2004 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 (Eve of Monday)


"Look Unto Jesus"


The purpose of Holy Week is Repentance. Repentance is not focusing on our sins 24/7, but actually focusing on the Lord Jesus Christ, Who paid the price for our sins. In focusing on Him, we will take every step He takes this Passion Week and find out God’s love and salvation for all of us.


Founding Father and Son Holy Spirit one God Amen Here we are. Meaning of another Holy Week. Hair like me to tell me we came around real quick just went flew by and I'm sure lots of you were thinking the same thing seems like we just celebrated Christmas a few weeks ago. Doesn't it? All of a sudden here? We are at the beginning of Holy Week. Well think about Holy Week that we that we know and that would have showed her mind as of this morning. Is that only because a time where there's no sacraments in the church is no funerals in the church. There's no nothing in the church except one thing and you have to say what's the main goal of? Holy what does God want from me and holding me? What should be an easy one? What does God want from me? Repentance exactly are some people said it we don't have this week is all about repentance. I know the whole point of Holy Week. Is that we should have a repentant heart and if you read the prophecies, especially that we read in there in the Holy Week. You see how much God hates and unrepentant heart. Okay. You never hear about God hating anything but there's one thing that God hates. It's a heart that is not repentant. Just we stand here together. The beginning of Holy Week last thing you want to do last thing I want to do is be on God's side side wheel. Well beyond the hate side of God, so we need to figure out how we can do this repentance thing would have ended our repentance is if it's not as well as it's not as simple, but it may not be as you think it is. What is that we repent is Believe It or Not the opposite of what we usually think we think that's a repent. We should focus on our sins. Thank housing for you are remember all your sins 24 hours a day count them recite them write them down meditate on them and believe that those sins are the biggest thing and the worst thing in the world. That's the worst way to repent. What's that one repentance is at all? What room should I told us this morning a life? Like that is not a life at that our Lord came to give us he came to give us peace. The life of depression. That's a life of misery. That's life is going to end you in The Nut House one day if you continue with that kind of Lifestyle. Well, we don't want to do that we want to do is we learn who has the right way or I say that in order to repent of your sins have repented bar. You need to focus on your sins. But instead focus on the Lord Jesus bogus on our Lord and our master and look at him and then all of a sudden you become repentant. How does it work? Well, look at this way, if you don't want to see dark spots. Okay, let's 8 tonight. I see you lot of yawning people out of tired. People are people really excited to go to their rooms tonight. I'm going to walk in the room with the lights going to be on that ain't going to turn off the light turn the light off. Can you see anyting know it's going to be really really dark but then let's say after a couple minutes you've been sitting in the dark. Happens is it become easier to see why because you become used to the dark right now by the same token you go out on a bright sunny day in the sun's real great that you walk inside a dark room is it you can't say anything because I've seen all you can see is the spots of light in your eye. You know, what is the same thing with our sins? How many of us walk around focusing on our sins been thinking about our sins talking about our sins? And only think about is your send you get used to them and it becomes second nature. Yeah. I confess this 100 times for the contested a hundred more times. This is just a part of who I am. This is me about Anthony. This is why I sent this is what I do. What's up with the Lord told us to do. He told us to look at him and the more we focus on him the more our sins become clear. It's like that turning on the light. Heather standing I know behind me a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ right there. I knew that picture which is usually hung way up. There is going to be hung right here. So this would be great people can see it up close, but believe y'all might have been thinking about one thing. I don't know how I'm going to stand up here in front of it. Because I know that when I stare at the Lord and I see him I feel so dirty and I feel so ashamed I feel such disgrace and I can only imagine what it must be like for you to stand by and see the Lord and see me in front of him. Believe me. I thought about giving a sermon from the corner just on the microphone so she can't see the Lord behind me because I know how that makes me look and I know how that makes me feel and I support me that I'm dressed in black today because that's how I feel standing in front of the Lord. You will have a bunch of criminals behind me. I'd love to stand in front of them. I'd love to stand before them cuz it makes me look good. But when I look at the Lord Jesus that I see my own sins think about you do the same thing. We all saw the movie The Passion