2004 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 5 (Good Thursday)



"God in the Hands of Angry Sinners"  Judas sold the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave at that time; the woman who anointed the Lord at Bethany in Mark 14:3-9 sold the Lord for 300 denarii, a whole life’s savings. What’s Jesus’ price for you? If we consecrate our lives to the Lord, He will give us back a 100 fold of what we have given Him.



The name of the father and the son and holy spirit one God Amen. We reached the final night of the Lord's life. as we all know tomorrow Good Friday will Once again, we live his death is suffering. His pain is torture and we know that this is the last night that our Lord will be awake at the end of the night before his resurrection. Of course. And it's brought back for me a lot of scenes from the movie cuz this is when the movie started to take place on good on on Holy Thursday night in the Garden of Gethsemane. And you don't in the movie there's lots of different characters in the movie and are the majority of the characters are bad not good. And if you were to think about all the different bad guys in the movie. Would you say is the worst? Some people would say Judas some people would say those Roman soldiers who whipped him. Tell me what's a pilot had the power. Tell him to let Christ go but to me all those guys I can make excuses for but, you know to me is the worst. Is Caiaphas? The worst person in the movie is Caiaphas. And the worst part of the movie in my opinion having very very early on when heat when our Lord stood trial in front of Caiaphas. Just read about the 11th hour and you can see up there on the screen. Maybe you can't see up there on the screen, but you're trying to imagine what it would look like if it was up there on the screen. I can make excuses for the Romans the Romans didn't know what they were doing are pagans. They're just following orders their told whip they whip their told crucified they crucify. Strike two. I've been more much better. Rice goes on Anderson. Try on front of him. We just read aloud in the 11th Hour. I can make excuses for the Romans 2. They were just following orders believe it or not. I can eat and have a little sympathy for Judas cuz we saw that he was kind of sorry for what he did. I can make excuses for pilot because it look like he was debating back and forth, but I cannot make excuses for Caiaphas. I can't make excuses for the Jewish high priest and the rest of the chief priests and the soldiers who beat him for spit on him who made fun of him. I can't make an excuse for that. Maybe I don't know maybe cuz it happened early on in the movie prices. That's the worst one maybe because I'm a priest maybe the next why I can't take it but for some reason whatever it is, I say their crime is the worst and that's always bats we read about tonight. Wait no mistake about it. The day of Friday is named extreme suffering for the Lord, but when does his suffering begin we don't have his emotional suffering begins on Thursday. What is physical suffering also begins on Thursday nights? We just read about we don't want Thursday night. Let's think back to the movie away. We just run out of here starts off in the Garden of Gethsemane. The Lord is playing and he's playing such angry. She starts to sweat blood. Brings his disciples with him and they fall asleep. They can't even stay awake to play with him then all of a sudden the Jewish. The temple guards come out with clubs and swords wafer fight ready for something big. Equus Lord is preparing fight fight for the Lord actually tells me to stop putting up a fight and he goes with them. Will any criminal before he has been what are worth the criminal is done? Okay, if he's already condemned to death, whatever doesn't matter before he has been sentenced to death. There is no civilized people entire world that believes that the criminal should be punished before he has at least been sentenced. Okay, that's, that's, everywhere and you're going to execute someone. Okay, that's fine. But I'm telling you a pass judgment a person that the prisoner must be protected protected from the Bob's in the clouds are kind of stuff that didn't happen with our Lord. What are the very very early. He started taking physical being and the soldiers started their Temple Bar starting to whipping women with chains. And if I don't remember that part of the movie because it was so minimal compared to everything else. You asked you a question. You ever been ripped with a chain? And I don't want to feel like you're worth with a chain. That's just that's just the start of it. They bringing to find a temple by this is the address of the Sanhedrin dr. Dona Ana. When they start to do the unthinkable. They make fun app. the life and him I spit on it. Even the week will high priest has his way with me starts to hit him. Everyone takes turns you remember the movie over the mob scene there in the temple in front of his mother in front of everyone adores are jumping ahead and yellow and do all this kind of stuff people throwing stuff at people cursing people laughing or was just a great fun time for everyone except