2005 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 (Palm Sunday)


"Make Up Your Mind"

Jesus Christ was many things to people. What is He to you? The title that you give Him, will determine how you will act towards Him. Abouna Anthony asks us what are we willing to sacrifice for the Lord to sit with Him this Holy Week. 


Name the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one. God Amen. Start to believe that Palm Sunday is upon us once again, but here we are church is jam-packed as you can see standing room. Only people came there proms scream hosanna in the highest blessed is he who comes name of the one of the best days of the year for so many of us one of those days. We just kind of look for him for me. Personally. I know it's one of my favorite days every year but every year it gets a little bit better somehow somehow. I come here to church. I'm ready to praise and raising the volume a nose and something happens when you get here and you see the readings are the best of book is out and you know that there's any way I can put the schedule another Rebecca coming tonight and you know that the Holy Week is upon us. It's kind of a Bittersweet taste in your mouth. Isn't it? Bad to describe Palm Sunday? That's why I would say it's bittersweet. It's a really really good day. But there's something about it. You really are enjoying your visit Want To Praise You In about the sweetness, but there's a bit of sourness in it that's got on it is knowing what's going to happen. Next is knowing where this path is going to take his lunch. Palm Sunday the ball starts rolling for holding. Let me know where it ends up, you know why the pain we know the crucify him and we know the suffering they know the death, you know where this road is going to lead us. That's why there's a Bittersweet taste to it every single year. And I think that if you're feeling that bittersweetness that really happy that really want to praise when the back of you something just kind of holding you back. I think that you're starting experience with the Lord experience this day but I think this is a very Bittersweet day of the Lord is well. What did she agree with me? This was the day that you're going to greatest day for the Lord all his life. He'd been worthy of praise until the people be quiet all his life. He was the Messiah. Don't tell anyone or his life the people should have praised him and down in Palm and all this kind of stuff. He kept telling me he'll keep it quiet until the right time. And this was the right time but you know that he could have the golden document. Do I get a hundred percent? Sure. This is going to take a look at me much different Journey on my way out. What is riding on a Colt next Friday? He's going to be carrying something on top of him. And that's going to be the clawson's can be heavy today the people waving Palms at him, you know, if one of those times when you put down at least one of them is going to have a whip as going to be in the hands of Roman soldiers are those which aren't going to be waving at him. They're going to whip in his skin apart. First of all, you know the pin code on is it from yelling out time and time again Hosanna Hosanna Hosanna me of the same people for screaming who's on the top of their lungs would soon be screaming at the top of her lungs again. There's a much different. Were there any screen there any swimming crucify him crucify him the same people he came to say the same people. He said the same people that he he in the same people that he raised the same people going to be singing crucifying. Are you better believe there's a Bittersweet taste in the air today. Story Goes, you know the story Lord comes riding into Jerusalem and an estimated at between 100 and 200000 people lined the streets of Jerusalem to praise him and the thousand people are flocking to see I meant to say hosanna and blessed is he who comes name of the Lord? There's something funny that happened with these people would lining to see something funny that I never figured out. It's always been a mystery to me how they can flip flop hell on Sunday Hosanna on Friday cuz my dad always been a mystery to me how they can be such a weak people. They do such followers. People say praise Levi play people say by They Crucified but I was reading the gospel the first off of Russell from the gospel of Saint Matthew lent something here. Play some Matthew chapter 21 somewhere in the middle. There are not Jesus riding into town There's a very great multitude spread their garments in the way. I just cut down branches of the trees and spread them in the way in. The mall is the weather for electronic Rising Hosanna to the son of David Lopez even comes the name of the Lord hosanna in the highest. That's what we know everyone gather around the whole city was gather around screaming and then when he came into Jerusalem, all the city was moved all the city was moved the entire city came out this day to see Christ walking down but then look what it said. The city was Moonstone. Who is this? Who is this? Turn the kind of funny. I don't understand that you're telling me for the entire city driving around for this parade and pray that this person and there's this looting? Over the whole thing. Who is this guy? Who is the Messiah or is he just a prop? Where is it all about the food that the Pharisees don't like him or not just religious leaders are like the government leaders and stuff like that today against him. So he is Public Enemy Number one of our President and Vice President in the entire Administration yesterday. He raised Lazarus