2004 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 2 (Eve of Monday)


 "Victory Comes by Faith"


The name of the Father and Son Holy Spirit one God Amen. It's good to see so many people who came back here tonight for the evening best on Sunday night, you know. It's hard to believe that it's Holy Week already. I don't know how I can express that even more. It's really hard to believe that just seems like nothing is as fast as went comes and goes from experience. Holy Week comes and goes even faster and you see that tonight that it's only the first Best Buy Surface Pro already the Lord really wasted no time in getting to the meat of the issue the nice little message displayed for us up there today that's lights readings. All of the gospels are focused mainly on one thing and everyone have exact same thing in it, which is our board talking about upcoming. Discouraging is whipping and rise again on the third day. There was one gospel in particular that stuck out to me that seem kind of different than the rest of them. Like I said, that's funny and I figured we try to look at together and see what the weather the gospel.of just read to us, which is on the 11th Hour, which is up there on the screen or you can look at page 147. It says in the disciples came to Jesus apart instead. Why could we not cast him out? And Jesus said unto them because of your unbelief for verily I say unto you if you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed you shall say unto this mountain be removed from here to Yonder place. And it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you but this time does not go out but by prayer and fasting and while they are voting Galilee, Jesus said unto them the son of man shall be betrayed into the hands of men and they shall kill him. They were exceedingly, sorry. This gospel is 5 vs 23 in the last couple makes sense to us. But the first kind of don't really seem to fit in with the rest of the day and talk about how he's going to be crucified for the first few verses where in the world did those come from. I mean those verses aren't even a full story what it is. It is from verse 13 of this chapter 2 verse like 21 is this other story which has nothing to do with Holy Week whatsoever, but somehow the church decided to include the last couple of verses from that story gospel story about one time when the disciples were out walking around well after they had already been commissioned and healed many people that all the time Holy Week, they're out and about you can just walk around in that man came to him came to them and said my son is sick and he's got this epilepsy is also demon possessed. And as you know, the story goes that they could build and then they were the disciples came to Jesus instead. Why could not we cast him out the disciples were confused and if you think about it, I'd be confused to think about it done many many miracles in the past, right? He sent them to cast out demon. He's sent them to heal the sick. These are the great miracle workers of the world. These people had a reputation now both of their own head and among the people. These were the guy that when they walked around. Okay that stuff happened. Stop happens when there are there Five Loaves and two fish. It was Bare hand that fed. The people the Five Loaves and the two fish. It was their hands laid on top of people's heads that made demons go out. These guys are miracle workers that every single right. How come we couldn't cast out the Demon Lord give the answer. I love his answer doesn't say because the demon is so strong doesn't say that doesn't say now that's a lot of Miracles this year that you doesn't say that he doesn't say it doesn't say that you said because of your unbelief. 2 minutes I know we just read these words kind of quickly sometimes but let's pause here because of your unbelief was he speaking to he is speaking to the pillars of our faith. He is speaking to the people who gave us everything that we believe is because of them if he is telling them because of their unbelief my goodness. Will he tell us how can you say their unbelief visit people gave up their jobs and follow these are people who have been doing anything that he asked them to do and he comes and says unbelief. One of these guys is Saint Peter and many gospels. Are we already read tonight? He said you're the Christ the son of the Living God. Our lord said that some grapes and the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail against maybe they had a momentary lapse in faith that the biggest bee in the world. I mean my goodness that's all the stuff. They didn't everyone gets weak every now and then what's the big deal? Maybe one guy was Meek one guy was strong we can talk to each other out right there. I want to answer to questions number one why they couldn't do the miracle and why this would happen and number to why this has any bearing importance on Holy Week houses in anyway fits in with the story bully and have anything to do any of the stuff that we think about. Imma, give you guys a little confession. Are you saw me walking out a couple times? The reason why I got to work on a sermon and all I knew was the Lord is calling me to this passage specifically these verses I had no idea. I believe I have any idea yesterday as well Saturday. So I got some time of this and that between this again nothing it wasn't until this morning that it hit me hit me this morning by the time I got home. Little bite to eat this Matt Ryan have today