Blessed are those servants whom their Lord shall find working...
What does it mean to work?

Check out this sermon from Fr. Vijay about how we should be working when Christ comes again.


boy be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit one true God I mean blessed are those servants good whom their Lord shall find working we know that verse because they've been singing every almost every other Sunday we sing it when we sing the song you know blessed are those server we don't sing English every Sunday we sing why am i yelling but a Venera monday rate of the body [Music] Hagane [Music] Haneda the mate shaken by the news event could be shocked father Kelly [Music] it's a really beautiful song and it has really deep meaning it has a deep meaning in the sense that it tells us that blessed are those servants good who when the Lord shall come he'll find them working when the Lord shall come it's something that we also believe it's something that is central to our belief that we believe that Jesus Christ will come again and when he comes again he should find us working and it paints its picture of us working in a vineyard it has this picture of us working in the fields it has a picture of us putting the sweat to our brow and working the ground as if there was something that we were trying to get and yet this song is placed where within the Parana sometimes we sing it at the dismissal time which is an added thing but it's real place in the gravanos when when do we sing this song when after the Haven given after the reading of of the Bible because remember we start the liturgy by reading the Old Testament then we as we begin we remember Mary and and st. John the Baptist and we sing the song of the Angels and then we come and the next portion is what this is reading from the general epistle the epistle is not written by Paul then we're either Paul at epistles the letters not other that are that are written by Paul and then the Gospels read and write after the Gospels read we sing the song blessed are those servants good whom their Lord shall find working now it's really interesting that this is placed this song is placed at this point not only because you know it's part of Scripture it's a scriptural verse but the importance of the placement of this song helps us to understand the work how is hearing the Word of God the Bible how is hearing the Scriptures working how is it working because the image of the song plays as if we are sweating and we're working in our working in the field how many of us after gravano go and work in the field maybe in India but not here some some may have a garden I'll take that back but not during this time it's January but what is the work that God is looking for us to be doing when he comes what is that work let me think of it let's think about this way and I'm going to do this for the boys the boys I know in our church love basketball right you guys love basketball let's say one of you wanted to be the best basketball player in all the world fast basketball player better than Michael Jordan better than from LeBron James the best where do you start you start by practice right you start by practice and you don't even necessarily go and start facing off of Michael Jordan and LeBron James you start where maybe in your home or a little bit in the local basketball court and you practice practice practice what is that call work but what are you working on you're working on yourself you're working on yourself to grow yourself so that you will be ready for when you are to challenge my Buddha and LeBron James but by practicing myself I'm working on myself let's try a harder one let's say that I'm not getting along with my parents kids you can figure that out or your parents sometimes we don't get along with our kids or our wife or our husband or our siblings or our friends let's say there's a relationship in your life that's strained how do I work on fixing that relationship where do I begin I begin where with myself I begin with myself because it is in myself that I can make a change can any of us change someone else truly know every single person has been endowed by God and this is our belief and our understanding that each and every one of us is given self-control without self-control we'll sell we have to work on self-control but we are given the ability to decide for ourselves what we want and we decide how we act and how we do and none of us can really do anything to force someone else to act in a certain way we can try to force someone by intimidation or other methods but how useful and how able are those methods if we really want to fix a relationship that is strained we start with ourselves I have no control over someone else I can fight with them and yell at them and try to get them to understand my side but I may not be able to win them to my side the only thing I have control over is myself now I've quoted a couple weeks ago stephen r.covey and his seven habits and but he has a a pretty good one here where he says and he it says that one of the seven Habits of Highly Effective People is what seek first to understand and then to be understood we say that again seek first to understand and then to be understood we so often want to change things by first changing our environment changing the people around us changing our wife our children changing our our boss or changing the things that are around us but do we spend time working on changing ourselves by first listening and understanding and then trying to be understood think about Jesus Christ and how he may change did Jesus Christ come in and go alright God is here I'm gonna change everything and magically with a wand he starts changing everything and it becomes this huge thing like you know Cinderella and the pumpkin becomes a carriage and it's amazing no did you just press goody enough he could have he has the ability to creation he has that he's omnipotent omnipresent he has everything he is God and yet he comes in and doesn't do any of that what does he change what does it you work on what is wit where is the focus of his work when he begins his ministry where does he work first he works on himself right see God became man and then he didn't come to world and make change he wasn't like Alexander the Great that made this great Empire or Julius Caesar that took the control of the of the Roman Empire Jesus changed the world by working on himself he worked in the wilderness to fight the temptations of Satan he worked to endure persecution from the community he worked on himself to endure the beatings and the torture he worked on himself to offer himself as a sacrifice for the sin of the world Jesus Christ changed the world by inflicting on himself death and he calls us to die to ourselves as well to kill our passions to kill the desire in ourselves that tries to change the things around us but doesn't focus on ourselves he tells us to kill the the the person within us and to be reborn to reflect his image in Luke chapter 9 verse 23 Jesus says to all if anyone would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me daily we are supposed to deny ourselves daily we are supposed to within ourselves work in Galatians Paul tells us and those who belong to Jesus Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and his desires we are called to work on ourselves mark chapter 8 Jesus says for whoever would save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel will save it he calls us to work on ourselves truly truly I say to you unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies it remains alone but if it dies it bears much fruit if you want to be fruitful in this life it starts with yourself it starts with change from within it starts from hearing the scriptures and the thing about the the the liturgy that we put we have the first part of the liturgy is a breaking of the scriptures where the scriptures are given to us like Cubana and in hearing this word it's supposed to work work on your heart it's supposed to work on your heart so that when we sing blessed are those servants good we are saying God let those words work on my heart let those words change me let those words transform me and transfigure me to be the image and likeness of God let let me die and that christ because the rule of risen let me carry my cross daily and let when I am buried in the ground then bear much fruit so if you're not working on your seat changing yourself from growing in the faith learning to subdue your passions and sins then you are not working and what happens when you're not working when the master comes what will he find a fine that you're the evil servant the evil servant who says my master is delaying his coming and begins to do whatever he wants and tries to beat his serve is his fellow servants why does he beat his fellow servants because he's trying to work on them rather working on himself we are all called to be the good and faithful servant so let us go today to begin and continue working on ourselves on our hearts I pray that you listen to the gospel and continue everyday reading the scriptures to work on your own heart so that it becomes more like Jesus Christ all glory and honor to the father to the son to the whole experience