2009 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 7 (Eve of Thursday)

"The Limitless Love"


The name of the father and the son the Holy Spirit one God Amen. Here we are now Wednesday evening. Almost there. Here we come be here. on one hand We have the Pharisees in the scribes. planning how they can secretly Arrest the Lord sees him put him away get rid of him on the other hand. You have one of his own. Getting see how you can selling. How I can get extra but just for getting rid of Jesus. in the middle if true love we have Mary who anointed Christ and Bethany. If you could open up your books to page 245 in the newer books, if an older look at Smiley page 254. receive Mary the sister of Lazarus coming She takes a pound of ointment of spikenard for is it over his head? When's his feet wipes his feet with her hair? House is filled with the owner of the ointment. Then said one of his disciples. Why was not this ointment sold for 300 Denari and given to the poor? He says you have the poor with you always. Lisa's let her alone against. Then said she's let her alone against the day of my burial has she kept this for the poor always you have with me, but me you have not always with you. They also says wherever this gospel is preached. What this woman has done is going to be remembered everywhere. Are any of us tempted to ask? Okay, what you did was great. Was really nice. But really that wherever the gospel is preached what she did is going to member everywhere. Is anyone tempted to ask is it wasn't that special? Was it that special that she wherever the gospel is preached anywhere at any point of the earth what she did is going to be remembered? Let's be honest. Do we really think that she? Came to anoint Christ for his death in his burial. Was that her intention? I don't know. The Christ looked at it. And so something very special in it. the breaking of this Alabaster flask Is the best illustration? Of the act of love that was performed by Jesus on the cross and his burial. And this is why Christ gave it such a high honor because there is no better illustration. Then what this woman has done? example of fire to signify the great love that Christ on the cross. Wow, that's a strong statement. That's a strong statement statement to say that this woman's love is comparable. He can say that this was. something of that magnitude as she broke the alabaster flask the ointment filled the room that the smell of the aroma of the ointment filled the room. And there was no denying. the fact that she did the same thing we see with the cross. the aroma but the father smelled in the evening while Christ. was crucified on the cross that Aroma filled the whole world for every generation there was ever going to live from that point on. The three points in which Mary's act resemble the Great ACT that Christ did on the cross. The first one is her motive. If you look at her motive and the motive of Christ, they're the same Mary had a pure love. She loves Christ with her whole heart. What you did for her family with what price did for her family how he raised Lazarus from the dead for the instruction that he would give her in her own home. The amazing Miracles he was doing everywhere. She was in love with him. She couldn't keep it in words couldn't Express what she wanted to tell Jesus of how grateful she was. this was the result of somebody Whose actions are determined by the level of Love they have and the same thing we see with Christ. Of course Christ is far deeper and stronger. every the whole account of Christ Convent on Earth was Jesus loves Sinners and everything that he did was driven by his love for sinners. We can see it in the book of Nehemiah. Another one had the same love me and Maya. Was in the courts. the Persian king he couldn't stay in Heaven's Court. They couldn't stay in this court any longer. Knowing that his brother's need assistance his love for his people. Motivated him to go back to Israel to build the walls of Jerusalem. It was a heart that was driven by love. It was a heart that could not be contained. By their own love the spirit that was in Mary and the spirit that was in Nehemiah is the Same Spirit or is it similar Spirit to this spirit that drove Jesus to lay his life down for each and every one of us. The good work also resembled Christ in his self-sacrificing character. It wasn't without sacrifice at this woman did this act? In two of the gospels in the gospel of Mark in the gospel of St. John they make it very clear. This was no Chief stuff. It was very expensive 302 300 denarii, which is 1 years worth of work for any labor. Any labor? We have to save up a whole Year's worth of income to do with this woman have done. That was for a laborer. This was a woman staying at home. Maybe she received some kind of inheritance, but she exhausted all her savings and everything that she had. in order to anoint the feet of Christ This was No, Ordinary Love. This was no love that said, let's do something nice for Jesus today. This was going to cost. This was going to make a dent in her bank account was going to make all the difference in her future. How many of us can take their life savings and throw it at the feet of Jesus? Christ Lutheran said look she did what she could this was the best she could give. They're complaining on one side. This is a waste and he's saying she gave it off. complaining on one side praising the other In Christ is looking turn saying this person. how to limit this month what is Limitless love? All her earnings are savings. everything she put it on her saving in exchange for a box this big. sport on the feet of her savior self-sacrificing devotion I want to ask you to everyone of us tonight. Have we seen a devotion like this before? original exhaust everything that you have offer the love that you cannot express with words do we have that love do we long for that love do we have