that it hit me why this is so critical and is when I was giving the sermon this morning than all kind of came together for me UC Holy Week, like I said, Resurrection Well this passage show talks to us about this Victory and it shows us not just what the victory is for the Lord but more importantly where that Victory is in my life. because kind of like what I wanted was saying or what was said on the screen there that I will get to that little bit this idea of the profs talked about this a lot of times. This Lent is about a lot of stuff which leads to more stuff a lot of bad stuff leads to good stuff and the key for that whole process for the victory of faith today as we start. Okay, because faith is easy when life is easy, but you and me both know that the week May start out like this, but it's going to quickly go into a place to have faith. So that's going to go back in time here. Again, you're the disciples right? Now, you're on top of the world. You're a miracle worker you go places demons run away from you people. See you walking down the street. Maybe there's a free lunch waiting for me. These guys are Disciples of the most high. These guys are something special. And then this happens and of course, like I said, they're confused confusion. Probably even worse. I bet you there's a certain group of people who were very happy to see that they weren't able to cast out. The demon towers are buddies the Pharisees. I bet you they were happy to see they were there the whole time looking insane. See I told you I told you not to follow I told you he wasn't what he told you. He was I told you he's a fake. He says he's the son of God Almighty. He's clearly just some kind of sorcerer guys know that I told you it's okay. You can fix that mistake. Just stop I'm told you this before He tricked, you know, the devil looks for any opportunity to get to jump into a to get us to question. God to get us to question God's power God's love not anyting. What's wrong with. You did what you were supposed to do. He told you to leave you left he told you to go you when you told you what to pray you fraid it and it supposed to be demons are cast out. What's the problem what you're supposed to do you went to church you prayed. Everything should be solved in your life. What what's going on with God people in the Egypt were just going to church and if this really bad really wasn't control want to fix the situation should protect people in church of all places. They won't go to a bar. They weren't going out drinking. I think I should have gone to church to worship God you should take care of them. You should take care of our job to take care of all these things right? These are What's called the fiery darts of the devil tries to hit us with no other fiery because if one of them hit and it it lands inside everything is gone everything. Detroit if a girl hits me that hurts, but if I'm sorry one hits me everything on fire and your entire face in life can be shaken. If one of these things hit you that's why I said our Lord wants to get it straight right now this issue of faith and his issue of belief. You want to get a straight right now because this week is sure to bring as much bigger question and Sample if you really is the Messiah and he's supposed to save us from the bad guys. Why are the bad guys killing you? If he really is God so good question for you to answer. How can God die. If you really said and is what they asked him in the gospel the ninth hour. He said he's supposed to abide forever. How come he's talking about now dying are some difficult question. Am I to summarize them all in one main question, which a lot of us struggle with is supposed to win. That's the bottom line here supposed to win. We've seen the movies we've seen the cartoon is bad guys. Good guys from a very young age will God is a good guy and I do what God wants me to do. Should win therefore I should win. What the answer is? Yes, God always wins and that if we are on the good side will Define that a little bit right? There is victory victory by faith and by faith alone and buy nothing else. It's not magic. Okay, the idea of God's victory in God's glory this Resurrection think it's not Hocus Pocus. It's not a form somewhere in this book in a language. You see the disciples were told they thought it should be able to do this miracle because they did it before. So if I did it before I should just do the same thing before and everything should work out the same way. I did this way before God gave me Victory. I should do it again. You give me another Victory it doesn't work that way or they said we should be able to like I said because we are buddies with the King anything we do should just be able to work out. Let's get this point very clear there is victory for us and Christianity that Victory like I said isn't magic formula. It isn't something mysterious. The victory is in faith. We say that we are blessed are the Coptic church for blessing. Why why is the Coptic Church blessing? Why because we speak Coptic and that's God's favorite language. That's why the cop a cop should always have because we speak the best language is that why there's no victory in a language Victory outside things. The victory is in the face with a victory because we spent all day in church, but everything should work out for me. It's not in the pews. Believe me. All right, we get so sometimes focused on these outside things that we forget the victory from the inside from the faith on the inside great example, right