from the dead. So, who is this man? And I didn't know we was I look how they answered. Wonder why they flip flop and are wishy-washy and they one thing on Sunday and one thing on Friday. Look how they answer this question. And the multitude said, this is Jesus the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee. Is Jesus a prophet? What the problem was they answer this question incorrectly. They said he's a prophet. I want you to answer this question. Who is this? Who is Jesus here? We are today. We are gathered together. You got your problems. You got your suits on you got all this kind of stuff just like they did your screaming hose on it are screaming wasn't you coming name of the Lord said he's got all those kind of stuff. I asked you. Who is this? Who are you coming to see? Who is there that you are gathered here before today, but I want to know what your answer is going to give you a few hours. We'll talk about that today. But the reason that you would you happen to stop by this cuz if you don't decide there any like these guys and these guys will week no one wants to be with no one wants to be a spineless jellyfish walking these people work their payment Tyler one day. I want that here taking Pompeii's and it's okay, then it came and told me that they said Christopher and screws, but I want you to be a weak person like that and I hope you will want to be weak you want to be a strong. Can you should make up your mind or not going to answer when she would tell you what I want you to look at the facts, but I want you to think about the situation and answer this question. What's the least you today? Unless you can write down on a piece of paper? Who is this man? Why am I coming here to church? Who is this? And I'm coming to see? Liquor store here in the gospel account. You see how the people he was in the crowd kind of made a distinction between who he was and you can see it up by their actions what I'm saying play. It would come down there by the people to different things. Are you going to say by their actions that kind of attitude kind of inside? There's three groups of people on this day of Palm Sunday verse of the group of people who took off soon as they saw Christ and the donkey coming. They took off their coats forgot their garments. It was shut off their back and they delayed it down and they wanted to make like a red carpet for the donkey. I was Christ was Ryan Sweeting the people who wanted to honor the Lord with his son of God coming to the world. This is our master. I don't care if I lose my coat. I don't care if it gets dirty. I don't give a donkey go to the bathroom. I don't care about nothing. I must honor the Lord. I must go out for him. If you were here yesterday for the funeral of Hattie iskander, we talked a little about this. This is where handy was. Okay. I'll try to think of an example about this kind of personality with only one I can think of is how I told you guys yesterday some story but we thought and it really was going to give up his coat of the day and then who the first that would be moved over his massage doesn't matter take it out short doesn't matter State and I was in church. My pleasure. Come back. No problem walking in the meantime, there's other people were sold out for Jesus. These are people who realize that he is the Messiah to realize I'm drowning in the ocean and he is a raft and he is the only way to get out of here. Alright, that's the first time to the we want to get you better than the people who wanted to honor the Lord as well. But didn't want to take the shirt off their back. What they did is it looked around and I found a palm tree branches from the palm tree and lay them down all of the Lord even respect but don't want to make a personal sacrifice of the people who know that Christ is a good man. He's a prophet is a really good man, but I don't want to follow him but don't own a convenience to do too much of a pain in between give up with extra me and the people who would look at Christ as like an advisor someone who go to you ask advice. He's very wise person, but in the end you don't really trust me. 100% on every single thing Someone just came to me last night was talking about you know lunch is passing by and I didn't get any benefit and what's going on and I love God and all this kind of stuff and the solution was very very simple. Yeah, you love God and yeah, you know, he's there any you say that he's the man and he's the one who you follow me when it comes to making a sacrifice for him. Are you willing to do that or do you only do what convenient for you when does bonuses or do you give when is no bonuses only come when it's sunny outside. When is Palm Sunday when it's your Friday Wednesday stir or do you come in the Holy 50 and after that? These are the people who look at prices and he's a prophet and that's what these people did not wear their wishy-washy a big danger to living this kind of life. I ask yourself this question cuz a lot of a boy convenience, he's almost died when it's convenient. Is that God when it's convenient, he's got ninety-nine percent of the time if you will never find happiness where to find blessing what why Who are the cup that Jesus wants to drink from what day I get you a cup and it's got gold and diamonds and all kinds of pearls and the greatest company history of all mankind like a 45 Oz Big Gulp Slurpee huge cut the back of a king. I want that one little hole in the bottom. Are you going to pour your fresh Starbucks coffee at 150 degrees and drink that cup of coffee? And there's a little hole in the body. Are you