one person. That's our Lord Jesus Christ. What I think about that scene makes me want to scream. Makes me want to shout at the top of my lungs. Tell him okay, that's fine. But leave him alone now. Where to get my car trying to okay, that's fine. We'll accept that will accept the death hanging on Chris Brown whatever leave him alone. Where is in last night on Earth, please just let him have a little bit of rest. Okay, don't understand before trial before Pilate. What is the big day is coming 5 minutes to think about what he's going to say give him a few minutes just arrested in the last night. You can still see the blood on the sweat mixed on his face give him five minutes, but no they didn't give him 5 minutes. I think about this scene. I read the 11th Hour gospel. There's two things that shine forth so brightly and they actually opposite ends of the spectrum here. What is the evilness of send in the horror of Santa how bad sin is but not as bad as soon as what come shining more and this gospel and this night is the love of Our Lord. Installing the first one that start with the bad side the same side ask yourself this question. Why were these people so angry with the Lord Jesus do what did Jesus do to Caiaphas? What did Jesus do to that guard who hit him? What did Jesus do to any of those people to make him? So angry? What did he do to help them them? Delete beat their children these two what would he do and make them so angry that you do anything to them? What's a good do something to them? Do I know what he did he try to save them? That's what he did. He believe you did something for them to try to save them from sin. Can you try to help them if that's what made him so angry little personal loan? No problem. But the minute you try to do something nice for a person then many you try to save a person from hell and many try to tell a person of this path that you're walking in is not a good one or then people start to get angry and you know, what the Lord on my us would not relenting. He didn't say, you know what I think it may be better if you had a little more Mercy. He said no you need to have mercy and he was not going to fault or not. He was not going to compromise his principles. That's why they hated him because there's two opposite things here. Where is our Lord Jesus Christ and then there's sin and you must choose one of the two you cannot love them both. The more you love one of the more you have to hate the other the more you love Jesus the more you have to hate sin. But the more you want to send the more you must hate Jesus y the last night we talked about the cost of following the Lord at what it's going to cost you us what it's going to mean. So whoever willing to do. Let me give me get you started in case you heard last night. So I know you said I want to do something. I want to know what the car when I get to start on the right path the first step in the process. You must hate sin. You must take all kinds of sin. What does the big one of the murder and the and the and the robin. You must hate every single kind of thing is everything hates Jesus and every sin is what causes the cruelty that we saw it to the Lord you look at that the Jews and you look at kyburz you say, how can I be so mean? How can any human being be that mean and what does any human being these are the priests of the church people okay tonight 7:00 this is nothing we preach to the world okay, maybe but you wonder where the meanest people were in the movie it was the church people it was God's people it was the people who knew better if the people were sitting here in this church right now. Griffis is not out there in the world by this is not out there in the streets guys are but there's Caiaphas today. He's in his church right now. Is everything going with the witness on the retreat's the youth Retreats know that we talked about this subject about hating sin are we came to the conclusion? We all agreed that our attitude towards sin and life is very very he's okay and we compromise our values too much when it comes to send always say, yeah, we love Jesus and not as the power and the glory and all that kind of good stuff, but leave it alone. What's the big deal? It's just a movie. It's just a TV show is this a song on the radio is not that big a deal just a little joke here and there was no big deal. Mercy. God is love. Why doesn't God take a break on say why you got to be so angry and sin, why would have all sinned? I don't understand the big ones little thing here and there a little hatred and I will gossipy and their dad show hear a joke. That's not that big a deal know. It's a big deal. It's a very very big deal because it's those little sins which we call Little sins. Which is what's beating our Lord, which is worth spending on our Lord, which is what's causing the cruelty. The reason that Caiaphas and the rest of the Jews were so angry with because they love sin and the Lord spoke against sin and the Lord said that if you want to if you want to do what's right and you want to follow me you have to stop doing certain things and you have to start doing certain other things and they said you know what that