coming at every year people want to ask me. What's the most exciting day as a priest of the Year Palm Sunday? Exciting times at the funeral and it's my job to go to the Social Hall and spray people with water my goodness. I I feel like I'm going to get killed sometimes cuz what people I know that must have a teaching teaching is that a little bit of water won't save you say have to have a lot of water and some people have this idea that just one sprinkle isn't good enough and I need all of the water on top of my head. Believe me. I'm not joking today. I was going I was spraying people. I said wait, I'm going to start come back this way coming back and forth the whole time. I sprayed voice I spray again. I'm not joking. She grabbed my hand, okay. Why don't you try to grab the bucket? I don't know if she wanted to drink it. I don't want to take a shower with it. I don't know what she wanted to do. But I know one thing that she was putting a lot of Hope and victory coming from water. It's not the water. It's the prayer that sanctifies the water and it's the faith that goes into it. Let me tell you something. You don't want the oil that was praying over the other day. It's not the oil. It's the prayer that went into the oil. It's not the outside thing. It's not the rich was not the pews. It's the prayer that goes into that the face that goes into that and I'm telling you that if your life is going to end up in Hell without the water than the water in going to save. Okay if your life is leading to not a good place the water is going to do anything for you. Believe me. Okay, and don't let anyone tell you. Otherwise. Just sitting here just didn't save Victory outside things. The victories in the inside now what that said only one missed call me. I'm not saying that the outside waters bad oils bad. Those are great thing when they're built on top of the life of Faith. No problem is is we just want to take a shortcut. We just want to jump to the outside. Just give me water and I was bad to give me more water. Give me oil. Let me just spend and if you don't believe me how many people and I'm sure some of you were here today. Don't care a second about prayer don't care about the word of God. Then when that water come then we're not oil Thomas. Like I said, it's a rush to get it. You have a Russian to pray like that. Your ran into prayer that way that angry kind of Bob way run to the word of God the same way and hold on to the same way. I want more of it or just the water. Just the oil outside things. No victory for that stuff. Okay. No Victory. I won't even get into the idea Buttercup. Okay, which I hate the idea of Buttercup, which Ike mean I can beat a horrible life and then I carry a picture in my wallet because that picture in my car no matter how bad I am that pictures going to save me. no victory for buttercup Victory is for fake. All right, if you don't believe me, look what the Lord send John chapter 20 verse 29. He said blessed blessed is the Buttercup for you blessed. Are those who have not seen and yet have believed. If you want to know where to get real buttock a real blessing it is it from outside thing blessing comes from Faith people left Faith have victory at people who don't have faith no matter what in the world as they have have no end of story. Nothing else to add on top of that the disciples were like us at this point focused on the outside that we said Lord. We pray the same words over this as that. Should be the same result. We use the same oil change. This boy is this point we did in the same way. It's not in the outside things. Whatever Lord is trying to tell us. So here we are at the start of holding me to give us a nice message today about a life and the change and all this kind of stuff will want this Victory want this Joy want this Glory? If you want this Victory, please don't show me your spiritual resume. They don't tell me how many litter did you attend? Don't tell me what time you showed up here and all the different things that you carry in your car. Please don't show me those things because those things aren't the issue here. The issue here is God said and show me your face. Show me that show me that faith that will do anything. I tell it to do show me that faith that will follow me Faithfully to the foot of the cross into the grave anywhere that I called. You show me that face that will obey show me that faith that believe this year. That has our lord said here is moving mountains. All that part I'd figured out. like I said when God led me to this passage, we want you to talk about faith, but the part that I really struggled with her past two days has faith in what like what kind of faith Like faith in like the situation Egypt so faith that God will deliver. Well. Yeah, but it's got to be more personal so faith in my sufferings Holy Week it really about me and my visit to Faith in my trials basic my job faith in what show me abouna Anthony where I should have faith what I should have faith in and I'll do it. I want to believe That's where Buna gave us the key this morning. And what that faith that you need to have that faith that I hope everyone focuses on is the faith of a changed life. Beat That Azz Up When was saying this morning? But your life needs to change in my life needs to change. What I'm saying, here it is it often time. I hear about this change life this new life this Victorious life, and I said, you know what? That's nice, but that's probably not for me. That's probably doesn't come