2008 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 (Palm Sunday)


 "Making Jesus My King" (This sermon is in English and Arabic)


Very happy and very very delighted to have his grace Bishop David with us. We were waiting for this visit for a long time. And if you remember that I was coming to us last June and something came up last minute and he couldn't make it and then he could look at it like a big visit for us and he said I'm going to come in a very very special day and even that my phone Sundays are very very very very special day. It's even more suspicion to be by the visit of his grace was very very very happy with you in the presence of Jesus from the King David in the name of King David, and if so, what are very happy and blessed to have listened to him?the name of the father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit I truly feel blessed to be amongst you this morning this very special occasion. And I know I haven't visited this church in many years, so I wanted to make it up for you. And they couldn't find a better occasion to come and visit you then. This great occasion Palm Sunday is one of the greatest Feast of our church. I want understand now why? I always enjoy it very much coming to use. To see the growth of the service in this church on my own always missing. Good news that many people bring to me. Regarding the service in this church. May the Lord bless to three star the show me an iguana Anthony and also bless and reward all the settlements. Who participates? And what type of kind of service with them? Because the service is scattered by the servants. And I always wish that all the congregation every members in the church should be a servant of some soft. No, one cannot be a servant as you lived in two days. Cassidee kippes on that as much gift and Grace that you have been given minister to one another. As good stewards for the manifold grace of God to every one of us has been given type of Grace type of gift before we must use those gifts to minister to one another for the goals of the kingdom of God. according to whatever gift you have been given. today's patient is a very special occasion in the history of humankind. This whole week. Is a Holy Week in the history of humankind and that's why we gathered every day in the church to celebrate and you occasion. That concerns our salvation. And that's why I invite all of you. If you have not already done it this year begin next to you to take this whole week off. What all is good Friday or Thursday on Friday? What day do the whole week off? We did weak sauce to go on vacation. We book I want holidays a year ahead. And we say we want to go to have some good time during. . How much more important it is to take time off from the word Leeward. To do God's work. To spend time with him to enjoy him. What's a better cause? What could be a better cause than to take some time off to spend it with got to enjoy every minute of this Holy Week in our life but our Salvation on the love of God through which he visited us. So I can touch you to do this. Next year and if you can do this year to be a great blessing, I wish that our churches will be the support during the whole week. But only during the night the hours. oracle's Friday service What is today very special? Let me give you a little bit of bad girls or little bit of History. What year was our Father Abraham? And he made out of him a big nation as he promised him. Let's hear his descendants would be countless as many as the stars in heaven as many as the sound of the seashore but it happened when they were in Egypt we multiply and they became one hundreds of thousands in the nation. They became the people of God the chosen people of God. goat Bo Burnham and he was the thing and they had no king or other nations had a king accept them. Don't take care of them for my king would do for his Nation to protect them. provide for the needs such but that at one point and said to him listen. Are growing older and your sons are left in like you applying for us a king. What were they came out to be like the other nations? What made Sammy was very curious? Let me read it to you. in the book of 1st Samuel chapter 8 starting with the first four then all the Elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel to Rama. I said to him you you are old and your son's do not work in your ways. Metal make a second to Jojo's like all the nations. the thing displeased Samuel when they said give us a king to judge us. So tell me what play to the Lord. And the Lord said to Samuel. Did the voice of the people in all that they say to you? Do they have not rejected you but they have rejected me. That I should not Reign Over them according to all the works which they have done. Since the day I brought them. up out of Egypt Two dogs listen to that give them a king. They have rejected me. You. But the doctor also said to Samuel you have to ruin them what. Can we do to them? It'll take your children appointment for their choices for his chariots. It looks played them do whatever use them. What did they say? What is the best way people refuse to obey the voice of Samuel and they said no, but we still. But we will have a king over us as we also going to be like all the nations and that our King May judges. I'm going out before us and quite a while. So, what's the problem? No problem. Is that the one they want to be like all other nations? This is the first lesson want to learn today. The problem of the children of God, is that when they want to be like other nations? You are a royal Nation. You are the children of God. Why do you want to be like what other nations you are so special Nobles chosen you why do he want to be like others? What have you was Kareem? Ultimate Spider-Man Show me a photo of a solid. Santa in Selma stuff How did they choose the king? schedule Bart Sherwood Lumber Kaneohe I thought I had it then. Timberline this is how they choose the king the tallest. What's the standard? Look up little Hollywood. The Willis said that young. Will be Sunday la razon de La Musica. descendants of Lockport Google the start of heaven when you want to choose like a servant. We want the most spiritual are the most active. What is still active what is not spiritual? Where to know what are the proper standards when they choose showing he wants to tallest? What kinds of criteria is that to choose a king who will eat the people? Got rejected song. And then God said to Samuel go to the house of Jesse. Cuz I have a king bed. Tell me who took his. horn you can paint the holy oil. best buddy Manila The Mark of Athena is it you know that I have just come back from Egypt and his Holiness Pope Shenouda has consecrated the Holy Bible for 7 * 9/7 time, you know how many times it has been done in the history of the Coptic Church? 