of the Christ right. Movie people were crying and repenting. I was kind of stuff. Let me ask you a question. What sin did you commit while watching the movie? What sin did you commit that? You cried over what sin did you come up at your house? So sorry afterward a new genuine you cried for days. You couldn't sleep lightning. What is the release date of the movie or what you did for two hours is you look at the Lord Jesus and you focused on him and when you focus on him, we got a shot up there for you when you focus on him, and you see him and you think about him and your meditate on him realize the dark spots. They're inside Beach and every single one of us. What's remember if you seen to remove in case I case you don't know what I'm talking about. You ask you a question. How did you feel when they're making fun of Jesus? How did you feel when I Spit on them? How did you feel when they were whipping him? I just feel when they when they turn them over. So we've been on the front and his organs were hanging out. How did you feel when they nailed him to the cross and then turned it over. How do you feel when the Lord Jesus who has all power and glory to his name screaming in pain? How did you feel when the Virgin the mother of our Lord Jesus wouldn't do anything wrong to anyone but her heart was broken and she cried and she couldn't even go to look at Jesus and she wants him when he fell to pick him up. My guess is you've got repentant and my guess is you felt sorry for your sins. Why because you focus on Jesus and not on yourself. As you think about what I'm telling you about the Virgin running and his nails and across all kind of stuff. Let me ask you another question. I bring you the real life. Tell me about your problems in life who's got problems. Now who's got pains now, we got issues if they want to deal with now you see Holy Week is not like the rest of the year. You got problems. You got pains you got headache you got back a who cares. Anyone going to walk out of the movie The Passion of the Christ after seeing what the Lord did and then go and say Lord. I need you to help me with my headache Lord. I need you to help me at work because my boss is very mean to me who cares it's not about that. It's about for 1 week. It's about him and it's all about him. And that's what it what he was telling us this morning. When you said forsaking the world or taking care of that leave in the world is not caring about the world is living in the world and focusing on that focusing on the Lord Jesus and what he did for us. We know that the path to Heaven is a pack of repentance around trying to tell you was the path of repentance is done by focusing on the Lord Jesus. That's a horrible song about that's why we're here. We're going to get together tonight or going to go home for a few thousand get back together in the morning because we need for one week. I'm going to follow him step-by-step every step can text with any right there. They spell Henry sabon is the power we might be worth a darn is the glory they laugh at him. We said you're a king forever. That's why we're going to do this week. So let's see where we are tonight and the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you have your investable turn to the first hour of the evil Monday gospel. You can follow along right here the first hour of the even one day which comes to us from St. John's Episcopal st. John's gospel chapter 12 13 verse 20 I just read it for you real quick. Now there were certain Greeks along those who came up to worship at the feast then they came to fill up who was from beside of Galley and ask him saying so we wish to see Jesus came and told Angela and turn Andrew and Phillip told Jesus but Jesus answered them saying gallerist come that the son of man should be glorified most assuredly. I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it remains alone. But if it dies produces much blamed, what is this happening just to come put it in context with a John chapter 12 13 verse 21 verse 19 of John chapter 12, what do we read that? Visible energy this morning. Okay, this is Palm Sunday is what it's talking about. But I'm Sunday. We will gather together in Jerusalem on a group of Greek people big people are not Jews are the Gentiles they come and they want to see the Lord Jesus. Okay. Let's see. How keep on going. Anyone tells me that don't follow me where I am there. My servant will be also anyone serves me then my father will honor pay attention here why my soul is troubled and what shall I say father save me from this hour, but for this purpose I came to this Our Father glorify your name stop there. As I said, this is happening on today Palm Sunday. All right, so price raised Lazarus from the dead and everyone knew about Jesus and I don't want to make him the king of Israel hose on praising Palms always kind of great stuff. Everything is going is going great for him and then a group of Greek people come and say what I want to know about Jesus about think about it from Christ perspective. How should I feel Vibes? This is what he came to the world to do. He came to the world to bring people to God, especially people who don't know. So this is it. This is the beginning of mission work. Okay. This is the beginning of the Gentiles being converted. What is the beginning of all the peoples of all nations of the earth coming to the Lord Jesus Christ, you would bring it to him. He would be ecstatic right now. But what did he say? He says yeah. My soul is troubled by board. Why are you troubled by this should make you very very happy. How could you be troubled by this? Well, I think the right now a stop payment. 