outfit with me somewhere maybe for someone so that works or someone else or you know, what I was thinking. I'll be very honest with you Hampshire lottery you were thinking too I would have said this morning everyone needs to change everyone needs to hear a message and change. Doesn't change. You know what I was thinking in my head. I was thinking, you know, I want to change I really do. butt and the butt started coming the first how I mean I'm just so set in my ways. Like I've been trying to change this thing for like 10 years or I want to change but I just don't know that it can be that dramatic. I don't know how it can it can work out for me. To be honest, I don't even know what to believe that possible. I don't even know if it's possible that my life can really change that significantly. You know what maybe my life would change slightly? Okay. There's my faith. I have faith that I can change. Yes, when is right. I can change slightly or you know what I can change for a week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks even but come on. How this goes we change for literally go right back. Go back to our happy medium. Well, that's why I'm saying we need to have faith because that is nowhere in anywhere in the word of God this go back and forth like a middle ground. The Bible says that we are here to have a new life in Christ came to give us a new life a life of Glory in life of Resurrection that if we die with him we would ride with him. This is not magic. Again. This is not Hocus Pocus. This is for those who have the faith. If you don't believe me you look at any single person that our Lord Jesus Christ and chain you show me the slight change in their life if it is impossible to reduce light change. You tell me the Samaritan woman was slightly a new person after that but she was slightly different than he worked on just minor things. You tell me that the paralyzed man or the born blind man, you tell me that the disciples were the same people for just slightly different afterward. You tell me that's all with the same person just slightly different. The black do I need to go on Dua? I don't because every single person that the Lord bed became a new person. Okay. I'm about to taking a long time to do doesn't take a long time it happen right then. 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation old things are passed away behold. All things have become new. You know what the faith that you need is is to believe this is about you you need the faith to believe that if you are in Christ, you are obeying Christ and you have that faith that you can be a completely new person a completely new creation. If not, if you don't believe that I want you to go home tonight and stand up the garden say God. I believe your word is full of lies, but don't walk around somewhere. Like I'm going to sit in the middle of this is the truth hurts a lot. No other in between either all things can become new and old things have passed away. What's not possible? I'm asking you do you believe do you believe that your way of thinking which is been corrupt can be changed. Do you believe that your life of impurity can be changed over 50 years believe that your way of talking or whatever can be changed organ. This is just nice word nice ritual that we talked about here in the church and then it blah blah blah when we go home, you know to be honest and most of us are honest. We don't think this can be us. We don't think this new creation can be me. I can see if in the Samaritan woman. I can see it for those people. I can see it when someone converts. Yes most we believe that most it can be like I said a slight adjustment. No remind me of Couple weeks ago I took my car to get an oil change and the engine this and that I was going to see how much buddy five six $700 man. You know what If we're honest a lot of us feel like staying way when it comes to church comes to spiritual stuff. You need to change your life. Nice try. iPhone 4 that one buddy I came for the water and that's it. Okay, and I'll consider the life when I have enough to afford it, but not now. Like I said, we need to be straightforward ourselves. The first message was you need to change have the faith to believe that it's possible to change have the faith to believe that no matter how many times you tried and failed creation. I'm not saying you're going to be a CEO. Mr. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking to be a new creation in Christ for all the old things have gone away have the faith to believe that this year can be different. But this year you can, not just shed a tear on Good Friday and say you're whatever and sit in your spot and just go and come as have faith to believe that this year to be a life chain a lasting chain believe he is it bad to change live in person to tell you A lot of people have changed their lives for good but just as many have change for a week and it changes right back after Why is the faith on the inside? This idea of changing. Like I said our lord said that you die with me you rise with me anyone who thinks that this rising and this chain you have this idea that it should take 10 15 20 years. Let me ask you a question. How long did it take Jesus to rise from the dead how long it take Lazarus when you said Lazarus come forth one second. He was a hundred percent dead the next second. He's 100% alive. It wasn't like his finger Rose and then his thumb Road and then his ears Rose and then he walked out alive. It's instantaneous kind of a