this love inside of us that says You deserve it all Lord. You deserve it all. Your everything when we look to the sitter woman. Who did the same Act? She said her tears. Wait to see with your tears. The hair of her head and she kissed his feet. And the Pharisees were complaining. They said if he knew what kind of woman this was, it wouldn't let her do it. When I get to see this example. If the room at if if there was a master who forgave two people. one 500 denarii in the other 50 Who would love him more? He said of course, the one that has 500 not deny forgiving the one that has the bigger debt. That person is going to Love More. How are we living tonight? Are we living the Gratitude towards Christ as if we were forgiven 50 denarii? Have to be honest when I look to my own sins. 500 denarii is a small word for how much I was forgiven. Do I live in that same gratitude do I express that? Same latitude that I was forgiven $500 for giving such a big debt that I owe him my life. I'm indebted for Christ forever. I'm indebted forever and you're going to see it. By the way. I live you can tell this person lives his life. As if he was forgiven the greatest debt ever to be forgiven. Where are we like the person that was forgiven 50? Denerim say thank you Lord. It's great. I appreciate it. I love that changed my life or anyting long enough to make every decision. I can make based on the fact that I'm indebted to you forever. That was the same spirit that we see. in Marion Same symbols our savior. He did what he could do. Whatever was possible for him to endure humiliation sorrow suffering. He became sin. He became a curse. He was not going to listen. at all the suffering that he was going to take just because he wanted to show how much he loves us. He denied himself the advantages. the divine power Divine privileges The boy be born in the manger. We have no place to lay your head. You would be justified Lord, if you stayed in the palace and then all the amazing things that you did you'd be justified why my love is too much. I want to show you my love. I want to express my alarm. It's the Heart of Jesus. self-sacrificing devotion He emptied himself. He made himself poor. Is the heart that is full of love that makes sacrificing easy. play slipped and said they're so precious. You're so precious. Wasn't hard for him. Same thing with Mary Christ was so precious in His sight and her eyes. What's the big deal her heart was so full of love with him? remember early in my marriage first Christmas. I wanted to get my wife something very special and went and got her something very expensive and she's like, what are you doing? Please play so much money. Are you crazy? Is it saying that we have an Arabic? I'm going to come Chevy. I'm the game shorty how many seconds do I have? To give her the most expensive thing in the world. How many of us say this about Jesus? How many jesuses are there that made his life down for me? deserves it all new industry my 40 days set with mini set. I don't want you to be the priests that is. Known to be the sermon Giver. I don't want you to be the priest that is known to be the one that plays nice liturgies. I want you to be the priest that is wounded with Chrysler that is pierced with Christ. Love that you are. Making every decision according that love that's the priest I want you to be. Are we then same Christians that our hearts are pierced with Christ love? Let me ask him. That's more with your love that I can offer you more and more and more. Becomes a delight to endure hardships for the heart that is so full of love. This type of heart is not satisfied. By any other way, except the opportunity of expressing itself with labor and toil. And high costs that's the love for Jesus. I love the heart. It's not satisfied any other way unless I give the most unless I pull out the best thing that I have. the thing from which selfishness shrinks love eagerly Longs for selfishness shrinks away from any cost I will do what I can. at the least possible cost the heart that is pierced with love. eagerly bongs for paying the highest price It was indeed Christ pleasure to suffer for our Redemption. And he Bruce St. Paul tells us who for the joy set before him endured the cross for the joy set before him you would enjoy the for you for me. What a great love lures. the great one that you desired you long for caring that cost for my sink. Bryce had no intention of achieving our Salvation at any small costs. Grace didn't measure the blood that he shed. He didn't shed the blood in proportion to the amount of Sinners that we're going to be saved. Let it all go. I believe that the price was was high and I believe that he had to pay a high price. I don't believe that what he said was equal to the price of all of our sins. He kept going and going and going after the whipping enough. S&M how much you offered after the whole thing? That's enough. Perfect carrying the cross cuz heah, I can ask you for any more. I have to show you I can't let my heart rests until I show you how much I love you. It's the Heart of Jesus. Heart is not satisfied by paying any small price. Awesome Aries good work resembles. resembles that of Christ on the cross and its magnificence She took a pound of costly oil a pound of oil. She would have been Justified if she would have taken expensive or you want to take expensive oil fine. You want to join gym fine? There's no problem. But I imagine taking a pound of costly oil and drenched in the Lord with it. I imagine there was oil everywhere and it's closed on his beard Miss feet. What is crazy woman doing? What is crazy woman doing? offered no limits But I think this is what struck. the disciples when they saw this Okay, you love him love him cuz I don't don't be crazy. When are we going to be the ones that are crazy? Saint Paul says, I'm a fool for Christ sake. I remember many times in our trips to