410 I didn't realize like I said, his mission is to save these people that everyone would come to him. But I never thought I'd hit him that in order for these people these Greeks to come and know me and to love me and live with me. Something has to happen. What is it that has to happen? The Suffering The Pain the mocking and then it started to hit him and you better believe it's swept over him like that like a big old tidal wave and he started to think cuz he said you know what this is great for those people going to come to me but you know what an order for this to happen. Like you said he received got to die for there to be grain well and hit him while he is received for everyone else's brain any food ready Grand 1 seed has to die and who is that Steve? That's him. I started to think about all the stuff that's going to happen to him. He said my soul is troubled. That's what I read. This is it why is it so troubled? Why is Jesus scared of death from ours weren't scared to death St. George wasn't scared to death take me to 1 squared up. Why is the Lord scared of death or the Lord isn't scared of death by his death is much different than anyone else's death including the borders. Okay, we can't say that the Lord any less Brave than any of them. The Lord wasn't scared of death for the Lord knew what his death was going to be remember that use the sinless one and his death is the pay the price for all of us. He's the scapegoat King is the one who's going to be punished for everyone else is misdeed that's going to put this in perspective. God is just and God says if there's any send that has to be punishment and God says that we know the first Christians there is no punishment. There's no condemnation to those in Christ. Jesus is that mean is no Punishment No, I mean someone already paid the price we paid the price our Lord Jesus Christ. What was that price forget about the physical supper, you know about that. You saw the movie. I don't want to talk about that forget about the physical pain in the neck of the woods on a kind of stuff the Lord had to stand there. What is the part that I can't I even consider committing the same he stood there face-to-face with the father and the father said he will now be punished for the sins of the world. What kind of sins? What you know all the pornography in the world where all people will suffer because of that. You don't know all the dirty jokes that people think is funny and hahaha, will you and I'll suffer for that? This is the one that gets me over sexuality in the world and he will laugh at it who's going to pay the price for the homosexuality. You are imagine that the Lord All Pure all in whack your neighbor committed. As soon as I've never told a lie in his life Flo Rida dirty thought in his life is now being punished by God for all these things. Of course, it's so was going to be trouble he can't imagine at the thought of the father being angry again doesn't make sense. But in order for this price to be paid the father had to be angry. The father had to punish Sin Sin had to be punished and the Lord was that punishment. That's why his Joy of these Greeks is mixed with sorrow. This is like a pretty gift 70 force or your soul is troubled father save me from this hour, but then he said glorify your name father glorify your name. Who can see the Lord's heart is full of trouble in the boy. Got to get 70. This is Sunday. And he said that a whole week to go. His heart is full of trouble important. The one The God Who calms the sea seas are raging. His heart is in his rage right now his emotions and he's been all that kind of inside. This is my soul is troubled. What is that make you feel? How do you feel when you hear that how you feel at the Moors feeling this way? We know how it makes me feel makes me angry and sin don't do it. It's not worth it or not worth it. Don't do it for me. I got lots more sand and I can't bear to see you pay this price. I can't I'm sorry. That's how I feel and that the heart of repentance that comes only from focusing on the Lord Christ way to focus on the Lord Jesus. Okay, not only is it the repentance I'm looking for but it's the solution anyting every kind of problem in the world. What's 8? The next life when we please stop there on the cross. Hang in there. I got let's say you came to church how you came to Holy Week this this year. That's a problem than like, I don't got pom poms on. I'm sure you do what I want. You got a big problem. Where do you I don't even know God's real. I don't know. God loves me. God is a dead God we come and we think I'm going to Coptic language and it's funny and I got a real God is not a God that makes a difference in my life. Look at this picture here with Christ on the cross bleeding, which is the Son of God is not real. His son to go through all of that for no reason you want to work at the cross of Jesus Christ and you see the blood dripping and then you come and tell me how much you doubt God's love tell me what you think of this is for no reason that doesn't have to happen. This