40 times before Pope Shenouda national days the 117th Pope how to get Shorty popes have done it twice sole e25 Maple maroon So there are at least 90 Patriarchs, which have not done my room during birth time. The book she would have seven times six of them for the Coptic Church one for the Eritrea Eritrean, Orthodox Church. And then this time zone is michelot. They used to make 180 kg of my room and have a Whitaker. And that is not of this increased the amount set of 180 and 360. Double the amount but this time he made 540 kilos kilograms of volume, but because it's running out very fast, then he's one of us needs to do a lot. This shows how much the Coptic church has grown over the past few decades. This body organ started when he pulled the oil on the stone and said this is the place of God. This is the house of God and God. Moses how to make the holy oil Exodus chapter 31 is used to consecrate a new king and oil was used for kids puppets and priests in the Old Testament. Go to say in 2 Samuel to go to the house of Jesse to appoint a king and two consecrated by pouring Orion over. Unfortunately ghost and then he falls into the same mistake. Chartwells the day King lets you looked at Elliott. And said surely. The Lord's anointed is before him. But the Lord said to Samuel do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, but I have refused him for the Lord does not see as man sees for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Still the same mistake. Go ahead. I'm looking at the hotel appearance. Look, look at his section. Look at his outer appearance, but God looks at the heart. I'm done. Just brought all his children. Until they run out of children. Then he had forgotten about a little boy. What's his name? His name is David. how to put aloe vera monin syrup weather Baton Rouge the weather up in Estero chose David and he was a king after his heart. He was a king after his heart. Then you will know how the kingdom split after the time of Solomon. And they were two kings. the kingdom of the North in the Kingdom of the South Judea the kingdom of the South Galleria But then God has promised. David that a king will come from his offspring. I think that's when the rain forever. Hopeless Kingdom there would be no end who is that? This was a promise. That's the king the Messiah would be born. And that's why. When Saint Matthew wrote his gospel. Is this stick together each? Lincoln get back to David. I say to them because he wrote his gospel for the Jews. Just say to them. This is nothing. This is the king you're waiting for. This is the messiah. Let us read The Gospel According to Saint Luke. What? Did the angel say to send Mary? Gospel According to Luke chapter 1 Don't Be Afraid Mary for you have found favor before God and the Lord you will conceive in your room and bring forth a son and shall call his name Jesus he would be great and will the son of the highest and the Lord God will give him the Throne of his father David and he would rain over the house of Jacob forever and always Kingdom there will be no end to this is the king. What is back to his humanity is the king because he is the son of David. What was the respect of his divinity is the king of kings and Lord of lords and that's fine with the gospel. We say our Lord Our God our savior. I'm the king of US own is our true King Jesus Christ Our Lord. Who is the king and that's why when he was born three wise men came and visit him. What did they say? Do you remember download? manipulate Play the three wise men said where is he who has been born King of the Jews? How did they know? I've seen his stuff. He was born King and raised King, but his kingdom is not of this world as he said. the pilot you didn't have me. Messianic sign everything that the people were expecting. He healed the sick you provided that was proved. He protected them you took care of them. He is the Messiah is the king. But why did the refuse him because they want a military King, but that's what a horrible not necessary. By the way, the words in the Old Testament were not Wars between two armies. They were Wars between between two gods. Whoever has the stronger God will conquer the God is stronger. You will conquer the enemies and that's why when God was not pleased with. the Australian Nation he would allow them to be conquered. Look in the mirror. how to put between a vanilla Joel Osteen as a king pain at one point when he fed them in The Gospel According to the Gospel According to Saint John. the miracle of feeding the 5000 So, what did the Lord do? The Four Winds Jesus perceived that they were about to come and take him by force to make him King you departed again to the mountain by himself alone. Will a Lord why you came to manifest your kingdom. You came to restore your own kingdom. Why do you hide yourselves yourself? Because his time has not come yet. What is that definition? in the state of Mesilla, Albemarle Road until chapter 2 in John chapter 5 John chapter 6 and John chapter 12 But from the beginning of his ministry, that's why we know that lived after 30 years or 3 years and change. Close he came to the police every year and he attended three years. and the part where he was crucified during the feast