2010 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 (Lazarus Saturday)

 "Give Me A New Life!"


holy sphere one God amen I'm telling you
I love Lazarus Saturday if there's a day
that isn't as touching as Lazarus
Saturday in the readings of Lazarus
Saturday and especially like I said in
the morning for those who are here right
early the few of you the prophecies that
are read in the morning of Lazarus
Saturday are the best prophecies of the
entire holy week and Lazarus Saturday is
all about like there's one theme of
Lazarus Saturday from the start to the
finish and it's all of in my opinion
it's all a Holy Week in a nutshell so if
you missed all the Holy Week you catch
Lazarus Saturday you can at least it's
like that it's like the clipped notes of
Holy Week it's like the the preview okay
it's like a little commercial for what
Holy Week is all about all the readings
they were about one thing one thing all
the readings today who paid attention
this morning Matins prophecies the the
handful of people that was here I told
you there was something special
those two prophecies that I told you
what was the theme of those two
prophecies anyone want to guess who Zeca
okay we read from Zechariah the Prophet
that but that was the last prophecy that
was specifically to Palm Sunday leave
that one aside the other prophecies
anyone have any guests suffering wasn't
about suffering huh
what was the subject of those prophecies
we read from Genesis chapter 39 or
forty-nine sorry we read from Isaiah
chapter 40 isaiah 14 knows their Bible
Isaiah 40 especially and read Zephaniah
chapter three was a three it's all about
one thing the power the might of God all
the prophecies are about the power of
God the strength of God the might of God
the glory of God this week we'll get
into the suffering stuff but today is a
great day for all we speak about is the
glory of God even the Matins gospel the
gospel of Matins who remember the gospel
of matter is about oh no you guys got to
get yourself a little Holy Week book
okay we we got get yourself a Holy Week
book and you must read the readings in
advance okay that's a commitment I made
a few years ago and I made the biggest
difference and anytime I come especially
the Holy Week
with all due respect to the Deacons no
offense Denny because I can't understand
the thing when I'm trying to here sit
here listen to the Deacons so want to
read it in advance
I'm not going to benefit much and given
them given by the response to my
questions I don't think I'm the only one
so I read it in advance the gospel Matt
and this morning with what the man bore
or not the man born blind a blind man
who was on the side of the road and
Christ healed him and then we read in
Lazarus read in the gospel about Lazarus
who was then God healed him and they
said he opened blot all of the stuff
today isn't the story just about Lazarus
about how Jesus raises that it's but
Jesus does whatever he wants okay God is
almighty and God is all power and it's
the Isaiah prophesied he who sits above
the circle of the earth and the whole
world's like grasshoppers in his hand
and and about those who wait on Lord
shall renew their strength and the
property of Zephaniah was about how
mighty God is to save us and about how
he shall rejoice over us and he showed
Joy's with dancing over us God will
rejoice with dancing over us and we saw
how he raised Lazarus from the dead
here's the message you walk away with
today Lazarus Saturday you prepare for
Holy Week with one message Holy Week to
me is all about like one theme which is
new life okay that's what Holy Week is
all about in a nutshell is new life at
the end of Holy Week it's not about
coming just to remember what Christ did
okay is not coming just to sing some
songs and just torture ourselves for the
sake of it because we got nothing better
to do the whole point of Holy Week is
that I start and then I finish different
I start and then I finish different new
that's why it's nice the Holy Week comes
in spring right that Easter spring cuz
it's new life okay the just as Jesus
died buried rose from the dead the Bible
says that we too who are in Christ have
died with him are buried with him and
will rise with him and we should rise in
a new life and I found out something
kind of funny about this new light that
Christ wants to gives us when it comes
to our attitude towards this new life if
I tell you that God has a new life for
you this week new starting one week from
today your life shouldn't be the same
new start new attitude on life new
outlook on life fresh stuff new new way
of thinking new way
looking at stuff new way of looking at
people I told you new new new new new
now wants to give you new stuff and
everything the Bible says that behold
I've come to make all things new he
wants to give you new stuff it's not
easy to believe that is it it's hard to
believe sometimes because let's be
honest I've been through a Holy Week you
know whatever how many years you've been
through Holy Week it's not easy to
believe there can be something new this
year is it let me ask you this question
think about this
anyone here doubt that when they die
that there's a resurrection of the Dead
and that we will be raised and that
those who were all of us okay we will go
on the right side and we'll go and
rejoice up there with him anyone doubt
that resurrection the body anyone here
doesn't believe that at the end of life
that we will be raised it'll be new
heaven and a new earth we will go live
with him forever and he would not
believe that everyone believes that
what's easier that or to give me a new
start today why is it that we believe
that's so easy but we don't ever believe
this that was actually the story of Mary
and Martha you pay attention
he came instead don't worry about your
friend Lazarus he live is that I know
they live I believe that they'll be life
at the end I don't believe there can be
life now well how can you why you
believe in that life and I believe in
this life and many of us it's easier to
believe in that life and it's very hard
for us to believe in this life well I'm
telling you that this life is easier
than that life that's why you said what
do you want eyes the blind open all over
my blind eyes what do you want dead
people raise raised it like what do you
want me to prove to you that I can do
anything and that I can do anything just
like you said to the beautiful ladies
right here he said did and I'd say to
you that if you would believe you'd see
the glory of God and I did all this that
you would believe that's what he said in
the beginning Lazarus is fine I did it
so that you would believe and they said
Lord no he can't be
we can't invent when they said something
very nice right here when I read it this
morning it hit me very nice he said take
away the stone Martha the sister of him
who was dead said unto Him Lord by this
time he he stinks
I love that translation of the Bible by
this time he stinks and I said Amen Lord
because I've been looking at my life for
the past beauty because I stink and I
look at it stuff around me and I don't
know a bunch of people who look at their
life past few weeks lens there's a hard
time for a lot of people my spiritual
life stinks my relationships stink and
the way I think stinks and my habits
stink and I stink
what does they know your stake I know
you stink but that's okay I can solve
even stinky people as an amen Lord
because we got some stinky people here
that are need of new life and I found
that the question this week is not
whether or not he will give new life
questions not whether you believe and if
you believe all things are possible to
him who believes and if you don't
believe nothing is possible to you
simply you don't believe go read the
prophecies from this morning go read
Isaiah chapter 40 from the very very end
have you not know and have you not heard
the everlasting God the Lord like that
how he gives power to this to the to the
weak and he lifts up those who are cast
down even the young men shall fall but
those wait on the Lord every everything
the Lord said today was I have power I
have might I have glory I have I have I
have I have I have I have I am now it's
our turn whether to believe or not
believe Lazarus was dead Lazarus was
stinky Matins there was a guy who was
blind one touch from the Lord new life
and he said I know we're gonna talk
about new life at the resurrection
that's not the new life I'm talking
about talking about a new life right
here and right now the question for us
is which one of us will believe what the
Lord said alright let's start Holy Week
Holy Week starts today not tomorrow
let's start Holy Week on the right foot
and say Lord everything that I just saw
here in Lazarus tomorrow I'm coming Palm
Sunday and I and I'm coming just to be
close to you because I know that you are
the giver of life and of all that is
good if I'm close to you everything will
be good in my life okay
I'm close
to you I got everything that I need and
God believe me wants to give you that
newness of life more than anything else
glory be to God forever