was just a nice story in A Knight's Tale that we talked about. What did we have any effect on my life? There was no God, and there was no law that there was no mercy there be no cross. Let me know. Let me know Calvin to be none of this kind of stuff cuz it would all be in vain or let's say maybe you coming to church tonight with a different pop radio doubting God's ability to solve your problem. My problem is big and God can't handle my problem and take care of it. I'll deal with God. I can't look at the cross. One drop that run and I'm telling you that one drop of that blood is more powerful and is more than sufficient to fix everything in the world because there's nothing but the blood of Jesus can't wash away when you tell me that you messed up so bad that your guilt is so bad and her promise so bad, but even the blood of God is Not Enough, there's no way you can look at that and say but it's not enough. There's no way you can look at Price hanging on the cross and say but I need more I need a solution to this. Why do blood was great, but my boss. Is this my boss stock market is this but my headache is this What's the point of what we're trying to talk about here across? Okay, come to me and say that I messed up bad. I don't know what I'm going to do. I tell you know what you're in trouble. Yeah, you're right. You should be worried. But there is the cross and there is the blunt as long as there's no blood. There's the cross there's nothing that's too big. Let's say you're still not convinced to Newcomb singing or what. I know God is merciful. I know God came to save everyone but abouna Anthony me. Like I'm saying I confess the same sin a hundred times a year after year after year. I can't break this habit. I can't I have bad farts and I do not have it and I got this and I got that I know God is love and how God is merciful with me when it won't work for me. What's the popular again is you said to me? Don't take offense at this who cares about you. Who cares? It's not about you has nothing to do with you whatsoever. It's all about Jesus for water week rest of the year complain about your boss before one week is not about one week. You don't matter he's all that matters and that's why we're here. We're together. That's why the church and its wisdom gives us is Holy Week. That's why we walk step by step every step toward take we take it every time he's got to take one step. Well just jump in his steps, but it gives you a 10 minutes, but you can meditate on exactly what he's about to do. Don't let one step go by and say all that stuff wasn't a big deal know every step was a big deal. Remember the scene in the movie or crisis hang out across right here then Saint Mary came to the Cross. What does she do? She kisses feet. ShopRite all over her mouth I have the Dubious distinction of seeing the movie The Passion of Christ six times. Can I see all the different cross all of the church so it with a group in Ohio salt with ice cool girls high school boys College. That's not what everyone. Unfortunately, when I saw it with one group of people, there was someone who said boo at the scene. He said that she was kissing with me to Christ. I'm telling you. That's what this whole week is all about. Okay, it's about kissing with you to Christ. It's not being there at his feet. It's about being there exactly whatever it is that he goes and I challenge you to sit at the feet of Christ this week. I challenge you not to care about yourself for one week. I challenge you to think only about him. I just sit at his feet wherever it may go if it's still there if it's to the Cross if it's to the if it's to the Garden wherever it is that his feet might do I challenge you to sit at his feet and do nothing else but concentrate on where his feet are at and kiss the feet that they are all filled with the blood that's that there for you and then come back and tell me you got problems then tell me that your life is too difficult then tell me that your headache is worse than anyone else is in it. I'm telling you you do what I'm telling you do. Everything works out. All your doubts is gone all your all your problems are so up. Everything else works out because nothing matters when you realized what are no I did force all home because pictures going to be right here and the great thing about this picture is the eyes of Christ look into the eyes of your savior look into the eyes and look and see the blood that's coming down from the crown of thorns. Look into those eyes and then tell me that you have any doubts or you have any problems or anything like that? Some of you may be saying right now? You know what? That's true. You know, I want that. I want that for myself or the problem is I have a tough time meeting a holy life. I have a difficult time away in God's commands. I'm difficult time with anything like that again. I'm telling you stop thinking about yourself that way to look at. This is like a doctor-patient relationship. Who is the doctor you are the Lord the Lord is go to the patient any doctors in the in the room tonight. How do you feel when a patient comes and tells you where I had this wrong with this I need this kind of medicine to do this and fix this and all kind of stuff. That's not a good patient or patience job is a, say one thing. I am sick finish. That's it. I am sick. This is where it hurts