2011 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Palm Sunday Vespers)



it is not just one who is coming to
bring a gift to Christ we know that
marry the sister of Lazarus just came to
Christ and she told them I know I know
that if you would have been here you
would not have died we know that Christ
raised Lazarus from the dead this
today's gospel and here we have her
coming bringing very expensive spiked
Norden and anointed the feet of Jesus
why did she do it why did she do it why
would you take something so expensive
and throw it at the feet of Jesus
everybody around us wow what a big
sacrifice it's actually not that big of
a sacrifice somebody just had her
brother who was dead he was dead he was
in the grave for days stench everything
and she offered something so precious
something so expensive because this was
not just someone that raised from the
dead you raised my brother you have all
power you have the power to raise from
the dead in you is all strength you can
do anything it was a gift of devotion it
was a gift of Thanksgiving
there was a gift to say who else is
there to follow
who else is there to follow he's done
things that we've never dreamed that
anyone could do we didn't even expect
the Messiah to come to be able to do
this stuff
he raised my brother from the dead you
see in this woman such gratitude she was
so grateful to Christ you said you
deserve it all you deserve it all you
bring new life and I imagine maybe there
was a little bit of selfishness
Wow if she can raise my brother from the
dead what can she what can he do for me
I'm gonna throw gifts at his feet and
hope maybe maybe he's gonna do something
powerful in my life you see this woman
came with a spirit of saying there's
none other than you who else is there
but you people looked at her and said
what a waste what a waste if not to him
who else do we have that same gratitude
towards Christ the same Christ that has
all power to give new life to raise from
the dead to do things that I never
thought he can do is there anyone else
do I have that same gratitude do I have
that same spirit that says there's no
one else than to give everything what
are the things that we're giving our
hearts and our lives to what are the
pitiful things that we say here you can
have my devotion maybe it's my career I
put so much devotion so much energy for
the career that's gonna give me six
figures you're saying you're willing to
pour in 50 60 70 hours a week until work
so that you could have six figures this
is what the power that you are
worshiping you are worshiping the power
of money maybe it's the power of
friendship maybe it's I'm willing to do
anything for my friends I'll forsake my
family I'll forsake time with God so
that I could be devoted to my friends
and the life with my friends really do
your friends have this same power this
was someone that recognized the power of
Jesus have you recognized his power yet
have you seen Christ's power in your
life I'm hoping that this is going to be
the gospel about us by the end of the
but at the end of the week we're gonna
say you have all power I am gonna pour
everything I have into devotion that I
might just have that power working in my
life if you read this morning's quiet
time st. Paul was talking about he came
to demonstrate the power of the Spirit
of God
have you seen God's power are you
willing to pay a price to see the power
are you willing to offer some type of
devotion to say or do anything for that
power not the power of money not the
power of friendships not the power of
image and fame and popularity in the
power of this and the power of that I'm
willing to pay the highest price I'm
willing to give the highest price for
something that has real power I've never
seen power like this before
have you seen Christ's power and if
you've seen his power what devotion have
you offered if he's worked in your life
if you've been in a situation where you
were almost dead
whether it be physically or you were in
some type of crisis that nobody could
get you out if you were in that
situation and Christ got you out what's
amiss if I cannot even if it's a year
solemn what's what sit yourself even if
it's five-year save my life not only
saved my life but I'm willing to devote
everything I have to one who it seems as
though his power never runs out his
power never runs out to me this is one
who seized power and says I want that
power I want that power to work in my
life what price are you willing to pay
for power not for your own power but
that God's power that raises the dead
that can do the impossible that is the
resurrection in the life which is the
ultimate power to be focused in on you
you want to tell me Lord that that power
is meant for me
this is Day of Resurrection next week is
Day of Resurrection the whole week is a
week of resurrection I think you see
you see power in Christ you see power
you see strength and I wish that we
would be a people that would be seeking
power seeking strength and life
transforming strength none of this I
just want a little bit of blessing this
week I want to hear his voice know hear
his voice he could've heard that
yesterday you could heard that last week
that's great
it's not enough Saint Paul over and over
says that you would receive the power of
the Resurrection that Christ had when he
raised himself up from the dead there's
no greater power are you willing to pay
the price to say I'm willing to devote
everything for that power that I would
have a transformed life I'm sick of the
petty spiritual life I pray it feels
nice tomorrow doesn't feel nice I read
the Bible feels nice tomorrow doesn't
feel nice problem comes everything feels
bad no I want power that will drive me
to do new and greater things in my life
this is a week of power I pray that we
would see in this woman true devotion
saying I'm willing to pay the highest
price for the greatest amount of power
seek the power this week the power of
God and the strength of God I pray that
we would really pour our our hearts or
time or efforts or energy everything we
have to get the power and glory be to
God forever amen