thing. That's what I was telling us, but it doesn't want change over the next 50 years. He wants to change you right now. And the worst thing that you can do is walk out of here and say yes, I believe and change and I'm a come up with a 10-year plan and how I'm going to my life. No Lord wants resurrection and on Saturday, he was one way and on Sunday. He was a completely different thing for me and you As well, but the key is this idea Faith now the other thing I got to tell you about faith. Is it the kind of faith that we're looking for he and I were talking about is a non-routine faith. Okay, because God routine kind of faith. God hates a routine. Faith what I mean by that is picking let's go back to the disciples. Sometimes I'll be honest. I look at the disciples. I feel like I feel sorry for them. I feel like they had it rough. I feel like God was out like geez with always confusing them. Like he was never really straightforward them from the start. I feel like you just set them up and they just walk into a trap and ask them a question like asking people say that I am feels like he's always switching things up with them. All right, for example, you take them up on Mount tab or Transfiguration season in all his glory soon as it comes back. What does he tell them? I'm going to be beaten persecuted and kill saw you in the glory. He takes them and tell them that you guys are my top guide. You will roll with me in the Kingdom. All right, you will be the judges and then he turned around and said and you're going to be persecuted each one of you is going to be killed. Why so confusing? Why you tell them one minute I give you power over demons and the next minute a little boy and a big demon a little demon little boys. Why why can't you just be clear and straightforward? You know, why because God hates routine. God hate hate hate hate our mechanical kind of Faith. Alright, our formula systematic way of doing things. He likes things to be fresh and new you know, what are mechanical way is are mechanically. I bet you and every single one of us is program for these past the services. We are program that we come in. We hear one note that many of us just came and just was singing right along and we even think about what happened early this morning having any idea what's going on. Why are you sitting in that kind of the power? Well, Turn the screen time to sing it. That's the autopilot kind of Faith Church on Palm Sunday. In the bulletin said I said what time it going to church? That's the mechanical autopilot face that never ever ever has victory. our Lord likes things new that's why every now and then our Lord shakes us up a little bit. Okay, that's why I'm bored needs to shake us up. If the Holy Week services are something that's just part of our schedule just kind of like the routine of thing and that's it. No Victory. That's not the Fate that brings Victory the Fate that brings Victory is the faith that comes here and says I want to change my life. I got a message from God today is that I need to change and I have the faith that God will make it possible. I have the faith that says the God will allow me to make a change and I know that if I follow God and I'll pay whatever he tells me to do even if it's completely different. It was completely different in the way. I'm used to do anything. I have faith that says if I believe and I opened that he will give me the victory. Believe Me by has stretched my faith personally me personally. I'm not a big Faith guy, but this past lent if there's one thing I learned every single day is about faith and heard me and God has stretched that area has shown me is if is possible with me and believe me is possible with you. There isn't a person who sitting here today that God does not want to make a new creation. There's no person today who God says, I want you to end Holy Week the same way you started there's no person sitting here today cuz I want you to end Holy Week as an ordinary average kind of normal person. But in the end, unfortunately, it's not about what God wants. It's about my faith. And he said according to your faith. Let it be to you. So here we are start of Holy Week very early on church is packed. That's great. That is the criteria. We sang going to scream the top of your lungs. In the criteria either those things are great, but the criteria for victory is like I said is on the inside of the faith. So please okay that I said tonight number one thing, please don't be a robot. Please don't come through as a robot on autopilot. You know where you are? I know Monday. I'm in here about the curse the Fig Tree Tuesday me about the sheep in the goat, please, please please please that's the worst thing that you can do. Set for yourself a goal. Thank God this year. I want to change. I want to change my life then have the faith to believe that that change can happen to God can make that change happen like you did like, like I said with the Samaritan woman born blind saw all the people and then when you have that Faith, then we're all good experience read yesterday John chapter 11 verse 40 Did I not say to you that if you believe that you would see the glory of God, it's my hope that 7 days from today that I can see each and every single one of you and I can just recite this verse and I'm going to say to you did I not say to you that if you believe that you would see the glory of God and I hope that your answer is amen and I hope that your answer is yes, and I hope that your answer is not. Oh well just