The Will of God is Christ

A sermon given on August 27, 2006 onĀ Mark 3:22-35


Name the Father and Son Holy Spirit one God Amen. If you were paying attention during the readings today, there was like a common theme that kind of ran through several of the reading especially the Catholic and the gospel, but it was kind of hard to decipher cuz it was kind of hidden in there was lots of different things being talked about their but there was one expression which was used specifically in the accident in the gospel right there at the very end was also referred to in the the capital also referred to last night the reading of Vespers and that subject was the will of God. If you were paying attention to the last line of the Gospel, I was just read to us our Lord Jesus Christ says whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister and mother. As soon as I say the will of God, I know automatically is this subject that everyone has some kind of interesting is everyone of us has at some point in time struggle with what's the will of God. What's the weather in God for which college I should go to or should marry? What's the weather of God for this relationship? What should I apologize apologize to everyone at some point in time? Maybe some right now are struggling with an issue of how do I know? What's God's will for my life and when you hear the words of our Lord Jesus Christ right here in order to be part of my family. You have to know the will of God and obeying the subject takes on even increased importance. Havaianas, the number one question I ever get asked by people. Is this question is what does God want me to do right now? What is God trying to tell me right now? What's the will of God in different places when I go to different people don't know me to go to go to the website and just find a random priest number and they call me places in the United States of America from Egypt. I haven't got a phone call with someone asking me what the will of God for my life and my options. This is girl a does a girl be this girl see, who should I marry? What's the weather of God for me? What job should I take her to someone shoes for me? My answer to that wasn't I wasn't saying how am I supposed to know what the will of God in your life and you don't know what it is for you to know the will of God. How do you figure out what the will of God is a guessing game the people who say they know the will of God. They're just guessing. I was hoping that it lands. Is there any way to know the will of God for me and be sure of the will of God or do I just have to walk around and dark every one of us has this idea that if I just knew God's will everything to be perfect. I could just figure out what I know. Everything is going to be great in life by the same token. As long as I don't know the will of God that I walk around like a nameless person for the rest of my life without going to be on topic today is what is the will of God how to figure out what it is now before I jump into the topic, I believe that everyone sitting here as one of the two opinions towards the will of God first group of people don't really care some people just out now. You know what? I know. What God's will is I don't want to do it. I got my own will my own agenda my own plans. I'm not really talking to you today before you and let you decide to change your mind. So you guys Baby won't take a nap the next 15-20 minutes not going to benefit too much from what I'm to say, but the people who I'm talking to today is the people I think the most of you are who said you know, what I want to do the will of God. I want to be pleasing to God I want to do what's right, but I just don't know. I'm confused. I struggle what the will of God is that's what we're going to talk about today. Now before we understand what the will of God is going to first understand what the will of God is not. Okay. The word of God is not like I said something hidden treasure box that you're looking for the Florida term hear that the engineers in the signs people will like this one. But this one the will of God is Not static. It's Dynamic. Okay, remember physics class in 12th grade understand what this means? If not, don't worry. I'll explain it to you. The will of God is not a static thing. The will of God is not something like I said like a treasure that's hidden somewhere that you searched you discover and finally discovered the will of God now I can rest in peace and live the rest of my life in peace. The will of God is a dynamic thing. OK the will of God is more than just like you can never get to a point in time where you say, I figured out the will of God some people want to come to me and say when Anthony you're lucky I will God's will in his will is for you to be a priest? You became a phrase. Play since you found the will of God, I don't believe that's the case. I believe I discovered a piece of the will of God, but I don't believe in the will of God stops with what you choose as your career in the will of God has done for me because I decided to accept the will of God is is applicable when I go home and and how I treat my wife and how it should my kid. I believe God has a will for that and I believe when I go to the grocery store go down the street to the Wegmans and I'm talking the cash or the guy cuts in front of me or something like that. I believe God's will is applicable there as well. I don't believe it's never a done thing is not static to get rid of this idea in your mind that What we all want is like a three-step process. Tell me to say a prayer tell me the faster fast and then open the Bible randomly and there's the will of God your limit God's will it is so much bigger things like that sample, I believe it was any time did I make a mistake or or gods? Were there any found that way I didn't make a mistake and that's not what I'm second. I'll get me in trouble. Okay, so it's more to it than just open the Bible and Randall a what does that say? There's more to God's will than just like I said a specific point in time. God's Will by several things to do in life every conversation every event that you go to every time you step foot inside. The church God's will is applicable everywhere you go and everything you do. There's a God's will there don't think of God's will as likes and everything would like a teacher would like a student. So I tell you he is God's will and you have to guess until you get it right under the right answer a wrong answer became some of you will get it right graduation day, but some of you will fail go to summer school or something like that. That's not God's will they have God's will more as like a father with his child. So father's parents anyone with your children. Do you have a will for your kid to go to school to graduate get married and have kids entertainment center. That's great. Let's