who thinks it will give me the medicine salvation is not your job. If it was your job. You were messed it up. Why didn't trust you with himself. He says your job is just to follow me. What are job is just to trust me your job is just to sit at my feet and do whatever it is. I tell you to do what's it lame to stay. go-kart to me because he's much better than I think we are. Don't set yourself. I don't love him enough. Don't say I don't have enough Faith. Don't they have that kind of stuff. Don't talk about you. All I want you to do this week is think about him trying to him and everything will be solved with a bib on the right hand side of Christ one thing right? But that white thing was most important thing. He was up to Jesus. I looked at you and said remember me help me. I'm sick. I need your help. That's what our mission is to do for this week. I will see the fruit of it like it when I told us this morning you spend enough time with a person you end up looking like them. That's a want to do this week where I spend enough time with the Lord Jesus that at the end of this week. We look like him what the fruit come from him. You're just been a time that he'll take care of your dog. Motion to take care of your needs you to get all that kind of stuff your dog is to spend the time with him. Last thing I say. Personal story this morning during Palm Sunday is my favorite day of the year. Absolutely positively Isle of Palm Sunday. I love the fact that even if no one want to show up at this church, but the walls in the Stonewood screen praises to God, I love the God said that he's an idiot. You shut your mouth be stones will praise me. I love that because that's the truth. What's today does one partner, Livingston? What are you doing? Just what I'm telling you original myself and I said focus on Jesus focus on him. I see him riding on that cold. But then I remember the scene in the movie. Remember the scene in the movie when heat when they showed him it was a flashback. He was walking down carrying the cross and everyone was yelling at him and screaming at him throwing stuff at him and then he remembered One week ago. I was walking the same City Museum people with their palms. As I was thinking that I thought to myself this is great the poem Sunday's today, but I know what's going to happen next and I know that I know it's wonderful that Palm Sunday is happening today, but the suffering is going to come and the pain is going to come. I started to tear. Where do you know me? That's a big thing. I don't cry. I don't get emotional. I don't tell you I started tearing today, but I thought about what the Lord was doing. I was just looking at him. I just picturing him on the cult. Starting and I started to get kinda emotional and then I looked up in some of your very member. There's a park regen ordering argues or I did something at the altar. I don't know what I did. I told you to start singing louder. Okay, cuz that was when it happened and I when I was feeling sad and that was what I felt the pain that's why I felt like I was when I felt that big deal to my son and that's what I needed support. That's why I need everyone to say You Are Holy gone and you are holy Mighty and You Are Holy Immortal and that's what Holy Week is all about. Yes, they're suffering. Yes, there's pain but one of the following every step of the way. I want to spit on him. Where is a noise of the power on every Lord have mercy with every thought that you go home. We are going to be there right when he goes focusing on him and believe me you will get to the end of this week. I didn't say I wanted this was the best week of my life. I spent the week in heaven. You know, why because For the first time in your life, you didn't take God to bring him down in my problem. He said forget my promise. I won't go back to where you are. I hate when you do this week, and that's what I want to get you. What's the short price for supper and Chrysler through a lot of pain and whatever you live every single step of it and there's no denying that but the question is, where are you going to be? Are you going to be at his feet or let me tell me about your problems. I got your headache. I got your cup of coffee in the morning. I got your deadline to your to-do list all kind of stuff. What I'm saying is you focus on the Lord Jesus this week. I believe me believe me. Believe me. Believe me. Everything will take care of itself. Wouldn't you think that you hate it? When are you get tempted not to take a break going to do this or or ask more for something for yourself? Think about right here. Has the Lord's hang on the cross? Like I said Saint Mary came and kissed his feet. What's a someone else from the crowd came and said hey and she was me Lord. What I believe in you. Can you please help me with this situation at work with the situation at home? How do you say? Can't imagine anyone doing that. It's not the right time at the right place later. Not now. That's why I'm telling you this week. This is the weakest not about you. It's not about your problems. Don't come talking about your phone or your miserable ending like that this week. It's all about him and believe me you get to the end of this week you focus on him. You'll beat your meat. You have a very very blessed and insignificant Holy Week that leads to repentance and glory be to God forever.