a drink for me at the same time with the Lord Jesus wants to pull all kinds of blessings on you all kinds of good stuff. But if you got that whole sorry, I can't I can't put in a cup with a hole in it. So that was about to look at him as a prophet as an adviser as a good man as of this month or when I sold at 100% 100% sold out but never experienced the blessing and the happiness that he came to give us. All right, so ask yourself before his group. What is it? I'm not willing to let go of what relationship am I saying? All this one for the money is a job. I'm not willing to sacrifice job. Is it my ego? Is it forgiveness? And I just can't get away. What is it? Tell the people who put down the coast people put on the palm of the third group of people. Where is River people attended the party? They came to the church? They came to see Christ Waiting for Godot Coast then lay down Palms. They probably don't kind of clap when he walked by just going to check them out as soon as you love me back to life as usual or whatever, but didn't really give that involved into it. But I was busy they commitment the deadline blood pressure at work for the kids and their mortgage all kinds of other exams going to Anthony involved and come back to life as usual. Don't be offended by this anyone but his last of us here today were like that. Ok has lots of people I see. Like I said, the church is packed and that is great. There's a lot of people live this way. If you show up at church on Palm Sunday on Easter and Christmas. This is you. Like I said, I don't really care if you got me blocked much a part of my life. I'm a good person. All right, I do what's right. I have a good heart. I have a good hard. You're down. I'm a good person and a good heart. God knows it's in my heart. You know. My message is your right. God does know what's in your heart. I believe he knows it better than you you can fool yourself looking for me. What would I do if you cannot fool God and if you choose to live a life without God today, he will choose to live without you for eternity. I don't come here and stay alive. Me and punishing. None of that nonsense All rights. The Bible is very clear. It doesn't First Chronicles chapter 20 verse 9 if you forsake Him He will pass you off wherever one of his garbage about or why is God mean why God punishing God says the door is open to every single one of you one day you're going to need to go in and if you choose to live without me, that's your call. I'm not going to force you in it so I don't have to come in as welcome, but don't sit there on the other side and complain and cry. Is the people who look at God like a doctor? Go to doctor today. Do you want to hear from your cholesterol test Palm Sunday in case something else in the family go to bed. Go to doctor that don't work don't want to go to doctor at the Doctor's house every now and then. What you decide? What do you think of Christ just as a doctor or an advisor? Whatever you think of anything him less than the Messiah left in the Son of God. There's a very important thing that what you think you answer this question does not change the truth. Okay, there's lots of people believe in the Son of God that doesn't matter but doesn't change the truth as well as blue and I can meet you all the blue but doesn't make it blue to those of us who don't want to have gone part of my life. Was that a baby is not the Messiah ain't just me advise if I want to get 99% doesn't change the truth. What truth is that? He is the Messiah he is the Son of God and if he's not part of your life and you are not do under one hundred percent of things to him as you're holding anything back from him. That's not good. What's your opinion is doesn't change the truth. That's why I've always said today. He said look I'm coming into town and I'm a depraved. We want to play with me. This story will praise me the songs of praise me if you want to take part, that's all you but if you choose not to I'm still going to get paid because I am God and that's me saying he's coming riding on a big old Colt riding into town all the glory song make a decision. What is is decision week? Okay. This is the week. You must make a decision as who Jesus is. Is he the Messiah or is he a prophet or is he a doctor? I don't think that's a good friend. Where is he this and that you must decide holy week and the week the Christ separated from the fake followers, but I think he wants to do the same thing today. The reason I'm so important that we decide this today. Dystopia one week ago week ago. Exactly and I said that whole week is coming and you never know if it's going to be a last Holy Week many of you remember that several you told me that you don't know if this is going to be like hold of me for one member of our congregation. It was his last Holy Week and what I'm telling you is if you can learn nothing from that and learn this, but you may not be around next holy week. So don't delay this decision you make this decision today and you decide who is Jesus and if you choose he's just a doctor is an advisor be a man and say it don't be a coward. Don't be a coward and say yes to the massage Georgia Power all kind of stuff and then stab you in the back. I think that you asked why do you want these people is it what is it hurt more people hurt you or the people who played as you that hurt you. Oh man, it's not even close to me. I don't care. What is it the same person who was praising me just the other day in the coming curse me and it hurts a lot more but I'm telling you is made. Remind who is this and decide who this person