2008 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 6 (Holy Thursday)

"The Judas in All of Us"


The name of the father son Holy Spirit one God. I meant just a quick word about the rituals that we're doing at this hour and the readings that were doing at this hour and it's very important because that's what the Lord condemned the Hypocrites in the Pharisees for doing stuff that they didn't understand. The first hour of Thursday, obviously, the central focus is about like Judas. Okay. We're about to this nice was just going to see how long it was as beautiful. As this was like a quarter of it is like 10-15 minutes out of 43, like a reason to be like a really important this first hour of Thursday. I know the right word is it's a mix of like sad, but not sad but like somber why This is the hour. This is the hour the Judas. is done Judas is done. This is the hour that just like it says right there and we just read. It said that he who had a heart with us in this ministry. He was a part of us. He was a part of us. He was a part of us been in our ministry. He been part of our life with us as surely some of the Apostles is Judas was their friend and surely as someone he was like in a trusted person visit someone who held the money box on the apostles who was a part of us now he's gone. He's done that a person should take his office. The show I was telling me yesterday. He was joking with me some Judas Priest. Who is that who is that we loved this is the best time that we can come in and say all these bad things about someone in church. Based on how they chose this poor fool. They would at the end of the Church march to mount something like that would be cast out and then they would March. Is Judas is done? They asked me meaning there for us. It has to be meaning it really has to be this is all empty rituals. What's Judas? This morning as I was no contemplating in last night and this morning and we are praying about the events of this morning. Just kind of going over the rituals and things like that. There's a will die and it will go away today. Hey, did you just inside every one of us? You know him that we say let you know what you said last night what you're going to say and it in a minute right after his profession, which is the song. It's like the different is smoother than oil has his words are smooth and like save me from the unjust man wears this unjust man enemies of us through the vent oil and then God wants the me in Antigo. But be careful when you trying to get rid of them cuz there's a sneaky a little party never noticed. There's a sneaky I promise you it's there cuz it's easy to yell at the Jews in the Pharisees and scribes and those guys is bad and that's what Holy Week starts or done with them done with them now. There's a more serious enemy miss one sneaky. And this one's been in there. And there's the piece that's always saying no Stones. I was wrong. No sound so deserves this know, you're right justified in this there's a piece of you that tells you know, it's okay because this is the piece of you that justifies the skin and is the piece of you that doesn't want to die. This is the piece that today must go. Believe me. There's a Judas inside you believe me. There's a Judas inside you. Judas is sneaky. And Judas is crafting. His words are smoother than oil and he can say whatever he wants, but believe me. Get rid of that Judas Judas in 2,000 years ago is gone. He's not a problem anymore done, but that's around today. Is this Judas was a nice words, but he will he will betray you. meeseeks your death don't you sing the words contemplate as what I said last night meditate. What is it? We're doing why's we're doing it if the church gives it to him for 45 minutes and then gives on top of that which is about to be 20 more minutes. Contemplate understand what the Judas is and where's the Judas and say today? Judas must go. Judas must be cashed out. Gives you this another chance can't be the Judas who was with us is gone Judas must go. We tried to fix Judas we tried we tried to fix Judas and we can. we tried to reach out to Judas and he's unreachable to Stouts, Judas Judas must I hope we can identify our Judas. I was contemplating it again. I know my Judas and I know my weakness. And I see the poison man inside me get rid of this guy. He's been a fart with me for so long. I don't really I don't know if I can. We just sang that's fight of him. salvation of my race salvation of my race and present Judas de Judas is done. Today he takes out Judas. Where's the power juice? I'm in Judas gets the boot glory be to God forever. Amen.