2008 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Eve of Monday)

"Cleansing My Temple"


Palm Sunday I apologize in advance if I sniff into the microphone, but I'm doing my best here. I would have said something to us this morning. He said that theme. When should I talked about it last night, which is about Jesus as King King Jesus what it means that we say Emmanuel Our God and our King. What does it means? We say Majesty? What means we say thy kingdom come in a lot of our prayers. I can't think of a better goal for this week. Then we get to the end of this week. We understand what it means that thy kingdom come. We're living in God's kingdom not living like saying the said not Kingdom when we die as a lord Jesus Christ of the kingdom of God is within you I would love it there by the end of this week. I say Jesus is my king king of my working of my home King Of My Life king of my thoughts king of everything and everything is Majesty as his and he's the ruler of it. That's the picture that's been set before us beautiful picture. Jesus is King. You have a nice icon on the other side of this Everyone likes Jesus on his throne is King. The crown has thrown us. We love that kind of picture and this morning. We got it together for the first step of that our Lord Jesus Christ came riding on a colt and a foal of a cult and rode into town he rode into Jerusalem to declare hiding it for a long time and he been kind of letting us slide and in giving his hands been in this morning. I'm working this morning came out and said, I'm the king of your life. the people responded Hosanna king of Israel son of David from all over the world. The scream hosanna in King of David just like we did this morning now that the king is here. What's the first order of business? The king is here the king walked in this morning. What's the first order of business on the king's agenda and just coming like Satan had mentioned like the pope before Pope Benedict waved us? Kids coming with an agenda. What's the first name of his agenda King Jesus your the King Persona to you? Son of David king of Israel King over me was first on the agenda. What's the answer? Horse Avis. I wish it was got to save us from Matthew chapter 21. It was actually read this morning. But we didn't focus on as much but it was also read again in the ninth hour of Palm Sunday. He says the first thing that was red comes into town. I'm the king or the king we accept you as king but I want what's first on the agenda says when he came into Jerusalem all the city was moved. Who is this in the multitude send this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee and Jesus went into the temple of God and cast out all them that's sold and bought in the temple and overthrew the tables of the money-changers in the seats of them that sold us and said unto them. It is written my house shall be called a house of prayer that you have made it a den of Thieves. What Paul is right there? What's the first order of business on the king's agenda? Bless us. Give us gifts. Handout from bunnies or something like that. He's riding with give us little crosses at the door. What's a parka? What's the first order on his agenda item? Again, let's go back over the story. The story is Lord comes into town says I'm a king everyone from all over the world people that haven't come to church all year, charge on this day until you're the king we got there. We scrape was out of town while I'm just like David like this is not two different worlds the same world the same way all the city was God that they're all of Jerusalem the holy city today the holy city was Cottage decorating ourselves. We screamed with bombs and everything we say, Is it goes to the holy place? He goes to the temp inside place? He goes crazy. Such screaming like people kicking stuff around and a whip of court is king of beasts one piece King Of Love King Of Joy songs music writing. Like I said, we want the Queen of England just get a bless us wave to us do sign of cross over. My life. God is not that kind of can you not the Queen of England kind of King? Our Lord Jesus Christ the kind of King that he says you want me in the room. Okay, once I come in the room, I'm in charge of the room and I need to to fix the room. I can relate to this very much because I have a little thing. Moonshadows last me slightly OCD slightly, but I don't consider myself OCD obsessive-compulsive personality disorder like a feature ocf like the stuff I get a can't the other day. I was in his office and him and bushard and if you ever been in their office the mission life center people back here. I couldn't I couldn't okay the desk is all piles of stuff and and and I just couldn't and I know I gave John a piece of paper. I need a piece of paper and he's looking at his desk and I could like even ask him. I really have to leave the room. I said call me when you when you find it cuz I can't handle that was my room and sometimes when I want to sit down you laugh at me like when I want to sit down and read my Bible and I know if I want quiet time tomorrow. Well I have to do tonight. I got to clean my room. Okay, because if I go down to the room in the morning