You Must Be A Witness to Christ

A sermon given on May 18, 2008 onĀ John 4:1-42.


And the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. This is so sad this day. NMSU it is my pleasure. Don't have this blessing of this morning to celebrate the holiday of this blessed Church. And I have in the beginning of my speech. I have the pleasure to extend to you all the players and the blessings. of his hardness all the spiritual fathers Who is Drake? And heading of all the children over the world special loss or in the diaspora. I know Indie occasion of the third Sunday. also the Easter We have that. It is from Sunny John. about meeting of Christ with the Sumerian woman What you can observe? Let the same region can be. Found in the fourth Sunday of the Easter. And the day outside of the Resurrection. And the goal of the Church of the reading of the story and the first Sunday of the length. Because the Sumerian woman it is the symbol of repentance and returning to Christ. For today reading because the Sumerian woman it is the symbol of the preachers after she accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and as a fruit of this acceptance, she have to preach to Proclaim Christ to the others. So Through this reading will have to come by and between 2 and 4/10 inches in the Christian Life. You have to accept the Christ. They must repent. Those who have to believe in Christ. They must live a life of repentance. And the as of as a fruit. as a result I'll believe in Christ. He must witness Christ to the others. So. The Sumerian woman in the beginning of how to speak with Christ. She was rejecting him how we speak with me and you are a junior and I am a Sumerian. And then Jesus Christ. By his love very carefully. He began to speak with the Sumerian woman. Then she began to repent. She declared that. She have no husband and then Jesus Christ in Courage the whores you are speaking the truth. He have intuited car it in spite of he he knows that she is a sinner but he was very simple thing was her very loving and his pitching and then he said to her I know that. You have five husbands. And those this who is living with you now is not your husband. Fuzzy's you are saying the truth. Is he encouraged her because she is saying that to us this way. Open today. Speaking of Jesus Christ with the Sumerian what lead her to repent? And she confessed you are a prophet and then she found that either he is the Redeemer. He she left everything and went to Harbor Village to preach to the Sumerian people come to see. A man said to me all the things that I have done. She was in the past were ashamed to seem to speak such like this. She have to come to the wedding and the time of the noon so that no of the girls of the village is in the Underworld because you have to attack her she's a bad woman, but after repentance she is not ashamed to go to the Sumerian and say to the people come and see him and told me about everything. I have done all the things which you have to make me a shame to meet you. I declare that I found somebody who is very honest loving he told me. and spoke to me about my repentance and I called all of you to come and meet him speak with him. Believe in him and you have bulb saved then we have to find. This is Jackie Chan from the woman. the sympathy and Love Of Christ Airport from me Dora believers and from a believer do a teacher's so smumn, whatever his sins. Have to come to Christ. He will be accepted sure because he is the loving God for all the world and these Love Led them to be crucified for the Salvation for Redemption of all the people. Those who believe in him as a savior Redeemer. He must feel the truth. Truss and threw his Holy Blood. All the sins will be forgiven. And the mother is going to be stopped on this level on this area. He must ensure his Believe In Christ his forgiveness of the sins. His Redemption from all his life. He must have go to declare Christ for all the people. farthest in the evenings of the deduction if we meditate the width of the Resurrection, they have assured for proclaiming the resurrection to the others. When Jesus met with the magdalenae you must go to in for my disciples that I have been risen. When's that engine met their women? He said to them you must go and deplete your master in for with the other you must do it. This is a function of price. It is a very important symbol for everyone who wants to live their repentance life. It is an important matter for all the people who believe in Christ that you must witness Christ to the others. For this we found our Lord Jesus Christ. Speaking to the disciples. You must go to witness to all the people to all the nations. In Jerusalem in Judea and Samaria and all over the world for lease. witnessing Christ to the others It is not the work of the bishop or the priest or the Deacon only it is a commandment for all the Believers. Those who believe in Christ, they must live the real life of love to the others. We must love the others and the most important for loving the others not only to give donations to serve them in any matter of the life, but they're real and important love to the others is to leave them for believing receiving the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ truly saved. The real love is to give all the people to be children of God. Through our witnessing preaching to the other sometime. I feel why we have gum came to different areas of the world. And we have been scattered all over the diaspora. And it's come to my mind to my heart the answers we came here. It is good to build a future with our people is good and accepted, but we came also. with the highest witness in Jerusalem in Judea and Samaria and also all over the world. So we feel that is a witness in Christ. List the names of the apostolic. churches since Apostolic years the first years of Christianity the change was living in different aspects. diakonia Catalonia kerygma and also witnessing Christ Marteria Which is the importance of the life of materia? One of the important features of the cub pictures since the beginning. Since I'm all came to our area. He was preaching Christ switching with this in Christ in the Pinta police. North Africa Libya and the came to Alexandria and the Saint Mark's he began to spend all of our different countries of Africa and then he preached it in Rome in Antioch and Cypress and arrow and different countries, but one of the important features of Saint Mark in his discipleship and also the children they must have believed that one important feature of the OD meaning of the Coptic membership in each one of us feel the importance of proclaiming Christ which sit with the sink in his area in his house in his work in the church all about hippos. It is good to build our the future of our children. And in the same time as far as we believe the importance of building the future of our children will must have our part in building the Alcatel of kingdom of God we must have two to deal with this matter. Seriously each one in his situation must believe that you must build the kingdom of God in Christ. Maybe by Dietz maybe bye-bye Services Maybe by accepting the pins for the sake of Christ which one he have his score. Each one has the duty that in the children hoods of our Lord Jesus Christ is to witness Christ to the community. Who are we are living in it? This American Woman. fruit of the heart acceptance Jesus Christ is to go to her people to our village and to call them to see Christ to Believe In Christ to accept the price. I feel that there is a must-listen UT. to feel the responsibility dog Brothers in America What describes two oldest people? He'll come back to Christ. Don't declare the Salvation which is this. Country is seeking the real salvation is through the cross the crucified Christ the Risen Christ. And as far as we've come to him, then we will be healed and all the problems of our country will be solved with may the Lord give us this blessing to be accepting him believing in him. And as of rough as well as a fruit for this child to the childhood to Christ to be witnessing him to all the people who are living with us. May the Lord bless us from now and ever amen.