cost is too high. I refuse to pay that cost. I refused to get up my own Pride for the sake of that. I refuse it. I refuse to give up these relationships for that that cost is too high. I refuse to give up my favorite TV show for that that cost is too high. It's not worth it to me give up music get a rap music never going and she's so far away that cost is too high for me. Do you know what that's exactly what kind of pissed that you said and that's why I didn't even more so much cuz the Lord wouldn't stop. He said no, you must love and not hate you must have mercy and you must have compassion at the spirit is not the wedding because he said that he was way opens. Then we're going to the people who do this the Pharisees had two choices, either they change their behavior or they stop the Lord's mouth and they chose option b and I'm telling you what have you ever seen in your life, but you would love I had you don't want to deal with it. So cold point in time. We had to make a decision like the Jews made a decision either you shut the Lord's mouth cuz we're never shut up on his own or you change your behavior won't she weighs about it? You know what? They chose they chose to shut the Lord's Mapei chose to let sin Reign. They said we don't want to give up his sin. So, you know, we're going to keep sending here. That's when the floodgates were opened. Sending the Lord face-to-face with sin is like sending you into a Den of Lions. It's like prednisone blood in the ocean and dropping and then just watching the sharks eat you up. That's what they did. That's what happen tonight. Is that the Lord came face-to-face with sin? I'm sitting like I said ate him up spit on him or him laughed at him in front of him watching down there all kinds of horrible stuff to him. What is your first look? Like I said, it's supposed to condemn them and say those guys are bad. They're not like us we would never do that. We would never do anything like that. But you know, what what history teaches us is a history repeats itself more often than not we learn what was in the letter G from generation to generation and more often than not things that happen before it happened again. It's much more likely that not happening. I'm telling you what happens with us? Every single time. We say the Piston is too good in the cost of getting up and giving up his then I'm not willing to pay that price not willing to pay the price of giving up cats in and you said your behavior you may have spit on Christ at Woodley, but you know what you do. What is it? If we know two people. one of them who tells us that this relationship is bad and it is relationship is not pleasing to God and this relationship is not a people relationship why we hate that person but we love the person who comes and tells us a dirty joke every now and then why Why is it that as soon as we get an email that has like a spiritual thing we call that spam we going to junk mail where we get the joke of the week the racist joke of the week or this is a joke of the week of the whatever joke of the week. Are we love that kind of an email? Why is it that we hate one and love the other? Why is it that we have a book that tells us how to have eternal life. We set up work is boring. I don't like to read that book, but I'm give me a box give me a machine that tells me how to have eternal deck washing machine. I love that's the one I won't go a day without that's the one that you've got to take it away from me and I'll kick and I'll scream and I'll spit and I'll beat and I'm back. I'll do exactly what the Jews did to the Lord tonight. Make no mistake about it. But the Lord came and he did lots of things to the Jews. What he did was try to save them what their response was as they crucified him. And I believe that the same thing happens when a messenger from God comes and tries to help us I tried to say it wasn't as the pop. That's right. We automatically get defensive and we don't want to deal with it cuz we don't want to deal with our sin. The Son of God comes in this world gets crucified. I believe the son of the devil came in this world. I try to send everyone a hell. I believe that make him president female most popular going to Worlds even Page Plus data breach hate. I need a bench warrant in which all that kind of stuff. We're electing king of the world Son of God comes and tries to preach what's good for us and we end up crucifying him. Could you can't have two masters there can only be one only be one master inside your heart. Don't try to tell you that's how bad sin is. Don't think for a second that Caiaphas. Let's think about Caiaphas. Do you think he was born a wicked person is the high priest qualities qualities about it. Born Wicked. What was this? He wasn't willing to give up the sin. What pride is too important? I will not give it up. My glory is too important. I will not give it up or what. I'm telling you is that starts off small but it's like a little cancer and it goes bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger until you get rid of it. There's no way that you can do a compromise, which is what we like to do that Lord where the king of my heart tell us