dumb mistake I always tell my
wife upside the head no problem better
than me make a mistake and don't tell me
I always tell the same thing to God I
say God this is my prayer to God always
I don't care what you say but just don't
stop talking I don't care what you say
honestly I don't care what you say just
don't stop talking
don't let me get to the point where I
can't see you and I can't hear you I
don't care what you say
I'd like you to encourage me but even if
you discourage me that's better than
being silent that's better than I can't
hear you and I can't see you well
tonight if you join me in that prayer
tonight tonight God is not being
silenced tonight Jesus enter into the
temple and he was loud
and he was messing stuff up and he said
to every single person in the side of
the temple you guys got to change
you guys got to change
this morning in the catholic epistle
read from the first Peter chapter 4 but
we stopped at verse 11 but I read the
whole chapter get the whole picture of
it and it says this verse 17 for the
time has come for judgment to begin at
the house of God what's the house of God
I'm the house of God on the house of God
aren't you the temple of the Holy Spirit
aren't you the house of God well the
time has come for judgment to begin the
house of God I made like that God was
telling me something this year for Holy
Week that's kind of like my own little
personal theme
not just lips but heart not just lips
but heart
is that I don't want to just praise God
with my lips I want to praise him with
my heart and I don't want to and this is
really hard this is the goal that I set
and I already broke it I'm sure many
times but this is my goal I don't even
want to say one our Father
just with my lips you know difficult
that is go home and count how many our
fathers we said if you came in from the
start go home and count me our fathers
go home and count how many times you say
lord have mercy or how many times you
say nine is the power I don't want to do
one thing just from my lips this week I
don't want to just come here who cares
if we all come here and we pack the
place and we sing and it's very loud and
it's very nice who cares who cares
that's what Jesus was telling people a
couple who cares you went to the temple
every day who cares if you go in the
temple and doing the wrong thing who
cares who cares who cares time has come
for judgment to begin at the house of
how do I know if it's me let me just
give you a few ways that I know when
it's me I'll tell you how I know when
I'm lips not heart I tell you how I know
when I'm lips not heart you tell very
easily in your attitude and your spirit
give you some options angry fighting
complaining bitter resentful negative
any of those
it's here not here it's here not here
it can't be here if those things it
can't and I'll throw on what I'm sure I
said judgmental too
be honest this week be honest don't just
come to church to come to church
the money changes it would have been
better off staying home today they'd
have been better off staying home today
and income and getting the earful that
they got from the Lord they'd have been
better off just staying home don't just
come to church this week who cares if
you come to church
this week we all forgot our hearts not
our lips and if we come it's about him
it's not about me and if I pray it's
about offering there's actually the
psalm that I read there it was talking
about bringing to the Lord bring to the
Lord bring to the Lord and if we if we
pray we come to bring to the Lord not to
come and take from the Lord we come to
bring to the Lord
you know I'm never gonna end on a harsh
note okay should know me by now okay
so I'll say something very nice I'll
flip now 180 degrees on I'll make you
feel good when you leave
that's what God always does to us right
even though on the effort always makes
us feel good by the end doesn't
when Jesus came to the temple what was
his purpose
what's the story in the Bible called if
you go to the story like if you go to
like that piece of the Bible like if you
go to John to where you did there you go
to like Mark 11 what's the section in
the Bible called the what cleansing of
the temple
the goal of this entry was cleansing
cleansing isn't that a nice work
the goal wasn't yelling or screaming or
fighting goal was cleaning and sometimes
cleaning hurts a little but the goal
make no mistake about it
Christ has always solved on solving the
problem not just finding the problem
that's in between us and him and that's
how you know sometimes you get messed up
in your repentance when you come to God
showed me I'm bad I'm bad and I'm bad
God never shows you you're bad God shows
you how you can be good he never shows
you your back God shows you this could
use improvement and this is how we can
improve God never ever shows you your
bad God tells you how you can be more