but every time he came to the feast he hit himself cuz it's time has not come yet. But what happened in that post pine nuts worth you. His time has come by his own win. He presented his wife because of the joy that was in front of him. He is the one who appointed the time. I need is the one who said I give. my spirit with my own win, I have the authority to give it up and I have the authority to take it because he is the Prince of Life. He is the Prince of Life. To see that you're the best boss visit to Jerusalem our Lord refuse to hide. But in fact when the people second edition, what did he say? I've been listening to the Gospels. what about cartoon koala economist Are these things and Jesus said unto them yet? Have you never read out of the mouths of babes and infants you have perfected praise. The Lord is not stop them from praising him and he accepted the hymns. They set for him or his role that you said to him. That's what I said. Arkham Asylum Sia Adora did Hemingway. is Subway addressing intimacy But that I sent him that are only set to certain people that were song Bad Day where the hymns that are set up for the Messiah for the king only. and the Lord said I came to Proclaim my kingdom. Western Malibu What's your name, Erik Estrada? What time does Rosh Hashanah? Lexington Law Isaac Hayes What is the lights? Philip Michael Thomas shop Ocean to Ocean turn on Dennis ma. Go to Musa. Pro Shop. And what else LeBron G? Who sang These are the hills which are set to the savior? And this is the hymn of this very special occasion. The Lord did not stop them from singing. He is a king, but he is a humble King. That's why in the prophecy. He said he'd come in a humble way riding a donkey because the kings of that time rot on horses chariots, and there's another lesson for us today. It is your personality that would give you the respect of Ernie the respect of people. the outer Things such as your house. What's your weird? What car you how to build houses how much money you have? sometimes I normally spend a lot of money on things that are meanings. Play remember when I was in England one of the parents at a young girl, she wants me to buy for her a shirt that's very expensive that special about that shirt that it has the check mark on it. Chuck Mangione is a chipmunk. brand names in the cell phones have to be changed. What is this that we are concerned about? Look at you at the inside what kind of knowledge do you have in your mind? And I'm actually Les Mis herberto Danner boot socks What is the weather today? So we have the kingdom of the Lord which he came to established and that's why. In the Lord's Prayer, we say Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come what does it mean? the last Kingdom on Lorde Which by our choice? Has refused it. By our love to the world we have refused. Arbuckle First Methodist West Covina God is never going to force us to love him. He wants us to choose him. Is chosen us and that's why he is a type of King who came to rain by love not by force. And how did you manifest his love? What's a good after give me some chocolate chips are in my fruit. Listen to w. Has been notified of screen with you. And that was supposed to been had normal heartbeat. I wish I had a love story. Sapulpa would you have manifested on the cross has flown? That's why we stay on the Sonos your throne O Lord. What's Throne? Is he sitting on his throne is the cross upon which he said to show me his love. Thank You Lord For Your Love Oh Lord, established or the peak of his kingdom was on the cross. But now we have a g t y because there is a big fight in this world before between two kingdoms the kingdom of the devil and the kingdom of God. McLean What Bible is above because this would have meant that the kingdom of the devil is against its scent split against itself because they love each other. Saturday what's the time in hours? I don't die when I Jeep. Do you want the kingdom to grow? What about us the members of the kingdom of God? Are we helping each other? Do we love each other will follow the Commandments of Christ? What they want us to remember today is that we have a duty. We have a duty to bring every human being back to God. the Kingdom Come means one of the meaning Of the Kingdom Come. Is that the kingdom of God? What should be made up of all humans? It should come back. To come back to him by Kingdom Come lost his kingdom in the second age, which is one of the meanings of his kingdom on Earth. You are the members of his kingdom is to witness to his name to bring other members who is flop. What are we concerned about in our lives? Listen to me. No matter what you establish and accomplish during your life is nothing compared to saving one soon. What's how was with them? second Does today to understand things properly? It's like talking about Christ coming to establish his kingdom. Do you remember when the disciples came back? He gave them authority over evil spirits, even the spirits evil spirits are subject to us. Enjoys why it said I saw Satan falling down. His kingdom is being established. The Kingdom of Heaven Is Falling Down is rising up. Therefore it doesn't work UT to put our hands together to do the work of God. Good luck. affinity polo hats concert at America Who established yourself to do what pleases you? What's the Christian understanding is not individual? It's the community for the people of God that in the beginning of Christianity. No one had any need while I had any possessions Apostles the apostles give to everyone as they needed. What now? It's all about me and that's why. sometimes but if we We can those things that make us weak. We will be strong. This is the most important message. I want to give you today has come to establish his kingdom cuz he said See how you can help others how we can work together to strengthen. The kingdom of God is here on Earth that when he comes in his second coming he would find and truly and everything in it belongs to the Lord to whom is all the glory forever name.