are kind of like 95% of nowhere by just 5% of it is 5% By the way. This is going to beat you and spit on you and Mark you and crucify you and scared you. So just leave it alone doesn't work like that. It can never work like that. Make no mistake about it. Jesus was mocked and captured and killed because you spoke the word of the truth and the Jews didn't want to hear it. So the easiest thing to do is just get rid of it. Why couldn't they just ignoring? Why do they have to kill him? Why do they have to beat him? Why can they just okay just ignore him. No one listened to him. We were down inside you had your Disciples of all disciples. What's the big deal? Why couldn't they just let it go? Sync never let it go. Like I said, you can't have Jesus and stay in the same place. Okay, they cannot coexist in the same place. It's like saying I'm a Redskins fan. I'm a Cowboys fan. He can't can you be at Leah's American the same time can one person to ever them both. You can't it's like saying it's like Superman and Kryptonite. You can't put the two of them in the same room and have them exists. You can't date Jesus and then find a way to get along doesn't work like that. Just keep your mouth shut and don't talk to you loud and leave around. It doesn't work. One of them is going to kill the other one. The question is who's going to kill who who is decision? Is it it's your decision who you want to kill who? I just tell you how bad it's been can be. It wasn't enough. Like I said, they were going to kill him why they're not they're going to beat him. But the worst part of it in my opinion. It personally is that they enjoyed it. The Romans when they were whipping him at least there's some sense of like they got their Soldier the Roman soldiers had to get baked. They made him get drunk before the whipping because they said no one can be this cool while sober The Jews weren't drunk. Just were sober. Enjoyed a laughed this was great for them is a party. They spit on him and they laughed. They made fun of him and they laughed. This was a joke to them. You do the same thing. What is having a little fun in life is having fun? I'm just living life. Just look. Let me live life. I'm just having a good time. We're having a good time is killing him. I'm just enjoying my youth enjoying your youth is killing him is spitting on him. And you say I'm enjoying my news was just a bad night of fun. It's just I just way to relieve some stress why your relief of stress has to be his crown of thorns. What do wave enjoying a Friday night in supposed to be spit on his face? Why does it have to be like that? Is it enjoyable to go to those places that we know cause the spit to be in his face is enjoyable to watch those shows that you talk about Sin and glorify sentence in his great. So is wonderful living and if you would like that's the way to go and getting drunk all the time. That's the way to go and laughing. Hahaha. So just a little entertainment. Did you said the same thing? I hope and pray the none of us are entertained. By the beating of Our Lord by the spitting on the face of our lord. I can't wear our entertainment is sin, whether it's sinful music or Central TV shows or Central relationships are simple, whatever our entertainment in our entertainment in life is coming a holy week after laughing. Hahaha so funny, but that cause someone's a little tighter isn't that funny stick that spill in a little bit harder isn't that funny? I just having a good time. It's a little entertainment. I hope that's none of us. Like I said, that's the Badness of sin and sin is really really really bad. And that shows you would send can do send come to laugh at this kind of Cruelty, but you know what? Don't leave here with that look on your face. If you don't leave here with those tears in your eyes because it's soon as this big year was bigger than sin. Is the love of Jesus has the largest mountain in the world are the worst thing ever in the love of Jesus is a little bit bigger. What we see tonight. Because he endured at all. He enjoyed the spitting the enjoy the marking. He enjoyed the beating at the hands of the people of God for the sake of us all from our sake and for your sake the king of glory for one night became the king of Shame. Can the king of walking became the butt of jokes for one night out of his great love for each one of us. Imaginary you're there at the scene of the of the incident you're at the trial. You're like the Jewish people who are gathered is not what I asked the church people. So that's what happened today at we all come together and gather. Would you do? What do you think you do? Every time I saw the movie ask myself. What I do if I was there. Right thing to say is lexical form that say leave me alone. I like to get away from him. I would defend him and I would do all this kind of great stuff. What I'm telling you is if you say that and if you say that you would have put your money where your mouth is and do it now. Church today because Jesus is blaspheming today. God is mach today. God is spat upon today. Right? Like I said those TV shows about those movies and by that music about all the garbage out there in the