good better Christ's purpose here was
not telling them they're bad goes to
clean them what happened I saw this
verse this morning and I read it and all
day I've been thinking about this verse
I can't get this verse out of my mind as
soon as he came in he flipped the stuff
upside down anyone know what the next
verse was anyone know best verse what's
this verse 13 house it should be House
of Prayer and get out of here verse 14
oh there's then the blind the lame came
to him in the temple healed him
what's that verse
it's cleansing
now the temple has been all the bad
stuff and uh now there can be healing
now there can be victory
parents understand this very easily
when you yell at your kids you get angry
at your kids you're doing it to help Oh
Jesus did them the biggest favor this
day by yelling it would you agree with
that or no do you understand that we
agree with that one right that's an easy
one Jesus did them the biggest favor in
the whole wide world this day some of
them may not have gotten it but he did
them the biggest favor by coming in
they're going crazy I'm telling him
they're messed up telling him it this
way fury eights him he did him a favor
this day and I'm telling you
telling you
then when he comes in to you and you
examine yourself this weekend we're
gonna examine ourselves this week and
we're gonna see honestly what's going
inside there and we're gonna see is that
about me or is it about him am i coming
just here am I going in here and
sometimes he may
and it may be harsh it may be rough
though never forget the point of it is
cleansing and healing I said this
yesterday for those who are here I said
this week is a week of victory talked
about yesterday turn the gospel
yesterday but how this soon week of
victory this is a week power this week
of healing that's what this week is week
of victory week of best sin week of
resurrection and I told you guys about a
prophecy and you remember a prophecy I
told you about yesterday it's a book
that most people don't even others book
exists in the Bible anyone guesses
begins with a Z it's not Zechariah Zeff
and I did you know there's a book called
Zephaniah you need to know Zephaniah
because one day you can get to heaven
you're gonna meet deaf and I'm so you at
least want to know that he wrote a book
in the Bible Zephaniah chapter 3 is one
of the best best best best chapters in
the whole Bible and I did not realize
and I don't even know why to be honest
it was read tonight it didn't fit with
any of the other prophecies only up all
the prophecies were one line or a very
harsh line the Zephaniah chapter three
was in the very first hour that we read
ninth hour pumps that had you be just a
selection but I would much rather you go
home and read it when you go home
because you're gonna enjoy this very
very very very very nice I just couldn't
resist show you some of it
says sing o daughter of Zion that's me
I'm daughter of Zion shout o Israel be
glad and rejoice with all your heart o
daughter of Jerusalem the Lord has taken
away your judgments he has cast out your
enemy the king of Israel the Lord is in
your midst you shall see disaster no
more in that day it shall be said to
Jerusalem do not fear
Zion let not your hands be weak the Lord
your God in your midst the mighty one
will save he will rejoice over you with
gladness he will quiet you with his love
he will rejoice over you with singing
this week is a week of healing a week of
victory a week of joy a week of power a
week of all of Zephaniah chapter three
but it starts with cleansing
it starts with cleansing
your homework assignment for you come
back to church
is to do some cleansing is it let Jesus
get in there and mess some stuff up and
let him go to those areas you know those
rooms you know how like when a Puna
comes to your house you hide stuff right
okay no don't oh don't go in that room
you know how you do that laundry's not
folded or whatever it is
you know we do that to God sometimes too
we go to church we don't open this area
we don't open this area in prayer we
pray about all this stuff but we don't
open this well today this week your
homework assignment is to open those
rooms and to go inside some of those
dark rooms especially the ones that have
been dark and closed for so long that
you're scared to go inside you know
what's in there it's been dark so long
it's got to be all kinds of stuff going
on in there go inside those rooms let
Jesus go inside let him yell let him
yell don't be scared of the yelling it's
in love let him yell let him scream let
him anything he wants he's doing you a
most important thing don't come with the
dirty towel
you don't got to read but two or three
prophecies to realize what the end is
for the people that come with the dirty
temper this week we clean our temple I
promise you God
Zephaniah chapter 3 God will pour out
his healing and victory upon us glory be
to God forever amen