and there's Get a key Benjamin things. I can't concentrate. You know, what? Maybe our Lord has a little bit of that name as well. Maybe cuz he walked into the temple. And it was stuff that was out of order stuff. That wasn't in place. Stuff that didn't fit and you couldn't concentrate so you know what? Have to get rid of that stuff. What was that stuff? All the readings tonight special the prophecies about the same thing. They want the most upbeat chipper readings about the Lord's Day the day of judgement as well. What's the message? Lord comes as king of a blessing. When Lord comes as king stuff will fly. Stuff will get thrown out the window will get turned over and upside down. Is that good news or bad news? That good news or bad news. We hate this gospel. We hate it. We hate this gospel. We hate it because we understand it. But I'm scared that I hate it because I do understand it. I read a quote like a member who said it said that what troubles me about Christianity is not what I don't understand what I do understand. And I get scared that we don't like this because we don't understand it because we understand. Him coming in and throwing stuff in the temple is good news. Depends how attached you are to the stuff. Israel this day was made better or worse. The Jews as a nation when they better or worse the temple was better or worse after this. better 100% better but it depends how attached you are to the stuff that's inside that determines whether it's good news or bad news. That's for you to take some time and meditate and see but I have this to tell you something. It's not necessarily bad things. The tables overturned. What happened to say what happened? Just making a living, right? What's the big deal? I bet you those people I seen it was a big deal. It was just the stuff. Stop that they were doing. What I mean by that is drinking drunk and having prostitutes and stuff in there. The stuff isn't necessarily bad. It's stuff that didn't belong to this King. It wasn't his stuff. Therefore. It had to go. It may be bad and may not be bad. Either way doesn't matter. It doesn't belong to this King. Jesus comes into our life temple in there some stuff has to fly out and I'm glad these messages are you know, why? Because even if we had this message last year over the course of the Year stuff builds up stuff builds up. We live in the world and the stuff of the worldly Kingdom builds up stuff. Like what's up this morning? Hey my appearance. My physical appearance or my reputation before others? Things like my desires my careers things like my relationships these things start to build up in a focus on these things in our life starts to revolve around these things just like the people in the temple their life revolves around the stuff and I will choose Christ came and threw everything that their life revolves around. Why because you can't have two kings if you want this King some stuff from that King has to go. Wing Dash car salesman tough questions and I can't ask a question. I can throw some questions at you. But you really need to ask yourself these questions what are things that I hate when people want to rely too much on sermons? That's why I hope even I can preach less. Okay, because don't rely on the sermon sermon just gives you like the hook and then go home you Matthew 6:6 go to your room shut your door and then figure out the answer, but please don't think I can tell you the answer. Okay, cuz I can only speak about myself. I can't speak about your each one of us has different things need to be thrown out. Okay, so I just give you the little thing then you go figure it out. But what I'm saying is is there stinks that we build our life around? I'll throw in a few examples maybe some of us it's our career. I was speaking with someone earlier this week who's a good person and recently made a change and God in his life and this and that and then something happened. You may lose his career forever young guy. How attached are you to that career? I'm not saying it's good. I'm not saying I wish you lose your career today. single married We build my life around these things. Sometimes he comes in today and so single leave at 1 family son daughter father mother brother sister, whatever. What if he comes and takes that? I guess I'm not saying bad stuff. I'm saying the things that we build our life around especially over the course of the year. If you want to make him King when we make him king and queen has to go flying out that window. How attached are you to that stuff? now now that I've given you that very uplifting and beautiful message. I'm sure you're all very excited to make Jesus your king return stuff will be cleaned out that you really didn't want to get rid of. I'm sure I made y'all very excited. But here hold on one second. He before you before you get to that point, there is one of the most beautiful verses in the world in this gospel. Tim Heidecker song called a few hours ago and it's like a gem which is the best verse in the whole gospel. Utah versus Oregon He went up to the temple of God. You want to hear? Okay, he started cast and stuff out all then it's sold and bought in the temple. He overthrew the