is? I got to watch her this guided done their the second step is you must change your life in accordance with that decision. Once you decide up here would life must show reflect that change cuz it's nothing difficult. Is that what you all the time? You go to work in the morning and you get on the elevator years has a nice boy like that on you say hey, whatever. What are the sun? You get me all of it. And you discover. What day is the start of the CEO of a company? Do you act the same torture? But maybe it's time he was like a cup of coffee or hey you how's that doing? All kind of stuff nicer example true story someone who's into your name and someone told me this song wasn't your neighborhood. They were just coming into your cell phone a kind of stuff. I missed your neighbor. He doesn't know what he's missing his that there and you know, he said he works for the courthouse or something like that all of a sudden you get a speeding ticket you show up in court you find out that your neighbor works in the courthouse where can I buy a judge for the courthouse and he's a judge in your case. When you speak the same way that we were just in the same way as your buddy. Are you going to talk 11 every night when you see The mailbox next time five nights at him right? Once you realize who he is you change the way you act and talk him deal with that person was the same thing with Christ besides me. Who is it matter and Change Your Life In accordance with that? It just last week with a liquor store in the born blind, man. There's a perfect example of when someone realize it was Jesus how has life changed? Those were the gospels think Jonathan chapter 9. Remember the story. I want to give him the little economy to Temple and it says Jesus calling the man said to the man. Do you believe in the Son of God? So the man said let me know nothing. He said who is evil-eye God I believe in him. Jesus said you have both even and is he was talking with you? The man responded Lord, I believe and he worshipped him. Is it told him you believe in the Son of God? It's me. And the man did the two things that I'm talking about. What I believe I made up my mind yet. You are the Son of God, I believe but then and there and then Washington drop his hand in his needs to put a face on the ground and he worshipped the seat of Christ. I believe I'll see you in a couple of weeks so we can end that way. The only way it ends is Lord. I believe any warships him tell me what is today's woman 3 weeks ago. She believed she dropped her paci dropped your pocket and she followed him and she preached him at once and that way once you talk with an Irish hear it must mean to a life change. The only exception to that rule. Cannot tell how we have a special talents in life. Either many of us were very skilled to say one thing that I'm riding with her actions. They get the people we can come here and say hosanna and scream and praise God and we can pigs tilted you going with all her lungs and school are guts out, but our life is completely different but I like is completely not in accordance with God, but I like this completely and Disobedience to God, like I said holding stuff back from him. When Tanya's this is that your actions speak much louder than your words. I can look back to yesterday. We're here for the funeral. You would have the feeling you're so funny. I never seen in my entire life who saw a bunch of people but what part of his church and only I only God knows what their faith was some of them from all kinds of face stand up here and come to me and talk to you and say this man and his country was a man who lived Christ. This was a man who had a testimony of the day like 50 people came up and said the same thing. Why does it actually so proud of his word? I guess that's the example of someone who comes to the house. Who is this? This is the dollar this is God white light much change. I can no longer talk about used to talk. I can no longer deal with people that I used to deal with people. I can no longer just the way you choose a random like that once I believe that he is the Messiah Come To Save the World War. I like my change. Your actions speak much louder than your words. Some of us are too content. Like I said to live with Christ and that advisor as a doctor. Some of us are too content to say you know, what Jesus is a good person. So I'm going to be a good person and go to church but I have news for you. If you decided that you were going to say one thing with your mouth and then just be a good person and go to church but not really give up your whole life to him. There's a group of people in the Bible who had that same mentality, what are good people and went to church all the time and she just hated every single one of them Jesus yelled at them and screamed at them and love them the way he loves the Sinners who repented and gave their life and everything for him at 100% until use the same thing with us. Don't sit here and say I'm a good person. I have a good heart. God knows my heart that's garbage. If your life is not one of them committed to God and dedicated to 100% know when you are falling short. so what should I do? What should I do? I'm wicked. What should I do? Tell me what to do. What get me started. Let me get you started like this. Realizing that Jesus is the Messiah and not Surrender Your Life while you were sent to him is exactly like you fell off a cliff off of mountain and your hang in there from the mountain when the helicopter comes to save you and you're saying thank God that helicopter came, but I ain't do nothing about you just