Africa. SS hoteles, when are you going to do something crazy for the Lord there were times where we wanted to go out into the streets and be arrested. Do something crazy for the Lord? He's worth it, right? She loved in the Magnificent way. Same thing with Christ Christ wasn't economical. It was an economic on the way that he shed his blood. Like I said, he didn't count the drops of blood. He didn't measure the sufferings. It didn't say this equals this he wanted to make sure the money that were going to be saved. No. I'm going to shed enough blood so that all mankind can be saved. Whoever wants to take up some of that blood. You're welcome. Not for the money, but for the all people look to Christ they say they've been dying. Why did you waste your tears over? the desolation of Jerusalem their precious Jerusalem is precious, but you know, it doesn't matter. What command your gospel to be preached to every corner of the Earth? You know that everyone's going to believe. Maybe not even have someone is going to believe what command that everyone should know. when I just choose the places that you know People's hearts are going to accept no. Because I love everyone there's no limit to my love. When he showed his love he showed it in magnificence. Also David David recognize that same that same magnificent. love when he remembered how Moses anointed Aaron how it fell upon his beard in his garments the oil which would have been enough for that ceremony just to anoint his head and that's it. Did Moses when he wanted to anoint Aaron as a high priest the oil was just going everywhere? There's no waist. There's no waste for the things of God. Is the story of a missionary? When he was a student. He was doing well. Graduated from college went served in China. was suffering the greatest suffering and his life was just From Cross to cross the cross the cross it never ended 1. James time. He came back this meet his professor. Hilltop beat up not well fed. Looks like a mess. In the professor's looking to him saying what are you done with yourself? But you waste yourself doing what you remember those High marks that used to get in a university. He began to think. Was it really a waste? 4 seconds. He was depressed. I wonder what it could have been. I wonder what I really could have been and he woke up and realized when I sing. Is there any waste for Jesus? Craigslist anything for Jesus He deserves it all. Begin to realize I wish I can waste every ounce of my breath and energy for the Lord. Play slick turn instead of sure that I say to you wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world what this woman has better will also be told as a memorial to her. She offered the greatest capacity of self devotion. He was so pleased with this deed. It was as if a king who took any Soldier and gave him Knighthood and he canonized this act as V gospel. This is the gospel. In Canada has any other gospel? He said this is the gospel. the act of devotion self sacrificing magnificence with Christ with him is abundant Redemption with him is abundant Redemption. There is enough Redemption. for us all and he wants he wants to discuss people this gospel be in every heart for all who believe in me I expect Altima teeth with this woman dipped a theme of believing I seen a believing that it wouldn't be showing it with Anthony have have made for us. You want to believe? The heart that is believing will imitate this woman. That's the heart that really believes in the Savior the heart that believes in this savior the inhalers abundance Redemption. It's the heart that is going to imitate this woman and everything that she did. Where is devotion is the chief of Chris Christian virtues recommending her he's saying? He's not just defending her he's saying you think this is bad way to see what I'm going to do. You think she's wasting her cell phone on meat wait to see what I'm going to do for you. He was defending himself and the love that he was going to show. She married didn't calculate the risk. What expenses she didn't feel anything or anybody especially knowing that Christ was wanted everywhere. She can't count any costs. She gave it all. The disciples look to her looked at her with a cold heart. They had a cold love towards Jesus. Yeah, we love you Lord, but I come to the Cross we're not going with you. Sorry. You go by yourself and they hit. Who was at the cross the Mary's the Mary's right across it is the heart that cannot be contained. Does the heart that cannot be contained? It's going to fall into the end. It is the Burning Heart for the Lord. Not the Casual heart. The cart the heart that comes before the board and says Lord. I love you. And I'm going to come to church. I'm going to confess and I'm going to say throat tattoo gone once a year. Might be the heart that won't end up at the cross. That might be the heart. Doesn't have the same devotion that would have banned in Christ in his sufferings. How great she is. Even though he was about to die. She didn't even know it was coming Christ happened to the disciples Apostles over and over and over again. It's going to happen. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. Coldhart this woman didn't even know. No special occasion. I'm going to give it all. What a great mom. If you believe in the Lord imitate this woman. imitate this woman I pray that each and every one of us in this holy pasta. Pray for wounded hearts or for pierced hearts with his love. That would love him without limits as he you're going to see tomorrow on Thursday and Good Friday. How limit this is Loveless. Are you living your life as one who was forgiven? 500 denarii? The one who was forgiven 50. I pray that we always keep us in our minds. The weed wrench Christ with our love. And we don't stop and we give and we give and we give and we give and we become fools for Christ's sake and glory be to God forever. Amen.