tables the money changes and the seats of them that sell Doug and he yelled at them on top of that instead of my house shall be called a House of Prayer. You have made it a den of Thieves. Ready? Ready? In the midst of the anger in the midst of the cords in the whip to the overthrow ready. And the Blind and the lame came to him in the temple and healed. Whatever's come from last year for my life. first come from you know what when the Lord comes and cleans and throws and tosses and makes There's something else that comes with it. The Blind and the lame were here. How do you think the Blind and the lame felt this day after the great wrath of God in the temple? How did the blind guy feel this day? How did the lame guy feel this coming and making a mess in the temple doesn't just clean and just just get rid of stuff. He gives new stuff. He gets New Life. gives New Hope he gives New Freedom. He gives new meaning to everything. He doesn't just throw out he gives new. I'll show you on the prophecy that was read to us tonight from the first hour in the evening from Zephaniah. And I want you to tell me again good news or bad news as we read this. Let there be an utter cutting off in the face of the land says the Lord let man in cattle be cut off, but the birds of the air in the fishes of the sea be cut off and the ungodly shall fail and I will take away the transgressors from the face of the Lancers the Lord. I always stretch out my hand upon upon all the inhabitants of the earth and I will remove the names of bow out of his place and the names of priests and then that worship the host of Heaven upon the housetops and them not worshipping swear by the Lord and then that's where by their King. And then that turn aside from The Lord of them that seek not the Lord of them that cleave not to the Lord so far. I mean, it's been kind of rough just removing of stuff. Okay, I mean, it's stuff that you like to have removed but it's been over moving be fearful before the Lord your God for the day of the Lord is near for the Lord has prepared his sacrifice. He is Sanctified his guests Lord works. You see how the Lord works. He never comes just to kick out just to overthrow never comes just to yell and Court of whips. Touch of healing is in the other one. Overthrowing replacing is in this hand. I think I want to do that for us as well. One of the reasons that read a camera which one one of the gospels said that some John chapter 12 think was the first hour maybe so that went to see those in the ground. It dies fruit is the way the Lord has he doesn't just want to get rid of he wants to give as well and Lourdes in order for him to come and be king in order for me to live in his kingdom in order for me to have like I said that icon of Christ on his throne not just as a picture in the church that I visit once a week or something, which I'm living and is always in my eyes, but be sure about this. That there will be cleansing. They will be new life after that when they asked the Lord to do all this over turning the tables. What do you say? What was he called? It sound like in the Old Testament? Is it why you getting all upset here on us wasn't in this one. I think it's in in John Chapter 2 is its deal for your house is eating me up. Okay seal Zeal meaning like fervent love and emotion for so when he comes and overturns the house is because he loves the house when he comes and throw stuff out of this house because he loves those things that are in there, which may not be bad their den of Thieves steal the Kingdom from you. And that's why he overthrows them. This week is a week for King Jesus. Okay Force this is Jesus live on Earth really really lived in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth really lived in really walked around because we're the king is the first step first item on the agenda. As far as Lord to come and kick some stuff out what happens if we hold on to the stuff that he wants to kick out. Well, I read you another verse that was righteous one of the gospels from the sixth hour gospel the ninth hour. Remember when he told Peter he told Peter that he's going to be I said no. No, no, no, no, never Lord. Never never. Get behind me Satan very hard words called him Satan. remember wish I had it on the screen I have in front of me get behind me Satan for you consider not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. Get behind me Satan. Because you consider Peter wanted something good. Sometimes we build our life round things from this Kingdom. That stuff is got to go this week. this week we'll repeat the phrase of thine is the Majesty approximately 10000 * approximately approximately you will say mine is the Majesty Majesty means king you are the king and with every time you say you will say that and you will after every one of those I should have thought about you will see thousands and it's my hope that I'm not just singing it a beautiful picture but this picture He would take this one. Here's our King for his crown for the week. But this picture is a reality that really in my life. Jesus is King and he's King over everything. That's what he wants to give us this week glory be to God forever. Amen.