have been hang and look at that helicopter. Say thank God preciate it. Thank you so much. You guys just come on jump. Let me see what other options are. Let me see if anything's better comes along along the way. Don't take an idiot to say that you can't do that. Ok, just the same thing. If you believe that Jesus is the Messiah and say he is God let go of everything but maybe it will be difficult to let go and hold on to him. What do I mean by that? You should be in church every single best of service. I always thought we were going to say that work. I got exams out of this. I don't care. It doesn't matter none of that matters. Okay, you must decide which is more important. I'm not saying what do I have work? I know you have work. I know you haven't been well. I'm asking you to make a decision. Who is this man? And how important is he to me? And if he is everything that I should be here when I got one on good for on on Holy Week. What the hell? Why am I asking you? What are you willing to sacrifice for him? I have damn good Friday. I hope that that's what your love for him is greater than 1/2 day on Good Friday. I always greater than just coming on Thursday night and showing What are the best cut? I hope it was greater than that, but it's me that's an insult. If you really love the Lord by Shpongle sacrifice, that's what love is all about why I'm asking you. What are you going to say? I hope it's something I promise you this, but there's something very special at Holy Week 2005. I promise you, but there's something very special about this year. You know how I know. I don't know what it is, but I know one thing I've never seen a year or more people come to me with more distractions in this year. 100% of my country left on this one. I have a trip. I just can't get out of it or so until like this and that and it's like a thousand excuses. You know what that is. That's the devil come up with all these things to distract us because someone who is going to happen this year. What is it? I don't know if I was you I wouldn't want to miss out because I got to be something special. I promise you will give me 2005 the God is going to really be present here in the spirit of God is going to be here as read me something special in your life and in mine don't know what it is, but I can see by the way the devil's fighting get this year. So be here. The first step when you come here. What did you do? What what you should not do with the routine stuff get rid of the routine, please don't do what you do. Every year. Do what you do every year if they're usually whatever get out of the routine of things. The Bible says that if you seek the Lord will be found by you. If you seek him too many of us come here we do and I said I was boring I don't understand the language I can sing to him and we just kind of we walk in this beautiful restart. What why don't speak speak mean put some effort into it you want kids one day you want to play hide and seek right? I don't think me and someone high and I go looking for an honest answer. I can't find your game over. That's not how I didn't think I didn't fit play hide-and-seek hear. Jesus is here and we are to seek Him. Okay taking me put in some effort put out of the routine of things examine yourself go to sleep inside in the car. Give up things don't talk to the weather gets bad influence in your life away from the things push yourself, but don't sit here and say I give up or I can't do it. That's nonsense. Like I said bottom line is all this whole Christian a thing is all about love and you prove your love to someone what you're willing to sacrifice. So I put it to you. Who is this man you decide for yourself and I hope right now if I gave you a piece of paper and a pen you could write down who he is and be honest with yourself cuz like I said, you can fool me. You can't fool God. Who is this man? And I want you to psi do is bring your life in accordance with that if he is God if he is my Hope For Eternity without him. I have no life of the Bible says that without him. I am dead. Can I stick many really close to him with him every single day every single night as much as I can get up for him. I'm willing to do. Laughing, say I know but some people will choose to ignore this message. I know that every Sunday and are somewhat a good percentage not choose to ignore it until you know what I can do for you. But all I do is tell you this okay from the bottom of my heart and I'll punch, you know paper right now. I know pay for just bottom of my heart to you cuz I honestly don't know when the time is up. Okay, if there's one thing we've learned over the past few days if you don't know when your time is up tomorrow last week, so please please for my sake. Okay, please. Please please please all seriousness. Don't delay this decision. Okay with some of you like I said, I'm going to sit here a year after year and not make the decision and put it off till after I graduate after I do this when life settles down, please don't do that no more. You don't know when your time is up. Okay, and I don't want any regrets to your thing is the reason so important now is the time for forgiveness. Now you're forgiven out of the kind of love now is kind of Mercy the brisket I'm coming. Will there be no more love no more Mercy than a judgment, but you can't get to that day and say I didn't know no one plead ignorance to get to that day and you didn't repent and then give your life to Christ. You're on your own. It's between you and God and no one can help. You know, if I can save you that time where to meet you. Brown Raymond.