world. They spit on him and name walk him. You keep silence do standby even worse. Does it happen in your own house doesn't happen in your own room is your room the temple there and you stand by idly and watch and don't say anything. As much as the warden either support or back then need someone to stand up for a meeting someone if they leave him alone. He needs when he even more today. So what I'm saying is if you say that you're going to do it then do it today stand up to send today. It's not enough just to feel bad. It's not enough just to look at that scene and say oh poor Jesus. Oh poor Jesus that's in must be so bad in your knocking your who said the same thing you always thought the situation is really really bad. We got situation wanted to stop situation didn't do anything Judas didn't he the Son of Perdition himself to leave him alone. Don't be so cool. That shows you how cool send it even Judas said enough being alone. Give me a break. Tell her that you're saying the same thing I say so what do decide the same thing with the Lord hasn't needed someone to cry for him. He needs someone to stand up and do something. You need someone to stand up and take with him some support and say you know what? This is. My lord is my master armor stand by him. I will not allow since the rain. We're supposed to be the Soldiers of Christ. Right? What kind of sodas are we when we see the enemy attacking the master. We see the enemy attacking the leader. We lie down and watch a we cry. That's a good red soldiers and I do not have the Russians come in to take over the country and I was so just call for George Bush are those good soldiers are not good soldiers what they needed someone to stand up and fight and that's what the Lord is calling us to do not sit here and cry about it, but stand up and fight fight against sin fight against the sandwiches on our own life and fight against the sin which is all around us. The Lord is looking to raise us up as an Army against in the Lord came and got 70 tonight knew we had a hard night. He took his disciples. He said parade. Is it going to be a tough night and they slept I'm telling you he'll yard might have got 17 again. And the Lord is trying to Rouse raise up for himself and army sang stand up and play we're going into war tonight. There's sit out there and soon as really really bad which one of us is going to fall asleep and crying and which one is going to do what he said. Next time the Lord is blasphemed. I want you to remember this scene. Next time he's mocked. I want you to remember this scene. Next time you squat upon by funny jokes by funny TV shows are my funny movies. I want you to remember this scene. I want you to stand up for him. The Lord stands on trial tonight. He stands in the temple, but what's the temple temple is not something to thousand years ago. You are the temple each one of us is the temple of God and the Lord. Why does this is the courtroom inside my heart and he's on trial and it's him against in and you're the judge and you make the decision who's going to win? Which one are you going to choose? Who's going to be the kind you? Like? I said, you can only have one there can only be one king inside you and the question is, who are you going to choose last night would have surely told us we have talked enough crying time to stand up and do something. What are we going to do with him to stand up and say you know what? It said. That's it with you one more do in my life. I can demo send in my life. Only time I see sent its war against you and I'm going to beat you because there will be no sin inside my heart. Just like our Lord painting that 72000 years ago. You played with blood believe me. He is praying with blood right now, and he's playing for every single one of us and I'm not just saying figuratively I'm telling you that I really feel that the Lord is doing something very special inside the hearts of us all these days. He is doing something very special and walls are being torn down and hearts would seem harder in this rain delay here are turning into hearts of a brush and repentance is happening all around and everywhere around each one of us people are saying enough with this in enough with this bad habit enough with this Pride. I know what does Eagle enough with all this kind of stuff today is the day to make a difference on Tiny desk is the Lord is playing tonight in the Garden of Gethsemane and hearts are melting. Don't let your heart not be the one to melt. Don't let your hearts be the one that stands from it doesn't let the Lord in don't let this holy Rico by Don't Let It Go by because like we said before the may not be another one around the corner. Don't let it go by without first condemning that's in and saying Lord. I hate the sin in my life and Lord. I love you and therefore I'll fight again soon. It's time that we melt our hearts, but we stopped resisting the Lord Has Come calling Forst Time After Time After Time. I like I said, wow, the time is right. Now, the spirit is working now. Is that are getting ready to do something great in the world don't resist let your heart melt into his arms and glory be to God forever. Amen.