have a conference call that you're kidding Harvard graduate valedictorian of his class the perfect and everything that mean your will has stopped. He's married has kids everything I got is that mean Fearless top know you want him? Come home for Christmas. Are you on him when he comes to treat you in a respectful way you want him to be saving money for his continues on even though you don't accomplish all these other things. It's the same thing with God's will. There's good news and bad news to it being Dynamic. I will start with the good news. The good news God's will be in dynamic means that. if you mess up what you will It's okay. You can still get back on track. There's never a time where you're outside of God's will meaning like you can never ever get back to God's will think of it like this way in my car. I have a GPS. Okay. I'm sure it's something you have GPS is if you don't have a GPS you're missing out on life isn't the best thing in the world you give me your address. I plug it in 1234 John Street or whatever and it tells me how to get there and tells me we'll figure it out somehow by Magic as far as I'm concerned where I am and it says go down Braddock Road for this and I when you get here being it tells you to turn here. So I turn here and then you drive this way. I'm supposed to turn right here on this road to get over there to your house and I drove by by accident what happens GPS says sorry man. That's it. I can't help you now. So if that's okay just like the next road. I will turn like this all figured out how to get there. No matter how far you gone how far you the strength I can back to be in Alaska and it could tell me take a long time to tell me how to get to your house somehow and someway it's damn thing was God's will sometimes we missed turns along the way where to buy Disobedience by ignorance. Whatever the beautiful thing about God's will because it's Dynamic. It's never too late. It may take you longer to get back on the right track if you strained further, but there's never a time but God says sorry you really messed up too much of Life. Sorry. Yeah, you just have to settle for whatever never a time like that. God can fix God's will is big enough to fix any of our mistakes God's will is not Doesn't require Perfection God's will is just that when I'm telling you here and I need to turn here is do you obey or disobey? And if you don't pay it back to God's will but the more you disobey the further and further it is that you will stray. So the good news is like I said, is that no matter how many mistakes she made you can always get back but the not-so-good news with that is means that no matter how many correct turns you have made you can always hit lost and I know how many times I've obeyed God's will my whole life. I have a the GPS the ninety-nine percent of the time of the end the last one street at the you know, what I know better, take a different gods. Will the gods will forget about yesterday God's Will has nothing at all to do with yesterday. God's will have to do it today. And God's Will has to do with how I got you here in church right now God has a real for how you should act your in church you go home today and be with your wife your kids your husband your mother your father or whatever. God has a whale for how you should deal with them you go home. You said on your computer? God has a way of where you should go where you shouldn't go to turn on TV. Oz a real what you can still watch what you should watch you open your mouth. Has will Wicked come out what shouldn't come out. That's what God's will is it's a dynamic thing not a static thing. And in case you're curious that end goal that result is really the only thing that matters as long as we have that destination was that destination Roman 8:29, very clear says that whom he foreknew. He also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. The destination of the soul is Jesus Christ the son of God, that's the destination which were all the headed towards and that's like the big will of God for every one of us. What the hell to get. There is like I said these little turn the say that the apologize hear the love this enemy the humble yourself here the pray without ceasing the fact that this in the next it was a little turn that get us to the final goal. But until we reach that goal you never say that you've accomplished the will of God or anything like that. So the will of God is not a static thing. It's a dynamic thing that no matter where you are. You can get on track with him. Now the key to staying on track. How to make it so that I can stay on this track as much as I can. Secondly want to talk about the key to accomplishing. This is keeping your eyes focused on the destination that wherever you are in the process you always remember where it is that you're going to your destination your goal the will of God for you, but I just said is Jesus. That's where you got to keep your eyes focused on and if you take your eyes off that you're going to get lost if I'm driving down to the beach. I'm driving to Florida or something like that. The only thing that keeps me on track. Is knowing that the beach is right there, but as soon as I forget about the beach, it's not take my eyes off the beaten and stop thinking about the beach then all of a sudden. I'm hot. I'm hungry. I'm tired. I'm sick of this car. I'm sick of driving down the road forever. I don't want to drive anymore where I what am I doing around here? And I'll be tempted to do. Peter stop. Wait a minute. You keep our eyes focused on Christ because the will of God for us. The goal is Christ himself. Where is it that your eyes are focused in life, you'll end up where it is that you're focused. There's kind of two ways to kind of look at life either. You see God through stuff. Are you see stuff through God either you view the soap you seen God in your idea of God is shaped by the stuff that happened in your life by seeing God through stuff the events of Life shape how you view God for example work is good. God is blessing me. Amen. Praise. God work is bad God. Why have you left me and God, where are you? And you don't listen to me anymore. You don't care. You left me and stuff like that. That's a person who sees God through circumstances or events or something like that. Or opposite of the way, we should live that we should see those event through God and he should shape our impression of them not vice versa. Let me give you an example to make this clear. I need a volunteer up here. Come on up here one of us going through life. Okay, and this is Jesus. What is it from your head was job is to get here. Okay, it's to get to Jesus in front of him and his job and life is to get here and focus on here waiting rehearse this by the way, this is all spontaneous. Okay, good job is to get right here. But the problem is is life in that simple life's God stuff life is complicated by Scott distractions all the sudden. Give me a book or something by Booker and gray or anyting thank you have life was do is we start to focus on these things. And this thing is looking at the book. Okay, and when he's looking at right here, he's missing something else. Now. I told you I wanted to go to the will of God is Not static its Dynamic. So the will of God moves around every now and then but look what his eyes are. Okay, as long as you focus on the stuff you missed out on the will of God. sometime The stuff is right in the way and God is leading you to the stuff. But sometimes the stuff is not in the way and God moved to a better perspective is what you keep your eyes focused on that now and now as long as he has eyes focused on this is getting closer and closer and closer and closer. This will now tell me how much you can see this book can't really see it that much designs Pocus on something different. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you look back, and thank you. You want to know the will of God is for you? That's what I got right there. That's it. That's the way love God. Is that here? And it just gets like this is the will of God the will of God is to keep your eyes focused on Christ and that everything you do everything. You say everything you think moment you wake up in the morning usually 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your life is Christ don't focus on the other stuff. Don't focus on the decisions. You have to make that which college in which there is an oh my goodness all his stuff and God is confusing me with all your God knows kind of business. You keep your eyes focused on our Lord Jesus Christ and you know what happens, you know what the goal is eventually that I get to this point where I can't see nothing other than this way you talk about the will of God. I need to make a decision. I would, that you don't answer the question which Kardashian am I should take? Wherever he goes, you just follow and you know what you're going to discover not situation. You're in the answer. You don't need anyone to tell you the answer because you're in it what I'm saying? We focus so much on the decision. We lose focus of the decision-maker you focus so much on the problem. We lose our focus on the solution on the side where the problem once you have him at once you're focused on him and wants you you're you're everything is him. Then you know what there's one problem exists outside of this inside of it. There's no solution which isn't in this one thing that ever a time. Where were you say God Witchwood with John up Alaska Buna. Maybe you should ask. If you have him you have the answer to everything. I could possibly come up in life. But you got to keep your eyes focused on him. Look up Proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 & 6 versus many of you know, I'm sure trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. What the hell is the important part in all your ways acknowledge Him and He Shall direct your path. You know what that means. It means forget about the distraction forget about the books just acknowledge Him just get closer to him. Just if you don't know which school to choose just take a step closer to him. You don't know what job to take take a step closer to him and you don't want to marry take a step closer to him in all your ways acknowledge him. He's going to take care of that other stuff. He's going to move this way. I need to meet me naturally want you to move this one. He's going to direct your paths. All you need to do is focus on getting closer and closer to him. The bottom line. Okay is that God's will is not a secret? It's not a mystery. It's not something you have two guests. If not something that you need books and seminars and glasses understand God's will is very very simple God's will is a person Jesus Christ God's will for your job is Jesus God's will for your college is Jesus God's will for your marriage is Jesus. Is that Jesus in this Jesus and not and when Jesus is there everything else? It doesn't matter. Okay to keep your eyes focused on him. I thought a nice verse. Coming from the book with a book of Genesis. It's God was was speaking to Abraham and got out of a good relationship with Abraham little. Says here. And the Lord said shall I hide from Abraham? What I am doing since Abraham has truly become a great and mighty nation and all the nations of the Earth shall be blessed in him. You know what this verse made me realize you know, one of the biggest myths that we have in life is Is that God doesn't want to tell us his real? Is a God wants to keep things secret from us the same Abraham, you're my son and I want to bless you make a mighty nation out of you. I want to reveal stuff to you. I promise you this is not the same. I promise you. This is not just for the Moses's than the Abraham's and that and those people I promised God has deep things. He wants to reveal to you God has Revelation and visions and all kinds of stuff. He wants to give it to you and all kinds of Secrets and stuff with the rest of the world can understand and it's not for specific people wearing black is not real people having funny things on their heads for every one of us and God wants to reveal stuff to you, but you got to keep your eyes focused on him and not be distracted by the stuff that's going on around. The gold God's will is not the decision. God's will is not the school the job that this to that God's will is our Lord Jesus Christ himself Saint Paul figure this out Philippians. 1:21 is a verse that you can easily memorize and hopefully you can try to understand it more and more and spend some time meditating on it Saint Paul said very simple for me to live is Christ. What does that mean? What does that mean for me to live is Christ? That's what I want you to try to figure out that's what I want you to try to spend some time this week understanding spend some quiet time for me to work as Christ. For me to be a husband is Christ for me to be a son or daughter of a wife or whatever is Christ for me. And the Wegmans in the business is Christ. Okay, let that be your goal in front of your eyes and I promise you you won't come asking me what's God's will cuz you have discovered it is God's Will and not something that's outside God's will is our Lord Jesus Christ himself. Like Saint Paul like Abraham, like all those people. Like I said, he has stuff that he wants to give you and the good news is today. Everyone is invited. Everyone is invited today to come to Christ to come to him to come to his feet and just say for me to live is you I promise you keep your eyes focused on him. You make him the will and the goal of everything that you do your life won't be the same and glory be to God forever. Amen.